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Madison, with her perfect light brown long hair, slim body, smooth skin, could become a model. Ryan calls her his 5 ft angel, a name that doesn't do her justice. He believes he's in love with this 16 year old goddess and wouldn't do her harm on any circumstance. Mike, not being in love with all that Madison has to offer, as sweet as she is, never quite got along with her.

since its true he wouldn't mind porking her, you would have to define their relationship as love and hate. This, sometimes hard on Ryan, being between his best friend, and his girlfriend, he does his best. "Hey Fatty-Matty." Ryan comes up to surprise Madison from the back with the most mischievous grin.

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"Mikey.what are you doing here?!" Madison shrieks while turning around, almost spilling her beer. She didn't think she would run into anyone she knew, when her friends convinced her to crash the party thrown by some senor attending the neighboring boys Catholic high school.


"Oh, the question isn't what I'm doing here, but WHO your doing here?" Mikey just wants to make her sweat with his interrogation. "And when Ryan gets an ear of all of this, or THEM." "NO.NO, I can explain, I didn't mean to kiss him, its just that, he said he'd give me a ride home if I didn't, and I don't have a home-ride.yeah" Mikey could tell she was a little tipsy as she tries to explain something he didn't even see. Not knowing any better, Madison is ready to do anything to save her ass.

"I see, but this is gonna hurt my friend," Mikey mocked sincereness. "No, don't.Ill do anything,"she pleaded. "Well." Mikey strokes his chin, looking up and down her curvy body, as if he was coming up with a solution, but that is something he already has. "When people make mistakes, someone gets hurt. and I don't want Ryan to be hurt. you I guess it's only fair for you to get hurt.agreed?" "Yes, yes, anything you want, just don't tell Ryan" With a verbal contract, Mikey just backs Madison into a corner.

He tells her she has to come over to his house at four everyday after school for the next week, to get what she deserves.

Confused but that statement, Mikey explains to her that he will be free to punish her as she wishes.

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She agrees, granted the only think on her mind is not wanting Ryan to get an ear full. After her last class Monday afternoon, continuing with her repetitive routine, Madison goes to pick up books from her locker. After one look of the surprise left in her locker, her reaction is to slam the door. Left inside was the flyer for the party over the weekend with a posted attached.

she opens the door just enough to peek inside to read her message: "Tardiness only has to embarrassment and punishment, and my pleasure. p.s.

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It will be my pleasure" Hurrying to get out of school she crumples the paper to dispose of, and darts out of the hall, down the crowed stair and out the door. The picture of what she did and what she promised hit her all at once, like the popping of a balloon. Feeling guilty for what she did, Madison convinces herself its the right thing to do, that and it would save her ass. Walking up the steps seems like an inturnity, even after a 20 minute walk to Mikey's house from school.

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Before ringing the bell, she adjusts her skirt, and blouse. She is ready. What seems like another long wait for Mikey to answer, is hell. Heart pounding, body shivering of sweat is only the beginning of what her body is about to go through. "Cant You READ!!!?" The door swings open, to reveal darkness, something she couldn't see into because the brightness of the spring day. Quickly looking over, she sees the note posted by the bell: "Please Knock, Thank you" Mikey grabs her by the wrist, a little too rough, and pulls her into the house, past him and she stumbles a bit.

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WACK WACK WACK he lifts up the back of her skirt high, to leave his first impression of her soft, white ass with a ruler. "Ow.What the hell was that for?" Madison dances around a little with no shame to her bouncing skirt. "You just broke another rule.stop breaking rules, and stand still." Mikey grabs her shoulder, and pulls her down the hall into the living room. Large, not looking like its really been lived in, it seems more like a sterile enviorment.

He sits; she stand in front of him, not quite sure what to do. "Stop fiddling." WACK to the thigh "Hands behind your back." WACK to the other thigh.

"Stand up straight." He starts to lift the front of her skirt with the corner of the ruler, just to make her sweat. "I have a few rules for you.make sure you listen. I'm going to tell you everything only this once.

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ANYtime you do anything wrong, you will be punished, but not corrected. And I wouldn't want to see you get punished and not know why." Mikey was having the time of his life with this Angel in front of him, ready for anything he wanted. "First, you, cunt, will address me as Master.

I will call, my little slut, anything, ITS master chooses." The ruler moves up her inner thigh, and then between Madison's panty covered lips, to her minscomfort. "You will do anything your master wants you to do.with out argument. Keep in mind, you are here for punishment.


Third, you at all times must be naked in this house, my house, the home of our master." After a pause, WACK to her right thigh. "I said at all times." Madison just freezes, not knowing what to do. Actually, she knows what he wants, but still cant move.


In slight frustration, Mikey pulls his new slave toy over his awaiting lap, and lifts her little skirt. "What did I just say?" "Naked all the time." Mikey pulls down her blue panties, yanks them all and unzips her skirt. He lets her up and watches the thin skirt fall. Quickly she fixes her blouse to cover herself, being modest. Seeing the raise of one of Mikey's eyebrows, she knows she's done wrong, so she continues to take off her last remaining article of clothing. "No bra, I knew you really were a slut." WACK to her left thigh "Always keep your breasts uncovered, and your legs spread.

Remember, you are a little whore." "The first thing I'm gonna do is what I should have done at the party." With that, he simply pulls that little 5 foot beauty over his lap and starts smacking away with this bare hand. "OW.STOP.OWWY, EH, ITS HUUURTS" "If you think this hurts, I don't know how your gonna hold up the rest of the week. You have a lot of things coming to you."