Big penis rams tiny pussy hole

Big penis rams tiny pussy hole
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Bridezilla Brenda's Beastly Brawl Part 2 -- The Brawl Cast of named characters in this series: Brenda Robinson -- 26 years old, 5'10" tall 140 lbs --- Bride. Arrogant, spoiled, domineering, wealthy, self centered, and oh so tall and beautiful.

Bradley Eaton -- 27 years old, 6'2" tall, 180 lbs --- Groom.


Physics graduate student. Intelligent, hardworking, handsome, faithful, reliable. Amy Robinson -- 21 years old, 5'10" tall 125 lbs --- Maid of honor. Physics undergrad student. Intelligent, hardworking, shy, cute, modest, and very nice. Betty, Susan, and Rebecca -- 25-27 years old --- Bridesmaids.

Brenda's best friends. All rather good looking, but none nice. Shallow, spoiled, parasitic. Brian Robinson -- 48 years old, 6'4" tall, 220 lbs --- Father of the bride. Wealthy doting father, most willing to spoil his two daughters. Confident, loving. Claire -- 21 years old, 5'4" tall, 110 lbs.

--- Amy's best friend. Short cute MIT student in same dorm as Amy. Also lives in Pasadena. Roger -- 25 years old, 5'9" tall, 140 lbs --- Best man. Brad's best friend at Caltech. Another nerdy grad student. Terrified of women. Kevin, Helmut, and Sean -- 26-28 years old --- Groomsmen. Brad's foreign friends at Caltech. Smart, hard working, poor at wooing women. Bob and Larry -- 32 and 44 years old --- Brian's young associate and his lawyer Claire Eaton -- (well…just read the story) Note: This farcical romp is a total fantasy.

All names are made up and no connection to any real people… Synopsis: Part 1 - Bringing on Bad Luck --- Brenda and Brad get engaged. Brad rapes her little sister, Amy, mistaking her for Brenda on the morning of the wedding. ---------------------- PART 2 ---------------------- The Brawl ------------------------- Brad slammed his thick erection into her, tearing her tender membrane without further ceremony.

"Waaaaa!! Ow! It hurts! You're hurting me, Brad! It hurts!" "Huh?" Brad was confused. Amy took measure of the moment she lost her virginity. It was supposed to be a pleasant memorable moment. This was anything but pleasant, but at least it was with her first love, the man she loved more than she loved herself.

She would remember this moment, but that didn't stop her from yelling. "Take it out!" Brad took out his dick and looked at the blood on it. "What did I just do?" Brad stepped back in shock. Amy's torso was suddenly free and she pulled herself up a bit and looked back towards him. Brad looked upon the cute face of Amy with tears in her eyes. "Oh my!" Brad whispered to himself as his mouth dropped open. But Amy could also see Brenda and her three friends staring at the both of them through the open doorway also with open mouths.

THE BRAWL "What the FUCK is going on in here?!?!?" Brenda was yelling and angry. "It's not what it looks like," Brad was hoping that she could be made to understand. "Well it looks like you were fucking little virgin Amy there," Brenda could see the blood on his penis and she knew her own period was synched with Amy's, so it sure wasn't her period.

"Your groom is a piece of shit, Brenda," spat Susan. "Amy!

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How could you do this to me?? Have you no shame?" "It wasn't my fault. He raped me," Amy protested. "Oh, and I supposed he forced you to put on my dress too, you shitty little liar! Brad would never rape anyone, least of all, you." Brad was crestfallen. He knew that he had raped her. He thought it was all a game, but he remembered all too well her helpless pleadings. "I'm so so sorry Amy. I…" There were tears in his eyes. It crushed him to think that she might never forgive him for taking her virginity in such a horrible manner.

Amy wanted to reply, but felt that this was not the time for it. The storm was just starting. Tears continued to flow from both of them. "Dump him!" urged Rebecca.

"Yea. Dump that fucking asshole." echoed Susan "But my wedding?" "You can't marry this sister fucker," echoed Betty. "But I worked so hard for this wedding." "So next time, do it better. You can get any guy." "Yea. He's not so special." "But he's so good in bed," protested Brenda thinking about the best things of Brad. "So if you get a bad husband, find a good lover." "You're too good for him." "He's boring and nerdy." "He'll always be fucking your sister." That last one did it.

Jealous Brenda exploded and started hitting Brad with her fists. All four women crowded in and started beating Brad. He was in a purely defensive posture. Amy was afraid to move, her wrists were still tied behind her back and her panties were positioned in such away that moving would be difficult.

With panties just above her knees, the bulk of the dress made her rather helpless. Anyway, Amy didn't want to be part of this fight and she didn't want the nice bridal dress ruined. Brenda took off her engagement ring and winged it at Brad's head from close range. The large stone struck his forehead right at the center and blood came forth.

Her aim was very good. A line was crossed in Brad's mind. He no longer wanted Brenda to understand. He squared up to face her. "Brenda… Please leave," he asked her politely. She brought up her knee towards his crotch in a rapid motion. She had hoped to disable him permanently. He sensed it coming and blocked with both hands, but she was strong. The pain was still something fierce and he crumpled to the ground in agony.

All four girls came over and started to kick him with their hard pointy shoes. They were aiming to injure. He felt the risk of permanent damage from their sharp shoes, so he quickly swept a leg bringing all four women crashing to the floor in a single large thud.

"You piece of shit!" "Asshole!!" "How dare you!" All four got up and backed off, out of the reach of his legs. Then they all started spitting at him and his nice tuxedo vest from a distance.

Some of the spit hit his bloody penis. A lot of it got on the floor all around him. "GET OUT!" Brad shouted. "Not until we finish punishing you," demanded a very pissed Susan. "Maybe we should just go," offered Brenda. "No way!" yelled Rebecca. "He ruined your marriage!" She wanted to see more blood. "Can't we at least crush his balls and stomp on his penis?" Betty wanted to know.

Amy didn't move and was totally silent, but she watched all with alarm. Brenda moved to the doorway with dismay, no longer eager to fight. But the three evil ones were just getting started. Brad crouched on the floor in a defensive posture, but from one in which he could spring an attack. THE BRIDESMAID'S HUMILIATION "Let's rush him," Betty was suddenly taking charge. All three bridesmaids ran forwards at once with fists ready and Brad took a defensive posture still on his knees.

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One of his hands was dedicated to protecting his exposed balls and dick, since he was still naked below the waist. None of the three had taken a moment to realize that they weren't really dressed for fighting. Those topless and backless gowns were designed for looks, not for their structural integrity. They started to land blows on Brad. But Instead of blocking those blows, Brad reached for cloth between their tits pulling sharply downwards. He would take some additional blows for this in his undefended state, but within 15 seconds three dresses were ripped open and the three side-stick-on bras were painfully ripped from soft flesh.

"Owww! Owww!!" each screamed as sticky tape was separated from skin in a most sudden and painful manner, the kind of pain you get from pulling off a bandaid too quickly, but multiplied by twenty. "SHIT!!!" "BASTARD!!" "FUCK!!" All three were cursing and yelling and six large tits were swinging freely in open air. Brad could see that all six had erect nipples from all of the excitement. "Oh! You bastard!" "How DARE you!!" "Brenda!

Look! Look what he's doing to us." "Help us Brenda!" All three were still talking and yelling at once. Amy started to laugh quietly and turned her head so the others wouldn't notice. Brenda just looked at the folly of her three friends.

She knows how strong Brad is. "What are they? Stupid?" she thinks to herself as she was about to step forwards to help them punish Brad. The three groomsmen, Kevin, Helmut, and Sean, suddenly showed up at the door wondering what all of the commotion and screaming was about.

Their mouths drop open as they could see six large exposed tits fighting Brad, and Amy's exposed pink pussy above the couch. "Brad?" Kevin wanted to know what they could do.

"Just keep Brenda from fighting. Hold here there and make her quiet," was Brad's only request. The three grabbed at Brenda.

"Get your FUCKING hands off of me, you FUCKING little creeps!" "Gag her," Brad ordered as he threw Sean a pair of Brenda's white garters. Sean stuffed them in her mouth when she opened it to yell, and held it there while standing behind her. Brenda tried to bite him, but couldn't. Brenda then started to kick at them all. "Secure her legs." commanded Sean. Helmut grabbed her left arm holding it behind her back and wrapped his left leg all the way around her left leg, hooking the front of his ankle around Brenda's achilles tendon.

Kevin watched and did the same to Brenda's right limbs. Brenda was thus fully constrained. "You be still now," ordered Kevin as he whispered into Brenda's ear. Brenda tried to fall to the floor, but they forced her to remain upright. One of Sean's hands was covering her mouth keeping the garters in, and his other hand was around her torso on the bare skin of her waist just below her T-shirt.

He quickly sneaked it up under her T-shirt and into her bra where he started to play with a nipple as he held her in place.

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"MMMNNNNooo!!" Brenda screamed ineffectually. Meanwhile, all three bridesmaids moved to cover their breasts in an almost instinctive manner, each placing a hand on each breast. "You bastard. You'll be sorry," Susan spat at him. Well six nipples disappeared from view and Brad suddenly noticed that fists were no longer hitting him.

"Well, that's progress," he thought to himself still on his knees.

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Now his Brad's thighs were being kicked by hard shoes. Those kicks really hurt and it would take some time for those bruises to heal. Now they were trying to kick his dick and his testicles. Brad was clearly annoyed, so he decided to yank down those tattered dresses to the level of their ankles. That would stop the kicking. Betty's dress was first. While protecting his private parts with one hand, he pulled the top of the dress to the floor in a single motion, ripping whatever needed to be ripped to allow that to happen.

"Oh my God. Brenda!!" Betty was livid. When her dress was pulled down, Betty's lacy panties became fully exposed and her thighs too. Brad quickly proceeded with Susan's dress. Susan was wearing no panties and her well trimmed blonde haired cunt came into view only ten inches in front of his face.

Brad grabbed her hips, pulled her into him, and planted a kiss on her wet pussy, sliding his tongue along her clit and then into her as far as he could stick it.

"OHHHH!! Ohh. He put his tongue in me! Bastard!" Brad did it again and then rubbed his tongue on her clit as hard as he could. "Ohhh! Oh my God! OOHHH!!!" Amy looked on with jealous eyes. Brenda looked on with exasperated and angry eyes. Betty and Rebecca look on with astonished eyes. Susan looked down with lascivious eyes. The groomsmen looked on with libidinous eyes. But Brad didn't linger there. He saw that Rebecca was turning as if to escape. He reached for her dress pulling it towards him rapidly as she slipped on her own spittle.

She landed on her hands and knees right in all the spit on the floor. Her dress was around her knees and her ass was fully exposed and facing Brad.

She was naked above the waist, and just like Susan, she also had no panties. Her cute little slick cunt just opened up and pouted at Brad invitingly.

The pink part was most enticing. "Help me!" "Didn't your mother ever warn you of the dangers of wearing a dress and no panties?" teased Brad. Brad was now very erect and moved into position to rape Rebecca. It would be oh so easy. "He's going to rape her!!" screamed Betty as she started to beat her fists on his back. Brad pushed down hard on Rebecca's upper back forcing her naked tits into the spittle on the floor.

"Do you want it?" he asked her. "Don't rape me." "I already raped one virgin this morning. Do you think I wouldn't rape you?" "No!" Susan moved to push Brad away from Rebecca, but when she shoved him hard, her shoes slipped on spittle and out from under her. Her bare ass landed in a pile of spit just a foot away from Brad.

Her knees were wide open with Brad between them. "Oh look! Another one that's easy to rape," Brad laughed as he quickly inserted two fingers into Susan's now moist cunt. "Ohhh!! Help me Betty!!" screamed Susan. "STOP! STOP!" screamed Betty. Now Brad had two slimy fingers in both of the wet cunts before him.

Both Susan and Rebecca were writhing and grunting. Brad positioned his knees on the remnants of their dresses making it difficult for them to move their legs. Brad then brought his thumbs into play as each started to diddle two unwilling clits. "Ohhh!!!" Susan screamed "Brad!!" Rebecca ejaculated. The two girls tried to get away, but they were stuck. Brad could do whatever he wanted with them and his fingers and thumbs continued to riot at and within their cunts.

"Stop, Brad! Stop!" begged Betty. "Will you all surrender and leave when I dismiss you?" asked Brad. "Yes. Yes. We'll all do as you say," offered Betty saving both of her friends from what they really didn't want to be saved from any longer. "Stand up. All three of you face that wall!" Brad boomed in a commanding voice. Betty did so quickly, and the other two reluctantly got up and follow suit. They had been defeated. All faced the wall. "You will all do exactly what I say.

Right?" "yes." "yes." "yes." were the three quiet responses. "Kick away your dresses. All of you," he commanded. They all did so and, except for six long white elegant stockings and Betty's lacy panties, the three were standing there naked facing the wall. "Take off your shoes," Brad wanted an end to painful kicking.

They all did so with some reluctance. All were trembling. Brad started to remove Betty's panties, pulling it down past her knees and clearing her feet. "What are you doing." "It's a souvenir for me." Sean was no longer playing with Brenda's tits. He instead moved his hands downward and into the elastic of her shorts and also under the elastic of her panties.

"MMNNNooo!!" Brenda continued to scream ineffectually. Soon his fingers were sliding past her trimmed hairs and past her clit and slipping deep into her wet cunt. Sean then decided that he would try to get Brenda to cum on his fingers, so he diddled her clit with his thumb as he moved about two fingers deep inside of her. "MMWWUNNNHH!!" Sean pushed his pelvis into Brenda's shorts and took whatever pleasure that provided.

Kevin and Helmut watched Sean and wanted to play too. Helmut flicked open Brenda's bra and soon each young man was using their free hand to play with a large natural tit under Brenda's T-shirt while restraining one of Brenda's wrists with their other hand. Kevin had never held a woman's breast before and he was fascinated by the feel of her nipple. Brenda could feel three very erect dicks poking at her shorts, one from the rear and one at each side. Brenda discovered that three determined men could hold a woman silent and helpless and still having enough free hands to drive her crazy.

Tall Kevin started to kiss her exposed neck, and despite how that drove her crazy, Brenda found that she couldn't put a stop to that either. Across the room, Brad took a moment to look at his three prey. They were all three so beautiful and oh so naked except for their matching thigh high sheer stockings each ending in a cute elastic band at the top.

Betty was the largest at 5'7" tall and 140 pounds with light brown hair. She used to be more athletic but she let herself go and now she looked more like a really nice soft fuck with large natural tits. Susan was a dynamite 5'6" light blond weighing in at 115 pounds, and very cute faced Rebecca was a smaller 5'5", 110 pound brunette. Rebecca and Susan had continued to work out and continued to maintain their athletic cheerleader looks. All three had C to D cup mammaries.

Betty and Rebecca came by them honestly, but Susan had a little help from a local doctor after her senior in high school. Brad proceed to give each ass a hard whack and then another on the other ass cheek. "Oww" "Ohh." "Don't" "You deserve a lot more." All six ass cheeks were pink with a handprint. "Just let us go. Please," Betty begged.

"Turn around." They did so. There was a hand in front of each pussy and an arm across each pair of tits. "What are you going to do?" Betty was worried. "You know… You three girls could all be so wonderful, but instead you all decided to be nasty bitches. It's a real shame," Brad started to lecture. "Oh my God.

A lecture! He wants to help us," said a surprised Betty "I'd rather be raped," said Rebecca. "Brenda, would you really marry this stupid do-gooder?" asked Susan. "You all just don't get it.

I'm going to tell Brenda's dad what you three have been up to. Your time with Brenda is over." "Brenda is an ADULT!" Betty countered defiantly, but at the same time realizing that without Brenda's daddy's money their activities would be severely curtailed. Even just their rather high rent would be difficult to come up with.

"OK. All of you. Hands behind your backs!" "What?" "Do it!" Brad commanded. Betty complied, and the others looked at her and then followed her lead. Six tits and three cunts were fully exposed for all to see. The three groomsmen looked on with lust. Amy's exposed cunt up on the couch made a fourth visible cunt. Kevin was suddenly cumming in his pants as he pressed into Brenda side, "Ohhh." Brenda could feel him jerking with each pulse as he pressed against her.

"I'm going to kiss each of you and then send you on your way," Brad announced. Brad went to Betty first. She raised her face for him to kiss. He lifted both of her oversized tits with his two hands and twiddled her nipples with his thumbs as his lips met hers.

He pressed his erection into her groin area just above her pussy as he kissed her. Brad made no effort wet his penis on her cunt. She opened her mouth and Brad inserted his tongue. "<groan>" He moved a hand to her pussy and slipped a finger in deeply.

This one was clearly no virgin. "Be good Betty." "Ohhh. Ohhh. I… Please.," Betty didn't know what to say. Betty was ashamed, but Brad ignored her. Brad went to Susan to repeat the process. Susan spread her legs invitingly but Brad ignored her offer. He was content with giving her a kiss as he pinched her nipples.

She too took his tongue into her mouth and wrestled with it with her own. Her hand came around and she grabbed his cock and directed it towards her open pussy. She went up on her toes to get her pussy at the right height. She thrilled at the touch of the head of his penis as she pressed it on her clitoris. She pushed it into her an inch and then another inch into her very wet soft pussy. "Hands behind your back!" Brad scolded as he spanked Susan hard. This totally thwarted her efforts to get fucked as she complied.

"OH!" She tried to squat to force his penis into her more deeply, but he simply backed away leaving her cunt begging for more.

"Be good Susan… you naughty girl." "Ohh… You bastard." Brad then went to Rebecca, his favorite. She lifted a leg in invitation too. "Oh Rebecca. In another life we could have been so good for each other." Rebecca had a tear in her eye.

Brad was content with fondling her gently as he kissed her, but he did rub his penis where she would feel it most intently. She too went up on her toes to put her cunt at just the right height for this invasion, and she went all wet. He pressed at her clit with the head of his penis and then slid the shaft of his penis up and down the full length of her slit. He repeated the process until he felt her body start to twitch. "Ohhh. Please… Put it in me.

Please," she whispered in his ear between kisses. She was almost there. She wanted to cum so badly. "Ohhh!!" "No Rebecca. You had your chance on the floor and you declined." "Unnnh." Rebecca dropped her head in defeat and she moved her hand to her cunt to complete her orgasm via masturbation. She was so close. "Hands behind your back," Brad spanked Rebecca again. "Unnnh… Oh please." Brad spanked her again, much harder. "No. You may not." "Unnh," Rebecca capitulated.

She had never been more sexually frustrated in her entire life. She just stood there shaking as everyone watched her. "I wanted to cum," she muttered with a look of lust on her face. THE BRIDE'S HUMILIATION Brad approached Brenda. She had this mixture of totally pissed and totally aroused look on her face. It was a curious mix. "Will you be all right?" he asked her gently as he removed Sean's hand from her mouth and pulled out the garters.

"Oh!! Ohhh!!! You bastards will pay for this!" Brenda spat at him. "Oh Brenda. Please." Brad tried to kiss her, but she turned her head away. Brad used his two hands to pull her head back and he kissed her. Kevin and Helmut were still playing with one tit each, and Sean was still playing with Brenda's clit and pussy… pressing and rubbing and sliding and inserting… again and again and again.

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"Ohhh!!! OHH!!" Brenda gasped as she felt a massive orgasm approaching. Brad looked down and discovered what the three groomsmen were doing to Brenda.

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"Naughty naughty there you three! You're only supposed to kiss the bride," laughed Brad. Brenda thrashed about helplessly giving much pleasure to the three dicks pressing at her shorts. "OOHHH!!! SHIT!! OHHHHH!!!!" Being pressed and held helpless by four men was just too much for Brenda and she came all over Sean's fingers. Sean pressed hard at her ass and started to cum in his pants followed closely by Helmut and Kevin who did the same in his.

"Sorry about that mate&hellip. I just couldn't help myself," laughed Sean. "You bastards! All of you!" spat Brenda as she recovered from her orgasm. She knew that all three had used her writhing struggles to cum in their pants.

Despite having had an amazing orgasm, Brenda was totally annoyed at everything. Much to her surprise, she was even annoyed that Brad hadn't fucked all three of her horny friends to multiple orgasms. All he did was intentionally humiliate them and that really pissed her off. Brenda realized that even if she was to forgive Brad, her wedding day was already ruined. How could she wed without bridesmaids and with smirking groomsmen?

She could forgive Brad later and get married on another day if, in fact, he was being honest about Amy. Daddy was wealthy enough for that. "Please Brenda…" Brad begged. Brenda couldn't get past being so humiliated and so pissed at it all at that very moment. "Go straight to hell!" "I will miss you Brenda." "Go to HELL, you bastard!" That one was a closer. "Take your tattered dresses and go. All of you," commanded Brad. "Yea Brenda.

Let's leave." The three tried to put on their torn dresses and it was comical. The groomsmen enjoyed watching them. Much flesh was showing and Brad wished he had a camera. Where was the wedding photographer when you really needed him? While the three girls were trying to compose themselves, Brenda went over to Amy and laid a hard smack on her exposed naked ass and then another one on the other ass cheek.

"Owww! Stop! Please!" Amy cried out. "Amy… Don't you even think of ever trying to get married&hellip. EVER!! I'm going to fuck up your wedding and I'm going to FUCK your fiance," Brenda threatened. Brad felt so sorry for Amy. He knew how guiltless she had been in all of this.

He promised to himself that he would make amends to her… somehow. "Let's go," Betty was ready. "I don't ever want to see you again." Brenda shouted at Brad as all four stomped out the door and down the steps. "Please make sure they actually leave," Brad asked his groomsmen as he was pushing them all out. "What about that one?" Sean pointed to Amy's pussy beneath her tied wrists, hoping for more fun.

"That one is very special. I'll take care of her," whispered Brad just before closing the door. Brad cleaned himself up a bit, wiping off his erect dick, and then worked to stem the blood still dripping from his forehead and to stretch his bruised and battered body. There was no permanent damage, but he understood that he would be healing for several weeks, especially his welts from all those hard kicks.

THE AFTERMATH "Oh Amy. My Amy. My little squirt. What have I done to you?" "I… I tried to tell you." "I'm so sorry. I didn't understand. I thought it was all a fun game with Brenda." "I know. I know. I trust you, Brad. I really do." Brad was quite surprised and relieved at Amy's response. She didn't even seem angry. "Oh Amy." Brad freed her wrists and moved to hug her waist to provide some comfort. "It's OK.

I'm OK. I forgive you Brad. Totally and completely." "Really?" "Yes," was her only reply though she dearly wanted to say so much more.

"My wedding… What will I tell all those people out there? How can we not have a wedding. Your dad paid $50,000. How can I ever repay him?" There was a long moment of silence.

They looked at each other. "i'll marry you," she said very softly looking into his eyes. It was a simple plea for a good life. "What? What did you say? What?" Brad couldn't believe his ears. "Could she really have said that?" Brad thought to himself with a sudden thrill. "oh. never mind," Amy didn't want to cause trouble. "How could you still be a virgin?" "I was waiting for love and maybe my wedding day. I wanted to lose my virginity on my wedding day." "…and maybe you shall," he muttered.

"What??" Now Amy was wondering if she heard correctly. There was a silent pause. Both were thinking frantically. Brad suddenly jumped up and looked in earnest for the bloody engagement ring and soon found it.

It survived its flight and the brawl.

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Amy was still on the couch. She hadn't moved and her cute ass was still exposed with her panties still pulled down near her knees. Brad swept away the boxes and knelt on the couch near Amy, facing her loving eyes. They simply looked at each other with wildly beating hearts. "Amy? Will you marry me? Please make me happy." Amy beamed. "Yes. Brad.

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I'd love to marry you." He slipped the engagement ring onto her long skinny finger. "Do… Do you love me?" "I've loved nothing so much in this world as you for five long lonely years." "Oh.

I feel so stupid." "I always knew you were stupid." "Why didn't you tell me?" "I… I just couldn't do that to my sister." Brad put an arm around Amy's waist and pulled close to her. "Kiss me, Amy." They kissed. It was their first kiss. It was her first kiss ever. Tears were flowing from all four eyes.

"I love you too Amy! I feel like such a weight has been lifted from my heart." "The people are waiting, Amy." "Wait. I need something." "What?" "Get my phone." "Here." Amy called her best friend. "Hello?" "Claire?" "Yes? Oh. Hi Amy." "Are you busy?" "A little. Why?" "I need you to put on your best dress and get to my church in 15 minutes." "Why?" "I'm getting married and I need a maid of honor." "You're kidding. This is a prank. Right?" "Please!

Please come. Please!" "When did you get engaged?" "Two minutes ago." "You can't be serious!! OK. I'll… I'll be there in 10." "And call all my other friends." "OK Ams." <click> "bye." "We have 10 minutes." "Oh.

OK. Maybe I should go ask your Dad for permission to marry you?" "Later. I want something else." "What?" "I want your wish to come true." "What wish?" "The one that goes: I want my bride to have my cum oozing out of her when she's walking down the aisle?" she repeated his exact words that so burned into her brain. "Oh. That wish. I think we could do that.

Are you sure you want that now Amy?" "Oh yes.


I'm very sure." "Don't move." "That might be hard," she laughed. "This might be hard," he laughed as he reintroduced his stiff penis to her moist pussy sliding it back and forth at her entrance. "Ohh. That feels so amazing." "It's just my penis apologizing to your pussy." "My pussy is spitting at it." "It wants to bury its head in shame," Brad chuckled. "Now my pussy wants to hug it and make it feel better." Brad thrusted slowly all the way into Amy and this time it gave her much pleasure instead of pain.

He wanted her to feel every inch of his invasion. "Oh my God. You feel so good. I've never. never had anything up there." "You feel so wonderful Amy.

Squeeze me." "Huh?" "Squeeze my penis. It feels good when you do that." She squeezed away giving Brad much pleasure. "Oh yea. Just like that, Amy.

Ohhh. Your pussy is so tight.


I've got something to help pleasure you too." "What? Ohhhhh!! Oh Brad!" Brad had reached around the folds of the wedding dress and pressed her clitoris with his index finger. This set off trillions of endorphins in Amy's brain. Brad continued to nearly withdraw and then thrust hard all the way in.

He did it again, and again, and again. It was all just too much and too new for Amy. "Ohhh!! Ohhhh!! OOOHHHH!!!" and soon Amy had her first orgasm from something other than her own lonely fingers… and a major one at that.

Brad kept pounding into her with more and more vigor.

His other hand found a small nipple to play with. "Stop. It's too sensitive." "What is?" "My clit. clitoris. Oohhhh! Ohhhh!!! OOOOHHHH!" Amy's second orgasms was as intense as the first and this one proved too much for Brad. "Get ready for it." "I'm ready, my love.

Fill me." "Here it comes," Brad gasped as he start to pump one large pulse of sperm after another deeply into Amy's sore cunt. "Ohh. I can feel you squirting. Ohhh. again. Ohhh. It's so much. Ohhh. Make me pregnant. Yea. Make me pregnant." Millions of sperm were making a mad dash up into Amy's fallopian tubes.

"Are you…?" "Yea. I am ovulating today." "I'd love to make you pregnant, Amy." "You'll be a wonderful father, wont you?" "I will do my very best… and be there with you all the way." "And we'll be together always, wont we? "For sure. Happily ever after." There were more tears in Amy's eyes. THE MARRIAGE "Mr.

Robinson?" "Yes son?" "I request your daughter's hand in marriage." "I already gave my consent." "I want consent for the other one." "Huh?" "Amy. I now want Amy." "Oh. Really? What the hell happened?" "I'll tell you later… She's coming down the aisle in a just a minute. Please!" "Really??? Shouldn't you plan your wedding properly?" "Do you really want to pay for another one?" "Ha!! I like the way you think. Yea. OK. She's all yours if she'll have such a scoundrel." "Thanks so much!" "We need to talk later," suggested Mr.

Robinson. "Good. Excellent. By the way… those three friends of Brenda's. You need them gone from her life." "Hmmm." "Bradley.

Do you take Brenda for your…" "Psssst. It's Amy. Amy!" "Oh. Sorry. I must have the wrong notes. And the wedding license…" muttered the confused pastor. Brad grabbed the license, crossed off the word 'Brenda' and then wrote 'Amanda' in big letters. "Oh. Can you do that?" "I just did." Amy stood there smiling. "Bradley, do you take Amanda for your lawful wedded wife,…?" "I do." "Amanda, do you take Bradley for your lawful wedded husband,…?" "I do." "By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride." They kissed. Relatives applauded. Amy's friends cheered. Brenda's friends were leaving. "Is my kissing making you all wet?" Brad whispered in Amy's ear. "You're bad… you're so bad," she smiled and laughed as she felt his cum dripping down her leg and onto her white stockings. There was a silent calm in the church. It was like the calm before a storm. A stream of Brenda's friends had been slipping out with annoyed and disgusted looks, and a few of Amy's friends were replacing them with joyous looks, but all the many relatives on both sides stayed put, though they did seem to be a confused lot that did a lot of talking.

Amy's friends were happy to see her up there looking so radiant in a perfect dress, even though many missed the actual ceremony. With the urging of Claire, three of Amy's old high school friends sneaked up onto the altar as impromptu bridesmaids dressed in jeans. Amy was most touched as they all grinned at her with tears in their eyes.

Amy's tear ducts were working overtime and she had fresh tears too. The photographer was having a field day. He had never seen a wedding like this one. Amy and Brad were in no hurry to vacate the altar and basked in this special moment… Amy's moment.

The main door suddenly banged open. Everyone gasped. "I OBJECT!" Brenda screamed from the main door. "You're too late, Brenda. He's now Amy's… FOREVER AND EVER!" Claire shouted. "!!!WHAT!!!" "But do come to the reception. It's going to be really nice!" Claire offered as a consolation with a yell and a laugh. Brenda screamed and started to rush the altar. Her three nasty friends were close behind her even more pissed.

It appears that they all went home to change into outfits more suitable for brawling, though they still had on their hard nasty shoes. And now it seems that Claire unwisely mocked them about the very reception that they had spent about 400 hours in toto putting together. True trouble was on its way.

Brian Robinson stepped into the aisle. He was an imposing figure at 6'4" and 220 pounds, and he intercepted his very angry spoiled daughter by grabbing her wrist firmly. She tried to escape from him, but she was no match for his strength.

"Daddy!!" "You're coming home with me right now." "NO!" "Now Brenda!" "NNNOOoooo!! NNNOOoooo!!…" Brian dragged off his screaming daughter while everyone else watched her humiliation in utter silence (except for the photographer who continued having a field day). It cleanses one soul to witness such deserved humiliation. -------------------------- End Part 2 ---------------------------- Part 3 -- Taming a Spoiled Brat Barbarian Dogwoggle