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SIMATRA pornhub Stern Blues Höschen anal Strumpf 1
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Part 7 Chapter 7A Kim Lin clung to the shallow side of the pool as Judy and Sid frolicked and rejoiced over his homecoming. She was still too short and too unsure of herself in the five foot deep water to venture out with them. She was equally excited to see Sid return. Judy had promised her that he would finally fuck her when he came home and she was anxious to loose her virginity to this hunk of a man. "Sid fuck me now, please?" she asked in her most kittenish voice when the other two had paused in their fierce hugging and kissing of each other.

Judy looked up at her as if for the first time realizing she was there. "She wants to get screwed so much, Sid, do you have another hard on in you now?" Judy asked Sid. "For that task, I believe I can rise to the occasion!" enthused Sid. "Let's go inside and do it right." "I've taught her to suck and fuck me very well in the last three months," said Judy. "But I still haven't penetrated past her hymen yet.

I left that for you to do." She snagged Kim Lin up out of the water and wrapped a towel around her to catch the water and keep it off the carpet as they walked into the house. They deliberately talked about Kim Lin as if she weren't present.

Kim Lin didn't think this was unusual; after all, she was just a sex slave and did not deserve to be treated any differently. She walked willingly into the playroom and dried off her slender body. Already her pussy was juicing in anticipation of her first real fuck. Judy had teased her with fingers and talked a lot to her about how wonderful it was to feel a strong prick surging up your twat to the point that the teenager was looking forward to this experience with high expectations. "She can come at the first lick of her cunt and once she gets started, it seems as if she can come solidly for hours," Judy explained further to Sid as they both languidly hugged each other in the middle of the playroom floor.

"She seems to really enjoy sex, so I guess she's ready for the real thing now." Sid looked around the room and scratched his bare buttock absently. "Now, let's see. What would be good for a first fuck position?" he mused to himself as he began to gather ideas from the implements hanging on the wall and from the ceiling. "Have you trained her to love the lash yet?" he queried Judy.

"Not completely, although she does get hot," replied Judy. "She does like a good enema and spanking before licking my clit," Judy continued. "I do think she likes being tied up tightly, to," she finished. "Fine, then, Judy, why don't you truss her up over in front of the sink and we'll give her a double going over just to get her juices warmed up." Sid said.

Judy grabbed the smaller girl by the wrist and took her over to the janitor's sink low on the wall in the corner of the room. The rug in the playroom stopped about five feet around the sink and the floor sloped to a drain under it.

When Kim Lin was standing with the backs of her legs to the sink, Judy snapped a pair of handcuffs to her wrists behind her back. She then grabbed a rope and hook that dangled above the sink and attached the handcuff chain to it. When Judy tugged on the rope, it pulled up through the pulley in the ceiling and pulled Kim Lin's Hands high above her waist. Kim Lin bent over and when her wrists were about shoulder height and she was standing on her tip toes to relieve the tension, Judy tied the rope off.

Judy then secured her legs as far apart as they would stretch without completely taking Kim Lin's weight off of them with some rope and rings set in the floor for that purpose. Meanwhile, Sid had been busy preparing the enema bag with an extra touch of soap and hot water.

This bag held almost three quarts of water and was attached to a long rubber hose that had a bulbous nozzle on it's six inch, colonic end. "Ah, just the right prescription to stop that powerful itch that makes young girls squirm," Sid intoned.

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Without any lubricant, he spread the cheeks of Kim Lin's relaxed ass and slowly pressed the tip against her wrinkled ass hole. As the hard rubber end stretched the brown pucker of her anus out, he could see the knob being slowly covered by her ass flesh. Finally, with an almost audible plop, the end slipped past her sphincter muscle. Sid then slowly inserted the entire long nozzle up into her bowels until only the hose was visible sticking out of her anus.

Kim Lin was a novice at this enema game. Judy had been careful not to penetrate her with more that a short finger in front or in back.


She was really amazed that Sid took such care in slowly slipping the nozzle into her. It was incredibly sexy to her and she let out a sensuous groan as he pushed the entire length of the nozzle into her bum.

"Don't let her have any of it 'til I tell you, Judy," said Sid. He stepped back over to the playroom wall where all sorts of whips, paddles and canes hung.

He came back with a flexible bundle of canes that swished frightfully in the air above Kim Lin's bent over back. Sid stepped around behind the trembling, horny teenager and slowly lined the bundle up with her ass cheeks, just above the edge of the sink. Careful not to dislodge the enema hose hanging out of her asshole, Sid took a slow windup and brought the bundle viciously down on her unprotected ass cheeks and she shrieked out a scream that ended in a sexy moan.

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Sid knew she'd nearly come with that one and was determined to bring her as close as possible with the cane bundle. Another blow fell across both ass cheeks just below the first, with the same results from Kim Lin.

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Then he nodded to Judy to release the hot, soapy enema into the quivering girl's ass, he pulled her away from the sink and brought the cane bundle crashing down on her white thighs and higher up on the small of her back while she was filling up.

It was almost all Kim Lin could stand, but with her arms hijacked up behind her, she had no choice. "Now Judy, get down there and make her cum with your mouth." Sid said.

"And Kim Lin, don't you dare spill anything out of your asshole until Judy is through, do you hear?" He asked Kim Lin who was sweating profusely and beginning to tremble from the powerful forces churning her guts.

She nodded her head and Judy got underneath her and began scarfing her snatch. "Judy, if you taste anything you don't like, bite her as hard as you can without taking a plug out of her," sneered Sid. "Kim Lin, do you hear that? Judy will bite you and I will beat you more if you let anything slip out.

Do you understand?" he asked as he jerked her head back by the hair. She just moaned and shook her head yes. Kim Lin was in a world of pain and pleasure all mixed up. Judy was doing a number on her cunt and clit. Her ass was sore from the caning she'd taken and her bowels were increasingly stretched as gravity fed her the hot, sudsy enema and she was cramping and sweating profusely now. The pain mixed with the pleasure and it all became pleasure and she came in one very large orgasm that left her weak in the knees and let a little of the soapy water out of her rear.

Upon discovering the taste of soap in her mouth, Judy got angry and bit hard right on Kim Lin's clitty.


It felt to Kim Lin that Judy was going to bite it off and she screamed and screamed and came again and begged for mercy and asked her to do it again. She was in such a confused state that even she didn't know what she was saying. As Judy bit her again, Sid stopped the water from further filling her bowels. He had figured out what was happening so he brought the cane bundle across her ass cheeks again and then across the backs of her thighs and the small of her back in three rapidly explosive whacks that had the girl screaming and creaming for long minutes after he had finished.

Then he delivered an entirely unexpected blow across her hanging down titties. Meanwhile, Judy had switched to thrumming the girl's clitty with her hand. That sparked yet another orgasm out of the little girl. "Wow" said Judy after she had crawled out from under her crotch and pushed her back against the sink.

"She sure did cum when you hit her then. All I had to do tickle her clit when you smacked her the last three times.

But that one across the titties had her twitching and cuming like I've never seen. As a matter of fact, that looks like a lot of fun. Do you think I might get some of that before too long? I'm soooooooo horny now!" She exclaimed. "Anticipation is the spice of life. Anticipate what we are going to do to you tonight while I deflower this cutie pie." said Sid as he grabbed Kim Lin and moved her to the sink and unplugged her ass and watched the rush of soapy water and shit flow copiously down the drain.

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When Kim Lin was dried off, Sid took her to the couch in the corner. He then laid her on her back and ordered Judy to, "Get her very hot without cuming." Judy went to work on her with a will. She started with the sensitive nipples on the now striped titties that had been so recently abused. and she soothed the hurts and tickled the tips until they were standing at attention and a musky smell was wafting up from the naked crotch of the diminutive little girl. As her mouth got close to the shaven pussy, Kim Lin began arching her back and pushing Judy's head down to get off again.

When Judy finally got level with Kim Lin's pussy, Judy just kept licking and pecking all around the outside of the cunt without ever actually touching the clit.

This drove Kim Lin crazy and after a few minutes, she began to beg Judy for relief. Sid, meanwhile, had been watching for the right moment to come in. He gently pulled Judy's mouth further down Kim Lin's thigh as he grabbed her feet and pointed them straight up and then pushed her knees toward her ears. This made her pussy bulge out and open up. He then started his throbbing cock into the girl's cunt hole and sank about 4 inches into her before feeling the resistance of her hymen.

Sid's rocking back and forth for a few seconds sent Kim Lin up an orgasmic spiral that threatened to break into orgasm at any time. Sid kept it up until the cunt around the end of his dick started to spasm in the first throes of orgasm. As soon as he was sure she was coming, he took a big breath and rammed his cock forward into the girl's cunt. Caught by surprise, Kim Lin started to scream with the initial pain of penetration but realized that it really felt good having a prick buried balls deep in her cunt.

Judy meanwhile had not been idle. She ran her tongue up and down the insides of Kim Lin's thighs until Sid raised her legs out of reach. Then Judy began to lave his balls and around back to the crack in his ass.

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She inhaled the musky, slightly shitty smell of his ass and dug her tongue deeply into his asshole. Sid grunted at this unexpected intrusion and began humping Kim Lin with renewed vigor. Judy, with an asshole around her tongue and a hand full of Sid's balls, began feeling for Kim Lin's ass crack. She slipped one finger up the girl's asshole and felt Sid's cock slip sliding its way in and out of her cunt through a very thin fleshy wall.

Kim Lin screamed out another orgasm and her whole body seemed to stiffen and jerk several times. Sid kicked off into the burning cauldron of her spasming pussy and went in to overdrive as cum shot from his dick onto the back wall of her shallow and bruised pussy. The combination of Sid's prick exploding inside her, his entire weight smashing on to her clitty and Judy's wriggling finger up her ass sent her off into the wild blue yonder yet again.

Seeing this as a sign of multiple orgasmic bliss capability, Sid kept up his pumping, still hard prick and encouraged her to squeeze him with her pussy at the same time. He got so excited doing this and having it a done to him, along with Judy's tongue still working in his ass that he kept up his hard on and got his second wind. Kim Lin was still coming and Judy was still pumping them both when Sid started with the deep strokes again into Kim Lin.

Quickly, he pulled out of Kim Lin's cunt, rolled her over on to her stomach, propped her up on her knees, used his knees to move hers apart, and slid his slick and pulsing prick against her ass hole. He met with some resistance and told her, "Relax Kim Lin, it'll hurt less if you just relax." Kim Lin tried to relax and let him get in to her ass, but she really wanted the pain of entry because she was now devoted to pain as a form of stimulus which turned to pleasure. So, as Sid drove forward, Kim Lin tightened her ass just enough to make passage up her shit chute difficult, but not impossible.

Sid groaned at the thought of what he was doing to her ass but he was determined not to give up on her. What was spurring him on was the finger Judy had thrust in his rectum while she rolled over and squirmed her way under Kim Lin so she could get in place to suck and chew on Kim Lin's cunt and clitty.

Finally, Sid pushed the tube up inside Kin Lin as far as it would go and he immediately released the lie clip so that the warm sudsy water was washing its way into her colon. Kim Lin let out a long groan as the familiar feeling of bloating and cramps began to take over the attention of every nerve in her body.

After a very long fifteen minutes to Kim Lin, the bag was finally empty and Sid slid a greased butt plug of substantial proportions into her shit chute as he withdrew the enema nozzle. Kim Lin gave out a small scream as the wide part of the plug passed into her rectum, past her anus.

Then she felt the butt plug begin to vibrate and Sid grabbed it and began to move it in and out and left and right and finally all around inside her small opening.

Kim Lin almost fainted at the painful pleasure in her ass and it was only Judy's arms on her things and face in her cunt that kept her from falling over.


Sid went around to Kin Lin's face and unceremoniously shoved his large prick down her throat until his balls were resting on her chin. Kim Lin, not being used to such sudden widening of her mouth and throat began to gag and cry all at the same time.

Pumping slowly so as not to over stimulate himself Sid settled in for the long haul as he knew he would be a while before he could cum again.

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Meanwhile Judy was munching and biting gently at Kim Lin's clit and lower lips and bringing mixed signals of pleasure and pain to her body. Kin Lin launched into an orgasm that sweetly shook her whole body in acknowledgement of both Sid and Judy's efforts. Judy never let up on her munching and Kim Lin acknowledged her actions by continuing to orgasm as fast as her quickly exhausting body would permit.

Every time she came, she let out a muffled scream and a moan around Sid's prick as it slid in and out of her throat. The constant screams and moans were like music to Sid and Judy's ears. The little girl was having a great sex session. Then deciding that he was needing to cum again, Sid pulled out of her mouth, reached behind her and jerked out the butt plug and both he and Judy started squeezing Kim Lin's stomach to help her push out the enema.

It rushed out into the laundry sink that she was backed against with force and splattered against the far side with a splashes and plops of shit and water. Sid spun her around and without wiping her ass, greased her up with a finger of lube and quickly pushed his swollen cock inside her ass for the first time.

She let out a pleasurable moan and pushed back against Sid as much as she could in her trussed up condition. Meantime Judy restarted her pussy munching and licked closer to Kim Lin's clit as she progressed down her trail of orgasms. Judy reached up and started to play with Kim Lin's pierced nipples and pulling on her rings to add a bit more pain to the equation and it sent Kim Lin over the edge yet again. Sid began to push and pull in and out of Kim Lin's virgin ass and Kim Lin was enthusiastically pushing and pulling in time with him and moaning out her orgasms about once every two or three minutes.

After about four or five of these, she realized that she was no longer an anal virgin.

By this time, Sid was buried balls deep in Kim Lin's ass and began to saw his big prick in and out to keep up Kim Lin's orgasmic waves and to get himself off also. Judy was still scarfing snatch and pumping two fingers up his asshole in time with his prick thrusts up Kim Lin's asshole. Sid felt the telltale surge in his balls and began squirting gobs of cum deep down into Kim Lin's asshole.

She responded with yet another scream and moan and as Sid lay still on top of her, she thanked them both for the wonderful cums and lapsed into a silent stupor. As he began to recover, Sid realized that he had quite a pair of horny lovelies on his hands. He was happy. They were happy.