Three fat white cocks and one stunning ebony slut Lala Ivey)

Three fat white cocks and one stunning ebony slut Lala Ivey)
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My Aunt… I am a 17-year-old boy; I was born in Kuwait & came to visit my mom's family here in Pakistan. My aunt is about 45years old, & she is married & has 3 children.

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I had a crush on her for about a year & I always had fantasies of her. So this one of my fantasy please if u like it just mail me & tell me how u like it.

She had a 32D size breasts with huge nipples.

And a sweat smell which always turned me on. Well it all started when I went out to cricket with my friends & after the game we all started to go back when it started to rain heavily I was just passing my aunt's street when my aunt called me from the ceiling; Ali what are u doing in the rain come up and dry your self.

She opened the door and I soaking wet went inside she showed me in her bedroom and told me to dry myself I readily took the towel & started to dry myself. I undid my pants my already erect dick sprang up (8"inches) I dried it with the towel & I started to masturbate.

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Then I heard an ooh!! From the front of the door. I looked up and saw my aunt looking transfixed at my boner.


I hastily tried to cover myself with the towel and started to sweat I tried to say something but no word's came out. My aunt came into the room still transfixed at the bulge in the towel. I could not defend myself and was so ashamed that I could not look into her eyes. Then what she said forced me to look up; how big is it?


She asked me, ea-ea-eight inches. Wow!! I was so shocked to hear this that I looked up and into her eyes and saw a little in her eyes, which was never there. You like my body doesn't u, she asked me innocently, I new now she was getting horny.

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She asked me if she could see my dick I immediately told her she did not need to ask she could do anything she wanted. I was her lover. So she laid me back on the bed and, started to remove my towel. My already erect dick sprang up and she gasped, My god! And slowly she took me into her sweat mouth. I started to moan slowly she started to lick my head and I could not hold not much longer and then bang!

Bang! Bang!

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I emptied my self into her mouth and she ate it all. I asked her if she liked it and she said she loved it. Then I laid her back and started to kiss her from her lips to her huge breasts and then I went down stairs and started to lick her pussy.

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And then I started to eat her whole and I gave a tornado lick and she was getting hotter and she had a big orgasm and I licked it all. After the wild night I got up and put my clothes on and still could not believe my aunt had given me a blowjob. When I was going she called from the balcony and asked me if I would come again tomorrow.

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This is my part1 of my fantasy with my aunt if u like it I will write more P.s: pray it really happens.

Part 2. That wild night when my aunt gave me a blowjob I could not sleep, I could not sleep because I still could not believe what had happened. So the next day I went to her as soon as she closed the door she pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me she was a real a mature at this because she only kissed my lips. So I took the task of teaching her how to French kiss I started to put my tongue into her mouth and as soon as our tongues meet she got the hang of it.

Mean while my hands had gone down to her breasts I started to pull and move them as hard as I could. She started to moan while our tongues frantically meet each other's. I told her lets go up to her bed before she cummed into her jeans. So we went up stairs and soon as we entered the room she threw me on the bed and started to climb on me. We again started to kiss and then she whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me. I got really asked and asked her what it was she told me to be a good boy and be patient.

So I said nothing on the matter meanwhile she started to get undressed and in a few she was sitting on my lap naked her melon sized boobs where already erect and she told me with a nasty smile on her face that no body has taken care of her melons in a long time.

I got the message and immediately took one of her huge melons in my mouth I started to slowly and then started to bite her nipple aah! She started to moan. And then her hips bucked up in the excitement and she cummed all over my pants. Ooh! I am sorry I just could not hold it much longer.

Its ok aunts don't worry. She started to massage my dick, which was in my pants. She then undid my pants and took of my boxer my 9" nail, which was already alive with anticipation stood up. She readily took it in her sweat mouth she started to lick the head of my dick and then kissed the stick I started to moan I took her head in my hands and started to shove it up and down my dick with force she stared to choke at first but adjusted with every thrust my breathing got faster and faster until I could not hold my life producing nectar back any more then I reached my climax and I released my cum with such force that I was sure It had traveled down her throat some of it came spilling out but as a good dick sucker she eat it all up.

Aunty what is the surprise I asked after I had gotten dressed she kissed me and told me to come tomorrow for the surprise. P.s = Pray it Happens.