Sexy trap jerking off and cum inside a candom tube porn

Sexy trap jerking off and cum inside a candom tube porn
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Before I start i must first apologize for any grammatical errors. As you read in my synopsis, we all have to start somewhere. A bit of a back story then. My dad was never in the picture so my mom got remarried when i was 7.

The man she married had a 14 year old son at the time. When i turned 17, mom decided that home life was not for her. She felt like she wasnt able to provide for me so she told my stepdad to keep me and when i turned 18 i could get the fuck out. Carl (my stepdad) was more than happy to keep me but he told me that i would have to do my share around the house. Cooking and cleaning became the norm.

Often when id be on my hands and knees scrubbing hed be sitting down getting a full view. One day he told me, no, he DEMMANDED that i clean with no clothes on. I reluctantly did as i was told.


When that wasnt enough, he suggested that as of now, when i got home from school, i was not allowed to have any clothes on. I remember the first time he came into my room. Being a light sleeper, i felt his presence as soon as he came in. He didnt do much that night. Some light fingering and a bit of touching. I remember staying up all night hoping he would return. He didnt come back until 6 days later. Then it became a daily routine. Then i guess he got bored or figured that my participation would be required because eventually he would _wake me up_ and have me suck his dick.

He loved having his dick sucked. Deepthroat was one of his favorite activities to engage in. Most of the time on Saturdays, hed have his friends come over and theyd play poker and complain about the wife and kids.

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I was never allowed to come around when his friends were invited. I was his deep dark secret that no one was supposed to be privvy to.

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Well, on this particular Saturday, i was in my room and i was dying of thirst. I didnt know how long the game would go on and i needed a drink. So, i put sone shorts on and a simple t-shirt and made my way to the kitchen.

One of his friends was currently bad mouthing his wife because she hadnt fucked him in about 1 month.

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He said he was contemplating getting a hooker. When they heard me walk through, everyone got quiet.


All the focus was on me. A young thick girl with perky tits and a perfect ass. Carl asked me what i was doing out and i told him i was thirsty. One of his friends, the only one i recognized asked how my mom was and i told him i had no idea. She was m.i.a once again and would call when she fely like it. He commented on how much ive grown and i thanked him.

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All eyes were still on me and Carl must have noticed. He asked me if i wanted a beer and i said yes. I took it and was going to make my way back to my room when he told me to join them.

The game continued but the first 20 mins was silent and awkward. The other guy that was complaining about his wife not giving a fuck (literally), decided that he wasnt done venting. He went back to his woes and said she wont even suck dick. At that, i started laughing like carzy.

I felt like being bold so i said i love sucking dick. The room got quiet again and this time everyone looked at Carl to see his reaction.

When they saw him laughing, my joke finally travelled to their brains and laughter filled the room.

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Im guessing it wasnt just their brains that got the hint. One of them asked me what else i liked to do. I told him i loved getting fucked doggy style but i specialized in choking on dick. I asked him if he wanted me to show him since he was so curious. Of course the pervert said yes. I got up, went over to him and without another word, i pushed his chair back and unzipped his pants. Soon as i put my mouth on it he came. I think it was more out of shock then anything else.

I took off my clothes and with a smile on my face i asked who else wanted me to relieve them of theit stress. All five hands shot up including Carl. For the next hour i was surrounded by dick. Big, small, fat, skinny, long and thick. Each one got the love and attention they deserved.

I was being pulled on all sides. Soon as i left one another was waiting in the wings. I was getting my hair pulled, my ass slapped, my tits played with and my pussy fingered.

I was a whore in her natural habitat. The more i sucked, the more i wanted.

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I was ravenous. I was a cock hungry fiend who would not be denied. One guy, the one with the skinny dick wanted me to rim him. I turned him around, bent him over and licked his ass like an ice cream cone. My tongue was inside his warm hole. It seemed like a follow the leader session because when i was done with his ass and he came like the hoovrr dam, all the rest wanted the same treatment.

I ate everyones ass, aucked and swallowed some more and got fucked only once by Carl. He said he was still enjoying my pussy and wasnt willing to share. Yet The guys didnt mind.

While Carl fucked me i was still servicing them.

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I was still choking on cum and i still had my face covered in ass. The next story will involve my step brother. Hope you enjoyed.