Gay guys This uber cute alternative emo guy has some interesting ink

Gay guys This uber cute alternative emo guy has some interesting ink
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Nicolas moved quietly through the rain, barely lifting his feet up enough to walk. He could feel the cold beginning to bite at his flesh beneath the jacket and the water had long since soaked his feet, causing them to go numb in the weather.

It was past curfew, but he paid it no mind. He looked old enough that the cops would leave him alone which was a great benefit for a guy like him. The night was his escape, his get away. Every time he got in a fight with his mother, every time something would go wrong, or anytime he just wanted to be away from everyone he would leave without telling a soul, wandering the streets in rain or sleet.

His mother never called the cops on him when he was out for hours at a time like he was tonight; she could really care less and was probably happy that he was out of the house. Never one to carry a watch he began to wonder what time it was. His curiosity had always driven him and even minor things such as this drove him mad until he found out.

So he changed his path, directing it towards the bank just down the street. They had one of those large signs that always displayed their newest offers, as well as the time and temperature.

As he continued on he let his thoughts idly wonder, shifting from music, to movies, to games in a rush of barely coherent babble that sometimes even he had trouble understanding. It was merely a side effect of one his conditions that had yet to be confirmed by any doctor. He hated the thought of them poking around in his thoughts, writing everything down then thinking some simple pill could solve it all. He had always wondered who it was that the psychiatrist talked to about their problems; surely they didn't believe they could analyze themselves.

He paused under the street light for a moment, his black leather trench coat gleaming in the orange glow of the light as he lifted his head, brushing aside his long moist bangs and looking towards the house. Its dead grass was flooded with the water falling from the sky and not a single light was on in the house.

He knew she was in there though; she was always in there…always home alone until late into the night when her father would return from work. He never fully understood how he always would end up at this single run down house in the middle of the 'good neighborhood.' It was the house of one of his good friends.

The only friend that his mind was slave too, the only one he'd jump when she asked. She found him funny, he found her to be sublime and beautiful in everyway. He had always had his petty little crushes, but one had never been as strong as this love. He knew she felt the same way; she had to feel the same way. The way she would laugh at his jokes, always talking to him and hanging around him. Not the group of people he hung out with, but him.

She wanted Him just as he did her. She was just to afraid to admit it and he was to shy to act on it. She had even stopped running around with her old group of friends when they started talking. Even though she was in a big fight with them about the same time she started sitting with him at lunch, but that wasn't the point of course.

He'd make her his…one of these days. __ Nicolas glanced around the empty room slowly, taking in everything and burning it to memory. He didn't want to leave anything out of place to indicate that he or anyone else had been here in her absence.

He had been talking to her on the phone not to long ago and she had mentioned having to go to some dinner with her father for his work. Her father had been divorced for going on five years now and had always brought his daughter along to those functions.

Nicolas knew that their backdoor was never locked, due to the fact that it was impossible to even get it to close all the way. The door had swelled too much during one of the rain storms and had never shrunk.

The front door was much the same way, but it was the carpet preventing it from closing all the way. Dominique had never liked that, she was always very paranoid that someone would break in when she was home alone so she kept her dogs close. Luckily he knew her dogs and they never really barked at him because he was always at her house on the weekends with the rest of their friends hanging out and doing what they always did; play various role playing games until the wee hours of the morning.

Now he was here in her room, searching for what he knew she had to have. She was a writer and writers kept journals and diaries. At least, that is what he thought. He wanted to find it and read it to see what she really thought of him, to confirm his belief that she held the same feelings for him that he had for her.

There was only a shadow of a doubt in his mind that she didn't and in all reality he had only told himself he was coming in search of her diary. He got a bit of a thrill being in her room all alone, unsure of what sort of things she kept hidden away in her closet and draws.

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He leisurely inched his way towards her dresser and opened the top draw, revealing her pants. He shifted through them, searching between each pair and at the bottom of the draw. Much to his dismay there was nothing in that draw, so he set to work on the next draw which held her shirts.

Mostly just black Tee-shirts with various sayings on them, she had always preferred black she said, but he always just considered it a phase of hers. Still nothing, so he moved to the final drawer and paused just before opening it. He knew with it being the only draw left on her small dresser that it would contain her unmentionables and most likely anything else she didn't want anyone finding, like a journal…or a toy of sorts. It was an invasion of her privacy and he knew it, yet…his love drove him on.

She wouldn't mind what he was doing; it would only bring them that much closer to admitting their feelings… He pulled the draw open, revealing her perfectly folded under garments and the bra's on the opposite side. He couldn't move for the first few seconds as he gazed over them. He had seen the tops of many of them when she had bent over to pick something up during school or around her house, but he had never seen them in their entirety. He lifted up the top pair, his favorite pair, a crimson pair of panties.

It was one of the few pairs of actual panties in the draw. Most of the rest were lacy thongs and even a bit of lingerie. He held them spread out, with one hand on the tip of each side.

He caught a faint smell on them, which drove him to press them to his nose and pull in a deep breath. He could feel his cock lurch forward in his pants at the smell.

It couldn't stop himself from sniffing them, so he sat down on the ground and scooted up against the wall with them pressed against his face. With his free hand he fumbled around with his pants.

Getting them undone and the zipper down, he fished out his already throbbing dick. He was mad with lust and had lost all care about keeping everything in perfect order lest she find out someone was in her house, her very room going through her things. He gripped his hard, thick meat and began pumping his hand up and down. He wasn't that long, but he was rather thick. His mind was full of thoughts of her…what she would do if she walked in on him, how she would walk over and seem shocked at his actions, then black mail him into giving her the fucking of her life.

He felt the tension growing in his sack as it drew up closer to his body. In a fleeting moment of rational thought he remembered where he was and that he didn't want to get his load all over the place, so he pressed her panties onto his cock just as it began to spurt. He let out a quiet moan as he unloaded himself into the red silk, tightening his grip and milking out every bit he could.

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He leaned back, basking in the after glow of his intense orgasm. It was then that he heard the dogs barking, informing him that they were home. His heart began to instantly beat rapidly as the adrenaline was pumped into his blood stream. He pulled up his pants and stuffed the red silk into his pocket, then closed her bottom draw.

He moved across the room quietly, entering her closet and closing the door so that it was only open a crack. After five or ten minutes she entered the room and shrugged off her ragged leather trench coat, revealing her loose tee-shirt and baggy pants with various little chains and straps hanging down from it.

He quietly watched her as she stretched then laid down on the floor where she had a make shift bed at. She had never liked sleeping in real beds, so she always slept on her floor.

He would slip out after he was sure she was asleep, keeping the panties for another time. It was a struggle to keep from waking her up just to talk to her, just to hear her voice.

She surely wouldn't mind, not with as strongly as she felt for him…but he managed to fight back the urge and escaped the house into the night, wondering around for a while before heading home. __ Nicolas quietly moved down the hallway of the high school, towards the lunch room. He hated being around so many people, as he was self-conscious about just about every aspect of himself.

He didn't want to care what others thought of him, of how he dressed, how he acted and yet he couldn't help it. He wanted to know what others thought of him, if they disliked him, secretly wished to be his friend or something more, or even if they held a bit of fear for the guy who towered over most others and sported a leather trench coat that covered everything but his feet and head.

He smirked, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. His hands were shoved into his pocket, his left hand toying with his laminated lunch card and his right hand firmly grasping the red silk he had yet to part with since he had acquired them. They felt marvelous against his bare flesh, but he knew they couldn't possibly feel as good as Her bare flesh upon his.

Despite his large stature his foot steps were silent as he entered the lunch room, gazing over the crowd towards the table he normally sat at. A few people were off on one end of it and his group of friends had already seated themselves near the end, with a spot at the very end left for him.

He clicked his tongue and moved towards the table, effortlessly slipping between the throngs of people. His eyes always gave off the appearance of his mind being else were, but at the moment they were focused on the table, more specifically on the only female sitting at the end of the table.

He slipped into his seat, dropping his back pack at the side of the table as he did. As was ritual he was right in the middle of the conversation less then a minute after arriving, telling jokes here and there and laughing it up with them. All the while he would steal glances at Dominique, taking in the sight of her smile and becoming drunk on it. Everything seemed to fade away as he was lost in the present, the here and the now of her rarely seen smile. He reached into his pocket, spreading his digits out and exploring the panties concealed within.

He could feel his dried cum upon them, in the center near where her pubic hair would be. He smiled, as if he found what Jack had said funny. In reality he couldn't help but smile when his mind stole him away, carrying him from thought to thought rapidly.

Going from his dried cum in her panties, to seeing it on her, then dripping out of her…and finally the view of her from behind, with his seed flowing out of her ass.


He wanted her ass more then anything; it would be his and no one else's. Ever. She was well endowed, with a good sized chest and a plump ass. She was Italian and her hips showed it. She knew how to work them when she danced, something she rarely did in front of others but had become comfortable enough with him to do from time to time. He'd always admire her, watching as she swayed to and fro singing along to the music.

It was part of how he could tell she wanted him. She chose him over all the others to sing and dance in front of, she always showed herself off when she did it. She tempted him with every last movement and since she was naturally graceful he would always notice her hips as they danced when she walked.

His thoughts were ruined as the bell rang and everyone began to get up to leave. He grabbed his book bag at the side of the table and stood up, glancing towards Dominique. She noticed his look and offered him a smile as she began to talk. "You want to come over later? I could use some help on a story idea that I'd like to flesh out." She so wants me… "Yeah, sure. No prob." __ Nicolas quietly sat on the black leather couch in Dominique's icy living room.

He didn't like it being so cold, but reasoned it was far better to be too cold then too hot. He hated sweating from the heat, it always made him so very uncomfortable.

He watched as she sat at her computer in the kitchen. She was busily typing to someone on one of her instant messenger accounts. She had originally gone to gather up her note books and print off a couple of papers, but as she was prone to do she became distracted.

He sat quietly though, with his feet propped up on her table and his head lazily hung back on the couch, angled just right so he could see her. He quietly mused that perhaps she was just seeing how long she could make him wait before he called her back to attention, so that they could focus on the project at hand.

Even though they would most likely get off topic concerning it as well, but at least then she'd be talking with him and not someone he didn't even know that could be thousands of miles away. He developed a sudden dislike for Instant messengers, cursing the moron that had thought up such a thing. He dozed off before she returned, determined to make her come to him without having to utter so much as a word.

She stirred him by dropping the pile of note books on the desk, followed by a folder full of the sheets she had printed off. He thumbed the handle of the knife sticking up from his waist as he repositioned himself. He had always carried the weapon, save for at school and by now it was second nature to idly toy with the handle when he was bored.

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"So, you ready finally then?" Knew she couldn't stay over there to long and how could she anyways? She wants to be with me as much as I do her. "Yeah, so…" She was cut off as her cell phone began to ring, much to Nicolas's dismay. The first thought to cross his mind was that she had planned it, just to see how he would react to finally getting to talk with her then being interrupted straight away. He could feel his blood pumping through his veins now, the pressure building in his chest for the hatred directed at who ever it was that had picked this precise moment to call her, of all times that they could have.

He watched as she moved towards the kitchen, talking on the phone with what he could gather was her father. She seemed to be going into a steadily worse mood as the seconds ticked by. Being that it was Friday night he was guessing her father found out about some last minute banquet that he wanted her to join him at.

She hung up the phone and tossed it onto the couch, rushing into the kitchen then into the wash room, gathering up some of her clothes then returning to the living room, moving towards the bathroom down the hallway. "That was my dad; I've got to get ready for some bullshit dinner of his. We'll have to do this another time, I'll see you later." And with that she disappeared down the hallway into the bathroom.

He grunted his displeasure and stood up, stretching in front of the air conditioner. This would not stand. She had shoved him to the side in favor of that old bastard. She was always complaining about how annoying he was, he stupid he was…yet she would take him over Nicolas? He felt…betrayed and betrayal was the worse of all sins His lips curled into a grin, she would have to pay for her sin and he would make sure that she paid in full.

He moved down the hallway slowly, past the bathroom and into her father's room. He knew there was a second entrance into the bathroom and since the door was up so high it would open without a sound. He stepped into the bathroom, facing the mirror with the toilet to his immediate right.

To the left of the toilet was a wall, the front of the shower. If he stepped between the toilet and that wall, then the mirror would not have to worry about the mirror catching his reflection. He could hear her rinsing herself off and just being so close to her, knowing that just over a foot away she was naked and running her hands over her body caused his pants to tighten up as his dick grew.

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He thumbed the tip of the knife as adrenaline was pumped into his blood stream, giving him a new high and the confidence to go through with his plan. He heard the water being shut off and a few seconds later the shower curtain was pulled back. She stepped out with a towel in hand, drying off her hair as best she could.

She hadn't washed it so she didn't spend too much time on it. He could see the side of her bottom, half of her perfect ass staring back at him. He smiled at the sight, but soon she turned to face the mirror. He stepped out of his hiding spot, to see her bent over in front of him drying her legs off.

She totally wants it… He admired the view as she slowly worked her way up her body until she was standing up straight. The mirror was fogged over and she could barely make out his devious smile, but never the less her eyes went wide in shock at the sudden surprise. She opened her mouth to scream, it was all she could do in her state. As if it was a horrific dream she was unable to utter a sound or move a muscle as he moved forward and effortlessly wrapped his left arm around her waist and brought his right around to cup her breast in his hand.

Using his height advantage he craned his neck, trailing his tongue lightly over his ear. "I know you want it, your signals were so clear…" His voice was a whispered carried into her ear lightly.

With a touch as tender as a lovers her caressed her ample chest, chuckling lightly in her ear as she finally found her motor skills and began to squirm and try to escape. He merely tightened his grip on her waist and pressed her body to his, his firm erecting grinding into her ass.

She let out a scream and he quickly lifted his right hand to cover her mouth, showing his displeasure by pushing her forward until her midsection slammed into the sink, causing her to groan in pain beneath his hand. "Now, now…It's far too soon for that, maybe in a bit." Screaming like that, she likes it kinky.

Using his weight he kept her in place by holding her pinned between him and the sink, freeing up his other arm. He grabbed the thong she had tossed on the large sink and fumbled around, drawing out his knife to cut the mid-section and the waist band, so he could use it to tie her hands better.

He knew she'd love it, she'd shown him how she liked it kinky by screaming in such a 'helpless' way. "I'm going to uncover your mouth, but don't get to screaming just yet." He removed his hand and went work tying her hands firmly behind her back. The material certainly wasn't ideal for keeping someone in bondage, but it would due for the time being. She'd love what he was doing so much, she'd want more…and next time he'd be able to get the proper supplies.

"You're fucking psycho! Let me go Nicolas!" Nicolas growled at her acquisition and pulled back slightly, just enough to whip her around so that she was facing him.

The anger was apparent on his face as his fist drew back, then shot forward, slamming into her face with all the force that would be expected in a bare knuckles brawl out back behind a bar at two in the morning. Blood instantly began to drip out of her mouth as her head jerked backwards and her eyes fluttered for a few seconds then closed. He felt bad that he had to do it, but she deserved it for calling him such an unjustified name.

She would understand when he explained it to her. Taking advantage of having her limp in his arms he positioned her so that the sink was keeping her on her feet while he moved into her room to quickly find what he was in search of, a pair of her baggy pants with all the chains and straps on them. They weren't that hard to find, considering practically all the pants she owned were just like that.

He unclipped a few of the straps and headed back towards the bathroom. She had yet to stir, so he undid the shredded thong and replaced it with the thicker, more resistant strap.

Just as he was finishing up she began to stir, softly sobbing from the pain that was surely present in her skull. He smiled as he looked down on her, grazing his fingers over her nipples. He stole a glance down, looking at her thick bush with a slight bit of disgust and anger. She had not been considerate enough to shave for him. Such a thing would not be acceptable in the future, but tonight he would make due. She would have to go without, at least in that particular area.

He would neglect it, no matter how much he got her to beg. "I am sorry, but you made me do that. You shouldn't simply toss about such unwarranted words like that. Now, I can't have you screaming…and since you neglected to shave for me, I'll have to neglect that bit of you…so it seems like I've only got one option." As he spoke he was shuffling through the pile of dirty clothes pressed into the corner of the bathroom cabinet.

Finally he found what he was looking for, one of her dirty thongs yet to be washed.


He snagged it up and forced it into her mouth so she couldn't complain. With a smile he leaned close, tracing his tongues over her lips and pulled in a deep breath to get a good smell of not only her freshly washed hair, but the dirty thong he had shoved into her mouth. He lifted her up and turned her around again, pressing her against the sink so that it was at her waist. After taking a moment to admire her ass and pinch it once or twice he began to fumble with his pants for a few seconds before getting them down.

His already throbbing cock sprang free, lightly touching her from behind and causing her to shiver. He gathered a bit of saliva into the corner of his mouth and spat into his hand, then began to rub it over his dick for a few moments, forcing her to wait for it as he stroked himself, urging his already solid rod to get even harder, if such a feat was possible. When he was satisfied with the slickness of his own hard-on he pressed it against her dry entrance, completely ignoring her pussy in favor of the portion he wanted more then anything else this world had to offer him.

Her flesh was remarkably soft and he had to focus himself to keep from unloading so soon. He'd make sure she would remember this and figuring that since the liked it kinky and was obviously a submissive girl, since she did have the hots for him after all, he came to the conclusion that she simply Must be a masochist, all subs were, so why wouldn't she be?

He gripped her hips, making sure that he had his cock positioned just right to slide into her at any given moment. He could hear her trying to say something through the gag in her mouth, most likely begging for him to hurry up and slam in…he even thought he could see a few tears streaming down her cheeks from wanting it so bad.

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God, she is such an ass slut. Without warning he pushed forward with the intent to sink all the way into her warm, constricting flesh in a single swift motion. Her entire body jerked as she began to struggle in earnest, the entire weight of what was happening finally settling in for both of them.

He stayed still for a few moments as she flailed around like a lunatic, most likely trying to further impale herself upon his thick pulsating member. Finally he could take it no more and began to draw back. She was far to tight and he could barely move as she clenched tightly around him, almost to the point he was unable to pull back enough to thrust back in.

Slowly but surely he made it back though and then forced his way back in with a bit more ease. Her muscles were adjusting to his girth and soon he began to relentlessly slam into her with all his might.

The smacking of flesh on flesh could be heard all through the bathroom and out into the hallway as her lower stomach began to become bruised from being shoved into the edge of the counter so much.

He watched as he slammed into her, he loved the view he had from behind. It had always been his favorite in all the pictures he had seen, a nice ass with a thick cock half way in, just enough to get a good view of both magnificent pieces. His pace became much more frantic as he felt the familiar pressure building up. He still remained silent, but his mouth was hanging agape as he ripped into her one finally time and letting loose.

She yelped out through gag as his cock expanded then released his seed deep into her bowels, filling her even more so then his cock had. As he began to come down from his orgasm he leaned forward, putting his body weight on her for a minute or so as he regained his bearings. Without pulling out, he reached forward and emptied her mouth of the gag. Instantly she began screaming at him, much to his utter surprise. "What the fuck! You fucking lunatic, I'm going to have you killed you psychotic cunt!" He took a step backwards, his eyes lit aflame at her words.

He stretched out his right hand and gripped the knife he had placed on the counter as she rolled over to face him, exposing the massive deep black and violet region where she had been slammed into the counter top repeatedly. She had gone to far…he had given her what she wanted and now she spoke such blasphemous lies. The silly bitch would regret her words, as much as he hated to do what he had to do. "You lie!" He slammed the bottom of his fist, the one that held the knife, into the side of her fist eliciting a scream of agony out of her.

When she turned back to face him with tears streaming down her face, he took note of the blood dribbling out of the corner of her mouth. He hated to hurt her, despised even the thought of it…yet she deserved it, it was the only way she would learn to watch her tongue.

He shoved her down onto her knees, pressing his blade against the side of his face as he did. Blood was forced up from the freshly carved wound as he watched her with a careful eye, he couldn't help but smile at seeing her on her knees in front of him.

His smile was wiped away when she spoke, her voice quivering with fear and pain, but still holding the underlying hatred and rage she felt.

"Let me go you crazy bastard, you'll never get away with this.!" Loosing himself in a furious fit of anger, he grabbed her arms and lifted them above her head roughly. His right leg hooked around her legs and forced her to fall flat on her ass, sending shocks of pain up her spine as he pressed the knife to her throat. Pity was a concept his mind couldn't quite grasp as he ripped the blade across her throat, slicing it open and cutting straight through her jugular vein. He blinked as his face and body was sprayed with her blood and his ears erupted in pain at the sheer volume of her scream.

Her scream quickly turned to a gurgled gasping groan as she struggled to breath. Nicolas watched on, eyes wide as the thick crimson liquid mesmerized him. His grip on the knife gradually loosened until it fell out of his hand. His cock began to rise to the occasion as the scene before him actually covered his flesh in goose bumps and sent an electric shiver down his spine.

Not because it horrified him, but because all he could think about was plugging her newest hole with his dick. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and lifted her slightly, while at the same time gripping his hard on and directing it towards the opening.

He thrust forward, pressing into her throat as the warm liquid oozed out all around his cock. He let out a groan of pure ecstasy, letting his head fall back and his eyes roll into the back of his head as he became lost in the moment. A good thirty seconds passed; her struggling having considerably died down as he began to rhythmically drive in and out of her ravaged throat. It was unlike any other feeling he had experienced, something so unbelievably sublime that it was quite simply unthinkable that anyone should ever be denied it.

His hips began to buck franticly as he felt his balls tighten up. He couldn't keep himself under control, not with such a flooded and hot hole gripping him as her throat constricted and loosened trying to pull in air. With a final moan he unleashed a tidal wave of cum deep into her throat. His vision swam in and out of focus as he was racked with the single most intense orgasm of his life.

It wasn't until a few moments later that his mind fully cleared itself of the psychotic haze that had consumed it.

He gingerly reached down, touching his thighs without looking at them. A frightened squeak of a noise escaped his lips as he felt the blood that coated his thighs, stomach, legs, dick, and much of his upper body as well.

The sudden realization that his life had just been lost along with Dominique's hit him. That she was forever dead, denied the life she deserved didn't seem to register with him. The only thing he could think of was how long before the police found her, how long before he was arrested and stolen away from his calm, peaceful life.

Hysteria began to over take him as he stripped out of his clothes and jumped into the shower. The water rushed over his body and pulled the blood off of him and down into the drain. After a thorough washing he stepped out and grabbed his jacket. He wrapped the long leather trench coat around his naked, wet body and exited through the back door.

The Garage wasn't far from the back door and inside he quickly found the gas can that they used for their lawn mower. Dribbling a trail of it into the center of the house from the back door he dropped it on its side then found a box of matches above the sink. The first few refused to light due to his hands shaking near violently and causing them to be ruined. Finally he got one to light, tossing it down into the line of gas and watching as it raced towards the end of its 'track.' After that he ran; he ran until his muscles burned and his veins pumped battery acid.