Eurobabe assfucked during prison threesome

Eurobabe assfucked during prison threesome
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I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss the demon world. It's been about a week since I had returned and life was good. Madi had moved in with me, my modelling was better than ever thanks to my massive tits, and I was quickly growing a fan base of girls at the agency.

I often felt horny while working, and my body would naturally produce pheromones that would spread through the air, though they wouldn't affect men, simply because they weren't the objects of my desire. Madi had joined me on the model scene, though she wasn't interested in the standard lingerie or swim suit magazines, no she was adamant that she only did porn mags. All was well with us, but as I said I do miss the demon world.

If only they would come here. (Third Person) Credo focused his mind and concentrated his magic on a single place; the home of Lisa Knulla.

She was all he could think about these days. Everything about her seemed to entice him, and now he was crossing the dimensions just to see her again, and of course he was bringing a present. In a matter of moments the portal was open, and through the crackling energy he could see her as she walked up to the door, her massive breasts bouncing with each step. Any hesitation disappeared from his mind and he stepped through the portal, bringing his gift with him. (Lisa) Madi wasn't home when I came back, but that was normal.

She'd often fuck a few female models at the end of a day, and I was thankful that I'd added a chemical to her cum so that the models wouldn't remember the experience in detail, only remembering that it was a pleasurable time. Closing the curtains I released my centaur form. It was like stretching muscles after sleeping for several hours, though I still felt confined even when I've released this form.

I realised that I haven't run in this form ever since I got here. I changed back and wrote a note to Madi, saying I was going out for a run, and that she would have to cook dinner. I sat cross legged on the floor of our bedroom, concentrating on the large amount of land that Credo had bought for me. Credo. It was strange that I missed him the most, but at the same time it felt right, like he was the one person, uh, demon I've been waiting for all my life. My concentration was broken just as a sharp flash of powerful demonic energy blinded me.

My eyes quickly recovered and, to my disbelief, right in front of me stood Credo, his demonic body bare for all to see. "Credo?" I asked, my voice reflecting the disbelief in my eyes. "Yes." He answered and looked at me. I wasn't sure during my time in the demon world, about weather or not demons could know love or anything human, besides anger and lust, but in his eyes, I saw both lust, and love.

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I stood up to hug him, when I heard a loud cry of shock and terror come from the doorway. Madi was home. Turning, I saw her staring open mouth at Credo, her eyes open wide in terror. I smiled at her and that seemed to put her at ease, though she didn't take her gaze off the demon. "Be weary of her, Lisa." He warned, placing a protective hand on my shoulder.

"Why?" I asked. "She's not human." He explained briefly. "I know, I modified her body using magic." I told him, placing my small hand on his monstrous one. He shook his head.

"That would only change the outer perception, inside she is something else." I looked to Madi and saw tears welling in her eyes, tears that seemed blood red, as though she were bleeding.

"It's true." She said and her body began changing. Her breasts, EE like mine, inflated to a massive 34H cup. Her 30 inch waist thinned to 28 inches, her ass gained another four inches. Those weren't the only changes; her eyes had turned from warm brown, to heterochromic, one being piercing blue, the other a dark crimson. All the while her hair grew from the recent shoulder length cut, to her knees, changing from light blonde to star-like silver.

Her face was lowered, her shoulders rising and falling heavily. "Madi?" I asked, concern thick in my voice. "More." She raised her face and I saw her fangs. Before I could react she leapt at me, her mouth open and her fangs aimed directly at my throat. Just moments before she sunk them into me, Credo had raised a hand, using magic to freeze her in place. "Vampire," He said with mild fascination, "I believed them to be extinct. No.


She isn't a vampire, only half." He talked to himself, while he and I studied the frozen Madi, my gaze fixated upon her slightly bulging crotch and massive breasts. "Why would she attack me?" I asked him, looking into her mismatched eyes. "You've cum inside her, yes?" I nodded, "It wasn't an attack then, she was after more of your seed.

You see the vampires, aren't like how human stories portray them. Blood is what sustains their life, but there was something a female vampire discovered towards the end of the twelfth century, this discovery worked far better than blood and supplied a vampire with more power than thought possible, human sexual fluids. Because of this the vampire quickly rose in the vampire hierarchy." "Should I assume that Madi is a descendant of this vampire?" I asked still looking at Madi's frozen form.

He nodded. "I would also assume that since your sperm is much more potent than a human's, or even most demons, she has become addicted to it. I also believe she is pregnant." He said and pointed to her slightly bulging belly. I wasn't that surprised. Especially when you consider the fact that I cum enough to inflate her womb, therefore I most likely also flood her ovaries as well. "Credo," I said turning to him, "Release her." He only nodded upon seeing my raging horse shaped erection.

Once Madi was released she fell onto me, her fangs lightly grazing my neck, but not penetrating, as she planted a dozen kisses on me, her hands running over my naked body, pausing to pinch my rock hard nipples, before going down my taut stomach, and finally finding a foot and a half of throbbing meat. I concentrated and began growing my tentacles, when suddenly I felt something familiar. I looked around us and saw them; the roses, but how? I looked around and a saw a small chest opened at the side, where hundreds of roses flowed from, effectively covering my furniture, my walls, and of course Madi and me.

I could feel their soft caresses as they replaced Madi's hands on my breasts, wrapping around each globe tightly, kneading them, while they pinched and 'licked' my pleading teats.

The rose petals at the tips each felt like mouths, as they kissed and suckled on my flesh. I looked up, and saw two with needles growing from the tips. Here we go again, I thought and gasped when they pierced my already inflated breasts, all the while Madi was licking my solid length and kissing the spongy tip, lapping the pre-cum that flowed.

Credo hadn't remained inactive during this, and had moved so that his massive cock stood not two inches from my face. I opened wide and felt him enter my throat in one smooth, yet powerful motion.

I could feel my throat stretched obscenely around his girth of nearly five inches. Likewise Madi had forced over six inches into her own mouth, salivating wildly, coating my cock in layer after layer of her spit.

In the meantime the needled roses had removed themselves from my tits, which now basically said 'screw you physics!'. Sitting proudly on my chest were twin globes each bigger than my head and with nipples that stood at four inches long and an inch thick, looking like miniature cocks.

Two normal roses came to them and began sucking, taking all four inches into themselves. I could smell Credo so strongly.

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His musky scent permeated the room, filling it with all of our aphrodisiacs and pheromones, each so strong that any human who walked in would join in the depraved act. Actually that's not a bad idea. Sending out mental commands to all the models I worked with, I felt my cum begin to boil within, my cock growing another inch in girth, while Credo's balls made audible gurgling sounds as he began to cum, down my throat, and straight into my small stomach.

The roses also joined in, spraying me and Madi with their green tinted seed, even as our stomachs bloated with semen. I could feel the endless stream pouring down my throat, and I knew Madi felt it as well, as I came gallons down her small throat. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

The models were here. My smile was like the one of a villain whose evil plan had come to fruition, as the models came in, their naked bodies showing off their curves and their swollen pussies all dripping with arousal. Impregnate them. I don't know where the thought came from, and it worried me, for all of five seconds, as the models, were restrained and lifted into the air by the roses.

There were a dozen of them, but there were hundreds of roses, as twelve pairs of needled vines rose to each model's human sized breasts. I pushed Madi off of me, to a whine from her, much like a dog. That's what she is now, the strange thought was right; she's my bitch, my slave, and she will forever do as I say. I looked up at the bounty before me, as each breast inflated to the size of basketballs. From my back I grew a dozen tentacles, each four inches thick and infinitely long, complete with a near endless supply of potent semen.

They were all moaning in bliss as their breasts were inflated further. When I finally impregnate them, there will be a lot of young, dozens, no hundreds, so they needed breasts like milk factories. I grew a dozen new tentacles, each tipped with a tiny needle, these would force them to release every egg within their ovaries at once.

The phallus tentacles moved in first, stretching their small human pussies wide as they pushed in, the slime they secreted would keep them from being harmed, while also lubricating them, combined with the women's abundant juices made the entrance smooth and painless. Soon I pressed against each of their cervix, pressing onward, forcing the thickness inside their wombs, the place where my own children would spawn.

I forced more of each tendril into each, coiling it up inside of them, the action obvious through the bulges that were their wombs. After what must've been a kilometre of tentacles meat had entered them, creating spiral shaped bulges.

I withdrew. It took all of two minutes to retract the tentacles, until only the tips remained inside. They were all babbling incoherently, having experienced multiple orgasms from being filled with so much hot, throbbing meat. "There's more where that came from." I said and grew yet another set of tentacles, these ones six inches thick, and carried, not sperm, but eggs, exact replicas of theirs'.

These entered them, causing their lengths to bulge from each woman's taut abdomen, thanks to the combined thickness of ten inches. Once in their womb the thicker tentacles began to spray their eggs inside, actually swelling the wombs with the sheer amount. I knew that their bodies wouldn't be able to take such drastic swelling, meaning that I would have to alter their bodies further.

I felt my power boil within me, even as their bellies began to look four months pregnant just from additional eggs. I released the power into each, making their bodies able to stretch pass the extreme. Only now did I begin. My four inch tentacles began fucking them hard and fast, while more eggs poured inside, and then a final set joined in, stretching their already obscene cunts over a foot around the combined girth.

None were conscious anymore, having passed out from the overpowering orgasms. But I wasn't done yet. A quick thought later and they were awake, now able to resist the lure of unconsciousness, and experience every second of tormenting pleasure. It was mesmerising to see their cunt lips actually being being stretched taut around the combined girth of three tentacles, as they pulled out their lips were too, then they were forced back inside of them.

I'd been so focused on fucking their cunts I'd forgotten about their various other orifices. (Third Person) Credo was surprised by Lisa's behaviour. He and the other demons had observed her since she was a young girl, and not once had she displayed this kind of personality.

Doubtful thoughts crept their way into his mind: What if this was the Demon King's doing? What if this was the plan all along? He wasn't sure why he thought this, he'd been born a demon, raised by the King himself. He wasn't a fool, he wouldn't dare try to anger the angel's by taking over Earth. But what if he wasn't thinking straight? As of late the King had been acting differently, he no longer left his throne room, whereas before he'd been very active, often wandering around the demon world, and when he did leave the room, it was only to go to his private quarters, a place that not even Credo had seen, and he'd been treated like a son to the King.

But no one had seemed accept him, as though he weren't a demon. He thought about it, trying to remember a time before the kingdom. Demons don't forget anything, even from infancy they can remember everything, however Credo could not. It was as though a wall were stopping him, and when he pressed it a sharp pain would flare, as though he'd been shot in the head.

This time however he was bearing the pain, pressing against it with all his demonic might. He couldn't understand why he wanted to break through it now, it was as though everything would come to light if he just broke through.

Credo's physical body was doing nothing, just standing there, with a vacant expression, however Lisa and Madi were far too absorbed in fucking, and seeing the dozen human bodies stretched and distorted to insane levels, to notice him.

The wall suddenly gave way, letting him into the deepest recesses of his consciousness. What he found was only faces, with names written in a language not even he knew. As he dove deeper, things became clearer, as though he had been seeing the world through clear plastic, and that plastic had been removed, letting him see with clarity. The further we ventured the language began to make sense, though the names were impossible to say or write in any human language.

He started to hear voices, most called to him, others tried to turn him away. He ignored the minority and continued. Suddenly he was standing in a sunlit meadow, much like the one where he and the roses had fucked Lisa for the first time, however something was different; the roses were brightly coloured and still had their thorns. These weren't the things that captivated him however, it was the tall blonde woman who squatted over a bed of white roses, studying them, as though they were beauty incarnate.

Then she saw him and smiled brilliantly, the bright sunlight reflected by her teeth, but that wasn't what took his breath away. It was Lisa, except it wasn't. Something about her was different, her face and figure were the same, but her demeanour was completely different, as though she weren't human. "Where have you been, Michael?" She asked standing to her full height. She wore nothing, her breasts on full display, tipped with rose coloured nipples hard as stone.

He was about to reply that his name wasn't Michael, but realised he couldn't say it. Instead what came out was: "My apologies, the Watchers are paying closer attention to me. They are beginning to suspect us." He said, his voice, usually soft, but gruff at the same time, was deeper, and smoother, as though it were designed to soothe those around him.

"Why do they continue to pester us? He made us this way, he made us to love one another. Not to be kept apart." She whined.

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Credo soon realised he was watching a scene through this Michael's eyes. "If only they saw it that way. Angels have become tainted by their superiority, they believe themselves to be perfect, and you to be mere pets they own." He saw the worry in her eyes as she walked to him, her breasts bouncing with each step.

"What will happen to us?" She asked, sobs tainting her sweet voice. "I will never let anything happen to you. Even if I must make a deal with the devil himself." He promised, taking her into his arms and vowing never to let her come to harm. No, he was a demon, why did he think this way?

For that matter why did Lisa's behaviour concern him? Something told him that he would find his answers by observing what happens here. They held each other for what seemed like an eternity. There was nothing sexual about the embrace, it was one of love, faith, and shared concern for each other.

That was when everything fell apart. Above the cracks appeared in the sky, getting deeper and spreading further, as though something, or someone, was trying to smash through it. Michael noticed first, but by then it was too late. The sky seemed to open and from the cracked sky angels descended, their holy brilliance blinding to the mortal woman.

"I will not let you take her!" His shout of anger held within it power only an archangel possessed, a power that rivalled Lucifer's. The legion of angels hesitated, before continuing their descent, obviously confident in their greater numbers. They had every reason to be confident. Angels of varying forms and statuses surrounded them. "Just forget about her Michael and all will be forgiven." One said, his tone making it clear that all would not be forgiven.

"It will be a cold day in hell, before I give up on her. You could never understand." Michael said, taking a defensive stance in front of his lover. "You are right. We could never understand why a archangel would fall for such a lowly being as this." His voice was one that would later be associated with the label 'prick'. Credo watched all this, unable to do a thing.

He knew that this Michael was conflicted about fighting his brethren, as he would be. Once again he was struck by the strange desire to protect this human, but he didn't question it. One made a move on his lover, but was met by Michael's sword, materialized on instinct, as it cut through their outstretched arms, leaving only bloodied stumps, though they healed quickly.

"The holy sword; Erackiel." One said, astonished by the fact that his own brother would bare it against them. That sword is the only thing in existence that can cut and kill immortals, like angels, Credo thought, not knowing how he knew, since he had never laid eyes on the sword, nor had he heard of it until now.

The woman wasn't afraid. She knew her angelic lover would protect her, as he had for all this time. She stood behind Michael, watching the angels, ready to alert him should they make a move on her. "This is a battle I cannot win." His voice echoed through her mind. He had gifted her with telepathy on their first night together, making so that she could contact him at anytime.

"Then what should we do?" She replied, believing in his words, despite her faith that he could win. She never doubted him. Never. "I will hold them off. You need to run with every ounce of strength you have." "I won't leave you!" She cried internally, but she knew that this was her only chance to survive.

"We will meet again, in another life, I swear it." He turned around and kissed her. It was then the angels chose to strike. They moved swiftly, not wanting to give the archangel a chance to react to their advance. Michael expected this however, and swung his sword in a high arc, amputating limbs, and giving minor wounds to the more cautious few.

He turned away from his lover and faced the horde. This was his last battle. And on his life he swears that they will never lay a finger on her. With a quick prayer Michael charged, Erackiel glowing with angelic light, tainted with the black, of his betrayal of his brethren.

The second the fight began, she started running as though the hounds of hell were at her heels. Michael fought desperately, slashing, punching, and kicking any and all who came within his reach, however a small group saw his lover running and gave chase.


"No!" He yelled. His voice carried enough power and authority that the group froze in their tracks, paralysed by fear and the hierarchy that they had followed since the day they were born. In a second Michael was on them, hacking away their arms and legs, and finally severing their heads, even as the others tried to stop him.

The battle seemed to go on forever, when in fact it lasted all of ten minutes, before he was overwhelmed and chained to the ground. "You are going to watch while we. take advantage. of this realm's obscurity from the eyes of god." Michael's eyes widened in fear when he saw his lover being dragged over by two of his brothers.

"You wouldn't!" He spat at the leader. "Oh, but I would, and so will all of us." With that chains bound him mouth, silencing his protests. "What's your name my dear?" The leader asked as he crouched before her. "Alisa." She said, her voice powerful and unafraid, despite the look of a trapped animal in her eyes.

"Alisa? What nice name. Tell me, Alisa, how much a of slut are you if you were able to seduce Michael?" She said nothing, knowing that whatever she said he would twist to his will. "You won't answer me? That's okay, we can find out together!" Her eyes widened when suddenly every angel there was naked, and all sported sixteen to eighteen inch long, two or three inch thick cocks, with balls the size of soft balls, each.

Alisa's mouth began to water at the sight of so many throbbing, rock hard shafts. She didn't like admitting it, but after sleeping with Michael so many times, she realised that sex with angels couldn't be compared to intercourse with humans. The taste of their cum, the feeling of their cocks inside her, their very presence, it all served to make her cum hard and fast.

The angels noticed this and smirked, pleased by the turn of events. "You want this?" He asked thrusting his hips lightly, poking her cheek with the tip of his cock. Alisa only moaned, trying to turn away, but her lust fought her pride, weakening it.

"I said 'you want this'?" He repeated, and this time Alisa gave him a verbal answer. "Yes. fuck me!" In an instant six angels surrounded her, their cocks pressing against her soft flesh. With a loud moan of wanton lust she opened her mouth wide and forced the thick tip of the closest cock into her mouth.

She lashed it with her tongue, coating the head in saliva before pushing down, forcing the massive prick down her throat, the progress visible as the head bulged from her throat. The others began to get anxious to get in on the act and brought her hands to their throbbing meat, which she began jerking the second her small fingers wrapped around them. Beads of pre-cum dripped from the three cocks currently in the grasp of her throat and hands, helping to speed up her movements with the added lubrication.

One lifted her up and laid beneath her, his cock pressing against her tight asshole, hidden behind her ample cheeks, while another spread her meaty thighs, his own dick lightly pressing against her dripping pussy, so swollen with her need for the angel's' cocks. The entry was instantaneous.

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Her cum lubricating the way, even as my surprisingly tight cunt was stretched, as though a fist were being fed into it, rather than a cock.

Her moans were muffled by the thick cock that speared her throat, while two others were held near her face, occasionally smearing their pre-cum onto her soft cheeks. The angels didn't have much staying power, she realised as the one in her throat let out a groan of passion and she felt his cum spraying down into her throat, coating her oesophagus in angelic sperm, and filling her stomach to the brim, before it began to flow through her intestines.

The angel behind her felt the added warmth and lubrication, and with a mighty push, he hilted inside her, and added his own jizz to the mix. Next the two in her hands exploded, hiding her features behind a mask of white.

The taste and feeling of being filled with so much delicious cum sent her into a dizzying array of orgasms, her cunt tightening on the pole invading it, milking it of its own sperm.

It wasn't long before its efforts bore fruit, as her warm tunnel of lust was painted white, even as it spurted out around the cock plugging her hole. Their orgasms were extraordinarily disproportionate to their staying power. The five angels, continuously firing load upon load in and on her, lasting for a full two minutes each.

By the time it was over she looked like she had been gangbanged by a hundred rather prolific men, and her abdomen swollen as though six months pregnant. She was panting for air, having been forced to swallow for a full two minutes, with very little air, however the angels' had a different idea in mind for their slut. Three took their positions and thrust into her leaking holes, plugging her with more angelic meat. Michael watched as his lover was willingly taken, and now unwillingly, as her body was filled once again with his brethren's cocks.

Rage rose within his normally peaceful mind, now he desired to rip them all to shreds, not just flee with her, no, now he couldn't let a single one of his brothers live, but to do that he needed power.

More power then ever before. "I can help you there." He heard the voice in his mind, and he knew it to be a demon's, not just any demon, the strongest, Malifious. "I do not need your help demon." He thought even as he saw his lover moan in lust and discomfort, as another cock was forced into her pussy. "Oh, but you want it.

I know you do, and I am willing to give more power. All you have to do is agree to my conditions." She screamed in pain suddenly as a cock was somehow forced into her tit. "I agree to any conditions you set.

Now give me power!" Michael shouted in his mind. There was no reply, instead he felt dark power, demonic power, rush through his body, granting him strength unheard of, and altering his physical appearance. Now he truly looked like a demon.

Credo was suddenly forced from the body. His spirit flew into the air, where it stopped. Through spiritual eyes he surveyed the scene before, then his eyes were laid upon the demon that was Michael.


Emotions rage within him, denial, anger, despair, disbelief, and astonishment. What stood there was so familiar to him, so accursedly familiar, that he almost wished it weren't. He knew who Michael was now. He knew how he tied into Credo's memories. The archangel Michael was Credo. Two sides of the same coin. Two opposites that somehow became the same. Credo was a archangel turned demon.

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Once he had realised the truth the world turned to black and he stood once more in Lisa's living room, where a dozen women laid with massively inflated torso's, all the while moaning incoherently. Where's Lisa, He thought.

He also knew who she was. Alisa reincarnated.