Latina hot babe both holes fucked

Latina hot babe both holes fucked
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Dan Everett is walking through the convention center of San Diego Comic Con. He is honestly more bored than he thought he would be. He couldn't get into any movie previews because the line was long and couldn't meet any celebrities either. At least he got to fuck the shit out of some sexy cosplayers.

Everett continue to walk around the edge of the convention center and pause as he sees a tall red head who he recognizes as Sophie Turner and a short brunette named Maisie Williams. They are in a photo booth taking pictures.

Everett smirks at the opportunity and walked up the booth. A couple security guards stop him "Turn around now." Dan just smiles and says "Actually why don't you take a break. I am going to get my dick wet." "Fine. Do me a favor and give it good to the red head. The slut has been annoying all day" the security guard then walked off. Dan Everett walked in to see the two Game of Thrones actor posing for a selfie.

Sophie was strangely groping Maisie Williams while sucking on a lollipop. They both stop in shock at the intrusion of Everett. "Wow. Taking a selfie in a photo booth? How obnoxious could you get?" asked Dan Everett as he steps into the booth and close the curtains behind him.

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"Who the hell are you? Where is the bodyguard?" asked Maisie Williams getting up to confront the stranger. But Everett just smirks and pushes Maisie back into her seat. "Your bodyguard is taking a break." Dan Everett said while unbuckling his pants. "I just want to have some fun.". Sophie Turner smiles at him and says "We were having fun.


Until you came in. Please go." she then began to grope Maisie Williams again.

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Dan Everett just continues to smile as he drops his pants revealing his massive cock. Both Sophie and Maisie gasp in surprise. Everett just continue to smirk as he grabs Sophie's hair. "Well I want some fun too. You would be a great start slut." Everett said as he shoves Sophie's mouth on his dick. Sophie tries to struggle but she couldn't escape Everett's grip as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth.

"Wow you got a mouth on you Sansa.

I've been wanting to do this since I saw you on tv." said Dan Everett as he fastens his pace into Sophie's mouth. Spit began to spurt out of her mouth and over her face.

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Sophie began to gag and was having trouble breathing. She started slap her hands on his thighs, so he can breathe but all it did was have Dan shove his dick all the way in and hold it in. Maisie Williams finally snaps out of the shock of witnessing her best friend's throat being abused. She tries to get up and escape but Dan just grabbed her hair and brought her next to Sophie, who was fighting to stay conscious. "Where do you think you are going cunt?" ask Dan Everett as he let go of Sophie's hair and she fell to her chair trying to catch her breath.

"I -" Maisie Williams was cut off as Dan shoves his big dicks into her little mouth. "I'm a bit tired after walking the Convention all day in this heat. Why don't you do the work slutface?" ask Dan Everett as he let go of her hair.

Maisie Williams quickly takes it out of her mouth and coughs while jumping up and try to escape again, Everett just grabs her by the hair again and sits her down. "Should've done it when you have the chance cunt." He shoves his dick back into Maisie Williams's mouth and started to ruthlessly give her a hard face fucking. Dan decided that he'll make sure she regrets not taking his mercy, Maisie Williams tries to struggle but one look from Dan Everett and she suddenly stops struggling.

Tears well up in her eyes as her throat is being abused by this stranger. Dan Everett slows down and Maisie moans in appreciation but panics as he wasn't allowing her to breathe. His dicks throbs in her small mouth as slowly fuck Maisie's mouth. He began to toy with her by pulling out very slowly making her think she was going to breathe but then shove it back all the way. Her face began to turn purple as she desperately tries to get away, so she can breathe.

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Sophie Turner finally recovers from her session and she try to futility run away but Dan Everett just grab her long red hair and sit her back down. He then takes his dick out of Maisie Williams mouth, who was seconds from passing out, and right back into Sophie Turner's mouth. Sophie just gave up and allowed Dan Everett to have his way in her mouth.

She sat there as he put her hair in a ponytail and fucked her mouth. A few minutes later he pulls out and grabs Maisie Williams and shove it into her mouth.

He would alternate between the two celebrities as he has his way with their mouth. Eventually Maisie and Sophie willingly bobbed their head on his dick believing that he would give mercy.

After receiving head for a while Dan Everett pulls out and began to jerk off. He moans as a big glob of cum erupt out of his dick and hit Sophie Turner right in her eye.

She tries to scream but she was soon drowned out by the continuous amount of cum that drowned her face. Dan was still not finish after glazing Sophie's face and he aims at Maisie Williams and the last globs of his cum hit her face.

Fortunately for Maisie it wasn't enough to drown her like Sophie.


Dan Everett looks down in victory as Sophie Turner is passed out from his cum and Maisie Williams panting with a face of defeat on her face as she is covered in his cum. "See wasn't that fun whores?" asked Dan Everett as he puts his pants back on and walk out of the cum smelled picture booth.

When he walks out he sees the security guard walking to the booth. Dan Everett just smiles and nods at the guard and he nods back. The security guard walks in and because of Dan Everett's powers he was not shocked at the scene before her of Sophie Turner passed out covered in cum and Maisie Williams leaning on a wall tired.

"Jesus Christ, you sluts. Y'all have a panel to attend to." said the security guard shaking his head at the scene. "But it's all your fault you allowed him in." said Maisie Williams in a weak voice. Dan Everett must have fucked her throat so hard that she is losing her voice.

"Shut up slut." barked the security guard. "The guy wanted some fun and I allowed him. You should be grateful that fans want to have fun with you." Maisie Williams is shocked at the security guard turns.

He is usually so nice and kind to her. Sophie Turner finally began to wake up and yells as the cum on her face get into her eyes.

The security guard laughs "That what you get for sleeping on the job you ginger bitch. Clean up so your cunts can go and attend this panel.".


Maisie Williams sits up and asks, "Can you get us a towel and pair of clothes then?". The security guard shakes his head before he smacks her in the face causing her to fall to the floor. "Fuck now cum is all over my hand." said the security guard as he walks to Sophie Turner and wipes the cum on her clothes.

She is too tired to resist. "I am not giving you shit. You are going to go in those clothes. If people find out about the stains, it's your own fault for being whores. "the security guard turns around.

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"Also, you can figure out how to clean the cum without a towel. Hurry up. I'll be waiting outside." The security guard leaves and stands guard while waiting on Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. "Maisie. Why is this happening to us?" asked Sophie. "It's just not our day. Let's clean this cum up" said Maisie as she began to lick the cum off Sophie's face.