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Police big dick movieture porn and hot girl cop photos Oficer of
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Vanessa It was a hot humid night and I had just gotten off of work. I clocked out of work and clambered into my car to drive home. Just as I revved my engine to go home, I got a call from my step mother asking me to pick up some bananas for banana cake she was making.

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My step mother is a nice lady and all she married my father 3 years ago and she has a daughter the same age as me only a few months younger. Vanessa is her name and she leaves you speechless every time you see her, she has beautiful blonde hair with a face fitting for a goddess. She has a 32 D size bra that bounce up and down when she moves ever so subtly. She is thin around the waist that leads to perfect legs attached to a bouncy ass, and is overall very hot, and so naturally she has to be related to me so she is untouchable.

I grabbed the damn bananas my step mother wanted and just wanted to get home so I could beat it to the porn magazine underneath my bed. I got home as my parents were leaving for dinner, and they told me there was leftover casserole I needed to warm up for my sister and me to eat.

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I walked into the house set the stupid bananas on the counter (it cost me 5 bucks for 6 of the fuckers). I walked into our living room and my step sister was sprawled out on the couch watching TV.

I sat down and asked what she was watching and she said she wasn't really watching anything in particular and tossed me the remote to the TV and said she was going to go up to her room to text her friends to see what they were doing.

She walked out of the room her ass swinging from side to side as she exited and I yelled out 15 till the food is ready. I went to get the casserole and I realized one of the bananas was missing and I was pissed so I went up to her room in hopes to get it before she ate it.

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When I reached her shut door I reached for the handle when I heard a very quiet moaning coming from her room. Luckily she has a wide gap between the bottom of the door and the floor so I quietly got down and looked. I couldn't see much but I saw her hand moving up and down in the air with the banana in it and she started moaning a little bit louder and I realized that she was fucking masturbating with the banana.


She started plunging it in faster and faster and I heard sloshing and she sounded like she was getting ready to cum so I laid down on the floor ripped my pants down and started stroking my hard cock. I guess I got a little too loud because all of a sudden she stopped and sat up in her bed and yelled ""Who's there"?

I got up quickly and tried to pull up my pants when she ran to the door and yelled "Seth no don't go"! I just stood there while she stared at my cock and I stared right back at her huge round tits with her hard nipples pointing up at me.

I reached down to grab my pants and I uttered a muffled excuse me, when she slide down and grabbed my cock. I was baffled, but I didn't stop her from slowly stroking my cock. I started to tell her this was wrong when she put her finger up to my lips and went "Shush, were going to have some fun," and then she slowly slid her lips over my cock and began slowly sucking my cock. Man it felt so good with her making slurping sounds over my dick and I started groaning and all that did was seem to urge her on because then she started going faster and faster until she put the entire eight inches in her mouth.

She gagged and pulled my dick out of her mouth and I just couldn't hold my load in anymore so I blew it all over her face and tits.

She slowly moaned and licked her lips, "umm that tasted really good?


Are you ready for your turn?" She wiped the cum from her face and licked her tits clean then led me to her bed where she got on and pulled her panties to the side ready for me to eat her out. I started by slowly licking her sweet flavored pussy then began vigorously sticking my fingers into her pussy while I moped up her orgasm with my tongue.

By then my cock was ready to slam into her and I pulled away from her with my face soaking wet dripping her juices all over the floor. "You're a good big brother now that we have both had dinner how about we move onto desert"?

All I could do was forcefully swallow before she threw me onto her bed, and ripped my underwear off of me. She stroked my cock a few times to make sure it was still going strong and then she slowly slid down onto it in the riding position. I almost came right then and there but I guess she saw my face and she instantly pulled out.

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"Ah, Ah, Ah you'll have to earn that". So while my screaming cock calmed down she straddled my chest and bent over so I could suck on her huge nipples and she slowly started fingered her pussy, while I sucked on her huge tits and while I grabbed them and squeezed them till they were stiff.

By then my cock was calm and I told her to get off and bent over so she bent over her desk slowly and exposed her glistening pussy I walked over and slid my cock right into her and she screamed and I had to hold her up from falling as her knees were now weak. Once she recovered I slowly fucked her I moaned and she moaned and I started to get a little faster and faster, and she just got louder and louder I was just about to cum when she screamed "don't do it just hold it in", and so I did.

While we were fucking I got a brave idea and while she was distracted I quickly pulled out and shoved my cock into her ass, and she screamed, turned half way round and yelled, "just like that oh my god fuck me harder Seth, fuck me senseless", I was going faster and faster and just couldn't hold it in anymore.

She didn't have enough time to tell me to stop all she had time to say was "release it in my soaking wet pussy", I quickly shifted holes barely able to hold it in and started fucking the shit out of her and then I blew my load and lost balance and fell onto her.

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She screamed and pulled out and began fervently fingering her pussy when she screamed"oh my god I'm cumming, I'm cumming", I just lay there thinking about all that had just happened when she pulled herself over to me and got back on my cock facing towards me in the riding position we began to kiss while she slowly fucked me I tenderly massaged her breasts, I felt another load on its way and I started moaning she got off and started slowly sucking my cock then when it was time to blow my load she put my cock in-between her giant tits and I slowly motioned back and forth.

I blew my load all over her face again and she began sucking me again to make sure I was dry then licked her lips and gingerly asked if dinner was going to be ready soon. I put my cloths on and walked downstairs to the now forgotten casserole, and proceeded to cook it. Ten minutes later she came down in a tight shirt a little blouse and stockings, she came over to me kissed me, while sticking her hand down my pants to rub my now wilted cock.

She whispered in my ear, "I look forward to dinner tomorrow night." She slowly swung her ass back and forth and she walked into the living room to flick through T.V.

channels leaving me to grin with satisfaction at the kitchen counter.