Que rico es hacerse el amor uno solo

Que rico es hacerse el amor uno solo
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This happened over 20 years ago in the small town of Ellsworth, Kansas. But, some preliminary information is needed. While I attended Ellsworth High School, I became attracted to a fellow classmate named Karen J.

I asked her out a couple of times but nothing happened. So I figured what the hell, and we became good friends. After graduation I went in the USMC, and she went to Kansas University. While in KU she fell in love and got married to another guy. And I had no hard feelings for that.

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The hard feelings was with her mother. While on leave I would run from the town of Kanopolis, Ks to Ellsworth, Ks a distance of 5 miles. Well I was on a run one day and I was on the way back to Kanopolis and this VW bug came up along side of me. At first I didn't think anything about it untill the bug stopped.

It was Karens mother, now I didn't care for her and she didn't like me too much either. But she said that since it was hot she would drive me home so I wouldn't get heat stroke or something. Since I figured 7 miles was enough for one day I said sure and got in.


Well instead of heading to Kanopolis she turned the car around and said she had to get something first. "No problem" I said.

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Now Mrs. J. was what you would call handsome, not beautiful and not butt ugly either. Tits sagging with age and a butt that was a little too wide. But, other than that she wasn't too bad. While going back to her house she talked about Karen and her new husband, and asked if I was getting married soon also.

I said no that I wasn't even dating at the moment. At this time she reached over and started stroking my leg.


No being an former Marine I was known for fucking anything that didn't move fast enough. But this was very strange, after all while I was in high school this woman hated my guts, and went out of her way to keep me and Karen apart. So, I made some stupid remark about this being a realife "graduate" thing, and she just smile and reached up and squeezed my cock. I almost turned a hard to bug into a convertable.

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I was wondering what this woman was up to. She said not to worry but she had heard stories about my endowement and wanted to see for herself. Now I'm not shy to say that I'm alost 11" hard. And since i haven't had sex in over a month I thought "what the hell" So we went inside and this woman was nuts, she grabed me and slamed me up against the wall and started kissing me. Forcing her tongue in my mouth.

She might not be the best looking but she was hot. She was pushing my shirt up and my running shorts down. And when she got to my cock she just sat back and looked suprised. "I can't believe it, the stories are true. Your bigger than Bob". No I was shocked by this because Bob was Karen's husband.

I was about to ask her how she knew but she took my cock all the way into her throat. Somehow when a woman deep throats me I find it hard to speak.

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LOL. So I just stood there and let her do her wonders on my cock. This woman was great. Watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth got me harder than I have been in a long time. I told her that if she kept this up I would cum in her mouth. Well she just kept on going, so the only thing left to do was to grab the back of her throat and start throat fucking her. This just got her going even more and more.

I started to have the feeling of an approaching cum and I held her face against my groin and shot a load down her throat. Well this bitch just sucked it down like a true champ. I thought I was done but she grabed me and led me to her bedroom where she pushed me on the bed and started sucking me again. This got me hard again for round two. Once I was hard she mounted me and went for one hell of a ride. "God, damn your huge, my husband isn't as big as you are" But like a true champ she just kept on fucking and fucking.

After a while she said she was getting tired and roled off of me. I got between her legs and started fucking her again, after a while she grabed my back and came all over me gushing her juices and making a nice mess.

this sent me over the edge and I shot my second load. We laid there for a few minutes and she said that there was one more place I was needed. I gave a stupid look and said "Where is that Mrs. J.". She laughed at me and said "My ass you silly stud". She fondled my cock to get it hard and rolled on all fours. Now with all the cum she had done there was now need for lubrication. So I just pushed my cock up her ass, at first it was hard going untill she started to relax and my cock slid in.

I started to thrust into her ass going faster and harder each time. This bitch went wild, screaming out my name. Telling me to fuck her harder and harder. And like a good Marine I obeyed every comand. I was just about ready to cum when she screamed for me to call her mother. I stopped and wondered what the fuck. I pulled out of her ass and stood up.

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She rolled over and pleaded with me to finish her off. I looked at her and asked her what she was talking about. She just laughed and said "Didn't you ever wondered why I was so against you dateing Karen". I just looked dumb founded, I had no idea what she was talking about.

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She continued, " before your father married your mother, we had an afair. I was going to divorce my husband but your dad married your mother. But he gave me Karen, thats right Karen is your half sister." "you lieing bitch," "But that's not all Diana is your half sister too, at least you fuck as good as your old man" I just left her siting ther laughing this sick laugh, got dressed and left.

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Before today I never told any one.