Namorada Novinha dando o cuzinho

Namorada Novinha dando o cuzinho
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"Oh, right, so I'm superman, he said in a derisive tone. "No, were not superheroes, were more like wizards," he hated using that word because then everyone thought of Harry Potter. "You have a power to control people's minds, and as you get older, you will become stronger and stronger." "And then maybe I can take over the whole world, and become ruler of the universe, and bring unicorns and lepricons to come and play," Dave mocked the older man claiming to be a long lost relative.

"Your crazy old man." "You will learn to accept who you are and embrace the gift in time," as he said this, the old man turned away and walked into the distance. This old man was claiming that he was a descendent of a long lost people who had all these magical powers and used to rule the earth with. What a load of BS. He went home thinking nothing of it. Little did he know what was in store for him down the road. After school one day he was down at the park playing soccer with his neighbor, Alice.

She was about his age, and they lived next to each other their whole life, but they weren't best friends, just friendly neighbors who hung out some times. They started kicking the ball back and forth, trying to keep it away from each other. Dave had the ball and she was chasing after him when suddenly and without warning she just stopped, dead in her tracks. "Are you alright," he asked her. No response.

She just stood there with this empty look in her eyes, staring off into space. "Alright real funny, what is going on?" he assumed she was joking, but a few minutes went by and she continued to stand there, not moving a single bit. "Now this is just annoying, move out of my way." As he said this, she stepped to the side, out of his way. "Thank you, finally." He started walking away and as soon as he got a few feet from her, she snapped back to reality.

My turn," she said as she kicked the ball, and started to run. Dave was mystified at what had just happened, but decided to forget about it and continue with the game.

He chased after her as she ran with the ball. She was cutting and turning, doing her best to stay away from him, but eventually he caught up to her, and as he did, she stopped dead, staring into space as she had done a few moments before.

Not again, he thought to himself. "Could you at least kick me the ball this time." She did as she was commanded and kicked him the ball. He started dribbling away from her, and suddenly heard from behind him, "Hey how did you get the ball," as she giggled and began to chaise after him.

When she finally reached him, she fell into the trance like state again.


"Alright, this isn't fun, maybe you should just go home." She turned and walked away, toward her house. "Wait," he said, she stopped "Do five jumping jacks" he said. She did five jumping jacks.

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She was doing whatever he said. But she was only under this spell when he was very close to her, like seven feet or less. Suddenly his thoughts turned darker and he said, "Take me into your room," he commanded her, so she did.

He followed her into the front door, waving to her parents as they passed and into her room. They didn't know the power he had over their daughter. Luckily, her room was on the bottom floor, away from the rest of the family, so he could investigate his new found powers without any interruptions or people overhearing.

He shut the door behind him and sat on the bed. "Stand right here," he told her pointing to a spot at the foot of the bed. He adjusted his seating so he could comfortably see her. 'Get your shoes and socks off first," like a slave she did as she was told.

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"Now take off your shirt." She obeyed, robotically removing her shirt, revealing a black sports bra underneath holding back her tits, not very big, but just the right size.

"Now the shorts.' She let her athletic shorts drop to the floor, leaving her standing in just her bra and underwear. He could do whatever he wanted with her now, but he wanted to enjoy this for a little more build up the suspense, so he commanded her to go into the closest, put on sexy undergarments, and then put on the tightest clothes she had.

Like a dog she went out of his view and into her closest. A few seconds passes and he could hear the ruffling of clothes as she searched the closet. Finally after a few minutes, she came out in what he could only guess was her younger sister's clothes. Her shirt was so tight it barely came past her boobs.

Although they weren't huge, her shirt made them jut out, making them seem so luscious. He could see her sexy tan skin. Her abs were nice, not too defined but flat. 'Damn', he thought to himself, the shorts she put on where about 5 sizes too small. They were tight green volleyball spandex, but they weren't even big enough to cover her ass. Both her cheeks were hanging out, begging to escape.

When she turned around, he could see the outline of her pussy clearly. She had a major camel toe, she couldn't help it after all, because her shorts were clinging to each of her curves. Her pussy was so clearly defined it was as if she had no shorts on at all.

He was so turned on from this sight but he didn't want to do anything yet. He wanted to hone his craft, learn the ins and out before he did anything, just in case anything happened. Everyday after school he hung out with her, if that's what it was called. He would go into her mind and come out, making her do different things, seeing how far he could push it.

He became stronger, being able to control her from farther away. It was like he was becoming one with her. He could seamlessly take her over and do what wanted. He learned to enjoy putting her in awkward situations and then let her deal with the consequences. He would have her walk outside in the completely naked, and then when she was far enough from the house, he would give her control. He enjoyed the look on her face as she realized the predicament she was in.

She would try to cover herself up, running behind the nearest tree or bush. Her face would be covered in confusion as she tried to figure out how she got there. As he grew tired of this he decided he needed to push it a little further. But what could he do he thought… "Wow, your frisky today," her husband said as she started kissing his chest. It was a weird mood she was in today, but he didn't care, he would take what he could get. She robotically climbed on top of him and they started kissing each other, making out like they were still dating.

She grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts. It wasn't like her to be this forward, but he kind of liked it. He lifted up her shirt and started caressing her boobs.

She took off her bra and climbed on top of him. "What has gotten into you tonight?" he asked, stunned at what was going on. She didn't answer, just ripped off his shirt and went to work on his pants. By now he was so turned on, he couldn't control himself. He was hard as she finally reached her hands into his boxers. She gripped her hands around his cock and he jumped with excitement. It had been a while since he had felt his wife's hand and not his own.

Starting slowly at first, she started jerking him off, up and down, almost mechanical in nature. It felt amazing, her hand bobbing up and down on his rock hard cock. He never wanted her to stop, but suddenly she did. Without saying anything, she got up and went into the bathroom. A few moments later she came out with a bandana.

"I want you to put this over your eyes, spice things up a little." He was a little curious about that, but it turned him on to see his wife act like this. It was like she was a whole other person. He grabbed the bandana and tied it around his face and he could see nothing. All he could do was hear and feel, and the excitement was killing him. Next thing he knew, he felt her grab his arm and tie it to the bed post; then his other arm.

'Wow this is kinky' he thought to himself. He was tied to the bed, both his arm and his legs, he was stuck spread eagle. He didn't know what to expect next, until suddenly she grabbed his cock.

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Her hand went to work, stroking it. It was amazing, this feeling of total helplessness. It caused him to feel like he was about to explode after only a few moments. Then suddenly it stopped as fast as it had begun. She let go and stood up from the bed. Dave came out of the bathroom, admiring his work. He was controlling the mind of the wife this whole time, setting up this whole situation.

He couldn't explain how or why, but one day when he was playing with her daughter, he tapped into the mind of her mother. The rest was about to be history. "Why did you stop honey?" the husband asked itching with excitement.

"Don't worry, daddy, I'm just warming up," she said seductively. With this she walked over toward the bathroom. Suddenly, her daughter came out. They were both under the spell of Dave. But the husband had no idea she was in there.

The daughter walked over to the bed side. Dave sat in a chair waiting with anticipation to see what was going to happen next. That's stupid he thought, I control what's going to happen.

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She got on the bed and without hesitation started where her mother left off. She grabbed his dick with her hands and slowly started jerking him off. "Wow, honey you're like a whole new person." The husband said, oblivious to the switch.

Dave watched from the side as the father raved at his daughters hand job. She stroked it like a pro and as she did, reached her other hand into her own private area. One finger slipped into her pants and went in her tight teenage pussy. She felt around, possessed by another force. But Dave wanted more, so he had the daughter bend over and take his cock in her mouth.

"Yes please don't stop" her father cried out in ecstasy. She did as she was told working her way around his shaft taking in as much as she could before choking. In and out, he watched as she sucked it like a Popsicle. She could barely fit half out it in, but Dave made her keep going, suppressing her reflex to gag. "Yesss." The father was screaming as his daughter deep throated him. She was now all the way down his shaft, his cock a few inches into her throat.

Her face was filled with pain, but her eyes were emotionless, dead. She let his dick out of her mouth and then gobbled it up again. But this still wasn't enough for Dave. He wanted more. He decided to let the mom get in on some of the action. She got up and walked behind her daughter, unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. There was a clean shaven pussy, her legs pressing it together so her lips were sticking out in perfection.

She started with tongue, licking her inner thighs and all around her butt.

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She was bent over in the perfect way, her pussy sticking out into her face. The mother pulled her daughers legs apart and then dived in, eating her daughter out like it was no big deal. Her tongue was in, feeling around, exploring every hiding spot. Following her tongue was her finger, feeling around, trying to hit the right spot.

Alice would have burst out in pleasure if she wasn't under his control. It was sick what he was making them do, but he couldn't help it now, he was so turned on watching the daughter blow her father as her mother ate her out.

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The worst part is that the father had no idea it was his daughters lips making him cum. With each one of his screams of pleasure Dave got turned on more. Finally it was time for the finale. He had the daughter get up and move forward on the bed until she was on top of her father. This was the moment he was waiting for, the moment her father would penetrate her.

Straddling his legs, she squatted over him and sat on his cock. "Yes'" he screamed in pleasure. She started bouncing up and down rubbing her tits as she did. "This is unbelievable honey, you're so tight today". As he said this his hands went up to her boobs, caressing one in each hand.


The site was glorious to him, a father willingly feeling up his daughter as she rode his rock hard cock. He just sat there and watched. It was glorious. In and out, her pussy was stretched out by her fathers dick.

As he tickled her tits and played with her ass, he could tell by his facial expression that he was getting close. It was time for the grand finale. But what to do. He wasn't sure.

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Finally, he knew what he wanted. He made the wife walk over to the bed and climb up. The dads face suddenly went blank, scared by what seemed like the addition of a third party. "What is going on?" He asked nervously, struggling with no avail to free himself. As he was struggling, his daughter continued thrusting her hips, filling herself deeper and deeper.

Additionally, the wife went down, licking his shaft with her tongue. The husband had mixed emotion on his face. His mind was scared, not knowing what was going on, who the third person was.

But his "head" was in pure bliss.

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He had reached the point of no return and even as he fought to free himself he stayed rock hard. He was losing control of his muscles; they were twitching and convulsing as he neared the end.

His wife continued working on his balls as his daughter continued her assault on his penis. She was turning red, flushed from the pleasure she was receiving, but her facial expression was blank, staring into space, like she had no care in the world; Like she didn't know she was currently being stuffed by her father; Like she didn't know her mother's tongue was entering her pussy, licking both her father and her at the same time.

"What is going on", her dad screamed out in frustration, exhausted from his struggle to get free and his impeding explosion. He could feel it building up, and no matter how worried he was, nothing could stop him now. In the sexiest voice he could make her do, he made the daughter say, "ohh daddy you're so good." Stunned, the father couldn't believe what he heard.

His daughter was in the room, in his bed. But at that instance, his own orgasm hit him like a tidal wave. His legs seized up and he screamed out in pleasure.

At this instant he gave control of their bodies back to the two women. They both paused, looking around to figure out where they were. Suddenly their faces changed as they both realized what was going on. The father exploded everywhere.

Alice could feel it squirting inside of here. She pulled off of him, cum dripping out of her as she did. The mothers face was hit too.

She could feel in covering her face, taste the saltiness as it dripped out of her daughter. "What is happening,", "What is going on", confusion went around the room as the two ladies tried to figure what had just happened. The father was still breathing heavy, screaming in terror and enjoyment as he finished.

"Let me go", he screamed. The two ladies rushing to cover up, forgot about him. As the daughter went to put her underwear on, she still had a little bit of cum seeping out. They went to untie the father. "What did you do!", each one of them asked, each pointing a finger at the others. Dave just laughed and smiled as he walked toward his house, knowing they would never be able to explain it.

He also knew that this would only be the start of the mayhem he would cause.