Horny darlings are having an amazing time riding schlongs

Horny darlings are having an amazing time riding schlongs
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As light beams into his eyes from the window Miguel wakes up and begins to rub his eyes and remembering today is Saturday and his Aunt is out of town for business. He slowly gets up and looks in the mirror him taking a look at his own naked body and seeing his morning wood staring right at him. He grins and rubs his chest than looks for a pair of boxers.

He walks to the bathroom and starts the shower once he is finish he steps out and drys off than hears it phone go off. It's his girlfriend Bailey than answers his Phones "Good morning babe" Than she reply's "Hii baby good morning to you as well" Than they begin to talk about a dream she had last night about her winning and contest and than Miguel stops her and asks "Hey babe how do you feel about going to the movies tonight than hanging out at my place for a while"Miguel has been so horny since the day after the gym with his Uncle Mike and needs to get laid.

Than she reply's "That sounds great baby just text me when you are coming to pick me up and I will be ready" Miguel reply's "Ok sweet I will see you tonight I will text you the plans in a 30 mins".


Miguel than remembers as he hangs up the phone that he is out of rubbers. Than thinks get can just ask mike for one that is if he had any even when he has sex with him they didn't use protection because when they did it seems to came at random times not even planned. Than Miguel look for something nice to wear tonight and lays it on his bed than goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth and shave.

He than hears a voice it's Mike "Hey!

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Miguel you want some breakfast?" Mike yelled from upstairs. Miguel reply's "No thanks I am not really hungry this morning I think I will make something later!".

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Maybe now is the perfect time for ask for the rubber before he forgets. He than puts on a pair of boxers and walks upstairs. Mike than smiles to him and said "Good morning Miguel"than Miguel reply "Hey mike thanks you too"Than for a quick moment "Hey mike can I ask you something" Mike reply's "Sure shoot".

Miguel than bites his bottom lip for a moment "Well I am going to the movies tonight with my girlfriend and than we are going to come back here to hang out and we may be having sex tonight and I seems to be out of condoms" Mikes than stops him right there "Ok bud I no what the question is and sure I do have a extra condom for you I will give it to you right after I am done eating my breakfast"Miguel than smiles "Thanks dude" Mike smiles back.

Miguel goes to sit on the couch and watch netflix to caught up on Vampire Diaries while mike sits at the kitchen table on his laptop and eating breakfast.

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Once he is finish with his breakfast tells Miguel to come upstairs for a quick moment. Miguel than pauses his show and goes upstairs following Mike to the bathroom. Mike than goes to take out a condom from his box in the bathroom closet "Ok Miguel just to be safe I want to make sure this condom fits you dick just fine know need to have 2 extra kids in the house if you know what I mean" Miguel than grins at mike and nods "Lets see them boxers on the floor and see that dick get hard of yours" Miguel slowly pulls down his boxers to his ankles and starts to stroke his dick easily to get it harder.

Mike watches as Miguel stroke his hot teen cock in the bathroom "Ok that is good mike now let me just get this condom out for you and test this out my cock is a bit bigger than yours so it may not fit the same as mine do.

He was right his cock was bigger and fatter but I still knew my cock is pretty hot too for a teen my age.

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Miguel feels a cold breeze as Mike hand is places on his cock Mike than gives it two strokes and pinches the top of the condom and rolls it down. Miguel leans his head back as he feels Mike's hand slowly go down his shaft feeling great as he does so. "Nice Miguel seems to fit you just fine" Mike than gives his cock a little smack.

Mike begins to look deeply into Miguel's brown eyes and grins like Miguel did earlier than takes Miguel's hand and begins to walk to his own bedroom. Miguel knows what is about to happen and can't wait for it to happen than thinks to himself how lucky he is to have a uncle like him that does all this for him. He knew not just any uncle would do this with. Mike stands Miguel in front of his bed and begins to rub his arm while looking at how big Miguel's arm have gotten and kisses his lightly on the cheek and pushes him down on the bed.

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Miguel looks the feel of Mike strong manly hands as it feels his arms and than pushes him on to the bed and slowly falls to the bed than looks into Mike's eyes. Mike goes slowly onto the bed moving his hand slowly down Miguel's chest and holds onto his belt and kisses Miguel deeply. Miguel places both his hands on Mikes head to push him closer to him as he taste smoke in Miguel mouth and gets so much harder from the taste. Miguel begins to grab the bottom of Mike's shirt and pull it up over his head so he can see his hot hairy manly chest.

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Mike always did have a bit of a belly but nothing to much Miguel never minded he really liked it. Mike than does the same thing for Miguel and takes off his shirt.

Mike unbelts Miguel's pants and Miguel puts his hands on Mike's hot beefy ass and pushes his closer and grabs from the back of his shorts and pulls his shorts and boxers down. They are both naked and have their skin touching and they stop and Miguel looks up at mike pulling his hands off Mike's ass and rubs his face and saids "Mike you are the best uncle I can ask for I love you so much I don't no what I would do without you"Mike blushes and than smiles and a tear runs down his face "Miguel you are like my son I love you too my life wouldn't be the same right now if you wouldn't in it.

Miguel smiles and goes back to making out Mike pops his head up again and goes down to Miguel's ear and whispers in his ear "Miguel I had my fun already now it's your turn I want to have you cock inside me"Miguel is surprised that Mike likes to get fuck as well but is happy he gets to see what he has been missing out of and can't wait to stick his cock inside that beefy ass of his. Miguel than switch places with mike and rubs his hairy chest one last time and gets between both of his legs and lifts them up.

He than slowly moves his head down as Mike's legs are still lifts and licks his hairy and sweaty ball sack than lifts his ball sack up with one band so he can see Mike's sweet manly asshole and looks at Mike and grins and begins to eat out Mike's ass hole sticks his tongue as deep as he can and making sure he licks all around the rim of his asshole so it is nice and wet for his cock.

Miguel puts his nose over his asshole and smells his manly smell and all the sweat from the gym. He gives his asshole one more great lick and looks at Mike to see him biting his bottom lip as he enjoys his tongue. Miguel slowly sticks his shaft in Mike asshole and feel the his tight hole around his cock and moans "Damn mike feels like this hole hasn't had a cock in it in a while" Mike than grins "It hasn't your one of the lucky ones".

Miguel begins to stick his whole cock inside his whole trying not to give him any pain since he hasn't done this in a while "Miguel don't try to go easy on me bud I want to enjoy that sweet teen cock of yours inside me"Miguel smiles at him "Ok if you want it that badly Mike get ready".

Miguel grabs Mike's legs and begins to pull in and out of Mike's hole faster and faster by the second" Mike than moans at Miguel's cock and bites his lip harder and grabs the pillow to his side to squeeze it "Miguel fuck me harder your so fucking hot"Mike than begins to jerk his cock off as fast as he can and moans some more. Miguel try to force his cock deeper and deeper in his hole enjoying every second of this and he looks at the pre-cum on Mike's cock so he takes his finger and sildes it across his cock and licks it off his finger.

Miguel than moans "Mike I am about to cum"Mike thinks for a moment "Lets it fill up my asshole Miguel I want it all of it in my asshole like my cum was inside yours" Miguel than squeezes Mike's legs as he unload every last drop inside him as that happen Mike cums all over his chest and rubs it all over his chest.

Miguel grabs Mike's hand and licks it all over to taste all of his cum"Mike eye widen as he sees how much Miguel loves his cum. They both lay there just staring at each other with hot passion in there eyes "Mike that was great that was the best I have ever had" Mike grins " There is more where that came from Miguel but that will be for a other day for now lets just lay here and watch tv all day." Sounds good dude Miguel than lays on Mike's hairy chest for the rest of the day.