Big dick gets a handjob and cumshot

Big dick gets a handjob and cumshot
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This is a free Halloween Special by EFon. Follow the links at the end to get a free mobile version. tags: public outdoor sex, monster rape, cheating, college party, accidental drug use, strange romance ********************* The decorations on the door were calm enough, but once we got inside they were over the top! Spider webs all over, warped mirrors, plastic skeletons, and only electric candles for light.

I knew the campus had strict fire codes, and was actually impressed that this frat house followed them, where most of the others didn't very often on small things like that. "So what do ya think babe?" asked my boyfriend Devon. "You guys really went all out for this!" Lori, my roommate remarked. "Anything for my sexy witch," he said and pecked my lips. "I gotta go help out with the food, but I'll try and find you later." I let him go, and was a little upset he wouldn't be able to hang out with me, but when you are President, or whatever his secret Frat title was, he had lots of responsibilities.

He may be a bit of a jerky jock sometimes, but he was going places. He was a law student and his dad had once been a state senator. He wasn't rich, but I had no doubt he would be someday, and I was going there with him.

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I'm not a gold digger, but I know being a pretty cheerleader won't pay the bills after college. And I'm smart enough to know I really don't want to try and get a job on the Liberal Arts degree I'll have next year. Anyway, I'd brought a few of my sorority sisters like Devon wanted, and he didn't even bother to thank me, but at least this party wasn't the 'sausage fest' he, complained about.

Lots of guys in silly or scary costumes, and lots of girls with slutty outfits. But Hell, Halloween is the one time to dress like strippers and get away with it. Lori was dressed as a sexy cheerleader, which I teased her about since she wasn't one and I really was, but she said there was this guy she liked who she hoped to bag tonight how really liked cheerleaders.

I know my boyfriend likes to sometime have sex with me wearing my outfit, so it made plenty of sense. "I'm gonna go get some punch; want some?" Lori asked as we entered the main party room, but the music was getting loud so I just nodded and she headed off.

I milled about and ran into a nice guy I know, Mark I think his name was, leaning alone on a wall and not wearing a costume. Instead he was wearing his thick rimmed glasses and an orange shirt and green sweat pants. We share a science class and he's not real talkative, but knows his stuff so me and a some others use him as a study and lab partner.

"Hey Mark," I said loudly over the dance music. "Are you a pumpkin?" I joked. "What?," he asked not really loud enough to hear.


He said something else, but I didn't make it out. I moved right up to him. "I didn't know you were a brother," I said loudly by his ear. "I'm not. I just get to stay because this is my stereo," he shouted back. I nodded and we both just stood there without anything else to say after that until Lori came up with a few drinks. "Oh, hey, you found a friend," she smiled at Mark as she handed me my drink.

"Here have this one, on me." She handed Mark the drink that had been hers and he awkwardly took it. "I'm gonna get me another then go looking for my stud.

You okay without me?" If I hadn't had years of practice listening to Lori speak at bars, I might never have understood her, but I knew she was going to ditch me beforehand, so just nodded and waved her goodbye.

She smiled and disappeared back into the crowd, her little skirt flitting around as she skipped off to get laid somewhere. I really don't know how I ever stayed friends with her since she was nothing like me.

She was always breaking rules and taking risks, sleeping with random guys and had a stash of Viagra and other pills she said made life more 'exciting'. She assured me it was all legal stuff, so I never pressed her, just told her to leave me out of it, and she always had.

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I took a sip of my punch, noting it was very alcoholic, probably vodka, so much for campus rules, and tried to think of something to talk with Mark about other than science, but I didn't really know him. Most of the other people at the party were here to hook up, but since I was already with someone, I felt like I was as much an outsider as Mark at this party, so just drank my punch and enjoyed the music and the buzz I was getting from the stiff drink.

I'd finished my drink, and Mark was mostly done with his when I found I was getting dizzy and leaned up against Mark. For some reason that was funny and I started laughing. He started laughing too, with a quiet cute giggle, and that made me laugh even harder.

Then I was hot, like I burning up.


I wondered if I was coming down with something and asked Mark, "Can you help me outside? I need some air." "Jesserie" he said and laughed, but held my arm and walked me through the crowd as we got outside. I usually hold my liqueur much better, but couldn't think straight. In fact, things were getting worse by the moment.

Everything started going sideways and colors and lights were dancing. I felt like I was swimming through a rainbow until we got outside and it was completely dark. That's when I saw the monster.

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It was a demon pumpkin, huge and moving, with giant eyes and green leafy vine-like tentacles. I screams and ran, promptly falling to the grass and ripping my dress's zipper half open.


I'd gotten it almost two sizes too small to really make me sexy for Devon, and it wasn't really very heavy duty so struggling and thrashing in the grass, it was tearing itself apart from my energetic movements.

I didn't get far, just to some bushes when suddenly the monster was on top of me, growling and slathering me with ooze from its giant pumpkin mouth. I screamed, but I could still hear the loud music inside, and knew no one would hear it.

Then I looked and the frat hall melted away into darkness. For a moment I thought it had killed me, but then I felt it mauling at my breasts.

It's vines cold and clammy, and my bra was already pulled up over my tits. It suddenly felt really good on my hot skin, and my nipples were hard enough to cut glass when it bit down on me.

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The pain and pleasure was unbelievable along with the fear and ecstasy. Then it pulled aside my panties and slid something inside me.

It was another tentacle, and I felt it wiggle and twist inside me. "Oh fuck me," I moaned at how good that felt, then whimpered as it stopped and pulled out.

I don't know why I was so horny, and I almost begged it to push back into me, but then something else pushed in, bigger and harder. Much bigger in fact, bigger than any guy I ever had before, and I'd been with more than a few.

I'm not a slut and never gave it up on the first date. Sometimes the next morning with a BJ on the first date if he was super hot, but that's technically the second date. But this appendage raping me was huge! I cried in shock, but was so wet and ready for him it slithered right in and was poking places inside me that still were virgin territory.

I was scared and shaking in terror as this beast molested me, but my body was on fire, gushing and gripping, and spasming. I don't know why, but it was literally the best sex I ever had in my life. I started cuming and shaking, and the last think I remember before I passed out was its growl as started shooting it's hot seed inside me.

A stabbing pain in my head brought me back to the world as the sun was coming up. I was outside the frat house with a hangover, a shredded costume under me, my bra and panties on, but pulled off of being worn, and cum hard and dried on my cunt lips and ass.

Still asleep nearby was Mark, still wearing his orange shirt, but with his green sweat pants around his knees. His soft cock was tiny and shrunken in the cold air and I felt sick. Mark was nice, and last night, while terrifying was also amazing, but I'd cheated on Devon and had to go see him right this minute.

I fixed my underwear and held my ripped costume on as I went back into the frat house. I don't know when the party ended, but I wasn't the only person in a compromised situation. There were plenty of guys and girls that had obviously had sex last night, still lying half naked on couches and floors, couples, threesomes and more, but I ignored them and ran up to Devon's room.

I almost burst open his door, but I heard something so stopped to listen. "Fuck Lori, that was a great idea," Devon laughed. "I know right?" Lori join in his laugh. "Rachel is just so stuck up sometimes, I'm glad I had the prescription for her to cut loose. And it gave us the perfect cover." "I'm feeling like covering something again," Devon said slyly, then Lori giggled before moaning.

Then I heard them moving, and that is when my anger couldn't be contained anymore and I forced open the door. Lori, still in her cheerleader outfit, less the panties on the floor, was lying on her back on his bed, and he was fucking her.

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They both stopped and stared me. I wanted to scream and yell, but I was beyond angry. Devon was the first to react, "Oh fuck, Babe, I must have gotten high from something. I thought that was you!" "Save it!" I said way calmer than I really was. "Lori, you are moving out of my room today, or everything of yours will be thrown out my window when I get back there tonight." And then I just turned and walked back out of the building, and saw Mark with his pants up stumbling out of the bushes.

"Mark!" I shouted and ran over to him. "Oh my God, Rachel, I'm so sorry! You gotta believe me, I've never done anything like that before.

That's not me," he started but I interrupted him. "It's not your fault, someone spiked the punch," I said to calm him down. It was weird, but he was freaking out way more than I was and it was kind of cute. "But I. we. I never would have.even still." he was still groggy and disoriented, but then started to collect himself.

"I gotta get my stereo." "Come back for it tomorrow," I said. "Right now you need to at least buy me breakfast, and then I have a favor to ask." "Sure!

Sure, anything," he said as if he could buy his innocence. "I need a place to stay for the day, and someone to spend it with," I told him calmly. "Can we go back to your place?" "Sure," Mark said shocked. I slid my arm into his as we walked away and I whispered to him, "Plus if you are anything close to as good in bed sober as you were stoned, I'll probably spend the night." He gulped nervously, "I've never.had a girlfriend before or anything." "One step at a time," was all I said to that.

I didn't really know him, but he was a nice guy and if he could make me cum like that again, then he would have a girlfriend now. Well that was ten years ago, and how I ended up with a nerd for a husband.

I really should thank Lori for setting us up, but she got busted for drugs last I heard and was serving five to ten. Devon did end up a State Senator like his dad, but ended up resigning when he got his housekeeper pregnant. Meanwhile Mark is now running a multi-million dollar software company and I pregnant with his third child.

After we had breakfast and went to his room he blew my mind that day with his secretly huge cock and utterly devoted loving. Even though he'd just lost his virginity, he watched a lot of porn, so knew just what to do with only a little retraining, but he had a lot of stamina and has me cum at least twice if not three times every time.

I never would have realized that the shy guys make the best lovers without that thieving bitch Lori and my cheating bastard of an ex-boyfriend Devon. Now we dress up every Halloween and I ask him to take me hard and fast in our costumes in the back yard after the kids have gone to bed.

It definitely keeps the spice in our marriage and we relive a bit of the thrill of our first time. This year since I'm seven months pregnant I'm the Death Star and have my belly all painted up and am just wearing a black sports bra and leggings, and he's got a whole Luke Skywalker outfit with his orange jumpsuit thing going. I usually run and make him catch me on Halloween, but I don't think I'll get very far this year. That's okay though because it's fun being a nerd's girl and I cannot wait for him to find my thermal exhaust port and have him shoot me with his torpedoes over and over again.

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