Rachel liebt schwarzen Schwanz

Rachel liebt schwarzen Schwanz
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******THIS IS PART TWO OF SERIES******* I was laying on my bed relaxing, half way between dozing and resting, my mind in a daze after jacking off.

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I had copied the flash drive to my desktop, laptop and even my tablet. It had been about three weeks since my encounter with Brianna, and I had watched the sadly not HD video from my wall camera about 40 times. It was amazing how fast the memory of that afternoon would flood my mind, where it was oh so vivid. These days I would often relive the experience but with what ever outfit Brianna had worn most recently.

She was damn good at acting like nothing happened, except for the smile she would flash me or the wink she would send me as she walked by my desk. Granted her attendance was down to about two days a week, but if anyone ever checked, her attendance in my class would look damn near perfect.

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Yep I took the bait and yep, I was fudging the numbers for her, I wanted the Christmas present she offered, though I didn't know what she had in mind. I wanted to ask her to attend class more, but that was only because I wanted to see her more. She was hands down the most attractive woman I had ever been with and by far the most intense sexual experience of my somewhat pathetic life. Those breasts! Those trim, but muscular legs, those hips, and that angelic face.

God I wanted her so bad! She was just so luscious; that chocolate milk skin, that jet black purple streaked hair, her sexy hood rat style make up. Suffice it to say, I spent more time than necessary trolling for message boards and websites featuring young ghetto latina pictures. I would run through those looking for a face somewhat similar to Brianna. Then I would start the video, my eyes bouncing from a facial picture to my video until I was rock hard. Then I would lie back, imagine Brianna in the most recent outfit, makeup and hairstyle I had scene and experience that magical afternoon all over again in my mind.

I don't mind telling you, every orgasm I masturbated to thinking of her beat every orgasm I had in my life, save the very first one ever, and of course, my actual orgasm with her. We had just entered the second week of December and I couldn't help but be excited as I knew we were not long from Christmas break and the anticipation of my next encounter with Brianna weighed heavily on my mind.

The late season sun was peaking through my blinds as the sun was setting. The clock read 7:30 on this Sunday night. Tomorrow was Monday, and boy did I look forward to Mondays. Monday was the day Brianna was most likely to show up. I was not disappointed as she strolled in before the bell for second period. She looked amazing, as always. She have her hair pulled back in a long braid, save some strands left free to drape the sides of her face.

She had done purple eye shadow with glitter today and a dark colored lipstick, which I didn't care for, but couldn't help imagining a ring of it on my cock. I was going to push for a blowjob no matter what the next time we met up, I had to know what those lips felt like, and I also was curious what a talented sexpot could do that I was sure I have never experienced.

It was a warm December, not that uncommon down here and Briana took advantage. She was wearing a mid thigh, fairly tight cotton mini skirt, no stockings or nylons, with black open toed sandal heels.

Her toes were painted bright red, like her fingernails and on top she wore a red faded t-shirt, about two sizes too small.

Her breasts looked like they might pop through at any moment and the shirt ended at her belly button, showing a small midriff of skin and the lower half of her dangling belly button ring. She had sunglasses halfway down her nose and she gave me a quick smile. That special smile insinuating the secret we shared.

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I watched her ass cheeks push against the back of her skirt, each step riding it up a little. She pulled it back down before she took her seat, and I had to wonder how often she had to do that during the day. I also wondered if she was wearing panties today.

The period passed without incident and Brianna didn't give me any extra attention as she left and she didn't come in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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But Thursday happened to have another little surprise in store for me. I was doing what I usually did, but this time it was the monthly term papers. Let's just say most of them left a lot to be desired. One idiot actually wrote the way he talks, using his own spelling for words, making it hard to read.

That was when I heard a knock at the door. I got really excited, was my long agonizing wait for my goddess over? Nope, it was the janitor. His name was Frank and he was pretty old for a janitor. He emptied the trash cans and recycling and was wiping down the desks when the door to the classroom opened and Leticia walked in. Leticia was about as dumb as a stump, talked ghetto, lived ghetto. Not swag ghetto like Brianna, but more traditional Cholo.

She was lighter skinned than Brianna, more like a lightly tanned Caucasian but a definite Latina. I have always preferred the more petite style of woman but Leticia made the argument that voluptuous was just fine. She had a decent face, a bot more mongoloid like, definitely a tighter bloodline to the natives of middle America from the days of Cortez. She certainly wasn't ugly, it was just that compared to Brianna, she was distant 2nd, but then again, what woman wasn't?

I had never paid all that much attention to most of the girls at school but after my encounter, I couldn't help it. Leticia was about 5 foot 5, and thick, very voluptuous.

She had very large round breasts that stuck out from her meaty upper body, and her hips were very pronounced. She had almond shaped brown eyes. She had gauges in each ear, wore rings on most fingers, had a bull style nose horseshoe ring and her brown hair was left natural, save for the bangs which were teased to give them more body.

She was wearing jeans that showed off her pronounced derrierre, which was pretty damn sexy now that I thought about it. She was wearing sneakers and a black tank top with a white Dodgers LA on the front. She wasn't the most feminine and her tear drop tattoo near her eye and the tattoos along both arms were not really my style.

She did have great lips though. Shit, they were better than Brianna's now that I thought about it, though any man would prefer to stare at Brianna's eyes while sucking them off. "Yo, Mr. Williams, can I tawk to you?" "Sure Leticia, what do you need?" "Well I was wondering what I need to get on the midterm to get a passing grade." I tried not to be too harsh on her, but this girl had done maybe 20% of the homework assignments and failed I think she had averaged less than 50% on the tests she had shown up for.

I looked at her and said, "Well Leticia, you are going to really have to buckle down. I am afraid your grade isn't looking too good right now." Leticia licked her lips quickly making them shin. Her eyes darted over to Frank for a moment before she responded. "Well, do you think you could give me a quick review of some of the material?

I really want to do well." "Well, um, I was planning to go home soon. . " "Please Mr. Williams!?" Leticia pleaded with me, and I saw tears in her eyes.

"Uh, yeah sure, I can give you an hour ok? And then you need to go home and put in a long night of study." "Thank you Mr. W! You are awesome!" We dove into the latest chapter and had come across the formation of the Soviet Union. She was having trouble understanding the different between Communism and other governments when Fred said goodbye for the night and wheeled his cart out into the hall.

"Here imagine different governments as a broken circle instead of a line" I went to the chalk board and was listing forms of government on the diagram when I felt a hard massaging the front of my pants. I spun around to see Leticia looking at me with a smirk. "La-Leticia. uh. . wha--what are you doing?" "My home girl Bree told me about your little arrangement. I know I am not super fly like her but my man says I can make him cum like a wild man.

I don't need an A or nuttin' like Bree, just a passing grade. If I flunk out my man say he would kill me, he wants a good woman." I was wondering how a D- equaled a good woman. I also wondered if "kill me" was an exaggeration, or what would really happen. I was pretty sure Leticia was either starting in a gang or at least was dating a gangsta. "Look Leticia, I didn't actually make an agreement with Brianna, it just.

. ." "What? She said she was fucking you for a good grade. That bitch fuckin' lying to me?" "Yes, I mean, no. Look I didn't plan it, it just happened and, well, Jesus, how many people has she told?" "Don't know, she just told me last night when I told her I was gonna fail." "Uh, shit.

Look, how about you just study hard tonight and I will grade you easy?" Don't get me wrong, I wasn't against fucking her, she was plenty decent, but I was afraid her "man" might come after me if he found out.

"I know I ain't super fly like her, but I will prove my worth, only, I am on my period so I can't fuck you, but I am sure I can make you cum." Her hand was still rubbing me and I was growing to full mast quickly.

"Well, maybe we should. . uh. . oh. . oooooooh-uh-OOOOH!" Damn what is it with those Latin women and sex? Are they just born knowing? She had pulled down my zipper, fished out my chubbed up dick and was on her knees, licking it like an popsicle. "Mmmm-mmmmmm-hm-hm-hm" she giggled as she slid her lips around my cock head and took me in her mouth down to the base like it was nothing. I loved watching those plump lips sliding up and down my manhood.

Not for the first time, I wished I had more of a cock to watch her suck. Leticia kept looking up at me, and I gotta admit, watching a pretty young lady sucking you while looking you in the eye. . .there is just something so surreal about it. As she worked on me I leaned my head back against the chalkboard and closed my eyes. Immediately the vision of Brianna in the t-shirt and skirt working me entered my mind's eye.

I knew it was a mistake as soon as I did it as I felt my sack begin to tingle. I threw open my eyes, looking around for something to focus on, not wanting to cum already. This girl really knew her fellatio. I clenched my dick as hard as I could trying to hold the cum in. Leticia felt my cock clench and she must have misread that I was trying to cum. She ran two nails softly along the bottom of my testicles and though I was clenching a little cum shot through.

I tried to relax and let it flow since I knew I couldn't hold it but I hit that damn in between. I came a big, one good spurt, one tiny other but my orgasm was really muted and I simultaneously felt like I came, and like I had terrible blue balls.

It felt like cum was stuck in the vessels from my balls to my cock, and I was pissed at myself for trying so hard to hold it. I looked down and Leticia pulled off with a confused look on her face. "Damn, Bree told me you was a big cummer, but that wasn't much," she said after gulping down what I gave her. I sighed, really pissed at myself for wasting suck a good cocksucker. "I was trying to hold it in, and, well, it only came out half way." "No shit?

My man has done that, he always wants to fuck right away to get it out." "Well you said you can't. . " "No but my colo is good to go." "What?" I didn't understand what that meant. Like it was nothing Leticia stood up and yanked down her jeans and her g-string and put her elbows on my desk, her puckered asshole presented to me front and center. Jesus, do these kids have no shame?

These teen girls weren't young and innocent by any stretch, but damn, I don't remember them willing to give it up like this back in my day. Not that I was complaining. "Um, wow. Uh, well I am not hard enough to. . ." "Oh shits, my bad!" Leticia spun around and onto her knees in one motion and began to work my cock with her tongue again. Boy this gal knew her stuff.

It wasn't more than a couple of minutes and she brought me back to life. I didn't even think my cock had it in it to come back to attention. Once I was good and hard she pulled those wonderful lips free, and spit in her hand twice and rubbed her up and down. "Alright, that should be slick enough, go slow to start ok?" With that she plopped back down on her elbows and straightened her legs, presenting herself to me again.

I reached our and squeezed one ass cheek, damn it was firm!! Her ass looked like the insides wanted to bust through. The skin on them was taut, soft and very consistent in color. In my subpar existence I had never, ever been up someone's asshole, but it suddenly sounded so enticing and inviting. I pulled it up and down and the fucking cheek barely moved, it was so solid and perky.

Before my experience with Brianna I would have been too afraid and stunned to do anything, but I felt liberated after being with her. Regardless of why, I had fucked the hottest woman I had ever seen, so now other women seemed much less intimidating. I took a big breath and pointed my dick at her puckered opening and pushed with my hips and my hand. It was obviously not her first rodeo as I felt her sphincter loosen almost immediately. I was mesmerized watching my cock head disappear inside her.

It was the first rectum my penis had ever been in, and it instantly had me wondering if this is why some men went gay. It was so tight, every inch of my cock in her felt like it was gripped, massaged, pulled, squeezed. It was fantastic. I was in over halfway now and even with a gun to my head I wouldn't have stopped. I wanted to feel that sensual pressure over ever inch. "Oh fuck Leticia." I grunted out as quietly as I could. "Me colo esta bueno Mr. W?" I was too focused on watching the rest of my penis disappear inside her teenage rectum.

I finally, after a seemingly long sustained push was home. I fell forward a bit, my hands pressed on the desk, panting. I heard Leticia giggling under me, but I didn't care. I had no earthly idea how amazing a teen ass could feel, I had never even imagined it. No question I wanted to be inside Brianna's ass more than anything. If I had to, I was gonna blackmail that girl, tell her it was her ass or an F.

"Oh Christ! Jesus! It's so damn tight!" I stood back up straight, my gaze falling to the door of the classroom. The door was open! Not a lot, just a crack and the hall light was coming in. I needed to go close the door. But I wasn't leaving that ass.

I couldn't live with myself if I did. Plus, every bit of this experience, I mean these experiences was not just the good sex, but the taboo of it all. My students, too young for a guy my age, essentially bartering grades for sex favors, my entire career, maybe jail? It just made it hotter. My whole life I had never done naughty things. Well not that I considered naughty. But now I had a taste and it was delicious, the forbidden apple of Eden.

The thrill of getting caught just turned me on more. I felt more like a man than at any time in my life. I felt dominant. I grabbed the hips of my toy and began to work up a consistent and aggressive rhythm. The slap of her ass and my groin became pronounced. The sound echoed through my ears.

Leticia's made a couple of quiet squeaks, I guess she hadn't expected me to be pro active. I reached out with one hand and grabbed her hair and pulled her head up and I continued to slide in and out of her gripping anus. "Fffffffuck! Yeah! Give it to me-ee-ee-ee-rrr-rrr-rrrr." My whole body was tingling, I had never felt such liberating pleasure and never had my nerves all felt heightened at the same time.

"Damn papi. Go for it." Leticia goaded me on, enjoying my effort. I let go of her hip and felt her up, pushing her top and bra over her right breast and massaged it.


Jesus it was huge! But not fat huge, just natural goodness from the equator. I wanted to suck them, but I was not giving up this ass! It had awoken a whole new realm to me. Brianna had pulled me out of my lifelong sexual shell, now Leticia was receiving my first liberated thrusts, apparently she knew it was something special.

I let go of her hair and breast and grabbed her hips again. Time was short, and I wasn't going to have a god damned half orgasm this time! I dug my nails into her skin and began thrusting to hard to her that my feet came off the ground.

Every thrust was slamming her into the desk, causing a short screech as it slid along the tile. "OO-UH-OO-UH-OO-UH!" Leticia just went back and forth in short breaths, her hands gripping the near side of the desk.

"Ok, ah shit. Ah shit Leticia, oh shit baby!" For the first time I was using my full voice. I just didn't care, I felt something special brewing. "Ooo-Oh d-d-damn pa-pa-pa-pa-pi!

Chinga!" Leticia pushed through her moans. I may not have been big, but I was giving it everything I had and I was outperforming my expected abilities.

Fuck the cum was gathering, my dick already had the on fire feeling, each thrust now doubled in intensity of pleasure.

I kept a firm grasp on her hips and continued slamming. My heart was pounding in my head, I felt like I was completely out of breath. "Oh no, no, oh god Leticia, ohhhh!" I felt a jet of cum rush through my penis.

The orgasm flew up my shaft with my cum and I felt like my brain was short circuiting. I felt too much pleasure so I couldn't feel much, my body was already over the limit as the second torrent of cum bubbled through me into her colon.


Her ass was so tight the cum was just redirected back out and I felt it coat my cock, making her entry way so lubricated that I was sad I could just keep fucking. "Ohhhhhrrrr. Ffffffuck Leti. . Oh, oh shiiii, oh. . god. . oh." My thrust slowed as my body reacted to coming down past my peak and I was leaning on Leticia for support. "Oh damn baby." I mumbled into her shoulder and I tried to ride out the dizziness.


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Damn papi, that was all right. Bree didn't tell me you were a pile driver. Leticia laughed over her shoulder and patted my hand with hers. I held her, panting for probably a minute before I felt recovered enough to pull out of her and sit in my chair. I stared down at my dick, still inside my pants and boxers, sticking out through the piss hole.

Boy, these pants were gonna be odd to wear home, especially with smeared cum and other juices all over. I just sat there panting. "Fuck yeah papi.

Mm!" Leticia said and she bent down to grab her pants, her asshole glistening with my cum, and I snickered when I saw her pull on the g-string. With as ass like that, why bother with undies at all? She spun around and bent over to give me a kiss on the top of my head. She was on her way to the door when I asked, "so, you weren't my Christmas present?" "Que?

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Present?" "Well, Brianna said if I kept up my side of the bargain she would give me a present for Christmas." She sat and thought for just a moment and then her eyes got wide.

"Oh jaaaah! I didn't know she called it a present," she stopped for a giggle. "No Papi. Not me, you are gonna love your present." With that she walked out the door. My dick had shriveled up to it's smallest after that adventure. I tucked it away and went to the cabinet. Hoping every day was my next with Brianna I had purchased a much better camera and bigger memory card, plus I reset it every morning just to be sure. So at least I had something new to watch, though I had a feeling I wouldn't have an erection for a day or two following that amazing ass fuck.