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Gay emo prostitutes Benjamin loves to have a boys lubricious raw
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She always walked past my house a quarter after 6 every night. She liked to take walks, she loved them. You could tell by the smile on her face, the way her brown eyes lit up and how she tossed her brown curls in laughter in the night air. She did this religiously. Every night - It NEVER failed. You know how I know? I watch her. During the warm weather I sit on my porch or tend to my garden so I can see her pass and wave at me. In the colder weather I'd peek out my window.

I loved her. She just didn't know that she loved me yet. She denies it. That is the only reason why she doesn't come onto me. She doesn't want to believe in our love. But she needs to. She's the one.

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I want HER. I was sitting on my porch having some lemonade when she passed that glorious night. "Hey Adam, how's it going? Great night for lemonade." She jogged in place as she talked. I sipped slowly, watching her lips move. Her soft pouty lips. She likes to tease me. "Yep, great lemonade for a great night, Jasmine. Would you like a glass before you go on?" I added an innocent smile, "Great lemonade for a great woman." She smiled back but shook her head, "I'd love to, but I have to go take my little walk.

I'll see you later Adam." And then she was off. Tease. She does this on purpose. If she knew how many nights I lay awake thinking. Imagining. Planning. I need her to be mine. I needed, HER. The weeks passed and I decided to keep my distance. Not because I wanted to leave her alone, oh no.

But to make her wonder. To make her care. To make her want to know where I am. I knew she was concerned. How would I know? She left me a card.

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Can you believe she thought I was unwell. She took time out of her busy schedule to write me a note. A card, to ask me if I was alright. She cares after all. She cares about me now. She's accepting our love.


I knew she had to. But I needed more. A lot more.


It was a Thursday. An autumn evening. I felt anticipation. I planned this for so long. So long. She passed by my house as I was "tending to my garden" near my backyard.

I waved to her and "fell" over my rake. She looked scared, frightened that I may be hurt. She came to help me, out of concern and love. Yes, that was it.

LOVE. I told her that I may have broken my ankle. I needed her to call for help. I told her to go into my kitchen and use the phone on the wall to call 911. She went inside.

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But as soon as she walked past my doorway I ran in after her and stopped her. She was petite, so small.

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She needed me to take care of her. She wanted me to.

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She loved me. I knew others wouldn't understand, so I locked the door, that way they wouldn't be able to tear us apart. I unplugged the phone in the wall before all of this anyway, so even if she came in and dialed faster than I could run, she wouldn't have been able to. Now we were alone. Now we could be together.

I had to get her under control. She was yelling at me and she looked angry and scared. I guess the fact that I wasn't hurt was too much to bare. So I gave her 2 sleeping pills I use on myself at times to go to sleep.

They work wonderfully if I do say so myself. And after I calmed her down I took her to my bedroom.

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I knew she would love it, it looked so inviting. I laid her down. She was already beginning to relax. I unclothed her, and caressed her. The fact that I had gotten her to realize her love for me and made me excited, in more ways than one.

I kissed her body all over, teasing her nipples with my tongue, nibbling them. I knew she liked it, she moaned and I could feel her getting wet. And besides, if she didn't like it, she'd be trying to get away.

I couldn't help myself. I was so in love with HER. She made me love her from the very beginning. I didn't want her to miss out on what I tasted like, so I aimed my dick for her mouth. I slipped it inside and it felt so good. I tried to go slowly, but I started to fuck her face, holding her head the way I wanted it. I knew she wouldn't have wanted to miss that.

I'm so thoughtful. I didn't want to let myself go in her mouth, so I positioned myself between her legs, I couldn't wait much longer, so I pushed against her slick pussy. It felt wonderful.

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I pumped myself in and out, massaging her breasts and moaning my enjoyment. I laid down and moved her on top of me so I could bounce her there. And after that, I laid her face down on my bed and lifted her behind so I could get better access. I rubbed my wet cock over and around her asshole. I knew she wouldn't have wanted me to neglect that. After that I didn't waste any time, and shoved my cock into her ass.

She was so tight and so warm. I moved inside of her, It felt so glorious to be doing this with such love. I couldn't hold back much longer though, so I went as fast as I could and poured my juices into her ass.

She must have felt so happy to be filled with my lovely cream. My own juices that I saved especially for HER. I took her 9 hours to fully become awake. By that time, I had already cleaned her and myself up. I explained myself to her after that. She left very soon after that, pretty calmly considering her outburst earlier. And she did so with as much as she could manage because her ass was in a lot of pain. The Friday Morning was when I was taken away in that police car. I'd never she her again.

Not even to watch her walk by and smile at me. Everyone just doesn't understand love, you know?