Beautiful tranny Bruna Lorran ass fucked

Beautiful tranny Bruna Lorran ass fucked
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It all started when i was a week before my 18th birthday. I was the star defensive lineman on the football team and i was dating the hottest cheerleader in school. I was on my way to my truck after the football game when i noticed something in the truck parked next to mine.

there were two people in the truck the girl had her head bobbing up and down in the guys lap.

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I looked closer and i saw it was my girlfriend! I wripped open the door and pulled the guy out by his neck. "You dirty fuck!" i slam his head repeatedly against the hood of his truck and threw him to the ground. I looked the dirty fuckin slut stilll sitting in the cab shocked about what happened. I walked up to her and wisper in her ear "You are dead to me." and that was it a 2 year relationship flushed down the toilet.

I jumped n my truck and drove home as fast as i could. i got to the house and wripped the doors off its hinges as i walk in.

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I run upstair and i start wripping my room apart. I cut open my mattress and wrip up my floor boards and passout from exaustion on the floor. I wake up a few hours later and look at my watch its 5:30 a.m. I hate my life and im alone.

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I sit up and whie the sleep from my eyes and go and look in the mirror. I still had on my clothes from last night. it took me a minute but i realized somethig from looking at myself this wasnt me. Before i started dating that whore Jenifer i had been a normal guy.


I didnt care what i looked like before i started dating her now i was dressed like a piece of shit rich boy. i hated it. I walk around my bed to my closet and i took out everything she made e buy and i took the to the back yard and set that shit on fire. i went back upstairs and put on a simple black shirt with my work jeans and my combat boots. i walked into the garage and looked and my truck.

That bitch had made me paint it light blue and i fucking hated it. I dug in a drawer and brought out sever cans of black spray paint and started painting the bruck when i got done it was 7:30 a.m.

and i decided i was gunna go shopping for myself a new look. I walked into the mall and i knew where i was heading i walked past the Hollister and the Aeropostal which had a couple of y so called "friends" in it. they follwed me and asked me why i was dressed like the way i was and i said "Fuck off" and headed into my old and new favorite store Hottopic.

I walked straight to the guys clothes and grabbed everything i could that fit me and i walked to the cash register.


i knew the cashier from school. her name was Ashley. She was a really nice girl. "Hi Ashley" she looked at me and gasped. "Richard is that you?", "Yep it's me.", "Wow I love the new look." i thanked her. "Whats Jenifer think about it?" i said "I dont really give a fuck" and i told her the story about what happened.

she went around the counter and gave me a hug which lasted a little to long but it was enjoyable. "theres a party tonight and i was wundering since ur single now would you go with me?" i smiled. "Sure" she gave me her number and adress and told me to pick her up at 7:00. I smied and she started to to check out the clothes.

"Ok thats a total of 750 but since your so sweet ill let u have ave off." i gave her the money and kissed her as i left.

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I got back home and walked in the house to find my other and father in the door way. "What the fuck got into you" my father asked. "Dont worry about it." "i damn sur will you ingrateful son of a bitch. Who's gunna pay for this?" then i threw him 500 dollar and walked away. "Where you going?", "To get the fuck away from you, you dick." and i drove off and i have never looked back.

I went back to Hottopic and sat behind the counter and told ashley what happened. She kissed me and tolled me how sorry she was for me.

"You can live in my apartment with me." "Are you serious?" "Yes" i picked her up and kissed her deeply. which wasnt hard considering she was 5'2" and 105 pounds and i was 6'5" ad 273 pounds of nothing but muscle. I set her down and let her get back to work, after about 30 minutes got an idea.

I crawled under the counter and got under Ashleys skirt. i smiled when i found a clean shaved pantieless pussy. I licked up and down ur her slit and i smiled when i heard her gasp.

i licked her pussy for several minutes until i dove my tounge deep into that sweet juicey heaven.

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i started to suck her clit and finger her pussy tnetavely and i was supried to find her hymen still intact. i licked and fingered her until she came and squirted her sweet sweet juice all over my face.

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i licked her pussy clean and cleaned my face and got up just as it was time for her to clock out of work. We walked out hand in hand and walked to my truck and we headed to her house. DO YOU WANT TO READ MORE? COMMENT OR MESAGE ME. IM OPEN TO ANY IDEAS.

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