Moka the perfect booty gets fucked

Moka the perfect booty gets fucked
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Several days later after first making out with my little sis in the bedroom I was out at the barn in the loft alone. I was working on some wood carvings for a school project.

I left sis sleeping at the house. After maybe an hour I heard her calling me. I looked out the end and she was about halfway to the barn.

"Up here sis." I called her from the barn loft. I had kind of forgotten about what happened on the front porch with us for the time being. I was kind of afraid of getting caught since I never knew where my mother would be. When it was nice outside she enjoyed going out in the rocky woods behind the barn looking for chickens that would make nests outside the barn. Sometimes she would be standing by me before I realized it.

Besides, mom had found some blood on sis's bed sheets that night after I fucked her. I overheard them talking. She told mom she had an itch and had scratched inside.

Mom told her that was okay but to be careful. Maybe when I knew she had gone strolling across the bridge I wouldn't worry. Most the time she had us with her though. Today she had gone across the creek to a neighbor's house Sis climbed up the ladder and sat down in front of me spreading out her legs and across mine. "What'cha' doing?" She asked. "Working on my soldiers." I replied. She started playing with them. She was just quiet and didn't say anything for awhile. Then she got up and walked to the other end.

"I got to pee." She said. She squatted between a crack in the floor. She was facing me.


I could see pee running down between the crack of the floor. Beneath the floor was the hog pen. A hog started grunting. ''I'll bet you pee'd on the hog." I said laughing. "I did." She laughed as she stood up and come back over in front of me and sat back down spreading her legs apart again like before.

She started picking up the little men and placing them here and there. She picked one up and pushed it over to my crotch as she slid closer. When she did that, her dress slid back so much her little pussy was showing. She wasn't wearing panty again.

She pushed it down a little. She must have thought it went down enough but it was still showing. I couldn't help but look at her little slit. "I want to put one there she said" as she pressed one soldier tight against my crotch. My little cock had started getting hard already. She picked up another one and reached over and started sliding it up the leg of my shorts. I wasn't wearing any briefs either. She touched my cock and stopped as she looked at me.

Now, growing up out in the country we didn't wear no more than we had to, so it wasn't unusual to just put on a just piece of outer clothing such as a pair of shorts. We didn't wear tight fitted clothing either. That's the way it was. "Uh-oh." She said as she let the carving go and slowly got hold of my cock.

It was harder than I thought. "Can I see it?" She asked. "Uh-huh, if you want to." I replied without hesitation unbuttoning my pants all the way down. When I did that, my cock stuck straight out. She forgot about the toys and slid closer and looked down at it. I slid the carvings to one side as I lay back against a bail of hay and slid my legs out of my shorts and lay them to one side.

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I had already forgotten about everything else. My mind was now on her pretty little pink pussy. I wanted to fuck her again. "Can you see it better now?" I asked as I spread my legs apart. She didn't say anything. She reached down and took it between her fingers and squeezed it lightly sliding my foreskin back. "It has a skin like mine." She said. I thought I had to come up with an answer so I said, "That is to protect it." She slid the foreskin back as far as it would go and laughed.

"Can I taste it?" She asked. "Uh-huh, I guess so." I replied. I wasn't expecting anything like this and that got me excited even more.

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I spread my legs farther apart as she moved back and bent over and licked the head of my cock with the full length of her tongue. My cock throbbed. She turned her body around beside me laying on her tummy. Without asking any more, she touched the end of it and licked it with the full length of her tongue couple times again. I slid my right hand down on her little bare butt as my middle finger slid between her pussy lips.

She was moist from peeing. I slid my finger a little deeper between her legs and into her pussy. Working it in and out a little I pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth and sucked it. It has a slight salty sweet taste.

My cock throbbed even more. I was thinking already that I wanted to stick my tongue in it as I felt her tongue sliding around the head of my cock as I watched her.


"It taste's salty." She said as she wrapped her lips around the head of it pushing the foreskin back and forth with her lips the as she started sucking the head. She slid it in a little farther in her mouth and started sucking on it even more. I could feel the head touch the back of her throat as she tried to swallow.

"Take it out of your mouth for a minute." I told her as pulled off her dress and had her lay on her back in some straw. I pulled off my shirt and straddled her in the sixty-nine position and put my head between her legs and started inhaling the aroma of her little pussy.

I licked it a few times as I slid my tongue up and down in the slit and slowly stuck my tongue in her little pussy a little. My tongue touched her little clit. As it did she flinched. I slowly licked it more.

"That feels good." She said. After a few times doing that I slid my tongue deep in her as far as it would go slowly sliding it in and out.

She moaned she slid her lips around my cock again and started sucking hard. I could feel it slide deep in her mouth as her lips pressed against the base of my cock. It felt good. I slid my hands and arms under the top of her thighs as I took my fingers and spread her lips apart exposing the inner part of her beautiful baby pink pussy.

I covered her lips with mine and stuck my tongue in her as far as I could get it sliding it in and out sucking. Soon I started feeling an orgasm coming on. We must have sucked each other for at least ten minutes or more. I was slightly raising my body up and down sliding it back and forth in her mouth.

She had already wrapped her hands around the cheeks of my butt pulling me tight against her face as I felt my cock deep in her mouth.

"I think I'm going to cum." I told her. She kept sucking on it without saying anything. She was sucking me hard sliding her tongue up and down my cock.


Letting it slide out of her mouth she licked hard up and down the bottom and then back in her mouth. I couldn't control those feelings. "I'm going to cum now" I told her again a few minutes later. She still didn't respond but still kept sucking. Then suddenly I felt my load shoot through my cock as I shot several spurts of cum in her mouth. She sucked hard. I felt the back of her tongue squeez the head of my cock as she swallowed.

It was awesome. After I it all squirted out she said laughing, "That's like sucking milk from a titty." I kept sucking on her pussy as she kept sucking my cock. It felt like she was flexing her muscles as it taste like a little fluid was oozing out of her.

Whatever it was it taste good. I licked and sucked it even more probing her inside with my tongue.

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I finally turned over on my. I wanted to stick my cock in her as I had done before even more. She turned around and crawled on top of me sliding her tummy up mine until my cock was touching her pussy. My cock was still hard. She pressed it against her pussy. "It won't go in." She said I reached down and guided it to the entrance as I spread her saliva damp lips apart with one hand as I slid my foreskin over the head and stuck it to the entrance.

I wrapped my hands around her little butt and slowly pulled it against me. It slid inside her warm pussy. She was tight. I slid it slowly back and forth. It felt awesome as my cock throbbed. I started hunching her slowly feeling those awesome sensations.

She looked at me and smiled. "Do you like to do that?" She asked. "Yes sis I love it. It feels so good." We must have lay there for another ten minutes as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight little pussy. "I feel something funny down there like I'm doing something." She said. "Does it feel better than before?" I asked. "Uh-huh." She responded. She was now hunching me as much as I was her. I started getting those sensational feelings again.

"I think I'm going to cum again." I told her. She laughed. She had different reactions all of a sudden and closed her eyes. It scared me. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Uh-huh." She said. "It feels good." But at twelve years old she wasn't suppose to be able to cum. I was hoping not anyway. I started feeling an orgasm coming on again much stronger than before.

"Sis, I'm going to cum again." I told her. "Okay." She said. I started humping her hard but not going deep in her. I was afraid of hurting her.

My cock was going in maybe a little over half way in her. She was so tight. It wasn't going to take long for me to explode. Then she pushed hard against me.

Then I felt it give away to the pressure and my cock slid all the way in as she grunted as if in pain. I paused. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "I think so." She said as she started slowly sliding up and down on my cock. Then she smiled and started humping again. My body was tight against hers now. I took her hops in my hands as I started pumping her harder as our bodies met each time I slid it in. It felt more awesome than ever before. We must have fucked steady for three or four minutes.

Then suddenly I exploded shooting my load deep in her as my hips raised off the floor pushing my cock deeper in her as I humped her hard. It felt like I squirted four or five loads in her. It was awesome. I kept pumping deep in her. My cock slid in and out of her a lot smoother now. It finally started getting soft but I kept pumping until it popped out from the tightness of her pussy followed by some of my cum.

"Did you like that better?" I ask her. "Uh-huh. It felt real good too." She replied.

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She turned over and lay on her back and spread her legs wide apart. Her fuzzy little pussy looked so beautiful as it slightly gaped open. My creamy cum lay between her lips as a little oozed down the bottom toward her little butt.

She slid her finger down between her pussy lips rubbing her little clit. Wetting her finger good with my cum she stuck it in her mouth and sucked it.

"That tastes good little brother" She said smiling.

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"I wanted to suck her pussy again but wasn't sure that was the right thing to do so I gently wiped her clean with my shirt. She slid her hand over between my legs and played with me a little sliding my foreskin back and forth. Once she bent over and stuck the whole thing in her mouth again.

It was completely soft by now but she sucked on it a few minutes anyway. It felt like she was trying to swallow it.

I think if she would kept that up it would have gotten hard again. "You want to go swimming at the creek so we can wash? Mom might smell us and know what we have been doing." I ask her. There was a small swimming hole just below our house about three feet deep. "Okay." She replied. We get dressed and slowly walked to the creek. About a half hour later mom comes across the bridge from the neighbors house. "Dinner will be ready soon. Don't stay in too long. "She called to us. "Okay mom." I replied as she walked on across the bridge.

"Can we do it again tomorrow?" She asked. "I don't know. We'll see." I replied as we walked to the house.