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Nasty big butt sexy body blonde teen
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To help set up the story, Earl is a middle age man starting to bald who works with Ericka, 37, who is a plump Latin Goddess. Earl has had wanted to get with Ericka every since she started working there almost 2 years ago.

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Things seem as if it would always be a fantasy until just a few weeks ago, while doing an audit, he found some files that had been hidden on the P drive. As Earl investigated these files, it seems little Miss Ericka has been very naughty. She has been visiting some porn sites while working the weekend shifts over the summer months. Earl knew that if this were to get out it would ruin her. It would at least cost her her job and maybe even stop her upcoming wedding.

He laughed to himself as he removed the files from the hard drive. "Oh you dumb little slut, you are mine now" he thought to himself as the last file was copied to a disk. He emailed Ericka and said that if she wanted to keep her job she had better meet him in the men's restroom off of 1 West five minutes after the shift is over. He attached a link to one of the sites she had visited often. Ericka sat in fear as she reread the email sent from Earl. How could this of happen?

How could I have been so dumb to have done this at work, she thought?

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Why was Earl threatening her? She had known him for short time. He was an older fellow, around 50 she guessed. He had always seemed professional and if she was to be honest to herself she had even found him to be sort of cute. But now here he was holding her future in his hands and telling her to meet him in the men's room of all places. Her mind was racing as to what he wanted of her. The hours seemed to creep by as Ericka was unable to get any work done. The ticking of the clock grew louder as the end of the work day drew to a closing.

Ericka bid her co-workers good night as the filed out of the work area. She pretended to be finishing up a report so no one would wait and walk out with her. Her hands trembled as she logged out from the very computer that she been using to visit the porn sites. Why oh why did I do that here at work she thought again as she turned off the lights and walked out the door.

Instead of turning right to go home, she forced herself to turn left to make her way slowly to 1 west. Ericka felt her heart race and her face blush deeply as she round the corner and neared the dreaded men's rest room.

She hesitated at the door, knowing that her life was about to change forever. So many thoughts raced through her mind. Should I turn and go home? Would he really turn me in? Why was he doing this? What is he going to do? Why was I so dumb? Do I really have a choice?

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Knowing that she really didn't, not if she wanted to keep her job, she pushed the heavy door open. The stench filled her nostrils as she slowly walked in. The room was dimly lit and the echo of her shoes on the tile floor beat loudly in her ears as she made her way to the middle of the room.

Just as she was about to turn and leave earl stepped out of one of the stalls. Hello my pet he said. Pet? Why did he say that, she thought? You know you're in trouble don't you?

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You dumb little slut! Earl snickered. Ericka immediately went into attack mode without realizing it. Who the hell are you to call me a slut, she yelled at Earl. I am the one that now OWNS you he sneered as he held up the disc. It was like he had slapped her with a bat. The disc signaled all the trouble he could easily cause her.

It was like the wind had been knocked out of her as she weakly asked what are you going to do with that disc? Nothing he exclaimed, as long as you do as you're told. I won't cause any trouble she quietly said. TROUBLE? Slut you haven't even begun to see what trouble is. Ericka's eyes flared again at the name calling but thought better than to say anything. Earl caught the flareness in her eyes and decided to push a little further to humiliate her.

In fact, he said, that is what your name will be for now on. Slut! I will call you slut and you will address me as Master whenever it's just the two of us. Angry boiled over inside of Ericka, but before she could respond Earl shook the disc at her once again.

This caused her to back off in fear and this Earl could smell and it excited him beyond anything he had experienced before. It was at that moment that he realized that his cock was rock hard and was causing a tent in his trousers. He saw that Ercka had followed his glance down to his groin area. In due time, slut, in due time, he laughed to himself.

Do you understand? He said firmly, snapping her back to attention. She blushed deeply knowing that he had noticed her staring at his cock.


She weakly said yes and this angered Earl. Yes what?

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She answered unsure, yes sir? NO you fucking dumbass slut, Yes Master. She could not help it, but she spat out yes master, obslivly showing her distain and anger toward this guy that she once liked. Oh now you need to be taught some respect. Time for lesson number one he exclaimed with the same confidence that he displays when teaching his classes. Remove your shoes slut, he said with very little emotion in his voice.

Ericka decided to do as told and took off her shoes. She was not wearing any socks and the cold floor sent even more shivers up her spine. Drop them in the toilet he said. No way, she spouted before she could stop herself.

Oh that is going to cost you he said. I was going to let you keep your jeans on, but since you haven't learned to show your master his respect, off with them slut, he said glaring at her. Respect? I want to knock your fucking block off she said to herself, but she stared at the disc in his right hand and slowly she removed the jeans.

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Earl snatched them out of her hands and dropped them in the furthers of the three urinals. Then he reached up in her horror and flushed it, causing water to run down and soak her jeans.

This angered her so much that she forgot to cover up. Earl was staring at her pink bikini style panties, when she realized this it caused her to turn nine shades of red and to try to cover up with her hands. Earl laughed at loud at her futile attempt. Stand over the urinal he barked and before she could even resist he placed his hand in the middle of her chest just between both of her large breast and pushed her back into the first urinal.

Spread your legs slut, he said wickedly. The cold white porcelain soaked her behind through the panties. This caused her sensitive nipples to stand at attention.

This embarrassed her even more because she was sure that Earl could tell. Why, why was he doing this to her, she thought. Her mind was snapped back to attention it seemed that the whole restroom echoed with the sound of his zipper being pulled down. The noise caused her stomach to recoil as if she might just vomit.

Earl stepped right up into her personal space and pulled out his cock. Ericka not wanting to see him or his cock closed her eyes in disgust. It was when sound of his piss hitting the back of the urinal and splashing on her legs that she realized exactly what he was doing.

It was then that she threw up in her mouth but swallowed it in fear of angering him any further. To help escape the horror of what was happening, Ericka allowed herself to go somewhere safe in her mind. She was brought back to reality quickly when he flushed the urinal and the water ran down the back of her butt and legs.

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This caused her to open her eyes wide open and it was then that she saw Earl staring back at her. Put my cock back in my pants Slut, he said as plainly as if he was telling her to pass the salt.

Totally confused by everything that has happen so far she simply answered, yes master, and for the first time in four years touched someone's cock other than her fiancé. Ericka had to admit to herself if in different circumstances she could have enjoyed this cock. She took noticed that he was a little bigger than average. But this cock belonged to the man that now disgusted her so she quickly put it back in her pants.

She paused for a second and thought about pulling up the zipper and catching his cock in it, but if he screamed out and caused someone to come and see what was going on, she didn't really want to be discovered like this. She gently zipped him up. Earl walked over to the sink and washed his hands if everything was normal.

Ericka stood there dumbfounded as he walked over and pulled out three paper towels and dry his hands tossing them in the thrash. He then reached in his trouser pockets and pulled out a slip of paper, handing it to her. Be there at 10 am sharp he said and walked out. It seemed time stood still as she stared at the slip of paper. Trembling she forced herself to open it and saw that Earl had written the name and address of a local hotel on it.


She must have read and re-read it a dozen times. It was then she realized she was still standing in the urinal. She grabbed some paper towels and wet them in the sink. She attempted to wash her legs and feet as best as she could before she forced herself to get dress. Ericka reached into the other urinal and pulled out her wet jeans and struggled to get them on.


She walked over to the stall and carefully reached into the toilet and pulled out her shoes. She could not make herself put them on so she decided to go home bare footed.

Nervously she slowly opened the door to the men's rest room. She didn't remember it squeaking this loudly. She was sure that the entire building could hear it. Hopefully everyone else had gone home. She poked her head out around the door and saw no one so she quickly stepped out into the hallway. As fast as her legs could carry her she made her way out of the building. Just when she thought she was in the clear, she ran into Tommy the security guard.

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Ericka he laughed what happened to you he said pointed at her wet clothes. Did you not make it to the bathroom he said in his normal goofy voice? Ericka could feel the blood rush to her face.

Spilled something on me she said as she quickly pushed past him. As she jumped in her car she could still hear him laughing. Ericka jammed the car into gear and almost hit the light post in her rush to get out of there. As tears ran down her face she told herself to calm down and get a grip. Finally she was able to make it home without any further embarrassments.