Pretty nanny Audrey fucked by her master

Pretty nanny Audrey fucked by her master
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"Here she is," I said to myself as Myra pulled into her parking spot from work.

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Myra is about 5'7" with a nicely toned body to go along with her long, sexy legs. I remember all the countless times I used to stare at her from inside my condo fantasizing about what it would be like to rip her clothes off and have hot steamy sex with her.

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Well those fantasies became reality a few months ago and Myra and I have been fucking every spare chance we could get. For Myra's age, she has a rocking body.

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She's probably in her early fifties, but she's like "Vanna White" hot. I guarantee you she still turns heads when she's out and about. Anyways, back to the story. I watched Myra as she opened her car door and stepped out of her suv allowing the slit in her skirt to gape open half way up her thigh.

She saw me looking at her through my window and I waved hello to her. She motioned with her finger to come to her so I walked over to her door and went inside her condo. "I saw you looking at me," Myra said as we both embraced each others body, groping one another. As we kissed she raised one of her long legs, covered in a pair of thigh highs, up the side of mine allowing my hand to slide up it.

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock as I pinned her up against the wall of her living room. "We'll have to make this quick," she said. I pulled her panties to one side to let my cock slide up into her pussy. Knowing that her boyfriend and my wife could be home at any second we didn't waist any time.

She wrapped her leg around me as our bodies meshed together sending me closer and closer to orgasm. I could feel her nipples through her silky blouse as my hands massaged her firm tits. I kept fucking her fast and deep and within a few minutes of entering Myra I was shooting a load of my spunk into her pussy.

One thing great about a quickie is you don't usually have to worry about cumming too soon. I pulled out of her and we both composed ourselves before her boyfriend and my wife came home. "Thanks baby, I needed that after the day I had," she said. "Guess what? My wife and kids are going out of town next weekend. I was wondering if you could manage to get rid of your boyfriend that same weekend, and then maybe we could have some fun together." I said to Myra.


"Hmm…that sounds like a plan. I'll figure out a way to get rid of my old boyfriend with his old limp dick so I can have a nice, young, hard dick inside of me for an entire weekend." I quickly left and went back into my condo before we got caught. I couldn't wait until next weekend when I would be able to have Myra's naked body up against mine.

I wanted to lick her from head to toe and suck on her tall, brown nipples. Well, the days went by one by one, and finally the weekend came. My wife packed the car up early that Friday morning and took off to go visit her relatives leaving me with the whole weekend alone.

She wouldn't return until Monday night.

Myra had to work all day so I just relaxed and chilled at home until she came home. She called me on my cell to say she was on her way home and she told me to give her some time to change and then she would call me when she was ready. I saw her pull up with her suv and watched her as she walked up to her door.

She just looked at me with a devilish smile and then went inside her condo. After about ten minutes my cell phone rang. "I'm ready for you," she said. Excitedly I walked over to her condo and the door was cracked open so I went inside.

There Myra was, sitting on her couch, looking sexy as hell with her long legs crossed and her foot swinging back and forth, dangling a red high heel on her toes. The only thing covering her bare legs was the tight, leather mini skirt. The skirt was red to match her high heels and from the looks of it, she was also wearing a red bra which was clearly visible through her white silk blouse. "Come here big boy," she said with a sexy voice. As I walked toward her she uncrossed her legs slowly and purposely giving clear view to her fury pussy.

It looked like a ripe fuzzy peach waiting for someone to suck on and eat. I sat down next to her and slid my hand up and down her smooth bare legs as we began to kiss. As our kisses became hot and heavy she began to unbutton her blouse and I began slipping my hand farther up her leg underneath her skirt.

As my fingers glided up and down her wet slit I kissed down her neck and buried my face in the deep valley of her awesome cleavage. Her breast were soft and greeted my kisses with the scent of perfume.

I kneeled down, took off her high heels, and began kissing her legs starting with her sexy toes covered in red nail polish. Myra loved the sensations that shot up and down her spine as I slipped her toes, one by one, into my mouth and sucked. My lips began to cover every square inch of the twin towers that were her majestic legs.

They were so smooth allowing my hands to glide up them and the whole time her wet cunt was staring at me. As my lips began to kiss her inner thigh I could smell the musky scent of her pussy. I let my tongue circle around the edge of her pink slit for a moment or two just to drive her up a wall and then I couldn't take it any more.

The anticipation was too great so I dove my tongue straight down the middle of her slit and slipped it inside her hole. My face was covered in her tasty juices as my tongue ferociously fucked her hole and flicked over her marble sized, swollen clit. Moan after moan followed by swearing and dirty talk as I went down on her. Her legs wrapped around my back as she continually pulled my body into hers sending my face deeper into her sopping went cunt.

Myra was constantly yelling, "Eat my pussy!!" I pressed my finger inside her hole and began circling it over her g-spot as my tongue pulsed over her clit. "Oh my god! Oh my god!!" she kept yelling. I knew she was about to orgasm so I intensified my pace. After about another thirty seconds her pussy began contracting and pulsing on my finger rapidly as her juices shot out of her hole smashing against my face and running down her inner thigh soaking the couch.

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As Myra laid on the couch sighing and moaning with the ecstasy of her gigantic orgasm I licked up her juices on the sides of her legs and sucked gently on her pink pussy lips. "Baby, I haven't came that much in a long time," she said as I sat up next to her on the couch. I unsnapped her bra from the front and it popped off of her perky breast. The cool air conditioning rushed over her erect nipples only making them harder.

My lips explored them brushing over the soft texture of her skin as my mouth graciously sucked on her inviting nipples. Myra ran her fingers through my hair and pulled it lightly as I caressed her neck and nibbled on her ear.

Being thoroughly aroused again, she stood up and took her tight leather skirt off leaving her naked before me. I did the same, taking all my clothes off, and when I was naked she pushed me back on the couch. She stared at my throbbing cock with admiration and then knelt down on her knees in between my legs.

Her delicate hands began to caress my cock as she slid her warm tongue around my purple knob. "I love your young, hard cock," she said just before she engulfed almost every inch of me sending my prick down the back of her throat. Myra began to suck my dick as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft.

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You could tell she genuinely loved sucking a cock and that it wasn't just a duty she had to perform. You could also tell she was grateful to have such a young cock to suck on and play with. The sensation of my cock inside her mouth is indescribable. Sometimes she would just stop and slowly lick the underside of my shaft from top to bottom enjoying every drop of pre-cum that oozed out of my dick.

She was so good at shoving my cock deep down the back of her throat and it felt like she was trying to suck the cum straight out of me. With every bob of her head I became closer to climaxing and I could tell it was going to be a big load.

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It had been about a week since I had any action. Myra stroked the bottom of my shaft with her hand, twisting it back and forth, while her lips sucked on my cock making loud sucking noises. She knew she was about to finish me off. "I'm going to cum!" I yelled out but Myra didn't seem to care. She just kept going. I was about to pop as I said, "I'm cumming!" Just then I spewed a gigantic load of warm jizz into her mouth.

Myra kept stroking me and sucking on my cock as my spunk began to seep out the sides of her mouth and run down my dick into her stroking hand. I let out several other spurts of cum into her welcoming mouth before she stopped to swallow and gulp down my seed.

She licked around my dick for a minute or two gathering up some of the cum that got away from her mouth and then she went and got a moist towel to clean each other up with. Without a doubt, Myra gives the best blowjob I have ever received. "That was awesome!" I said very congratulatory. "You're welcome, how about we eat some dinner now since we both worked up an appetite." Myra put on a short robe that fell just to the bottom of her ass and I put my boxers and a t-shirt on to eat.

She made a quick meal and we both sat at the table and ate we shared frequent glances with one another. She kept teasing me by rubbing my crotch with her foot underneath the table only causing my cock to grow again. I couldn't wait to stick it inside of her tight, wet pussy and make her moan.

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When we were done eating Myra gathered the dishes and began putting them into the sink and cleaning up briefly. I walked up behind her and slid my hands up the back of her legs and underneath her robe.

She stood still and let me squeeze her firm ass for a minute, and then without saying a word, she pulled her robe loose and let it fall to the floor. I took my clothes off and stood behind her naked body caressing and kissing her back and squeezing her supple breast. Myra, all of the sudden, bent over the kitchen counter and spread her legs putting herself into position for me to fuck her.


As I stood behind her the tip of my dick rubbed up against her wet slit coating my cock with her juice. Then I slowly slid my cock through her pussy lips and into her deep hole. Myra moaned as I entered her and started pumping back and forth sending her tits brushing up against the cold counter top. I caressed her back and smacked her ass while my cock was enjoying being inside of her beautiful body.

Her pussy lips gripped my shaft tightly as it slid in and out pounding away at the base of her juicy little cunt. This is what I wanted and have been waiting for all week. Even though I loved fucking Myra in her own kitchen I was ready for a different position. I pulled out of her and she followed me back into the living room.

I sat down on the loveseat and she straddled on top of me and when she was in position, she sat down sending my throbbing cock into her pussy. "I'm in control now!" she said while her sexy body was bouncing up and down on my thick shaft. Her tits smacked against my face when I wasn't sucking or squeezing them.

She loved it when I sucked on her nipples really hard, especially when I was inside her. I just sat back and enjoyed her firm body rocking my world. It wouldn't be long until she was going to make me cum. Myra was getting pretty worked up as well as her intensity increased sending my cock into her pussy deeper and harder than ever before.

"I'm going to blow soon!" "So am I," she said. Moans and swears flew out of her mouth as my dick got super hard and exploded a load of cum deep into Myra's pussy. As I was climaxing, Myra's mouth dropped open and I could feel her juices running down my cock and on my leg. After a few more finishing thrust from her body she collapsed limp on top of me.

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I held her for several minutes while we both caught our breath and enjoyed each others naked bodies being pressed together. My dick eventually shrunk enough and flopped out of her pussy along with some cum that was seeping out of her.

We both got up and she put her robe back on. After we cleaned each other up we spent the rest of the night making love off and on. Sometimes it would be passionate and other times we would be fucking for the shear pleasure of it. Myra loved having a boy toy who was about half her age and I loved have a women who knew how to please a man.

There's a whole lot more to tell about this weekend as you just read about the first night, but you will have to wait until another story.