Lovesome czech teens spread their asses with butt plug and huge dongs

Lovesome czech teens spread their asses with butt plug and huge dongs
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.Aunt Crissy was 37, built real good, big tits, hot looking long black hair, hot legs and always dressed very sexy. This all started when she would wait until no one was looking, hold up1 finger up to her lips…shhh… and then rub her hand on my pants over my dick. I always smiled and if it was clear, she would let me feel her tits and rub her pussy too. She really got off on this, I could tell, she'd get all hot and her breathing would really increase.

She liked to tickle me all the time. One day she came over and I was home alone. She hugged me and held me and started breathing heavy. She held my face between her big tits as she reached down in my shorts and felt my bare dick. She took my hand and pushed it down her shorts on her warm pussy and let me feel it. She had no panties on. My fingers went crazy feeling her damp pussy.

She guided my middle finger up and down her slit slow at first, then faster on her clit. She started moving my shorts down until my dick was out, as she jacked it. I was in heaven.

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Feeling a pussy and getting a hand job. She said out of breath: "You just&hellip. (breath)&hellip. keep your mouth shut about this Rob, and we'll do this&hellip.

again sometime, Ok?" I of course agreed. We only got to do it one other time. In the mean time I wanked thinking about her many times. She came by and found me alone again. This time we wasted no time. She had no bra on and a pullover top. She lifted her top up and took my hands and put them on her bare tits.

I got an instant hardon. She got on her knees, took out my dick and put it between her tits. She held my hips and moved them as my dick fucked her big tits. She moved to where she was sucking on the head of my dick each time it went in and out of her big tits. Then, as I was about to cum, she held my dick in her mouth as I shot my load in her mouth. My knees went weak as she and I moaned loud.

She rubbed her pussy real fast and bucked her hips as she had a big climax for herself. I had to help her up she was so weak.

She savored it&hellip.then she swallowed my cum with a big gulp and I watched as her body shuddered. We held each other, gasping for breath. She whispered: ("…someday,&hellip. we're going to cum together so good"…) ------ We still had the hots for each other. I went over to their house one day to take her something from my mom. I knocked and I heard a faint .".come in." I went in and Crissy was lying on her tummy in a robe, on the couch. She said she had hurt her back doing something and her back hurt some.

She had taken some pain pills and was half zonked from them. Her robe was very short and I could see she had no panties on and I saw some black pubic hair between her legs.

I sat on the edge of the couch and said I would massage her back. She smiled real big and wiggled her butt a little.

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I was feeling extra horny that day and decided to mess with her a little. I leaned down and whispered to her: ("…well, miss frisky fingers, now it's my turn to fondle you, don't ya think?") She smiled and said: "Damn you Rob, you wouldn't take advantage of a woman in pain would you?" I said: "I sure would Crissy, and I have the advantage of you right now." She smiled big and said: "You better not, when my back is well, your going to get it, I'll grab your dick and not let go!"…and she giggled.

I continued…"Well let's see, your robe is in the way for my wonderful back rub, I'll just have to remove it." She grinned and wiggled. I started kissing her neck as I started pulling her robe out from underneath her. She moaned and lifted up for me to release it.

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"Ohhhh that hurts" she said and quickly laid back down. I said: "I'll fix that pain now Crissy." I started in again kissing her neck and back to. She shivered and smiled more.

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I rubbed her back gently as she sighed…and purred with contentment. She was completely naked now. Wow, what a sexy body she had. I continued talking sexy to her. "Oooo Crissy you sure have a sexy body." ( I kissed her back as I rubbed it. I let my hands go down lower and lower and rubbed her butt cheeks.) ." She purred like a kitten then said: "Rob, your going to get us in trouble, you little shit." I kept on and said: "Who's gonna tell?…I'm sure not." She giggled and said that her daughter would be home soon.

I said: "Oh Joyce?…oh my&hellip. She's so hot, maybe I'll just have to give her a back rub too." She paused&hellip. and said: "Rob, you leave her alone. You can fondle me all you want, but not her." I said: "All I want?&hellip.ok that's a deal." She giggled and said: "Ok deal, but come back tonight, Joyce is doing a sleeper over tonight and will be gone all night." I started kissing her butt cheeks and legs.

She began to moan and wiggle her hips. "Damn you Rob, tonight I said. Joyce will be home in 30 minutes, so keep doing what you're doing but check that clock." The pills were really taking effect now. I laid down beside herfacing her. She smiled and open her eyes a little. I started in kissing her as she gasp and moaned. "oh god… you know how long I've wanted to have sex with you. Your so sexy to me. Do you think I'm sexy?" "Yes I do Crissy, you're the sexist woman I know." I kissed her and our tongues met and I ran my fingers through her hair.

".oh god Rob, I can't take this, will you please come back tonight and you can feel me all night…please." &hellip."Yes crissy I will, I've had the hots for you for some time now, and now's the time for us to get together." "Rub me some more Rob, just keep rubbing me, I'm so hot for you now, I want you so bad." I scooted my self closer to her naked body and started kissing her lips and face over and over as I felt between her hot legs.

She gasp… shook and moaned …"oh god Rob,&hellip. I just had an orgasm, I want more, keep kissing me and feeling my body, I want more orgasms…lot's more." I looked at the clock…opps&hellip.time for Joyce to be here.


I covered up Crissy and told her tonight I would be by about 9pm. She said ok, but she wanted me to rub her pussy some more before I left. I slipped my fingers in warm pussy as her tongue raced in my mouth and she reached up and held my head tight to her mouth. She whispered: (…"we're finally going to get together, and we're going to do it all night.

I can't wait to get you naked…(breath).and were going to cum so damn good.") Just as I kissed her again, the door flew open and Joyce came in. She froze. She looked it me and started to grin. I explained as best I could about mom's back how I gave her a back rub to help. Joyce never stopped grinning. As I went to leave, Joyce pulled me in the kitchen and whispered grinning: ("Were mom's lips sore too?") I couldn't help but grin, a little embarrassed.

I whispered back: ("I was hoping you didn't see that.") …She said: ("Mom's had the hots for you for a long time, maybe it's time for you two to get together.") Joyce put her arms around my neck and said making her mom happy would be a good thing. I looked at her and smiled. I said: (."and who will make you happy, Joyce?") She blinked&hellip.

and smiled real big, and whispered in my ear: (…"can you handle the job?") As our lips just touched we hear Crissy. "Hey you two, what's going on in there?" "Nothing mom, we're talking about music stuff, that's all." Joyce said. We whispered that we would talk later, and I left. Joyce came running out to my car and I told her not to come home during her sleep over tonight. She smiled and said: ".and why not?" I smiled and told her because I was going to make her mom happy tonight. She thought a minute and said maybe she wouldn't go to the sleepover tonight.

She looked at me like, 'now what Rob?' I said don't fuck things up for me, your mom and I are finally going to get it on. She stood real sexy like, and said: "…Hmmmmm maybe I'll just come home real late?" I said: " Noooo your mom wants to do it all night!" Joyce laughed and said: " Mom will be asleep by 11, with the pills she's taking." She put her head in my car and kissed me real hot, her tongue went in deep, then said: "See you about midnight." and waltzed away swinging her ass.

My dick was so hard it was trying to rip out of my pants. I went back that night about 9pm. Crissy was still on the couch, with her robe on. I locked the door and sat by her on the couch. She was still zonked on the pills and smiled up at me.

She said her back pain had finally left and rolled over and pulled me on top of her. She said softly: "It's a good thing you showed up or I would have had to come to get you Rob baby".

She started kissing me as her breathing accelerated. She said: …"do you know how long its been since I've had sex?&hellip.I've wanted to feel you naked on me for a long time now, make us cum baby and cum good." She had those wonderful big full tits and she unbuttoned my shirt and pants.


I got naked with her. She started pushing her pussy up to me as I sucked those big tits and nipples. She moaned and trembled and moved me up to fondle my dick over and over. She said: ".oh god, your big, I'll be tight for you baby, go down and get me wetter." She pushed me down to lick her pussy.

She had shaved her pussy bald. It was like licking a young girl with a tight pussy. She still had a perfect body and sweet pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned as I licked around her clit. I slipped one finger in her…it was tight. I reached up and massaged her G spot some. She bucked and squirmed and pulled my hair some. She was really wet now. She pulled me up and had me sit on her, putting my dick between her big tits.

I started fucking her tits and she reached back and pulled my dick closer to her mouth. She kept going until my dick was in her mouth and sucking me hard. The feeling of those big tits under me was awesome. She licked the head of my dick over and over, as I reached back and massaged her clit. She started getting real hot and jacked me faster…she moaned…".cum for me baby, cum for me." I couldn't hold back any more and flooded her mouth with my hot cum.

She lifted her pussy up to my fingers and shook as she swallowed all but the overflow of my cum. She moaned so long I thought she would never stop. She sucked and sucked me over and over again. Her pussy was soaking wet on my fingers as I rubbed her clit. I scooted down and she put my dick in her very tight pussy as her pussy squeezed it over and over. She took her fingers and wiped my cum overflow off her chin and face and sucked her fingers, then with a big swallow…she moaned real long again.

Finally she whispered: "I've wanted to that again for so long&hellip.I've had dreams about it. The feeling of your dick between my tits and cuming made me orgasm more than once. I would wake up all hot, and have to masturbate instantly. I love the feel of your hot cum shooting in my mouth&hellip.

It's gotten even better than I could have ever imagined." She asked me to hand her pills to her. I did and glanced at the clock. 11:00. One hour and Joyce would be here. Within 30 minutes Crissy was zonked again and sleepy eyed. We kissed and I felt her wonderful tits and wet pussy.

She moaned as I got between her legs and licked her pussy. Soon moaned as she orgasmed and fell asleep. Now it was 10 minutes till 12.

I got dressed, unlocked the door and turned the lights down. At 12 o'clock I heard the door open and a smiling sexy looking Joyce walks in.

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She was built just like her mom but even more sexy. She came over and sat on my lap and started kissing me all over my face and neck. She whispered: ("looks like your 'date' fell asleep on you, I can take over but let's go in my bedroom though." We quietly moved to her bedroom, and shut the door.

I asked her why her mom was so intent on keeping me away from her?. She smiled and said I better sit down she had a closely guarded secret to tell me about her mom. "You must never repeat this, ok?." she said. I agreed. "The reason my parents divorced was because my mom has always the hots for teen boys. One day the boy next door was over and mom got to grabbing little feels with him. He liked this and felt her back. Next thing you know they both got turned on and she took him in her bedroom and they got naked.

She had him get on top of her tits and put his dick between them. He fucked her between her tits and came in her mouth. Dad came home early that day and caught them. Mom with the boys cum on her lips and face. He sent the boy home said to never come back.

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He then divorced mom. Mom still has a thing about teen boys and she's had the hots for you for a long time. She wants to keep teen boys away from me to protect me from the same thing…but…I have the same feelings as she does… and I like it.

I love teen boys, and that would be …you." She got this crazed look in her eyes, and pushed me down on the bed.

She was hyper with excitement. She undressed fast and then undressed me. She was built so hot, big tits, such a hot 21yr old body and looked like she was going to rape me.

Her eyes feasted up and down on my body as she got on top of me. She became this wild girl and began to attack me with her body. She wiggled all over me, rubbing her body and tits on my dick and then up to my mouth. She was really breathing hard and making little growling noises, like tiger before a feast.

She said: "I've wanted you just like mom, but mom never knew it, but now&hellip. Your all mine!" She attacked my dick with her mouth, real rough and aggressive, making strange noises of satisfaction when she deep throated my dick all the way down. She pulled off and said: "Don't cum yet…I want you in my pussy.

I want to feel it, when blast your hot cum in me&hellip.oh Yes!" I was really turned on by her and wanted to fuck her so bad. Finally she rolled us on her back, and opened up her legs wide and grabbed my dick and pulled it in her pussy hard. Her tongue went crazy in my mouth as crazy moaning sounds came out of her. Her legs were bent at the knee and her hips started slamming her pussy up to me.

She rubbed her own clit very fast and kept moaning louder. This was turning me on big time. A wild girl who really knew how to fuck.

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I could take no more as my balls were ready to explode. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. Our body's slapped together loud as I joined her hand in rubbing her clit. She moaned and dug her heels in the back of my legs hard. I pinched her big nipples hard as she yelled out and I let go with a blast of cum in her moving pussy. She lock her body on mine, shook hard and climaxed big…she growled and buried my dick deep in her pussy, as my cum filled it and overflowed, over and over again.

I thought I had lost my mind as she squirted all over us and shook like a leaf. "Ahhhhhh Yessssss!!" she screamed!, and climaxed again. She twitched and wiggled her pussy on my still cuming dick.

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She squeezed my dick so hard it felt like it was in a vice…and just held it there as she shook. We sucked for air as we both squirmed and twisted our body's together…we went to somewhere land…&hellip.where ever that is& dick still pumping and her pussy still squeezing.

I woke up&hellip., it was the middle of the night, my dick still hard and in Joyce. I looked around and there was Crissy standing over us smiling and rubbing her pussy. She leaned over and said: ".I hope your not busy for a long while, Rob baby." I felt and heard Joyce giggle under me.