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Amateur takes dick in ass
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It was Christmas once again. Christmas in our house was a very big deal. We invited family members that live nearby to have a two day celebration. When I speak of families though, it was mostly about the kids.

I had a lot of cousins who lived very close to me. Almost all of my cousins my age were girls. The boys in our family were very young and were hard for me to relate to. I wished I had more male cousins my age since I usually end up hanging by myself on my phone. "Hello there Aunt Mabel." She walks towards me, pinches my cheeks and gives me a big hug.

"And how is my favorite nephew." I blush answering "I'm good. It seems that mom wants you to help her out in the kitchen." Releasing me from her grip she smiled. "Thanks Scott, I'll go there." As she walked towards the kitchen one of her daughters walks through the door staring down at her cell phone.

The other two walk in naturally with presents and food in their hands. Aunt Mabel was 4 years older than my mom. She also got married at a younger age. Unlike mom Aunt Mabel was very relaxed and carefree allowing her daughters to do anything she wants.

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Courtney is her oldest. She had beautiful, long crimson hair and was very beautiful.

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Courtney was the type of girl who loves to hang out with friends more than family but actually enjoys chilling with her family more. Courtney was two years older than me and was taller than me. She also loves to listen to music with her giant head phones. Unlike my other cousins she was the most relatable as she classified as a gamer.

Whenever she visited we would always play Super Smash Bros Melee to see who is better. Currently she's beating me 143-129. I use to love those days where we could just play all day long with no concerns of our life.

Nowadays Courtney is more fixated on college than hanging out. Her other two daughters were Beatrice age 15 and Lex age 12. The two of them do hangout with me more but we really don't have much in common.

Beatrice is more of a sports fan and was super competitive. Alexandra aka Lex was a huge comic book geek and she doesn't like it when someone doesn't show the same amount of passion towards comic books as her.

Both were quite gorgeous on their own. Beatrice resembled my mom more than Aunt Mabel or her ex-husband. Beatrice was blonde, slim, short and had large breasts. Beatrice and my mom always got along together even though their personalities never correlated. Lex was a brunette who looked more like her father. She was actually taller than Beatrice and almost the height of Courtney. She had a naturally cheerful look on her face but was also flat chested. She was the odd one out of the family because of her obsession with comic books.

No one in my immediate family took comic books seriously like her but we don't discourage her. She and I did get along more after Courtney went to college.

"Hey Courtney." I said with a brightly lit face. I was hoping that she would play some video games with me. "Hey." She didn't even look at me. I felt insecure almost immediately. "Um, do you want to play some smash bros." I tried to keep my cool but my face gave me away. Courtney looked up at me for a split second then back on her phone. "I'm just going to chill in the basement." "Ok." I had nothing else to say. What could I say? The rest of the day I just hung out with the younger kids.

We played some games, ate and watched TV. Eventually my house started filling up with people. I greeted them all with a giant smile on my face, hiding my sadness.

Uncles, aunts and cousins all came with gifts in hand.


Being an only child does have its perks. It was around 9:00 when the parents decided to leave. At this time they usually leave the kids to sleep over at my house. Aunt Mabel was about to leave until she noticed Courtney tailing her. "Why don't you stay Courtney?" "I'm not a kid anymore. Besides I got homework to do." Kid. That word struck me hard. It seems like Aunt Mabel noticed as well. "You're on vacation! Just have some fun." "Fine." She groaned and marched down stairs. Did she really see me as a kid?

Sure she was the older than me but it's just by two years. That's not a lot, right? The basement is where Courtney, Beatrice and another female cousins and I will be sleeping. The other kids and my parents have gone to sleep on the second floor. All me and my three cousins did was talk. "So Lucas you got a girlfriend." Beatrice asked.

"I bet he does. Courts you're jealous right." Melissa, my cousin added on. Courtney laughed out loud. She looked at me and then at her sister. "I bet Lucas has a lot of girls chasing him." She looked down for a mere second and back up. "I don't even stand a chance. The three of them start laughing. It's nice to see Courtney laughing since before she didn't look like she was enjoying herself. We continued on our pointless conversation until Beatrice gave in to her sleep. "Guy's" She said.

"Let's go to sleep. Can't stand being awake any longer." As if on cue Melissa and Courtney yawned. "Same here" the two said.

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Melissa and Beatrice lie on the ground with their matching sleeping bags. I guess they forgot to brush. The only piece of furniture we have in the basement is a brown couch which has no room at all. Just like every other year, it was Courtney and I who had to share the couch. Courtney released a massive yawn. "I'm going to sleep, k." "Ok" I responded. She smiled in response and fell asleep. It was 12:00 and I still couldn't fall asleep.

I just couldn't stop thinking about Courtney. I can't believe she called me a kid. Sure I'm younger than her and the age of 18 but I'm plenty mature. I understand adult jokes and how sex works. Just when I said that my cock turned hard. "Fuck" I thought to myself. "Am I seriously getting horny right now." I tried to push my cock down but it was no use.

It wasn't going to soften anytime soon. As I look for ways to cool my dick down I notice Courtney's ass facing me. As an involuntary action I start caressing her ass. In her cute pajamas you could get a firm grip on her ass. I couldn't stop myself and started to get a little risky.

I pulled down her pants just a little only to see her pink panties. I couldn't handle it anymore and unzip my pants. My 6 inch cock is so hard. As I start massaging her ass, I also stroke my dick.

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Courtney starts twitching in her sleep so I quickly grabbed a blanket to cover my cock I knew I would get caught but I just had to. I squish her juicy ass again and again. It felt magical, as if it was Play-Doh. I rub my dick faster and faster, soon I will cum. I slowly but carefully remove her pants more. When I took them off Beatrice woke up.

I covered Courtney's bottom half with the blanket but also left some to hide my hard cock. "What are you doing?" She asks. "I couldn't go to sleep." "Oh." She heads toward the washroom.

I was still rubbing my cock even though I was no longer touching Courtney's ass. When Beatrice got out of the washroom, she ignored me and went back to sleep next to Melissa. I wonder if Beatrice was the one who was on the couch, would I be doing the same thing.

Probably. "That was a close one" I whispered. I go back to Courtney's ass and start caressing it. Her pale ass was so smooth like a baby's ass. Every time I grope her ass my cock gets bigger. I wanted to see more though and that's what I planned on doing. I flip over Courtney so that she lies on her back. I slowly unbutton her shirt while her hand was touching my cock.

I take off Courtney's t-shirt revealing her giant melons.

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She was not wearing a bra. I stare at them for a while. What a sight they were. My cock got so hard when I saw her tits. They sure have grown a lot the last time I saw them. I play with her nipples a little and then lick them. I could see Courtney's face change from peaceful to uncomfortable. I couldn't handle it anymore.

I rub my cock furiously as if the world was going to end. Courtney's hand fell from the couch and onto my cock. It was all I needed.

I cum on her face. I try to hold it in but it was impossible. I ejaculate all over her face, so much cum came out that her face was smeared in it. Suddenly she woke up. She looked at my limp cock and then touched her face. It seems like she connected the pieces together.

"I-I'm so s-s-ssorry. I-I didn't mea-" She stops me by putting her hand on my cock and slowly rubs it. She uses her other hand to wipe the cum of her face with the blanket. I was mesmerized. She smiles at me. You sure have gotten bigger. I smile back and lean in for a kiss.

We share the kiss for what seemed like an eternity. When we let go of each other's lips she speaks. "I want you." That's all she had to say to get my cock hard again. Courtney gets off the couch, standing on the ground next to Beatrice. "Lie down." Her voice was melodic but also sinister. I did as she said I lie on the ground. She removes her panties and tosses then on the couch. She slowly places herself on my cock and then goes all the way.

She bounces on my cock over and over, the speed increases at a rapid rate. "Hold my tits." Once again I listen to Courtney and grab ahold of her giant breasts. I clench onto her nipples which made her moan. Melissa rolled over, which frightened me but Courtney was unfazed. We could have got caught and get into serious trouble but Courtney could care less. My cock is at its limit.

"I'm going to cum." Courtney immediately gets up and starts sucking on my cock. I cum in her mouth. She manages to swallow most of the cum but a few drops run down her chin. "Can you still do one more?" I look at her and smile.

"I'll hate to disappoint." Courtney and I lay on our sides and start fucking. She was the one closer to Beatrice while I lied on the outside.

I grab Courtney's leg and pull it away from her other leg. It was my turn to please Courtney. I slam my cock into her as fast as I can. Repeatedly pounding her as hard as I could. I grab on to her tits and hear her moaning. I was afraid that she would wake the other two up. But clearly that's what I shouldn't be afraid of. Why? Because Courtney starts making out with the sleeping Beatrice as I was fucking her.

This was way better than the porn I watch. It inspired me to fuck Courtney to the best of my ability. I reach over past Courtney's head and kissed Beatrice on the lips. "Kissing your cousin. You made it to rock bottom." We both laugh quietly.

I continue to pound Courtney's ass until my cock for the third time could no longer handle it. I tried to warn her that I was going to cum but the words froze. Ultimately I cum into my cousins pussy. It took us a moment to realize what just happened. Courtney rolled over in order to face me. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." The same words I said when she caught me masturbating. But for some reason I think she might take this worse than me cumming on her sleeping face.


She faces upwards, looking at the ceiling. "If I get pregnant, I'm sure you would make a good father." She looks back at me and smiles.

I grab her close and hug her. "I love you." I whisper "So do I." For the rest of the night we slept on the couch. Since the couch was not large enough for the both of us to sleep on, Courtney slept on top of me and we fell asleep with our lips locked together. I remember going to sleep at 2 in the morning so it was a surprise that I managed to wake up at 6:30.

I rub my eyes awake wondering why I woke up so late. I look up in front of me and see Courtney playing with my cock. She was sucking on it until she saw me awake. "So you're awake sleepy head." "That was some night" I said. As if on cue I cum on Courtney's face. "Let's take a shower before the others wake up." She smiled as she licked the cum of her face. Ever since that day Courtney and I have gotten much closer. We hangout more often which also means more sex. No one seems suspicious of us, well except Aunt Mabel but she won't mind.