Hot girl performing hottest striptease

Hot girl performing hottest striptease
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I slept fairly well after being used by my wife's little sister and then fucking my wife's ass and filling it with my cum, before falling asleep. I awoke to smell breakfast and Sandy had a tray beside me on the other night stand, and Sandy kneeling beside the bed, smiling. She said "I prepared breakfast for you master, I hope its to your liking" I got up and went to the bathroom and returned to the bed saying "while I eat, give me a morning blowjob, in fact, that will be required every morning until I say other wise, either by you or Cindy, it doesn't matter to me, but stop before I cum, I'm saving that for Cindy's puss." Sandy started to get on the bed, but I stopped her, telling her "go get your collar first.

you'll be wearing it unless I say other wise and soon your little slut of a sister will as well. As soon as we get done eating, We're heading over to "Bound to Please" to pick up a bunch of things" (a sex shop we had frequented a couple times) She walked over the dresser and pulled out a black leather collar with spikes on it that we had purchased at "Bound to Please" a couple years ago.

We both had worn it a few times just for fun. but she knew it was going to be part of her regular attire for the near future. After she buckled it in place, she climbed on the bed and started licking and sucking my cock, every now and then slipping it into her throat, the collar making it even tighter than usual, and letting her lips slide all the way to my crotch, holding it there for a few seconds, while breathing through her nose, sucking air around my cock.

I had to remind her not to make me cum, saying "if I cum, you will be punished, that cum belongs to your sister until I say otherwise" She slowly raised her head, her lips slipped off my cock, saying "sorry, I almost forgot, it felt so good, you know I love your sperm for breakfast from time to time, feeling it sliding down my throat to my stomach" "But I have to ask" "Your not really going to get Cindy Pregnant are you, I mean she was only fifteen day before yesterday, she still has a couple years of school left to go and our parents would kick her out of the house if she ends up pregnant, you know how they are" I reached down and tugged on her leash, saying "She wasn't too worried about it yesterday, so why should I care, I will be asking you to video tape her having sex with me, and make sure my face is not in the picture, maybe a couple temporary tattoos as part of the disguise, but yes I want her pregnant, if fact I will give you an option, either she ends up pregnant twice in the next year, or you do, she is still going to get her ass fucked and a lot more, for being sneaky and using me like" By that time, I had finished eating and I had Sandy clean up the kitchen while I selected some clothes for her to wear, a short mini, plaid skirt, black thigh high stockings, and a white lace top that would allow a glimpse of her nipples and firm breasts, I also had her wear her sisters still damp thong, which was a little tight on her, but help make sure the butt plug that was still in her ass, didn't slip out while we were out shopping I had her pull her long red hair back into two pig tails, which draped just over her nipples when she pulled them forward, then using the leash, I lead her to the front door, checking to make sure no neighbors were out, I quickly led to her car, and once seated, I hooked the leash over the rear view mirror, We slowly eased out of the driveway and made it several blocks before we saw another car or pedestrian.

no one seemed take notice of the way she was dressed and I guess in her red and black Tracker, a slutty red head, really wouldn't have been out the ordinary. When we arrive at the sex shop, she was a little reluctant to exit the vehicle but a little threat, to give her already sore ass another paddling, was enough to motivate her and minutes later, I was leading her into the store on her leash.

There wasn't really anyone out in the parking lot, although it was still pretty early. Once inside, we were greeting by a young pretty blond, who looked like she was about Cindy's age, and she assured us that she was over 21 and had been working there for nearly a year; Her name was Amy and she e asked what she could help us with. I noticed a stand at one side of the counter and I flipped the end of the leash over it and told Sandy to wait right here, while I had Amy show me a few items.

I could tell I was pushing her to the limit of her comfort level as well as pushing my luck, but thought "what the hell, in for a a penny, in for a pound" Sandy must have thought the same thing as she stood motionless, saying "ok" and adding in a whisper "master" I could tell Amy had heard her as she smiled as we walked away, and as I told her what I was looking for, she led me around, commenting on what a pretty slave I had. I told her that Sandy was my slave for the time being, but she was also my wife and that we had been together since middle school.

She said we were lucky and help me find the items in question, lockable collars (2) nearly matching leather bondage thongs, which would hold a vibrator and butt plug in place, a leash for Cindy, a second butt plug, some locking wrist and ankle cuffs. and some bulb type nipple suckers, shields and clips with chains on them that would attach to their collars. we made our way to the front of the store just as a couple came in and approached my wife, asking for some help looking for something in the store.

I watched as Sandy blushed as said "I actually don't work here, I'm just waiting for my husband, who's doing a little shopping right now" I smiled thinking she handled that very nicely. Amy and I moved up to the counter and Amy sent the couple to the back of the store, saying she would be right back once she rang us up. When the couple moved away, Sandy was facing away from the counter, still leashed to the display next to it, I pulled Sandy close, kissing her passionately while reached my right hand under her short skirt, caressing her still slightly red ass cheek, knowing Amy had a good view from where she was standing, I turned Sandy around and asked Amy "how much for everything?" all the while still caressing Sandy's ass with one hand.

continued smiling, saying "a couple of the items, the thongs and the wrist cuffs were going to be on special next week, so I gave them to you at the sale price" Sandy and I both thanked her telling her she was so sweet and Amy said "the total comes to $169 even" I pulled my hand from under my Sandy's skirt long enough to hand Amy $175 and telling her to keep the change.

She smiled and said "thank you, you two are so lucky to have someone to play with like you do, i wish I had some one to play with" I turned to Sandy who had already read my mind as I raised one eyebrow, was nodding her head, I reached over and got Sandy's leash and said "wait, here, hold her leash for a minute" handing it Amy, who smiled looking Sandy up and down, while I pretended to search for something in my wallet. Amy was lightly pulling on the leash, enough to take the slack out of the line, but not enough to pull my wife's collar.

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I pulled a business card out of my wallet and placed it in Amy's other hand, saying "we're going to be very busy the next two weeks but give us a call, and I'll set up a play date for us or just for you two, which ever you might be more comfortable with" Amy grinned from ear to ear, as my wife blushed again, Amy tugged the leash a little harder pulling Sandy partially over the counter, and dropped the card on the counter, and ran the back of her hand across my wife's erect nipples through her top, saying "I promise I will call, I can hardly wait" We both said thank you as Amy placed the leash back in my hand and said "I'll call you soon" I let Sandy carry the purchases and lead the way.

I followed holding onto the leash. i looked down and saw the sun glistening on my wife's wet inner thighs, and I realize her pussy has been dripping for some time now, I actually looked back to see if there was a puddle by the counter, but if it was there, it didn't show.

There were plenty of people out by now, but Sandy didn't pay them any mind as we walked across the parking lot to her tracker. I told her I was going to drive, and opened the door for her and shut it after she sat down and pulled her leash in and hooking it back on the rear view mirror without being told.

When i got in, she quickly leaned over and kissed me, saying "oh my god, I was so turned on, I was getting ready to crawl behind the counter and eat her pussy, right there in front of customers" Then she added "your going to have to tell me to clean the car seat, I'm sure I've got it soaked right now" and I laughed telling her I could see the juices on her legs in the store.

As I drove, she grinned saying "thank you for making me do this, but, would you mind if we made if for three months?" I said "ok, deal, so do you know where you want to go for dinner?" She hesitated but said "How about Sand-grias" (an expensive seafood place that we had ate at a couple years back) then paused, blushing again, but may i change clothes, these are fun, but not sure about for dinner there.?" I thought about it for a while, then said "ok, but I will pick out something, but before we go, call your sister and let her know you know what she did, but let her believe that I still think it was you and I'm really pissed at you and she needs to arrange to be at our house Friday night" I pulled directly into the garage, closing the door, telling her strip before entering the house.

I went in the house while she stripped off what little clothes she had on and I was sitting in the middle of the sofa when she came in, wearing only her collar with the lease between her teeth. When she got closer, I took the leash and she climbed on my lap, sliding wet pussy all the way down my cock.

I listened as she called her sister, with my cock embedded in her. Sandy told her sister "I know what you did last night. " Cindy started saying she was sorry, and Sandy interrupted her, saying "Steve's going out Friday night and you better have your ass over here by 7pm" Cindy hesitantly agreed, knowing she was going to get chewed out by her older sister. I let Sandy ride me until she came and just before I was about to again, I made her get off me, clean my cock with her lips then i picked out her outfit for the night.

I selected the short leather skirt she had worn to her sisters party, pair of pink silk panties, I allowed her to shower and remove the butt plug, for now, I liked the hair like it was, but selected small pink blouse with no bra again. and i had found a thin leather choker, that matched the skirt, locking still very much like a collar, but enough like a necklace that it seemed to go well enough. We ate well, and i fingered Sandy's wet pussy through her panties, although, half way through the meal, I had her go to the bath room and take them off and bring them back to me.

She did so without hesitation, and handing them to me before he sat down, I told her to make sure she flipped her skirt up before sitting so she wouldn't get her pussy juices on it.

and she again did so without hesitation, giving a young boy a couple tables over a good view of her ass before her skirt covered it again. I made a point of placing her wet pink panties in the chair next to her, where the boy could see them, and after we finished I made sure seh gave him another quick peek before we left, and left the panties for him.

From the counter where we were paying the bill, I could see our table in a large mirror, and saw the boy walk by pocketing the panties on his way to the bathroom before anyone else saw him.

whispered what I had seen to Sandy, and watched her face flush again, knowing some little boy, now had a souvenir. I walked along side Sandy through the parking lot, my hand under the back of her skirt the entire way, rubbing and squeezing her ass cheek until we made it to her Tracker, we moved around to the passenger side, which was facing away from the restaurant and I opened the door, saying "I can't wait, your sisters going to have to settle for a ittle less sperm.

I need to cum, now." I had her bend over the seat, flipping her skirt up, I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and positioned it between her already wet thighs and against her pussy lips. I again reached up and held both pig tails in one hand and drove into her pussy, I bottomed out quickly and started deep stroking her, picking up speed and finished in less that ten minutes, and luckily for Sandy, my cumming, triggered another orgasm for her and we finished together, I pulled out and had her turn around and clean our combined juices from my cock before tucking it away and heading for home.

The week flew by, between waking to my wife's lips sliding along my morning woody every day, taking her out and having her flash her bare pussy to a few lusting teen age and younger boys at the park and at the mall while doing a little shopping.

Even stopping in to visit Amy again, leaving my wife's leash in her hands, asking "I have a couple things to pick up close by, would you mind looking after Sandy for me for about an hour?" Amy smiled, and said "sure, no problem, I'm sure I can find something for her to do while your gone, I'ld love to" Sandy was a little shocked to say the least, but smiled and told me to hurry back, please" I left the shop, and got in my car, intending to go get the car washed, and maybe pick up a few more Items at the hardware store for Cindy's visit the coming weekend, But no sooner had I closed the car door, when i saw Amy showing a couple customers out of the store, telling thank you for shopping there, and then placing an Out to Lunch sign on the door and locking it before turning and walking back into the store.

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I couldn't wait to hear what the two of them got up too after I left. nearly an hour later, I returned, finding the sign still on the door, I knocked lightly at first, then waited before knocking a little louder.

a couple minutes pasted before I saw Amy's head peak from behind a display in the middle of the shop and smile.


then my a moment later, my wife came crawling on her hands and knees from behind the display, she was now wearing an outfit made from chain mail, with links large that her nipples were sticking through it with nipple suction cylinders attached to them, with Amy behind her holding her leash.

They made their way to the door and Amy unlocked the door and let me in, locking it back behind me and leading us back to rear of the shop again.

I quickly noticed the shine on wife's face as well as Amy's slick thighs sticking out from her short leather mini skirt and knew my wife had been eating Amy's pussy while I was gone.

Together, they told me what all had happened, how the owner had came by for a brief visit and how my wife had satisfied the both of them. Amy thanked me for letting her borrow my slave, saying she would babysit her any time I wanted, in fact the owner insisted that I bring her around again some time and she would let me pick anything from the store free off charge.

Amy said "the pleasure was all ours, and that the new outfit was our gift for being so kind" I asked if Sandy was ready to leave and she said she just needed to change, to which Amy said "that's ok, you can wear it out, I'll bring your stuff out to you in minute" handing me the leash, and leading us back up front, unlocking the door again and I led my half naked wife to the Tracker and just closed her door as Amy walked out and handed me a bag, saying "here's what she had on, and a few other items from me and the owner, please come buy again, and I'll call you to next weekend' We drove away and my wife was so worn out, she fell asleep half way home, I made a point of stopping at a couple fast food joints and picking up some food on the way, knowing the people at the windows had a good view of my sleeping wife's body as I paid for the food and picked up our food before making our way back home.

where I carried Sandy into the house and secured her hands and feet to the bed just as she was waking up. I left her bound as she went into more detail as to what Amy and her boss did to/with her in the hour or so I was gone.

"Amy had me strip for her, and pose for some pictures, then tied me to a small display table and ground her hairy pussy on my face until the owner arrived, Natalie, is her name, and Amy put a ball gag in my mouth and left me tied up naked as she went to let the Natalie in." "a few minutes later, the two of them were standing around me and Natalie walked over to one of the displays and selected a strap on and both of them stripped and Amy hooked up the strap on on her boss and Amy rode my face again, while Natalie fucked my wet pussy until I came three times, then they untied me moved me to the floor on my hands and knees and traded places, I got to eat another pussy, while Amy pounded my already sore pussy from behind.

Natalie was a squirter, and I nearly drowned when she held my head and came in my mouth, I did have two more orgasms while Amy fucked me from behind" "you must have just missed Natalie, and as soon as she left, Amy selected this out fit for me just before you got back" seeing her red, swollen and abused pussy, I could help but slowly undress as she squirmed and begged "no more, please it's too sore" once I was naked, I sank my cock into her wet pussy, causing her to moan loudly, and slowly fucked her for a few minutes before sliding the pillow under her ass enough to make room for me to get to her ass hole.

Which I fucked until I was about to cum and quit for the night, releasing her and telling her to shower and join me in the bed. we slept in the next morning, but I still got woke up with her lips around my cock, but stopping her before I came again, my balls were starting to acke again, but I really wanted to save it for When Cindy came in the house, saying "let me take a piss before . i feel like I'm going to bust" Sandy let her pass by and stood out side the bathroom door, waiting for her.

when Cindy came out, Sandy slammed the door shut behind her sister, yelling at her "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SLEPT WITH MY HUSBAND, YOU LITTLE TRAMP AND THEN LIED AND LEFT HIM TIED UP AND WAITING FOR ME TO GET HOME" "DID YOU THINK HE WASN'T GOING TO MENTION TO ME THAT, SUPPOSEDLY I LEFT HIM LIKE THAT AFTER FUCKING HIM" "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT HE DID TO ME?" Sandy dropped her skirt in front of her sister, turning, showing her the bruises on her ass and the plug which was now back in place, saying "HE TIED ME TO THE BED, (doing a good acting job, seeming like she was about to cry, she said "HE.


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GAGGED ME AND. BEAT MY ASS, PADDLED IT, UNTIL IT. WAS RED. AND. and. (getting quieter) Cindy stepped close to her, holding her sister's shoulder's, saying "I'm so sorry, I just couldn't help it when I found him naked like that on the bed, I didn't think, I just reacted, I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry, please forgive, me.

what. what did he do to you." Sandy turned away from her and walked, naked from the waist down, to the bedroom, taking her collar off the dresser and fastening it around her neck she said "he makes me wear this all the time, I'm.

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now. his slave." Cindy came in the room with her, apologizing over and over as Sandy continued laying it on thick, saying "After he beat my ass, he fucked me hard and then shoved it in my ass hole, then made me wear the butt plug all night and all day today" rubbing her fingers between her ass cheeks "it still hurts so bad, he said I have to be his sex slave for the rest of the month for leaving him like that" "JUST BECAUSE YOU LEFT HIM LIKE THAT, YOU LITTLE BITCH" Cindy again moved to give her sister a hug, saying "I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you somehow, I promise" Sandy hugged her tight, saying "YOU DAMN SURE WILL, YOUR GOING TO MAKE IT UP TO ME" (my cue, I quietly walked in behind Cindy, my wife smiling at me, while holding her sister tight as I quickly slipped a collar around her neck and locked in place just as she started to turn "WHAT.


let me go, you can't do this.

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mmmmmMMmMMMM" her complaints were silenced by the ball gag that I buckled behind her head. I then hooked the leash to her collar and held her as Sandy unbuckled her sister's jeans and tugged them down over her hips while Cindy struggled and shifted her legs back and forth, trying hold onto the back of her pants with her hands to stop her sister, mumbling around to gag, tears coming down her face as her jeans slowly gathered around her ankles.

I stretched the leash up to a cable with a snap ring that I had installed in the ceiling, leaving her dangling from the ceiling as I helped Sandy pull her sister's jeans off and fastened and locked the leg cuffs on her ankles and attached them to cables that were attached to the bed frame. with her secured, I stood up and grabbed the collar of her t shirt and ripped it apart, exposing her pink half bra, commenting "now I get to see what I'm fucking not like yesterday" "and your going to enjoy the taste of your Sandy's pussy when she rides your face like you did mine" Cindy was shaking her head, trying to say "NO" around the gag, but all we heard was "nnnn" I picked up a knife off the dresser and cut the sleeves open and removed what was left of her shirt as she stared, wide eyed at the blade as it moved around her and over her breast, cutting the straps of her bra and then at her hips, one then the other, slicing through her matching, pastel pink panties, letting the loose material drop between her legs onto her jeans.


I ran my fingers through her slit, and surprised Sandy by offering it to her "here, show baby sister, you like the way she tastes" Sandy took my finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, mmmming as her sister's eyes grew wider as reached between Sandy's legs gathering a bunch on her juices and had Sandy hold her sister's head, while I slipped my finger along the gag and wiped it inside her mouth, saying "you better learn to like it, your going to be swallowing a lot of it" I reached up and took her leash down while Sandy took the clips off the ankle cuffs, we quickly spun her around and I pulled the leash up the the headboard, as Sandy reattached the ankle cuffs, directly to the bed posts, spreading her sister legs apart.

I pulled the leash tight, attaching it on a hook on the base of the headboard, pulling her chest down across the bed, and told her "your sisters going to spank you ass, just like I did hers, its going to glow and throb when she's done with it, well come to hell slut" and I set the tripod up with our digital video recorder, aiming it at Cindy's ass, making sure that Sandy's face wasn't in the picture/ I handed the rug beater to Sandy, saying "she's all yours, light her ass up while I take a shower and get us something to drink" a few minutes later I heard the first swat, and Cindy's muffled cry, I wish I hadn't had to cum earlier, my load would have been so much larger, although now I could fuck her a while longer before I blow my load in her little teenage pussy.

Even over the shower, I could her the slaps occasionally, and by the time I finished, and dried off, Cindy's ass was really red, she was sobbing into her gag, a muffled "nnn nnnn nnn" was all that could be heard her head turning this way and that as my hit each cheek a few times before moving back to the other, hitting her from the top of her thighs to the waist. I walked to the kitchen making a couple mixed drinks for Sandy and I before returning to the bedroom, telling Sandy "that's enough for now" "get on the bed feed her some pussy juice while I give her her first injection" giving Sandy's ass a little swat as she finally got around to taking her top off and climbing on the bed.

Sandy pulled the gag down dragging it across her chin and leaving it around her neck, asking her sobbing sister "have you been taking your birth control pills?" Cindy sobbed "emhmm, please stop, I've. had. e.nough.

Pleeeese": Sandy continued moving in front of her, pulling her sister's head up using her hair, sitting on the leash making it difficult, but managed to slide under her sister's face, letting go of her hair, the collar pulling her mouth to my wife's dripping wet pussy. Sandy said, I hope the pills are working, because he's going to fill your puss with cum for the next two weeks" you're going to be his, OUR little sex toy for quite a while bitch" I slowly eased into her tight pussy as Sandy held her sister's head in her hands and ground her pussy against her face.


I alternated between short and long strokes, fast and slow, building up quite a bit speed and strengh until I yelled "TIME FOR YOUR FIRST LOAD HONEY, TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR SLUTTY LITTE PUSSY" Sandy orgasmed as I pump my first load into her sister pussy. once I was finally finished, I pulled out and quickly replace my cock with the inflateable butt plug and pumped it up until I saw her pussy lips stretching and the color fading from them, then i move to the head of the bed, telling my wife "clean her juices off my cock and get it hard, so I can stuff her tight little ass hole before we turn in tonight.

Cindy was trying to look up at me as Sandy licked and sucked be hard again, all the while grinding her pussy on her little sisters face. When I was ready, I move back behind Cindy, spreading her ass cheeks being nice (also wanting to keep myself from being rubbed raw) I poured a little lube on her pucker ass hole, and my shaft, stroking it to keep it hard while strumming her ass hole with my thumb, gathering up some lube and pressing it slowly as her ring stretched open allowing my thumb to sink into the second knuckle, eliciting a muffled scream from Cindy, I eased my thumb in and out a few times before quickly pulling it out and pressing my lubed cock head against her ass hole, feeling her tight ring fighting to keep me out, she screamed loader as her pucker last the battle and I popped through, sinking a couple inches in and slowlly pressing harder watching inch after inch disappear into her ass, finally pressing the last of it into her bowels, the heat was incredible, along with the grip it had on me, the inflateable plug only added to her tightness, and i could feel it through the membrane that separated it from my cock.

I started slowly pulling out and slamming back in hard, as Sandy came again and pulled out from under her sisters face, saying "to sensitive, i have to take a break" she moved behind me as Cindy's face dropped to the bed, her head flipping back and forth as she squealed "too big, it hurts, it hurts, my ass is on fire, stop, please. I've had enough. stop." Sandy moved back up and pulled the gag back in her mouth, saying "no where near done honey, we're just getting started" Cindy sobbed into the gag again as I started picking up speed, telling my wife "come release the plug, so I can fill her up again" I heard the pressure released from the plug, and felt it loosen up inside her pussy and slip out as my balls tightened and I quickly stuck the tip of my cock in her pussy and pumped four or five more streams into her pussy.

and pulled out, Sandy quickly replaced the plug and pumped it up until I said it was enough.

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We left Cindy there, while we took a quick shower then inserted another butt plug in Cindy's ass and pulled her leash loose and lowered her to the floor, clipping her wrists to her ankles and we crawled into bed, wrapped in each other arms, fell asleep in only a few minutes. the next morning I felt warm, wet lips around my cock as I woke up, looking down I saw Sandy, her sister's leash was now locked on her collar, securing the two together as I had suggested, as Cindy licked and sucked my morning hardon, saying "after he cums in your mouth, I'll remove your plug so you can take piss while you shower, then you'll be cooking us breakfast bitch" for the next two weeks everything was great.

I fucked both of them four to five times a day, we kept Cindy bound for the first week, Sandy went over and got some more clothes from her house, not that she needed them, along with her sister's computer's we loaded some of the video's to her internet account while she watched, and then Sandy changed her passwords while I fucked Cindy's face, nearly blowing my load down her throat.

instead moving behind her a filling her pussy again. Once she knew we could send pictures and videos of her to all her friends, showing her in degrading positions, with cum facials, ass being fucked and eating pussy, and by this time, she was often begging to cum, telling us to use her, she quickly grown accustom to her new position and place in life.

As luck would have it, their parents dropped a bomb shell on us, announced that they were moving at the end of the month, their dad's company was relocating them, sending movers to pack the ship everything, except what they could carry. It was going to be a quick move, ten days from notification and Sandy and I jumped at the chance to offer to let Cindy stay with us and finish school here. Every thing was working perfect, in the weekend after their parents left, we invited Amy over to meet our new toy, explaining that after she had squeezed out a couple babies for us, Amy could have her, her own person toy.

Just over eight months later, Cindy had the first of two baby girls, and just over three months after the last one was born, Amy led Cindy out to her car, informing us that her slave would continue to be milked and Amy would be dropping off milk for the babies every few days as well as feeding on her milky tits herself. It's been over three years, and Amy still brings Cindy over from time to time, and is still milking her several times a day, we even sample her milk, fresh from her tits while they visit.

Sandy decided she wants another baby, and wants to have this one herself, so she now gets load after load of my cum in her still bald pussy, (Amy and I took our slaves in and had their pussy hair lazered off permanently) and Amy still has her huge hair pie, Cindy doesn't like it, but it's not for her to like, just eat it when she's told to. ,