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Www dearsx com pretty brunette gf sucking a big black cock tube porn
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Laura had long forgotten her hair color, she was bleached blonde now. Forget the cliche', she just felt that she looked better blonde. She was right. The rest of her taught body was shaved clean so as to complete her transformation. Laura wasn't what most of society would consider a "good girl", but she wasn't a tramp or a slut either.

She liked to party, liked to have sex basically she liked to live life. Lately though, things in Laura's life were not so much, dull, but more routine. She longed for excitement. A good party, a hot woman in her bed, several 6-pack laden football players would be fine! Laura had her share of sexual exploits over the years. She certainly wasn't ashamed of her body and would under the right circumstances happily show it off publicly.

But she was selective and the male or female of her choice, along with the situation, had to be "just right". The thoughts about what might be "just right" today swirled around in Laura's head as she drove the windy Oregon highway, interrupted only by the chime of her late model GMC truck indicating its requirement for fuel. Laura had always been a "truck girl" and her lifted Red Sierra sported a rear window decal that stated "chick truck" so that anyone that cared to look would know the handler of the red beast was indeed the 120lb female driver.

As she coasted to a stop in front of the pumps at fuel station, the attendant met her as she climbed down from the cab. "Filler up lady?" His voice spoke to her but his eyes took in her long black strapped boots and her pale skin that continued over her knee and up her thigh to her short skirt. He thought he might have seen something more but as his eyes tried to focus, her dismount completed and her skirt slid into place. "I'd like to fill you up!", The attendant thought to himself, almost aloud.

"Yes, thanks," Laura responded, "and.the ladies room?" She queried. Laura noted that the attendant looked more like a skater then a gas station attendant, but beneath his baggy clothes Laura could tell that he sported a muscular physique and must have spent quite some time in the gym.

As the attendant surveyed Laura and she tore his clothes off with her eyes, he stated, "Grab the key off the counter, the washroom is around back." Laura glanced once more towards the attendant letting her eyes drop towards his package.


Even in the baggy skater pants she could tell that he was hung. As her nipples began to harden, she turned and swayed towards the counter for the bathroom key. The attendant watched her float towards the office as he reached for the gas pump and opened the door on the side of the Sierra and only at the last moment when he focused back on the job at hand did he realize he'd grabbed the "Diesel" pump. He laughed to himself as he corrected his mistake and shook his head. "Man she's HOT!" Laura made her way around the back of the establishment to the locked door that had both and male and female figure on it.

"Nice" she thought, but she opened the door and was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and spaciousness of the facility.

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The door slid closed behind her and she paused to look at herself in the mirror. Her black boots complimented a blue jean mini skirt and vest and her "Save a horse ride a cowboy" tee that highlighted her bra less breasts. Underwear was such a drag that Laura hardly ever bothered with it. Beside with the nearly knee high boots she had chosen to wear, doing your business could become a seriously time consuming ritual.

Beside, and if the truth be known, she liked to play with her pussy while she motored down the highway and absolutely loved to give "accidental" glances to random people along the way much as she had done with the hot attendant only moments ago. Laura smiled to herself. Laura didn't really need to use the bathroom for its intended purpose, she simply wanted to have a moment to herself, away from the traffic and the noise and perhaps touch up her makeup. The accidental flash to the young attendant had simply been the cherry on an already horny cake.

Laura reached down and lifted her skirt about an inch. Even from her angle in the mirror she could see the beginnings of the cleft where her legs met.

Holding the skirt at that height she ran her other hand along the inside of her thighs and up to her fleshy mound. The jolt of electricity startled her and the skirt dropped across her invading hand. She leaned on the sink for support and closed her eyes as her finger parted her outer lips. She was wet. Without even a pause for dramatic effect, Laura plunged her middle finger deep inside her carnal opening.

Her knees nearly gave out as a guttural groan escaped her. "Fuck that's good," she said to herself. A second finger joined the first and she was instantly masturbating herself. In and out her fingers flew. Her head bobbed back and forth in ecstasy.

She moaned as if she were alone in her bed. Suddenly a knock on the door snapped her eyes open and froze her hand. "Ms., uhh, your wiper fluid is low, um, do you, uh. are you ok?" It was the hot gas jockey. Trapped on the precipice of a monster orgasm, Laura didn't trust her own voice. "Uhhmm?" She starred at the door with both fear and excitement willing her brain to function, willing words to form, "Say something!!!

Say ANYTHING!!" but the words would not come. Her fingers, however, seemed to have recovered from their rude interruption and began to snake in and out of her hot cunt again. "Ummf.I'm, uhm, oh, kaaay", was all she was able to spew forth. Her vision cleared in the moments it took her brain to digest that the DOOR KNOB WAS TURNING!

Her mind slammed into gear because she knew she'd left the keys in the lock on the OUTSIDE of the door! But alas, we think in mico-seconds, but we act in real time. The door opened and the attendant stood in the doorway with a concerned look on his face.

Laura, however, remained leaning against the sink with one hand under her skirt and 2 fingers lodged seemingly permanently inside her now dripping vagina. She was frozen like a deer in the headlights at night on a lonely road.

The attendant's brain worked faster. He looked down and instantly realized what he had interrupted and without a moment's hesitation said, "Would you like me to check the rest of your fluids". His eyes travelled from Laura's deer-like stare to her ruffled skirt and landed, locked and motionless, on her hand and semi-exposed frontal nudity.

There was an awkward moment of silence, but only one, because Laura was no fool. And although her brain had been shocked into "Park", it was in "Drive" now. "Close the door". She calmly stated. The attendant locked back onto Laura's eyes and began the movements to back out of the bathroom.

"NO!" Laura barked and pulled her dripping hand away from her crotch. Motioning with her pre-cum covered fingers to the unfurnished corner of the bathroom she again ordered, "Close the door!".

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Chance might have been from the Oregon outback, but he wasn't stupid he got it this time and fully entered the restroom, removing the keys from the outside latch, he locked the door from the inside. "Shut off the lights" Laura commanded. A little perplexed but nonetheless cooperative, Chance flicked the switch plunging the entire room into blankness. A brick room with no windows with no light is a very dark place, particularly when your eyes have not yet begun to adjust.

In the last instant before the lights went out, much like a camera taking a photograph, Laura memorized the gas jockey's position and as the lights themselves began to dim, Laura began to advance. Using an 6th sense, Laura moved soundlessly towards her prey. Even in the complete blackness she knew when she was inches from him.


Her hands roved all over his body without touching him, seemingly caressing and imaginary force field that surround him. Finally, the imaginary lines crossed, her hand slipped past his loose belt line and captured his impressive package. Held back as if in a trace, his hand lay back against the cool wall of the restroom and he gasped. For an eternity his brain tried to formulate the words that would convey that he had noticed while checking her oil that her wiper fluid was low and then he had heard noises from the restroom that concerned him and he was just trying too.but the connection between his mouth and his brain was interrupted by the superhighway of information that was passing from his crotch.

Empowered by the direct route his cock now had to his brain, it began to grow. That was when he felt the hand around his throat. He could feel every finger, every knuckle, her fingernails he didn't remember them being that long.

Laura's hand closed around his neck. One hand on his cock and balls and the other on his neck. She liked it this way. She had control. She felt him swallow.

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She felt his pulse race. She felt his cock get hard. She shifted her grip and grasped his now throbbing member.


She gave it a few tentative pumps and the loosened her grip so as to roll her finger across the top of the mushroom head and swirl in the pre-cum that was oozing from Chance's cock. Releasing her hold on his neck her control asserted, she ripped the front of his baggy pants in an effortless show of force.

Chance, still blinded by the night, felt his tattered jeans give way and the cool air around his now exposed cock.

Laura was already on her knees. Had Chance been allowed to fully use his brain he'd have realized that it was nearly impossible for the tip of Laura's tongue to contact the tip of his throbbing member, but as it did, he could feel her lap at the fluid that resided there.

Her mouth engulfed him then. Laura was not about foreplay, she was about getting the job done. She took all of him in her and Chance was left with the impression that she was looking for more.

As she bottomed out on his inflated cock, her tongue snacked out and caressed his balls. She stayed in that position, her mouth impaled on his cock, for an inhumanly long time, both her hands now grasping his finely chiselled ass and pulling him as far into her as possible.

All the while her tongue darted across his purple head and then out to his tightening balls. Just when he thought release was imminent, she dislodged herself from his sword and for a moment in the darkness, he felt nothing. He was about to move, or to say something or to he didn't know what, as the world swirled in his head, when he felt the heat. The warmth of her cunt radiated far beyond the reach of her folds as she backed in towards Chance. She could see what he could not.

Her cunt was open, ready and waiting, almost pulsing trying to draw him into her. The massive head of his engorged cock penetrated her outer folds and for a moment she almost lost control. Just for a moment though and then, with the same fanfare as she had exhibited this far, she plunged herself onto his cock.

It was if a million little muscles were gripping Chance's cock. A tiny conveyor belt of ripples and caresses travelled up and down his shaft. If he had been allowed, he would have blown a tremendous load into her right then. But his body was not in his control, and Laura wanted to be fucked. She NEEDED to be fucked. She withdrew and immediately plunged back onto his cock her cock and repeated the process. Driving him relentlessly against the wall in pure sexual pain.

His hands, now released, grasped her hips. He felt the curve of her waist, the muscle tone within, the firmness of her ass. As if by remote control his hands travelled across her backside to the forbidden opening just above his pounding cock. Her ass was wet from the combined fluids of their dark coupling. He unceremoniously plunged his middle finger into her anus and was rewarded with a animalistic growl.

For the briefest of milliseconds the growl concerned, almost scared him. It sounded like a dog, or a wolf victoriously about to close in on a kill.

He plunged his finger in and out of her ass while his now bursting penis violated her tight cunt. In a moment she was off him. She reached between her legs and guided his cock up, pushing his fingers out of her and away, she settled the apricot sized head of his cock at the entrance to her anal passage, and pushed back. His cock met resistance as it entered her ass but it was momentary.

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His cock began to bend towards him as her hole remained tight. Laura flexed and relaxed and his head was in. His groan was almost a scream of ecstasy. His cock made it about half way in before Laura reversed direction and nearly let him all the way out. Only to have a reversal yet again, but this time, she took him to the hilt.

Her ass was so tight that it hurt Chance. The friction of their coupling would certainly dislodge his cock from its rightful place below his abdomen. But Chance didn't care. If he died during this fuck then it was worth it, for Chance had reached a place that not many of us ever see.

He had truly reached a sexual Nirvana. And as this gorgeous stranger fucked his cock with her ass his mind exploded in color. Visions of overcoming incredible feats coursed through his mind climbing sheer cliffs to the clouds, transverseing the oceans in a plane less flight, the power to create fire with thought.

Chance felt like a god. She then allowed him his release. Deep in her ass his cock pumped shot after shot of sperm into her bowls. Her asshole milked his cock as if taking venom from a deadly snake.

He had never unloaded so much. She groaned "Fill me up", and he came more. Laura was getting close now. She knew what she needed. As Chance unloaded his seed into her rectum she felt the twinge. She knew it was time. As the last drops of his seed seeped from his now softening cock, she disengaged herself from him and in the darkness turned towards him.

Chance could barely stand. His knees were weak as he felt her breath. Her perfume was intoxicating. Her breath smelled like sweet roses. His lips parted for the inevitable kiss.

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Her hands flowed over his head, loving him, touching him. She nuzzled into his neck, kissing his ear. Lower she slid until the taste of the sweat on his neck was more then she could take. At the moment of her orgasm her elongated incisors broke the skin on his neck.

The unholy thunder that was her orgasm fueled her mid evil desire. For Laura had been here before. A thousand times. Decades of conversion. Of pillaging. Had left her an expert on the conversion of conscripts. Her unholiest of deeds accomplished, she felt the afterglow of an epic orgasm course through her body.

Her finger wiped a spittle of blood from her lower lip tucked it into her satisfied mouth, and she nonchalantly flicked the switch for the restroom light. Back at the mirror she straightened herself and glanced at her victim, now motionless on the floor. With an evil grin she unlocked and opened the restroom door- locking it from the outside this time, and carelessly tossed the keys into the nearby forest.

Laura glided to her waiting steed and returned the fuel pump to its proper location. Her knee high boots mounted the step rail of the big red truck and she effortlessly flung herself into the cab. Other patrons were waiting for the obviously careless attendant to fuel their vehicles as Laura pulled out that day. But the man in the grey truck beside her would always remember that "hot chick" in the "red truck" "I don't think she was wearing panties.!"