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PORNFIDELITY Nacho Vidal Fucks Tiny Apolonia Hard
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Synopsis: Two young teachers are enslaved by a powerful couple and given to their twin 18 year old daughters. The two teenagers took control of them on the second day of the new school year and proceeded to force them into increasingly depraved acts to eliminate any resistance and deepen their submission.

Over the course of the next couple of days, the teachers were forced to endure the total loss of any control of their lives. Now the twins have entrapped a school administrator and pull her into their harem. The two teachers complete another humiliating day and the new slave Julie is dominated at home. You should read the previous chapters to get a handle of their adventures so far. Dawn rode in the backseat with the twins in front. Her coat was open and all she could see was the word SLUT emblazoned just about her cunt.

As soon as the school was out of sight her mind went back to the slave mode. Her arousal was climbing, and her hand was drifting down to where her legs met.

She smiled as her fingers found her clit and began to lightly massage it. She looked at her mistress driving and wondered what adventures she was planning for her. Susanna looked in the mirror at her slave sitting in the backseat; her coat wide open and her hand between her legs.

"You better not cum slut." "No mistress, this slut is just practicing at being a slut for you." Dawn felt at ease with her confirmed status as a slave. Her mind fully accepting it and welcoming whatever her mistress wanted. When they arrived at her apartment and walked in the door. Dawn quickly dropped her coat and knelt beside the door. Anita watched as the teacher showed no embarrassment at her nudity or her body decorations. She wondered how her slave would react it she did the same thing to her.

Susanna sat down at the kitchen table and motioned Anita to sit with her. "What do you think I should do with it now Sis? What are your plans for your slave?" She didn't think of the slave teacher as a person now.

It was just a possession to be used and abused. "I'm going to have it visit the glory hole one more time. I figure by the time it finishes eating and wearing all that cum it will start to crave it. The slut already craves humiliation and pain. If I can make it crave cum also there won't be anything the slut won't do." "Wow you really have trained it well. You didn't use the 'Mind Bender' toy did you?" Susanna answered, "No I wanted to push it without using that.

I wanted it to fully realize each time it passed a barrier and surrender another piece of its self-esteem till the slut has none left. I'm having the slut give up one of its slut holes each day during its free period.

The slut has no idea who is using it. I have it blindfolded and cuffed. The slut just has to accept any cock that shows up. When the slut is teaching, it doesn't know if any of the students that are in the class just had their cock in one of its holes." "Wow and I thought I was evil." "It just feeds its craving for humiliation as well as developing it's cum addiction." "I think I'm just going to have my slave expose a little more of its body each day for the rest of the week.

It really can't do much till the tats heal. By Friday I'll start exposing the tat on its back. What should we do with Julie? Maybe I could use the Mind Bender toy on her" Susanna suggested.

"I know we let her to continue to play with the sluts. Before long she will be in so deep we could make her do anything. We would own her then. Isn't there a party this weekend? We could have all three slaves wear masks and service everyone there.

No one would know who they are but the slaves would know they are fucking students. We could have the new slut fuck her son, wouldn't that be fun?" Anita responded. "I like that, but let's make sure we have complete control of her so she has to submit to us." With that said both girls looked at the slave kneeling by the door. "Slut we are hungry, order us a pizza and have it delivered." Synopsis: Two young teachers are enslaved by a powerful couple and given to their twin 18 year old daughters.

The two teenagers took control of them on the second day of the new school year and proceeded to force them into increasingly depraved acts to eliminate any resistance and deepen their submission. Over the course of the next couple of days, the teachers were forced to endure the total loss of any control of their lives. They finished the weekend in a basement dungeon enduring a gang bang by five men who were very well endowed. Now it is Monday and they return to school as slut slave teachers, totally submissive to the two teenage student mistresses.

You should read the previous chapters to get a handle of their adventures so far. "Yes mistress," Dawn replied. Julie arrived at home thinking about all that had happened today. It started off normal enough. Then the two slut teachers arrived at school and everything changed. Going from a mundane existence with her son to having lesbian sex at school was crazy.

And what was she going to do about the twins. They scared her. She had ended up naked in her own office in front of them. If they released the video of her molesting the teacher she would be fired. Let alone the humiliation she and her son, Alex would experience. Julie decided not to cross the twins and walked to her room to figure out what to wear tomorrow to school.

She finally decided on a black skirt she only wore a few times for her husband. It came to mid-calf and buttoned down the front. For the blouse she chose a white button up satin blouse that wasn't very tight. Hopefully it wouldn't be noticeable that her tits would be bouncing freely. Just then her cell phone rang. Julie looked at the display and saw it was a Face-time call from Anita.

"Oh God what do I do?" She thought. Julie hesitated but answered the call. "Hey Julie, are you being a good girl and following instructions?" Anita asked looking at the nervous woman. "Y-Y-Y-Yes, I am." "Let me see what you are wearing then Julie." Julie held her phone out from her body and showed Anita what she had on. When Julie arrived home she'd changed into some sweat pants and sweat shirt.

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She was now afraid of what Anita would say about this. "I thought we told you no pants any longer. Strip and let me see if you followed our other instructions." "Anita I'm sorry I didn't know I had to dress as you instructed at home too. I won't let it happen again." "Listen slut I said strip and I mean now! If you can't understand that, then I will make sure you will understand it from now on." Julie quickly sat the phone down and stripped off her sweats, followed by her bra and panties.

She then picked up the phone and showed her naked body. Julie was very nervous as her son was just down the hall in his room. Even though she was in her room he could stop by. Anita watched Julie's anxiety and smiled. "Seeing as you have trouble remembering what you are told, show me your night gowns." Julie gasped as she was afraid of what the dominating student was about to do to her. But she walked to her dresser, opened the drawer and pulled out her night gowns and spread them across her bed.

As Julie panned the camera across the bed Anita knew which gown her new slave was about to wear for the evening. "Very Good Julie, I like the white one on the right. That is what you are to wear for the rest of the night. Oh, and by the way you are not allowed to be in your bed room until I say.

The rest of the evening must be spent in the living room or kitchen." "Oh my god Anita, I can't wear that around the house. It is almost transparent and only comes to just below my ass. I'll be exposing myself to Alex." "Well that's the price you pay when you don't follow the rules. You are lucky I'm letting you wear anything.

The next time I catch you wearing anything not allowed you will spend the next two days naked at home. Do you understand slut?" "Yes mistress, I understand." "Oh and one more thing, just in case your son spends the night in his room, I want you to visit him every hour. Make sure he sees all of you." "Yes mistress." Julie was now crying and tears were streaming down her face.

The wonderful thoughts of dominating the teachers was now gone and the humiliation of being dominated was now consuming her entire body. Julie reached out, grabbed the garment and pulled it over her head. The thin material did little to hide her body.

You could easily see her nipples and tits. The V-neck plunged down between her breasts and ended just below her navel. There was enough lace around the crotch to hide her pussy but with her dark hair you could see the shadow and tell she wasn't wearing panties.

The bottom stopped just a few inches below her ass, but there were slits in both sides up to her waist. "Let me see slut." Anita said. Julie panned the camera over her body once again blushing down to her tits.

"I see we need to do some grooming. Make sure you shave that cunt. From now on keep it shaved." "Yes mistress," Julie answered, but what was surprising was she was getting aroused. Her nipples were hard and the gown was not helping matters. Julie's hand drifted down her stomach to her pussy only to find it was soaked and starting to leak down her leg. "What is wrong with me? Why am I so excited? Is it because of my mistress? Or is it because I'm about to expose myself to my son?

I don't know the answer but my body is totally aroused." She thought to herself Anita noticed Julie's reactions and knew it wouldn't be long till she was totally submitting to them. The party this weekend was going to be fun. Anita made a note to make sure Alex was invited. Julie stood in her room not able to move. The thought of leaving her bedroom and going out into the rest of the house was terrifying. Having to expose her body to her son was beyond comprehension.

Anita watched closely waiting for her to move; when she just stood there she called out. "I guess we are going to release our videos. Susanna, sign on to the computer and pull up the email list. We have some files to send." Julie heard what Anita said and gasped. She couldn't let that happen. "No mistress, I'm leaving my room.

I will do as instructed. Please don't send the videos. Please, please, please don't. I'm begging you." Anita looked at the screen and watched as Julie walked out of the bedroom and headed to the living room. "OK slut, I want you sitting on the couch. Make sure you keep your legs wide open and don't try to cover yourself.

Set the phone down on the table and make sure I can see the entire room and do not end this call." "Yes mistress," The defeated mother said. Anita wasn't going to watch the entire evening but she wanted to make sure to watch when Alex got an eyeful of his slut mother. "Susanna, call Alex's cell phone and invite him to the party Saturday. Make sure you get him to go downstairs and get something from the kitchen. He has to walk through the living room to get there and I want to see both of them when he sees his mother almost naked." Julie sat on the couch as instructed with one leg on the floor and the other on the couch.

Her short night gown did little to cover her pussy. Basically she was exposing her entire body. If Alex walked in she would die of embarrassment. In spite of all this her body was betraying her.

Her breathing was coming in short pants and her nipples were hard and extended. Julie had never been this aroused before. In the last fourteen hours or so she had experienced sexual highs she never knew existed. Julie, trying to calm down, turned on the TV; hopefully watching a TV show would allow her body to relax. She prayed that Alex would stay in his room for now. After a few minutes without even realizing it Julie's hand slid down her stomach. Soon it reached its destination and started to slowly massage her labia.

There was no need for lubrication as she was already dripping. She closed her eyes and drifted off in a dream. In her mind she was in her office. She was naked and Miss Reynolds was on her knees licking her cunt.

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As she was getting closer to a climax in her dream her fingers were rapidly stroking her clit. In her dream just as her climax hit her son opened the door to her office. "MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Julie opened her eyes and there stood Alex watching her masturbate. Her climax erupted from deep inside her body and rapidly spread down to her toes and up to her head.

Julie screamed as she could not control her body as her hand stopped in mid stroke. "ALEX, I thought you were in your room. I-I-I-I'm sorry I don't know what came over me." Julie didn't know what to say, but she didn't move or try to cover herself. Her body was still tingling from her orgasm and exposing her body was just feeding her arousal. "I think I know who came," Alex said still shocked at seeing his mother basically naked and masturbating on the couch. Although he knew his mother was a very pretty woman who had a great body, he had never looked at her as a sexual being before.

That now changed as his cock was fully erect and making a large tent in his shorts. Julie blushed at the comment but couldn't take her eyes off his shorts. Alex had always been her little boy, her pride and joy. But that now changed. Standing in front of her was a man.

Not just a man, but a very handsome, well-built man with a massive cock, wearing only shorts. She glanced up and gasped as for the first time she really saw her son.

With his washboard abs, strong chest, and well developed arms, she couldn't stop staring at him. Alex watched in silence as his eyes took in his mother's body.

Her night gown was up around her stomach and her legs spread wide it left nothing to the imagination. Her labia were wet and swollen. Her arousal was very evident. As his eyes moved up her body he noticed her gown had fallen off her left shoulder and her tit was totally exposed. Julie was first to snap out of it and quickly closed her legs and covered her breast. Alex turned and headed towards the kitchen. Both were blushing at the entire situation.

Alex realized he had his phone in his hand and Susanna Martinez was on the line. "Susanna I have to go, I'll talk to you tomorrow," He said as he hung up the phone. Anita and Susanna were watching it all on Anita's iPad. Both of them broke out in hysterics as they now had another slave. This one they got without their parents help.

* * * * * * * * Dawn was still kneeling naked beside the door. She had called for the pizza and watched as her mistress' called Miss Julie and dominated her over the phone. She smiled as she remembered when her mistress had first started to dominate her. How she tried to resist but after the first couple of days she realized that she was nothing more than a slut slave.

There was a knock at the door, the pizza had arrived. "Come here slut." Susanna called. Dawn stood and walked to her mistress. "Go over and let the delivery boy in. Do not cover your body. When he enters kneel down before him and hand him the money. Then ask him if you can suck his cock for a tip." "Yes mistress," The slut answered and turned towards the door.

As Dawn's mind and body's arousal increasing with every step as she walked to the door. When the slave teacher opened the door, the delivery boy gasped. There standing in front of him was a naked Miss Reynolds, his ex-math teacher from high school. As his eyes scanned every inch of her body, they followed the chains leading from the rings on her tits to her bare pussy. It was then he noticed the word SLUT tattooed just above her cunt. He watched as she dropped to her knees and asked him to come inside the apartment.

Dawn opened the door but couldn't look the boy in front of her in the eyes. She stood for a moment then dropped to her knees. "Please come in." As he stood there for a minute she looked up at him and moaned. It was Billy, a previous student, who had graduated a year ago. As he walked past her and into the living room, she remembered that his brother was a senior at school. She knew her slavery would now be public knowledge. There was no way to hide it any longer.

"Please sir, may this slut suck your cock as a tip?" Billy looked around the room and saw the Martinez twins sitting at the kitchen table. "Are you shitting me? What is going on here?" "You heard her; she wants to give you a tip. But as you can see she has no money. Just say yes, and she will service your cock," Susanna explained. "Shit yeah, go for it slut." Dawn leaned forward, opened his pants, and pulled them and his boxers down his legs.

His cock while not totally erect was rapidly expanding as the pretty naked teacher opened her mouth and started to lick his cock. Billy smiled as he watched his ex-teacher was now licking his entire cock from his balls to the tip.

He moaned when she took the first couple of inches in her mouth and worked her tongue around the head. She pulled back a little, then leaned forward and shoved the entire unit down her throat.

She held it there for a moment before pulling back and started to rapidly fuck his cock with her mouth. Billy couldn't believe what was happening. The prettiest teacher in the entire school was naked on her knees sucking his cock. He looked down at her and noticed the tat on her back. He then saw the chain bracelets on her wrists and ankles.

It didn't take long before he felt his balls starting to contract and push his cum up his shaft. He closed his eyes and moaned as his cock exploded in the slut's mouth. Dawn felt the cock grow and pulled back as he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could but it still leaked out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin, as his cock pumped stream after stream into the slut.

When he finally stopped the slut pulled the cock from her mouth and licked the tip to clean up any residual cum. "I don't know how you did this, but I can't wait to tell my brother," He said to the twins. "Oh no you don't stud, if you say one thing I will make your life a living hell. Just enjoy your tip and keep your mouth shut. If you are good, every time you deliver here you'll get another tip. Understand?" "No problem, I can do that." Dawn couldn't look at her ex-student.

She kept her eyes lowered and waited for instructions. The humiliation of the situation caused her to blush down to her chest. Susanna watched as her slut finished its task and remained kneeling on the floor. She smiled as the training was complete.


Her slave was no longer thinking on her own. It was only doing what it was told. "OK stud, the show's over.


You got your tip, get out and remember, keep this to yourself." Billy nodded, bent over and pulled his pants up and walked out the door. Susanna got up and walked to the slave kneeling by the door. "You did well slave. Bring the pizza over to the table; your food is in your dish." In spite of the humiliation of the situation, Dawn was happy.

She had pleased her mistress. She quickly grabbed the pizza box and brought it to the table. She then turned and dropped to the floor to her dish. Inside was a mix of kibbles and gravy. She dropped her head and started to eat. The twins sat and ate the pizza talking and watching the slave eat. When they finished they walked to the living room and stripped off their clothes.

When the slut finished her dinner and drank her fill of water, she sat up and waited for her next task. "Slut, wash your face and crawl over here. We need your talented tongue," Said Susanna. The slave smiled, she was finally where she belonged, between her mistress' legs. For the next two hours the twins used the sluts tongue to multiple orgasms. Dawn's mouth and tongue was aching and her face was covered with cum when they finished.

"OK slut, you know the drill. Do not wash or clean up till you get to school tomorrow. You may use the toilet before you leave, but hold the plug in your mouth when you go. Only wear your coat to school, no shoes. When you get to school stop by Miss Julie's office before you go to the locker. Your outfit will be waiting for you. Your instructions are the same as yesterday, shower and fix your hair and makeup while naked and plugged.

I will meet you in your room at seven. Don't be late." The slave nodded and crawled to her room. Anita turned back to the iPad. Julie was still sitting in her living room quietly sobbing. Alex had ended the call and returned to his room. "Slut, pick up the phone," Anita called. Julie got up from the couch and walked to the phone.

She picked it up and asked, "Yes mistress, what do you want?" "That is no way to speak to your owner slave. I will not have any attitude. Go to the kitchen and get a wooden spoon." "Yes mistress" she answered as she walked to the kitchen. Julie opened the drawer and grabbed a large wooden spoon and returned to the living room. "I have it mistress," she said as she held it in front of the camera. "Good, take off your night gown and leave it where you are and return to the couch." "Yes mistress," Julie answered as she dropped the night gown on the floor and walked naked to the couch.

Julie looked at the stairs and hoped Alex stayed in his room. "OK slut, we are going to do an attitude adjustment.

I want you to spread your legs wide and spank your cunt with the spoon. If you don't do it hard enough we will have your son do it. Which means we will have to tell him why you are now our slave, understand?" "Oh my god, you wouldn't?" "Oh yes we will now get busy. Put the phone where we can watch." Julie looked around the room. Here she was naked in her living room about to spank her pussy with a wooden spoon with her son upstairs in his room. She slowly took the phone to the coffee table and placed it so her mistress could see her debase herself.

"Better hurry up, Alex might come down again any minute," Anita reminded the slave. Julie sat back on the couch and spread her legs. She grabbed the spoon and raised her hand. "Wider, spread those legs wider slut and get with it." Julie spread her legs as wide as she could.

Her labia were now gaping and from her angle Anita could look right up her gaping hole. Julie raised her hand and brought the spoon down on her exposed pussy. "SMACK." The sound seemed to echo in the room and the pain coursed through her body.

Julie gasped and reached with her other hand to grab her pussy. "Not hard enough slut. Do a better job than that or you know what we will do. That one didn't count, you have 20 more to do, and don't cover that cunt again. " Julie looked at the phone with a panicked expression. How was she going to do this if the first hit wasn't hard enough? "Yes mistress," she whispered. Julie removed her hand and swung the spoon again much harder.

SMACK. "U-U-Ugh" she groaned. SMACK. "OH MY GOD THAT HURTS." SMACK. "OOOOH PLEASE MISTRESS, I WILL BE GOOD MISTRESS." "Don't stop now slut. You have nineteen more to go.

And you might want to keep your voice down or Alex might hear you and come down to check on you." Julie's pussy was already turning bright red from the first blows but she raised her hand again and brought the spoon down again.

SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Three shots in quick succession as Julie was now crying uncontrollably. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Four more shots to her now abused cunt. Julie was blubbering and begging for mercy. "Please mistress have mercy on your slut. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE MERCY." "Keep going slut, you have ten left.

You will learn to obey without any attitude." Julie's pussy was now turning purple and was swollen. She would have trouble even walking tomorrow. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK Julie doubled over and dropped to her knees. The pain was overwhelming her mind and body.

"I can't take it any more mistresses. Please I'm begging you. No more on my pussy." OK slut, I'll take mercy on you. All you have to do is finish with your tits, two on each and they had better be good shots or its back to your slutty cunt." "Oh thank you mistress, I won't disappoint you," She said as she raised her hand over her head and brought the spoon down with a mighty blow on her right tit.

A large red welt immediately formed in the shape of the spoon just above the nipple. Julie gasped but did not cry out and followed with a harder blow to the left tit. "O-O-O-Ohhh God that hurts," She groaned. Julie quickly repeated the process and finished her punishment. "I hope you learned your lesson slut. The next time will be worse," Anita admonished the weeping slave. "Yes mistress I will obey," Julie groaned.

"Here are your instructions for tomorrow. You remember what you are allowed to wear don't you?" "Yes mistress," She answered. "Good, get to school before six, go to your office and strip.

Slut Reynolds will be there at six. She will only be wearing her coat. Take her coat and have her eat you out till you cum. Then send her to the locker room naked to shower and dress. Slave Hauser will be at your room around 6:45. If she has cum on her make sure you leave it. Have her lick your ass for at least five minutes. Then kneel down and eat her pussy till she cums.

Do not wash your face when you finish. Just spread it around, I want you to smell like pussy all day. Then send the slut to her room.

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Make sure she is there by seven. Slave Reynolds will have some toys for you to wear all day. Put them in your cunt and ass I will be checking so leave them in." Julie couldn't believe her ears. What if someone else stopped by her office while she was naked? What if Alex stopped by? How was she supposed to get anything done? "Yes mistress." She answered. "Now get your slutty ass up to bed. Leave your gown on the floor. Maybe your son will get to see his mom totally naked." Anita finished as she ended the call Julie groaned and grabbed the phone off the table.

She slowly stood and started towards the stairs to her room but the pain was intense. After a couple of steps she turned to and went to the kitchen and fixed a bag of ice to sooth her screaming pussy. With the bag in hand she held if to her cunt and walked up the stairs to go to bed.

Julie's mind was a jumble in just a few hours she had lost all control of her life. Susanna quickly wrote down some last minute instructions for her slave as the twins left the apartment and headed home. * * * * * * * * Sandy woke to the alarm at six AM. She hadn't slept too well; her dreams were filled with erotic images. She kept seeing images of her kneeling in front of her class naked, begging to suck any cock from any student.

Or of being led by a leash naked down the hall between classes as the students were pawing her body and calling her a slut, a whore, a cock sucker and many other vile names. Instead of being afraid of this possibly happening to her, her mind was craving the situations. She walked into the bathroom and looked at her image in the mirror. What she saw she didn't recognize. The person in the mirror was not a respected teacher but a naked cum covered slut slave.

Her face was covered in dried cum and gravy from her dinner. Her hair was plastered to the side of her face. Dried cum covered her entire body. Sandy took her hand and slid it up her stomach to her tit. The feeling was strangely erotic. She remembered watched her image on the TV sucking and stroking so many cocks.

Milking each one of every bit of its precious fluid and depositing it on and in her body. Sandy could still smell and taste cum. The effect on her mind was to start the craving all over again. The longer Sandy stood staring at the mirror the more aroused she was. Her other hand drifted down to her ass and twisted the plug still deeply embedded now for what seemed like forever.

It was now normal to have something buried in her ass. She slowly started to pull the plug in and out of her ass while she pinched and twisted her nipple. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling as her body started to climb that mountain again. Sandy suddenly remembered what she had to do and quickly pulled the anal plug from her rectum and shoved it in her mouth.

That depraved act which should make her sick to her stomach only fed the addiction for humiliation her mind now craved.

Sandy sat down on the toilet and evacuated her bowels and bladder. When finished she removed the plug from her mouth and returned it to its normal place. There was no need for lubrication as her sphincter was now stretched and easily accepted the plug. Sandy stood and walked to the kitchen to eat her breakfast. She poured the kibbles in the dish and knelt down on the floor to eat.

She didn't even consider sitting at the kitchen table. Her place was on the floor. When she finished eating and drinking her fill of water, she stood and pulled out the now frozen cum cubes from the freezer. The cup was a large clear plastic cup with a lid and straw.

Sandy emptied two of the trays into the cup and poured in the remaining cum from the cup in the frig. The third tray would have to wait till later. Looking at the cup it was clear what was inside. Sandy grabbed the cup, walked to the door, put on her coat and walked out to her car. Her coat after the last couple of days reeked of cum and it only increased her craving. Sandy didn't bother to close her coat during the drive. Leaving it open as she slowly stroked her clit as she drove to school.

When she parked in the lot she sat there for a minute thinking about how her life had changed in just a few days. She no longer thought of escape or resisting her mistress, her only thoughts were of obeying and satisfying her cravings for humiliation and cum. She grabbed the cup and brought the straw to her mouth.

She sucked in a mouthful of cum and a warm feeling spread from her mouth and through her body. For the moment the craving was satisfied.

Sandy quickly got out of the car and walked to the school. Her coat was loosely tied at her waist but did little to cover her body. Her tits and cunt were both on display. As she entered the school and walked down the deserted hallway her cunt was now soaked and leaking down her legs.

When she arrived at the locker room she opened the locker and removed her outfit and toiletries and placed her coat inside. She walked to the showers leaving everything by the sinks. When she turned on the shower and started to clean her body, she started to feel almost normal. Sandy enjoyed the warm water cascading over her body and didn't want to leave the shower.

However, she knew her time was limited before some of the boys showed up for morning practice. She turned off the shower and walked to the sink to finish getting ready. Again, there were no towels and she would have to air dry. She pulled her hair back and put it into a pony tail, grabbed her outfit and dried her face so she could put on her makeup. It was then she looked at what she was to wear today. It was a thin pullover white stretch top that looked at least a size too small.

Her skirt was black spandex that was only about a foot long. With it being so tight and short she knew she would have trouble keeping her ass covered. Just as she was finishing with her makeup and still standing naked and plugged in front of the mirror, in walked Thomas and Jason. The two football players she had run into the day before and who were at the glory hole last night. "Well what have we here Jason?" Thomas said as he pushed his friend standing beside him.

"Looks like a cock-sucking cum-loving teacher naked in our locker room." Jason answered. "Good morning teach. We didn't expect to see you here this morning. After last night's performance I thought you would call in sick today.

But here you are naked and plugged waiting on us." Sandy blushed and turned to look at the two young men. She didn't know what to say. She had no response. "Turn around and let me see what you have in your ass slut." Thomas commanded. Sandy slowly turned around and bent over slightly to show her plug. "Damn look at that, the teacher has a plug in her ass.

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Only sluts go to work with their ass plugged." Sandy stood still waiting for further instructions. Her mind was now out of control and her craving for humiliation was at an extreme level.

"OK slut, unless you want us to announce to the school how we found you, crawl over here and make good use of that mouth." Thomas demanded.

Sandy dropped to her knees and crawled on all fours to the large black studs. Just as she started to reach up and pull down their shorts, Thomas slapped her hands. "Slow down slut, I want you to beg to suck our cocks. And make sure you tell us exactly what you are." Sandy looked up at the two black football players, her body flushed with excitement. "Please studs, let this lowly slut worship your beautiful cocks. Let this cum slut swallow your cocks down this whore's throat.

Please let this slave drain your organ of your precious cum.

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I beg you. Please use this ho as you see fit." Jason looked down at the disgraced teacher, begging to service his cock and smiled, "Sure slut put that mouth to work and drain my cock." Sandy quickly reached up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles. She then leaned in, opened her mouth and started to lick his cock from the tip to the balls.

Up and down the shaft she licked, until the massive organ glistened in the light. She then spread her lips and sucked the mushroom head into her warm mouth. Her craving was now out of control. The only thing that mattered was getting that fix of cum. With all the cocks she had serviced in the last few days, she soon had swallowed the entire unit down her throat. She held it there for a few seconds, letting her throat contract around the head while her tongue was massaging the underside of the shaft.

Jason moaned, as Sandy's magic mouth worked over his cock. Although he wanted to last longer, the slut's expertise at sucking cocks quickly had him on the edge of a climax. In spite of everything he could do to prolong it, he erupted in her mouth, spewing shot after shot of his man juice into the slut. In spite of all her efforts to swallow all of his cum, it still leaked out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Jason was weak in the knees as he had never experience a blow job like this before.

He quickly pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it off on her face. "That will do slut. We'll have to do this again tomorrow morning." Sandy wasn't listening; she had turned to Thomas and had pulled his shorts down freeing his large member. She quickly licked the head and started to swallow it down her throat. The first cock didn't satisfy her craving, she needed more. Thomas looked down at the slut and grabbed her hair with his hands.

He wanted to control the slut. He pulled her hard till her nose hit his stomach and held her there. Sandy now had this massive cock deep in her throat, cutting off all breathing.

She tried to pull back but Thomas held her tight as her throat contracted around his cock. Sandy started to panic as her brain was now starving for oxygen. Just as her vision started to go he pulled her back and she gasped for air as the large head was now in her mouth. He then started to savagely fuck her face not caring if she could breathe or not. All that mattered was blasting his cum in and on the slut teacher kneeling at his feet.

Sandy was now gasping for air when she could and just let the large black man have his way with her mouth. Just as she was about to pass out Thomas let out a massive groan and his cock exploded in her mouth. Sandy was not expecting the blast as her brain was now just barely functioning. His cock was sending wave after wave of cum in her mouth. Sandy's mouth couldn't contain the volume as cum flowed down her chin and on to her tits. Thomas finally stopped spewing his seed on the degraded teacher and pulled his cock from her mouth.

He grabbed her pony tail and wiped his cock clean. Sandy slowly regained her senses and looked up at the two young men. "OK teach, we will see you here each morning to drain our cocks." Thomas commented as he pulled his shorts up and turned to walk out the door. Jason smiled and followed his friend. Sandy stood up and looked at her body. There was no time to take another shower as there would soon be many students showing up for practice.

She quickly took her fingers and scooped up as much cum as she could off her face and pulled her top over her head. The thin white top soaked up the liquid seed on her tits and immediately turned transparent. She quickly pulled the spandex skirt on and tried to adjust it to cover as much as possible.

In order to cover her ass, she had to pull it down well past her belly button. The top was so tight and small that it didn't even come close to covering her stomach. It might as well have been a crop top. With cum covering her tits the top was now see through and glued in place.

Sandy's nipples prominently displayed for anyone to see. She looked in the mirror, her face was glazed with cum and she looked like a slut. She slipped on the five inch heels, grabbed her purse, cum cup, and walked out the door. Dawn arrived at the school wearing only the coat. She had followed her mistress instructions when she got up as well as the additional instructions to bring a couple of toys for Miss Julie. As she walked barefoot through the halls to Miss Julie's office her slave bracelets on her wrists and ankles were plainly evident.

Her coat although tied at the waist still opened enough that her cunt and tat was exposed with every step. Dawn was now in school mode and her embarrassment was causing her to blush down to her toes.

"What if anyone would see her walking in the halls? How would I respond to any comments? Her slavery would be common knowledge and her career would be over." She thought. As dawn arrived at Julie's door she knocked quietly waiting for a response. "Who's there," came a voice from inside. "It's Dawn Reynolds," Dawn answered. "Come in Slut," Was the reply. Dawn opened the door and gasped as Miss Julie was sitting at her desk naked. Her legs spread wide with her feet on each corner of the desk.

Dawn looked at the naked woman as her eyes trailed down to her wide open cunt. What surprised her was how red and swollen it was. She wondered if her mistress had done this to her. "OK slut, drop the coat. You are to go to the locker room naked to shower and dress. But first get down on your knees and crawl over here and eat my pussy. Make me cum slut." Dawn slipped off her coat and dropped to her knees. "Wait slut. What is that above your cunt?" "It is my tattoo marking me as a slut.

I have one on my back announcing me as a slave also," Dawn said with a bowed head. Julie gasped. "Oh my god will they do that to me?" She thought to herself. "What have I gotten myself into?" "Continue slut, I don't have all day. Finish your tasks." "Miss Julie, I have a message from my mistress for you," Dawn said and handed a bag to Julie. Julie grabbed the bag as Dawn crawled between her legs and started to lick her very sore labia. Julie grimaced as the sluts tongue raked across her lips, but she kept her legs spread as she opened the bag.

Inside were a note and a set of ben-wa balls as well as an anal plug. Julie opened the note and read the instructions. Slut Julie Take these toys and insert them in the proper holes.

Make sure you turn on the anal plug to position 4. During each period you are to walk the halls. You are not to sit or stop walking till you get back to your office.

These walks must last at least 15 minutes and take you to a different area of the school. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME. At lunch you are to strip and remain naked during your entire lunch period. I will be checking on you during the day. Make sure when you see me you show me your new toys regardless of where we are.

Mistress A Julie gasped as the fear of getting caught was now very real. She looked down at the slave teacher licking away on her cunt and moaned.

The slut was very good at what she was doing and her body was building towards a climax in spite of the pain. Julie closed her eyes and embraced the oncoming orgasm. Her world centered on her dripping pussy. Moments later she exploded on the sluts face, covering it with her cum.

Dawn sat for a minute to see if there was anything else but Julie nodded towards the door and she stood up and cautiously peeked out into the hallway to see if anyone was around.

Seeing no one she slipped out the door naked to head to the locker room to get ready for the day. Dawn had never been as scared as she was walking to the girl's locker room. Not only was she naked, but all her slave chains and tats were completely visible.

As she continued her journey Dawn's excitement level was through the roof. Her legs were now coated with her pussy juice as her cunt was dripping. Her humiliation was driving her arousal to new levels. Coming into the school she dreaded what her mistress would have her wear in front of the class.

But now she was excited about it. Her School training was being replaced by her slave training. Deep down she wanted to announce to the world that she was a slave, and a slave to a student at that.

* * * * * * * * Sandy arrived at Miss Julie's office and knocked. "Who is it?" Was Julie's reply. "It's slave Sandy Hauser." "Come in slut." Sandy opened the door and looked at the naked woman sitting at her desk. "What is all over your face slut?" Julie asked. "It's cum, I was caught in the locker room by two members of the football team and had to suck them off to keep them from telling anyone," She answered.

Julie stood up and walked around the desk. "Drop to your knees slave and lick my ass till I tell you to stop." Sandy quickly complied, reaching up, spreading the cheeks of her ass as she leaned forward and placed her mouth over the rosebud. Julie moaned as she was still coming down from the orgasm Dawn had just given her. The slave's tongue was rimming her sphincter and slowly probing deeper into her anal passage. Julie had never experienced anything like this before.

The idea of having another person to worship her ass dispelled any qualms she had and replaced it with arousal. She looked at the time and hoped that she would cum before the five minutes were up. This might be the last time she would be able to climax until her mistress gave her permission. As her arousal levels were peaking the alarm went off on her watch signaling the time was up.

Julie reached back and pushed the slave away. "Stand up slut and lean against the desk and spread your legs." Sandy stood and did as told, wondering what was in store for her. Sandy's face said it all as Julie dropped to her knees and shoved the slaves skirt up above her groin and buried her face in her cunt.

Sandy moaned as the new slut's tongue concentrated on her aroused bud. Julie wasn't looking to drag this out any longer than necessary. It was getting close to the start of school and she needed to get dressed. The faster she got the slave off the sooner she could get dressed. Julie pushed her tongue against the bud and ground it against her pelvis.

She heard Sandy gasp and push her cunt out and knew she was close. She then sucked the erect bud in her mouth and bit down. Sandy body trembled and there was a moan from deep within as her cunt exploded spraying Julie's face again and again with massive amounts of liquid.

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Julie taken completely by surprise was not prepared for the amount of cum the slave was producing. It covered her face and upper body and kept coming. Julie in order to contain the flow planted her mouth over the opening and swallowed as fast as she could. However the damage was done. Julie's face, hair and upper body were soaking wet with Sandy's juices.

Julie was not allowed to clean up and if she put on her top now it would soak through. Julie now had to wait till she dried to put her clothes on. Julie slumped to the floor. Her son would be arriving soon, and he always stopped by before school to say hi. "Get out of here slut," Julie shouted. She just wanted to figure out what to do before he arrived. Sandy pulled down her skirt and opened the door. There were several people in the main hall but none by the door.

She quickly closed the door and walked to her room. Sandy arrived at her room a couple of minutes later and quickly stripped down and knelt by the door.

She didn't think twice about being naked in her room any longer. At least it wasn't in the hall although the thought of being naked in the hall was very arousing. Anita showed up a couple of minutes later.

She smiled at the naked slave kneeling in her room. "OK slave, today I'm going to be easy on you. Today you are again to walk around the room with the balls in place. You are also to sit on your desk for at least half the period.

You are not allowed to pull you skirt down during class. You can only pull it down between classes. You might want to pull it down as far as possible when you can otherwise I think your ass and cunt will be on display.

Oh, you are not allowed to cross your legs either." Sandy groaned. She knew her cravings would skyrocket as the balls and exposure would increase her desire to cum which would only humiliate her further. "There are only a couple of other things to remember. Do Not Come, period. Your free period drill is the same as yesterday, only today instead of kneeling on the floor blindfolded, cuffed, sucking off the cocks.

Lie on your desk, pull the plug out of your ass and suck on it. Today is ass fuck day. Today we share your ass." "By the way, the cup of cum must stay in plain sight on your desk. You must take a drink of cum in front of each class at least twice. Make sure your entire class sees you drinking your special drink. I will see you later. Tonight when you get home from the glory hole I'll have another surprise for you." Anita turned and walked out the door leaving it wide open.

Sandy quickly scrambled up and closed it before someone looked in. Sandy slumped to the floor and cried. She was again covered in cum, and would be dressed like a slut in front of her classes. Let alone what was in store for her later today.

She slowly gathered her emotions, stood and walked to her clothes. She had to get a grip as school was starting in a matter of minutes. * * * * * * * * * * Dawn hurried down the hall to the locker room.

So far she had not seen anyone. She slipped in the door and listened to see if she could hear anyone. When all was silent she walked through the room making sure no one was there. When she confirmed that she was alone, she walked to her locker and opened it. Inside she found a thin white skirt that seemed strangely large. And a matching white top that buttoned up the front. However instead of nine small buttons there were only four.

The top three had been removed as well as the bottom two. That meant that half her tits were on display as well as her belly button. Along with her outfit was a pair of white six inch stiletto heels with straps around the ankles. The noticeable thing was that the straps around the ankles had locks. Once she put the shoes on they were locked on her feet.

Dawn grabbed her cosmetic bag and headed for the showers. She quickly turned on the water and started to clean her body. The warm water felt wonderful and relaxed her mind and body. For a moment she almost felt normal. But then reality returned and she finished washing and turned off the water.

Dawn walked to the sinks and used the skirt to dry her face. In just a few minutes she finished her makeup and styled her hair. It wasn't perfect but it would have to do.

She returned to the locker and started to dress. When she pulled the top over her head she noticed that it did little to hide the nipple rings or the chains leading down to her pussy.

The waist chain was visible as the top didn't quite reach her waist. When she stepped into the skirt she found it was quite large. So large in fact it wouldn't stay up above her waist. As she sat down to put on her shoes the skirt dropped down well below her waist and exposed her waist chain and nipple chains in front and the tat on her back.

No matter how hard she tried the skirt dropped down to her hips and exposed a full six inches between her top and skirt. Dawn gasped as she knew she would be exposing her slavery to the entire school. Dawn composed herself and left the locker room and headed for the safety of her classroom. At least there, only the kids assigned to her would be able to notice her slave chains.

As she walked down the hall she passed a couple of the football players standing in the hall. Both watched the slut teacher walking up to them. Her skirt was now almost down past her hips. Both boys stared intently as she passed and noticed the slave tat on her back. "Hey slave, turn around," One of the boys called out. Dawn instinctively turned around without realizing they had no power over her. When she realized her mistake they both walked up to her and backed her into the wall.

"I like your tat slave. Do you have any more?" The large black student asked. Dawn intimidated by their size simply retreated to her slave mode simply nodded. "Show me slave," He commanded. Dawn now felt trapped. Her slave tat on her back told anyone what she was. The chains on her body only confirmed that fact. And now she was about to show the students that she was also a slut. She shook her head no but the large black young man would not accept her refusal.

"Show me your tats slave, NOW!" He demanded. Dawn's body was now on autopilot and her hand went to the waistband on her skirt.

She pushed it down till the slut tat was fully exposed. So much so, that the top of her cunt was now visible to the two young men. Both of the young men's' mouths dropped as the prettiest teacher in school was flashing her cunt to them. "Slut and slave teacher, nice tats. While you are at it show us your tits." Dawn's eyes were as big as saucers. Her skirt was barely hanging on her ass and now her hands were slowly pulling her top up to display her tits.

Dawn was no longer in control of anything. Suddenly Susanna walked up and smacked the boys upside their heads. "What do you think you are doing? Get out of here before I make your life not worth living." Both young men knew who Susanna was and didn't want any part of her, quickly turned tail and trotted down the hall. Dawn looked up at her mistress and cried, "This slave is sorry mistress I didn't know what to do.

Please don't punish me. This slut promises to be good." Susanna simply grabbed the slaves arm and led her to her room.

"Strip slut, I want you naked now." The slut teacher quickly discarded her clothes and knelt before her mistress. "Today I am going to take it easy on you. You are to keep your plug and egg inside your cavities and teach your classes as normal. You will walk around the room at least twice for each class. You are only allowed to pull your skirt up twice a period.

Do Not Cum. I will see you at lunch. Dawn simply nodded and waited for permission to get dressed. "Oh and by the way, you are to also sit on your desk during each class.

No crossing your legs and don't sit on our skirt. Flip it up and sit your bare ass on the desk." "Yes Mistress this slut will do as instructed." "Get dressed slave, class starts in five minutes.

Susanna then walked out the door leaving it wide open. Dawn crawled to the door and closed it. She then stood and walked to her clothes and put them on just as the bell rang for the first period. * * * * * * * The rest of the day passed without incident. Each of the slaves completed their tasks as instructed.

Julie was totally consumed with arousal. The ben-wa balls kept her on the edge but she couldn't climax without touching her cunt, which was too sore to touch. Dawn exposed all her chains and her tat on her back to each of her classes as it was impossible to keep her skirt above her waist. By the end of the day she no longer tried but accepted that everyone now knew she was at least kinky and at most a slave.

Sandy at first tried to keep her skirt down below her ass. But as the day went on her mind gave in to the craving and gave up trying.

By the time she finished drinking the last of the cum she was so aroused she welcomed her free period fuck fest. After receiving four loads of cum in her ass she no longer cared. There were now hardly any more barriers to come down.

Sandy was embracing her slut-dom. At the end of the day when Sandy changed to her coat and left for the glory hole she was actually smiling. She couldn't wait to refill her cup. * * * * * * Susanna took Dawn and Julie to Dawn's apartment.

She wanted to hook Julie up to the mind bender controller. She knew she couldn't completely program her but she could at least break her down a little. Susanna arrived at Dawn's apartment with the two slaves in tow. Both were only wearing identical coats. Both exposed their body with each step.

Dawn, now away from school was in slave mode. She no longer cared if anyone witnessed her servitude. She only worried about one thing, obeying her mistress. The tattoos on her body were now badges of honor. Julie, on the other hand was mortified, walking around almost naked.

Her pussy was on display as she walked from the car to the door. What was worse was the collar and leash she was now wearing. It might not have been so bad if the leash was just dangling down in front of her, but she was being led by her mistress.

Julie's day at school was difficult. The toys kept her arousal at such a level, all she could think of was how to get herself off. When Susanna arrived with Miss Reynolds at her office after school she was both scared and relieved. Scared because of what she might do to her, relieved because she might be allowed to come. Then Susanna ordered her to strip, gave her the coat and leash and ordered her to put them on. She had balked when Susanna grabbed the leash and started to lead the two slaves out into the hallway.

When Susanna smacked her and told her she could walk or crawl. Either way she was going with her, Julie caved. Julie now was in over her head; at first it was erotic and exciting, dominating the two slut teachers, but now she was fast becoming one of them.

With all the videos the twins had of her naked at school, masturbating at her desk and have kinky lesbian sex with Sandy and Dawn, she had no choice but to obey.

Now she was in effect being led naked to Dawn's apartment by a student. If anyone should see her, and recognize her, her life would be over. Susanna opened the door and walked into the living room. Dawn immediately stripped and knelt by the door. Julie, not knowing what to do just stood by the door waiting for instructions. "Get that coat off slut! You are to remain naked in this apartment at all times," Susanna commanded.

Julie jumped at the command and quickly dropped the coat on the floor and dropped to her knees beside Dawn. Susanna pointed at Dawn and said, "Slut go to the bedroom and get it ready for training." Dawn quickly crawled to the bedroom and started to prepare the "Mind Bender." She remembered how it was to be subjected to its power.

She could hardly remember what her life was like before her training. She hoped that it wasn't for her but Julie. Ten minutes later Dawn crawled out of the room and said, "Its ready mistress." "Good, come in here slut." Susanna said looking down at Julie. Julie sat there for a moment; she wasn't sure what to do. The word training scared her. "Please mistress, I'll be good, you don't need to train me. I'll obey everything you say mistress." "That's right slut, you will obey me, and you will be a great slut slave.

Now get into the bedroom and lie on the bed, NOW." Julie slowly crawled into the room and onto the bed, her body trembling at not knowing what to expect. She was followed by Susanna and Dawn crawling after her. "Slut, tie her hands to the headboard, I'll do the feet." Julie's eyes were big as saucers and tears were running down her cheek.

Her arms and legs were shaking as they restrained her spread eagle to the bed. "Please mistress, don't do this." "Slut, put the gag on her and shut her up!" Dawn quickly grabbed the ball gag and shoved it into Julie's mouth. Then without being told, she slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

Julie was now blind, gagged, and tied to the bed. She was shaking her head to try to get the blindfold off, so Susanna grabbed a rope and tied it around her head.

She then took the ends and secured them to the bed-frame.

Julie could no longer move her head. It was then that the headset was placed over her ears. She could no longer move, speak, see or hear. Julie was now totally helpless. "OK, slut, out of the room while I finish setting up our new toy. Wait for me by the door, I will be out shortly. Dawn crawled out the door and shut it behind her.

Susanna then set about connecting the clips as she had to Dawn, to Julie's nipples and labia. Securing the vibrator embedded deep in her cunt. But this time she added a small vibrator to her clit. Everything would be controlled by the control box on the bed stand. She then spoke into the microphone, "Its training time slut.

I will be back later to check on you." She then started the program. It was going to be a long few hours for Julie.