Harlots gets her panty soaked lingerie japanese

Harlots gets her panty soaked lingerie japanese
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Hello, my name is Rebecca, a mother of three and a woman in a healthy and lengthy marriage. I had met my husband, Mike, at the age of nineteen. During our first night together we made a beginning for our first son, Jeremy.

Accidents happen, as we say, but we just knew we wanted to keep him. A year later a little less accidental continuation happened in the form of our first daughter, Jessica. A couple of years later our third miracle, Miranda, was born.

Although we were happy with our situation for a long time, neither of us thought it was appropriate to think anything more "permanent" solution to birth control as we were still so very young.

Some may say that we had a "shotgun wedding" but neither of us felt that way, as we were genuinely in love. Eighteen years into our marriage we were still very much in love with each other. Of course, there are the regular ups and downs like in every long marriage, but everything levels up with time. That summer we noticed that our eldest, "our baby boy" as we still jokingly called him, was starting to mature a lot.

He was spending ever more time with his friends outside home. To us he said that these friends were "some guys from his class", but honestly, we had no idea with who he spent his time.

We just assumed that they really were some guys from his class, as by now he had never done anything stupid and been trustworthy every parent's dream boy. And who were we to judge, as we ourselves had been quite outgoing in our teen years, even becoming teen parents. One rainy Saturday, as I was about to start doing the laundry, I went to Jeremy's room in order to pick up his dirty clothes.

But then I noticed that there was something weird going on. He wasn't there for that time as he was out with the friends again, but my eyes focused on the corner of his bed. Something was hidden in there. Although I had said to myself that I am not that kind of mother who sniffs to her children's lives too much, but that just caught my eye so much.

I wrap up the sheets from his bed and saw a box of condoms in there. It was opened package, one of them was missing. "Oh my good, has my baby boy started having sex?" I thought to myself. It surprised me, as he had been really slowly developing, his attitude and habits had started to change for really under a year ago. Without thinking any longer, I just confiscated the package of condoms.

"I really need to have a serious conversation with my son about this." I resumed to the laundering, but it kept bothering me. Several hours later Jeremy returned home. Although he liked spending his time with his friends, Saturday nights were just so holy in our family that we spent our time together, eating some junk food and watching whatever crap came on cable.

"Hi mom!" Jeremy says as he enters the livingroom where I was lying alone on the couch, wondering what we were about to watch that night.

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"Hi Jeremy!" I had decided to break it to him immediately, as I know that he would notice it straight away that I had taken something else from his room than just dirty laundry. "Jeremy. I know this may irritate and make you feel uncomfortable, but as I was picking up your laundry, I also spotted something else that I hadn't thought that I would find there" I said, feeling guilt that I brought it up after all "Wait, what, WHAT?" Jeremy said, first with anger which quite fast changed to quilt and embarrassment as he realized what I had found there.

"What are these?" I asked him as I throw the box of condoms on the couch table, trying to be solid but not judgemental. Jeremy went silent for a while. "Mom, they are condoms. And I know that you may want to talk about this, do you think this is the right time? We are supposed to start our Saturday night TV-marathon and dad, Jess and Miranda may pop into the room any moment now" Jeremy said, really cleverly guiding the conversation away. "You actually are right" I said as I took the box away from the table and threw it to the cupboard.

"But we really need to talk about this, seriously" "Yes mom. We can" The evening passed. We ate pizza and watched some weird European movie found on an obscure cable channel. As the evening turned into the night, first Miranda left followed closely by Jess. After probably half an hour, Mike followed them. "Honey, I'm just too exhausted and I believe even that little wine is hitting my head too much. You take all your time but I just can't concentrate in to this as I keep falling asleep every other minute." "It's okay, I come there soon." Mike left the livingroom, leaving me and Jeremy by ourselves.

"Jeremy, I know this may be a bit weird moment, but do you want to have that conversation now?" I asked my son, with a slight fear in my voice.

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"I'm not sure. I know this may be the best time as everyone else is asleep, but I'm not sure this is the best place to have it as this is so central place in the house and it can be heard everywhere. I don't want my sisters to hear this." "I understand.

We can go to your room as that is the most remote place here." "Yeah, why not." I left the TV so that everyone else would think that we were still there. I went to the cupboard and took the box of condoms and followed my son to his room. I have no idea why, but for some reason that felt so dirty. Sneaking into a room with a guy, although being son, with a box of condoms. Jeremy sits on the floor, next to his bed, I on his office chair.

"So, Jeremy. Is there something you want to tell me? Is there something we don't know that we should? Why were you having a box of condoms, one of which is missing, hidden under your bed?" I asked, trying to be as cool as possible.

"Well, it is a sort of a long story and actually most of embarrassing" Jeremy said, after a long pause. "Why would it be embarrassing?" I asked him back "there's nothing wrong with this. It's just that I haven't noticed anything and I want to know" "Well it is to me. I am feeling so ashamed with my friends.

As I… umm… As I…" "You mean you are still a virgin?" "Yes." "Well why in that case would you have a box of condoms?" "Well it was actually bought for a reason, there is this girl in our group that I have completely fallen in love with, but um… I haven't done anything with her but I just want to be ready when something is on the making" my son said, with some red blush appearing on his cheeks.

"Aww, but that's just cute. And like I said: completely normal." I said, trying to calm him down. "But what is the story of with the missing condom, if you haven't done anything?" "Well, that was sort of a practice.

I know that it is supposed to be the easiest thing in the world: just wrap it on and you are ready. But I managed still to get it wrong and it… ummm… it sort of broke as I was masturbating with it stuff flew all over the place" "Oh son, it's really natural.

I genuinely think it is good that you try it alone first. And I think it is awesome that you dare to tell that you have failed in it" "Why is that then" son asked, starting to sound bit confused "Well, if you can't do it, you can always ask for help.

And I am here to help you" "Oh mom, why would you even ask for something like that? Isn't that weird and… wrong?" "I think it is completely natural. I am just showing my son how to use protection. And as your dad and I have done some unthoughtful things in our past and we want that you don't have to experience it all." "Okay, I think in that case it is okay" My son said hesitating. "Okay. Let's do it in that case properly. At first, we begin with you taking off your pants" "Mom, do you actually think this is ok?" "Yes.

Just take them away" I said, finding the determined voice inside me. Jeremy took off his pants and boxers, revealing his semi erect cock.

I don't know, but I felt it weird that it wasn't standing stiff, but this made the job a bit less embarrassing for my son. "So now we begin by selecting the condom. Be sure to check that there is nothing wrong with the wrapping and that the expiration isn't gone. I can see that these are really just bought that it isn't a problem at all" Jeremy was now really silent and I could finally see some sweat on his forehead, and life in the cock. "Now we continue with opening the wrapping.

Remember to do it extra carefully, no teeth or sharp fingernails." I opened the wrapping, and took out the condom. "And here comes the tricky part.

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We need that cock to be as stiff as it can be. Let me help with that" I gave his cock a couple of strokes and it bursted into life. "Uumm. Mom, what…" my son moaned, with a fake confusion on his face, trying to cover up pleasurement "Shh, it's okay. Just let me show it to you. As this is how it usually done, the girl doing it as part of the foreplay" I calmed my son, continuing to stroke his now really hard cock.

And then something hit me and I completely forgot where I was and what I was doing. I had a young rock hard cock in my hand. And I needed to have a taste of it.

So I just bent my head down and started to eat his cock. I was really going for it. "Mom, WHAT are you doing??" my son, at the same time with a confusion and real delight on his voice and muscles. It actually woke me up and I realized that I have to give my lecture. "It's okay son, it's okay. Just let me show this to the end. I need to be sure that the cock is hard enough so that the condom fits properly. Which it actually is now" I said, slightly blushing. "Now, remember always to begin by pulling your foreskin all the way back, just like this.

Then you take the condom and after checking that which way it rolls open, just pop it on the top. Like This. Now, after this, you just roll it gently." I sound awfully bad.

But I try to keep my pokerface. I roll the condom all the way. "Now it's on it's place. Be sure to empty all the air from the tip" I said, after the condom was on place.

"Oh thank you for the presentation, mom" Jeremy said, half moaning, sounding really weird. I gave it a couple of gentle pushes. "You're welcome, son." After those words, it blacked in my head again. I started giving him a full on blow job. Jeremy didn't mind it at all anymore. He was full in this game now. I kept on sliding my mouth over his cock back and forth. I slid my other hand deep in my pussy.

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I was getting so wet. I realized that this night couldn't end this way. Not for me. Not for Jeremy… "Okey, Jeremy. I know this sounds weird, but I believe we have already crossed the line of weird. Do you." I was mumbling by now "Do you… want to try it for real? Do you want to put it inside your mother and fuck me?" "Mom, oh mom, you have no idea how long and how many times I have thought and dreamt about that" Jeremy said to me in passion without any hesitation.

And then we kissed. It was no more like mom and son do. It had changed completely. It was passionate. Full of love. Jeremy attacked me with fiery passion and ripped my dress away, revealing my braless breasts and soaking wet panties. He continued immediately downwards, virigiosley licking and massaging my breasts while letting his right hand continue downwards to my panties. I moan hard as he inserts his finger inside my pussy, deciding to help him by pulling my own panties off.

Jeremy clearly took this as an invitation and started moving his head down towards my pussy.


"Not now Jeremy. That's just a step too much, let's just focus on you. I'm, ready for you" Jeremy rose back up, and kissed me.

He was now lying on top of me with his rock hard condom wrapped cock between my legs. He started his search of my entrance, poking a little bit all over my crotch. He was trying his best but despite best effort and multiple tries couldn't get it in. "Oh, I'm so sorry mom, I just can't get it in" Jeremy said, with a real embarrassment disappointment in his tone of voice. I kissed her again, trying to suck out that disappointment from him. It was at the same time both hilarious, cute and super hot when my baby boy was hushing down there, trying to get his cock inside my pussy.

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He truly was a virgin. "It's okay son, nobody is perfect at first try. Just let me help you" I said, guiding his cock inside.

As the tip of his cock was firmly inside I released my hand and Jeremy pushed all of himself inside with one strong push. "Oh mom, I just can't explain this feeling.

It just feels too good to be true" he said as he paused after he got his cock all the way inside my pussy. "I know, isn't it." I said and kissed him again "Just take all your time to adjust" Soon he started to move. It wasn't smooth at all, but after a couple of minutes he started to find some rhythm to it. After some more time we were full on fucking, sounds of our kisses, moans and Jeremys cock plunging in and out of my soaking wet pussy were filling out my son's room.

"Moo-oom, yees" Jeremy shouted as he was in his high. I was too excited to care that his dad and sisters were sleeping in the other end of the house. Suddenly Jeremy stopped motion. "Oh shit! Mom, I believe the condom just broke" I heard my son mumble.

"It's okay, just keep on going." I was feeling so good that I wasn't thinking straight anymore. "Just cum inside me, son." Jeremy resumed to the pumping motion. Damn it felt good to have young and virile cock stroking in and out of my pussy. He started adding more speed and effort into it and I could see that he was getting closer and closer. It was feeling so good.

I could feel it now clearly that the condom definitely had broken. How ironic, just like eighteen years ago when I first met Jeremys father and the night ended with Mike shooting his cum in my pussy through his broken condom, creating the new life that was now on top of me, inside me.

My baby. A baby… "Oh fuck!" I just screamed, realizing that I was due to go tomorrow to the drug shop to buy new pills as the last patch had ended yesterday, I hadn't taken a pill today. "I'm cumming now, mom!" Jeremy panted in ecstasy.

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"Jeremy don't, please stop!" I shouted. But it was too late. On the same moment Jeremy grunted and released himself and I felt a huge load of cum fill my pussy. Load after load after load. My son just came inside me while wearing a broken condom.

Inside the very same pussy where he had himself been for nine months those eighteen years ago. Although I was almost paralyzed with fear, I came so hard.

The feeling of it was just too awesome: A boy, my son, had just lost his virginity to me and flow of seed rushing towards my womb was so ecstatic. We had just committed the worst crime of them all incest and even worse: possibly made new life. "What's wrong mom? Why did you just ask me to stop?" Jeremy asked me after he came down from his high, still inside me.


"Well, son, yesterday I used the last one of my pills, and I was about to buy more tomorrow. And even though I am on the most fertile days of my cycle, I didn't feel like doing it with your dad for a while. But you just shot a huge load of very virile seed deep into me, without any protection." "Oh shit. Ooh shit. I'm so sorry mom" "It's okay son, you did nothing wrong. I should have remembered it. And you wore protection.

So it is just my mistake that I let you continue after the condom broke. Just like I said, accidents happen" "Okay, what do we do now?" Jeremy asked, still anxious. I could feel his cock getting softer. "Well, that's something I need to think.

First of all we can begin that you pull out of me. Then we clean all this mess and I start to think how to recover." He pulled out of me.

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"But Jeremy, listen up for a second more. This may never happen again, you got that right? Although it was me that made all the suggestions, this is still incest.

And that is illegal and potentially dangerous." I said as the post coideal remorse hit me full.

As we were changing his sheets, all covered in our sweat and his cum and my pussy fluids, I decided to lighten the mood while my remorse was diminishing. "By the way, did you know that this was exactly the way you were created?" "Aww, ewww mom. Why would you say something like that?" "I don't know, it just felt like good thing to say, to make the mood a little bit lighter" "To me it didn't make it at all lighter.

Actually it is making me feel even worse as it just hit me that I may have put a baby in your belly. I could become a father. And… wait a second, doesn't that make me a brother to it as well? And what will dad say?" Jeremy stopped all motion, he was clearly paralyzed with fear.

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"Yes, yes, yes and nothing. Let me figure everything out. Just relax and try to get some sleep. I take care of everything. And remember, not every time ends up in insemination." I said trying to make him feel less afraid. "But now, we talk about this later. Good night!" I said to him while standing in the doorway, giving her a hug and a motherly kiss on the cheek.

"Good night mom!" The door closed "What the hell did I just do?" I asked myself, as I started the long walk of shame towards my bedroom and the bed where my loving husband was sleeping.