Three hot blonde roulette playing girls

Three hot blonde roulette playing girls
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]Up to this point in my life most of my sexual exploits have come at the hand of younger women. For the past several years my business partners Jay, Bill and John have been trying to get Faith my girlfriend and me to partake in their swinger parties. I understand why the guys want to fuck Faith. To them she's an attractive younger woman, perky breasts, tight ass, juicy tight pink pussy and an asshole that has only been fucked by me. It was a complete turn-on for the husbands of course; as for the wives, I was a much younger catch, who is able to keep it up longer than their husbands.

Quite frankly I have a much better looking physique than my counter parts. Plus and this is the most important thing; Faith and I had not participated in their fuck parties, so we were considered swinger virgins, which seems to be a complete turn on for all of them. With my partners being swingers and keeping mistresses or boy toys, these people had plenty of sexual outlets. The sheer number of sexual partners they had over the years and combinations is really hard to comprehend.

Faith and myself have been given invitation after invitation to partake in their escapades but our better judgment has prevailed so far. Now, John one of my business partners happened to be mentored by my father over 20 years prior to this. Cindy his second wife is fifteen years his junior and is a very enthusiastic woman when it comes to sex. For many years she has considered herself to be the character Ahab for my Moby Dick. I was her great white whale that continued to slip through her nets of sexual deceptions.

There never seemed to be a time when we are together either for business or pleasure that Cindy doesn't make it perfectly clear that she wants me to fuck her. One of the very sad things to see in life is an older woman constantly throwing herself at a younger man who continues to deny his young cock to her well-used and abused pussy. It is also very sad to see a woman fuck, every guy that comes through the door at their parties because her husband loves to jerk off as strangers fuck his wife in front of him.

It is also extremely sad that she never new about a mistress John was keeping not only from her but from the rest of the group as well. As it was explained to me if Faith and myself were to become part of their inner circle was: You were allowed to share with as many partners as you wish either male or female with the group. You were allowed to fuck them at anytime you desired with out any consequences. John on the other hand kept his mistress all to himself.

Now it was not uncommon for John to go out for the afternoon and have his escapades with the partner's wives and their mistresses. I mean all the partners did. After being with the firm for a couple of years I noticed that when John would leave for the afternoon he would always mention where he was going.

For the past several months he was very secretive about his whereabouts and he asked me to cover for him quite often. I kinda figured that it was strange John being so secretive and all but who was I to question where he was going the guy got pussy just about every day of his life. John was the most liberal of all the partners when it came to taking advantage of the swinger agreement. They all had to keep their sexual affairs between the partners, wives and mistresses, unless they were at a swinger party.

It was only after John's daughter Monica announced that she was to be married that things became very interesting. Now, because of the age difference between John and Cindy his daughters didn't think of their stepmother as their mother but more as a friend. The girls new about their parents' sexual habits and it didn't seem to affect them all that much. John's first wife had passed when the girls were a lot younger.

John was left with two young girls to raise by himself. When Cindy came on the scene the relationship between the girls and John started to relax or so people thought until one particular afternoon. On that fateful afternoon John popped his head into my office and mentioned he was going out with Monica to get as many details done for her up coming wedding as possible.

He asked me to take care of one semi-important call from a client who was looking for some details about her cheating husband. The call came in about ten minutes after John left, I relayed the info that John had for her and my afternoon was now free to do whatever I wanted.

Now, I had a standing arrangement with Faith my girlfriend that I was allowed to fuck her best friend April like she was my own girlfriend. The two were more than best friends it was like they were sisters that shared everything and that included me. Over the last several years it was not uncommon that when I woke in the morning that both were in the same bed with me.

I called Faith to see if she was able to get free for the afternoon and meet me at home for some afternoon delight. Unfortunately she was going to be stuck at work and asked if it was all right if I were to just call April to satisfy my sexual urges for the afternoon?

Faith gave me her blessings to get laid and expressed that she was horny also and she would require my services later that evening.

April met me at our hotel of choice for the afternoon and we both enjoyed each other's company immensely. As usual, she was one hell of a lay and can suck cock like a Hoover vacuum sweeper.


As we were leaving our hotel room there was a major surprise waiting for us. We both noticed a couple down the hallway in front of us it was John and Monica coming out of a room together hand and hand.

Now, there had to be a logical explanation as to why they were leaving the room. It could have been they were checking it out for family to stay for the wedding.

Maybe it was for the girls in the wedding party to get dressed or doing their make-up. That went out the window very quickly as we tried to catch up to them. April and I were following them to the parking lot when John slapped Monica's ass and she spun around and smiled at her father and said something that we couldn't hear then grabbed his face and pushed her tongue down her father's mouth.

April and I stood there looking at each other in complete shock. We didn't know what to say or do so we ducked behind the wall until they left. I have to admit her kiss gave me a little wood it was pretty damn hot seeing a young girl being aggressive with an older man even though it was sick and it was her father; we both felt that the best thing to do was to go home and not say anything to anybody.

If that were the end of it this story it would end right here but as fate would play it's hand it is not the end of the story. With just a few short weeks before the wedding Monica started showing her face in the office more and more apparently to obtain money to pay for the wedding from her father. I guess that blackmail has its place as John was shelling out thousands of dollars on Monica's wedding and Monica continued to add more and more guests to the list. Monica was supposed to have a modest wedding with about 150 people but after their little rendezvous the list had more than doubled in the last few weeks.

After Monica had left the office John buzzed me and asked me to go out for lunch. After several drinks John began to confide in me that Monica was out of control and since I was nearer in age to her and no one else was able to quell the storm of her spending; he begged me to take a stab at trying to put a stop to it all.

I was quite uncomfortable with this task being John's daughter and all but with everything that John had done for me over the past couple of years how could I refuse him. As I picked up the phone to call Monica there came a lot of apprehension on my part about speaking to her.

For some reason I couldn't get Monica's kiss with her father out of my head. For the last several days when she would pop into the office I would get some strange feelings that in stomach and below my belt as well. I guess I knew her secret that she and her father were keeping. On the outside she was this prim and proper girl that never seemed to do anything wrong but I knew underneath all that lurked a dirty, nasty little whore just waiting to explode out of it's shell.

I also was paying much more attention to the way she was dressing, her hair and the perfume that she was wearing. It got so bad that the night before I called her Faith and I were fooling around in bed and as I was on top of her all I could do was imagine Monica's face looking back up at me.

At this point I knew I had to be careful she was the boss' daughter and I needed to stay away from her even though deep in my loins my cock was aching to spread her pussy lips and fuck her. No matter what I felt when I met with her I had to be civil but cold and not let my feelings of wanting to treat her like a fuck toy interfere with the task at hand. My approach had to be simple I would try to reach out to Monica's sensibilities.

I was going let her know that she was spending more of her inheritance on one event than her father spent for her to go to college. She should let her common sense take over. I would let her know that she should be putting money away for her kids college funds and her retirement funds rather than on appetizers that would be gone in matter of minutes with nothing to show for it. We met later that afternoon at a coffee house and as hard as it was I kept my sexual impulses under control and got through our little talk without exposing my true feelings for the little twat.

After speaking with her she agreed that she needed to slow down. She told me she still had just a few more inconsequential items to purchase. With such a short period of time her spending did come almost to a halt but instead of a lot of small purchases for a little bit of money, her purchases were fewer but at much higher price tags.

John was still unhappy about the money and once again he ordered me to try and stop her at all costs as his savings was dwindling down to nothing. The feelings that were pent up below my belt for Monica were still there and her pussy was the obligatory off limits pussy.

This of course made me want to fuck her pink slit all the more. Once again we were going to meet at the coffee shop and this time I needed to be cold and brutal with her and end her spending once and for all. When I arrived Monica was already waiting for me sitting on this little love seat reading Cosmo. She was sitting there with her legs crossed wearing this silver outfit that made her look so damn hot. It was this little bra like top and mini skirt that stopped very high on her thighs.

Any higher and you could know what her religion was if you know what I mean. As hot as she looked sitting there with her hair draped around her face and covering her breasts she looked too damn cute for me to go off on her. I thought to my self, "Be cold and harsh so your cock doesn't pop up and embarrass yourself." I began and followed my plan to a tee and our conversation became so heated that the cat finally slipped out of the bag. I asked her, "How long will you blackmail your father for the things that he has done to you?

Will you completely bankrupt him just to spite him and your sister Nicole who is innocent in this?" With her face slowly becoming redder by the second she put her hands to her face and asked. "Do you know about my father and I?" "Well a few weeks ago I was leaving the same hotel as you and your father and we noticed something that most father's and daughter's abstain from. Then when all the spending went crazy for the wedding I realized that you had decided to get exactly what you wanted.

A huge wedding and a distain for your father that seems you will never let go. I have to tell you something that he has shared with me you have spent an enormous amount of money. Your dad is at the point where he is letting two of his private detectives go because he can no longer afford to hold on to them.

Your father in the past several years has never mentioned anything about money until now." I went on for about another twenty minutes or so and I guess I wasn't paying attention but Monica started to pout and cry and I hadn't even noticed.

Monica's sobbing became uncontrollable and I thought my words were too harsh for her and I immediately apologized to her. Seeing how I hurt her that she still looked so hot and here was my opportunity to hold her without it being sexual. I put my arms around her to console her and after a minute she looked up at me with her young brown eyes that were blood shot and said, "You don't have to apologize you just don't understand I'm in love with him he he was my first and most precious lover I gave him my virginity because I loved him and he was such a lonely man that afternoon when you caught us my father cut me off that was our last rendezvous because of my impending marriage I don't hate my father I'm in love with old bastard He's been fucking me for over ten years way before Cindy married him.

He wasn't a swinger until he met her she ruined him and made him into a sexual deviant, I was his sexual outlet at home he fucked both Nicole and me, sometimes at the same time.

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Now, that has all come to an end and even though my future husband comes from wealth he is no match for my father in the bedroom." She looked at me and she apologized to me for being a bitch. With that there came an unexpected kiss on the lips. I could no longer take it the sexual tension that I had for this chick became too much and there came the rise in my pants that was just as unexpected.

With my new predicament raising my pants like a tent there was no way to avoid the situation. She said, "I guess you're happy, huh? I thought you didn't like me?" I said, "I don't hate you your father gave me this shitty detail because he doesn't know how to deal with you anymore.

For some reason since I saw you kiss your old man I've had all kinds of strange stirrings about you. I actually I can't believe I'm going to tell you this the other night when Faith and I were doing it I imagined that you and I were fucking each other." "Huh, that's really interesting you know I do have some spare time my father always told me.

If you get a mans dick hard then it's your job to fuck it, suck it or stroke it until it goes back down. My father is a wise man and I haven't gotten laid in weeks! After what you said to me I think the best way for you to apologize to me is give me that stiff cock and let me stroke it, suck it and then fucking spread my legs and you can fuck me." I thought to myself "Holy shit I can't fuck this girl no matter how bad I want to or she wants to I'm going to lose my job this is fucking crazy." I looked her in the eye and tried to deflect from what was happening and said, "Is everyone in your family so free sexually that you guys will just fuck anyone you want?

You are going to get married in less than two weeks do you really want to have an affair that could stop your wedding and your happiness? I understand the long time sexual relationship with your father as wrong as it is; why would you put your happiness at such a risk on an affair that has no chance of going anywhere? I mean it is completely meaningless you don't want to be with me. Save yourself for your husband and teach him how to make love to you so that you can be happy." "Oh shit.

Don't be so self-righteous. I know that you fuck April and that you cheat on Faith all the time. You're no better than me, or my family. You just choose to do it with fewer women than my father. Are you scared? Don't be. No one will ever know that we fucked so close to my wedding. If you like me enough maybe our affair could continue longer than you think after I'm married. My father isn't going to fuck me and talking with April and Faith they both brag that you are a good lover; so why not me?

Are you too good for me? Is your convoluted morality so high brow that you think that you are lowering yourself to a level that is beneath you?" "No.

All I know is that if I was two weeks away from my nuptials I would be completely monogamous. I would hope that the woman I have chosen is right for me and that we have worked out all our sexual wants and needs before the marriage. I am not scared. Faith and I have an open relationship. So, why not you?" At this point I figured what the fuck why not she hot and Faith wouldn't care if I fucked this little twat she means nothing to me.

"Is there anyone home at your house because Faith and April are at mine we could go to a hotel for a couple of hours, what do you say?" She said, "Let's go back to my place my dad and Cindy are going to one of their parties tonight.

Just take me back and I'll explain to my dad that you straightened me out and we can get buck naked and get really wild with no one home." Off we went to John's house when we got there just as planned Monica went out of her way to apologize to her father and she told him that when they had a lot more time they'd talk about their situation.

John invited me into the kitchen for a beer and thanked me for everything. The girls went upstairs and about 20 minutes later Cindy came down wearing her typical slut wear.

Monica invited me to stay and watch a movie and John whispered in my ear, "Keep her company for an hour or so, thanks, see you tomorrow at work." Out the door they went and the two of us went into the family room where she put on a movie. Monica turned and said, "Look my dad doesn't trust you and especially me. So, he will find some excuse to come back so let's keep cool for a while." Like clock work John seemed to leave his sun glasses behind and was happy to see that I was in the recliner and his daughter on the other side of the room as far away from me as possible.

He smiled at us and winked at me, "Thanks again, have a good night and say hello to your woman Faith. Good night honey see you in the morning" With that John was finally gone. Monica got up and made her way over to the chair smirking at me. She stood there showing off her body to me. She had her and on her hip and she smiled at me, "Like what you see.

Now let's see if I can get that snake of yours nice and hard again?" Monica pulled her skirt up a little exposing her matching thong and sat down on my lap. "How about a lap dance? I can be your private dancer?" Once again my cock rose to the occasion with her tight little ass sliding up and down on my hard rock cock.

She spun around to face me and her knees squeezed my legs together as she began grinding my cock again with her pussy. "Now it's time for me to take care of my responsibilities. I had no idea that you wanted little ole me. I thought I was too young for you but I'm glad that you think that I'm not." Her pussy was so hot I could feel the heat pumping out of her love furnace down onto my cock.

"You're not too young Monica and my cock sure doesn't care how old you are. You've been fucking your dad all theses years you must be a pro by now." She moved my head between her breasts and I started kissing her titties and she began to moan oh so softly. My hands went to her breasts and very slowly and deliberately caressed them as my lips were sucking on her nipples.

"Oh yeah gentle their so sensitive baby fucking yeah baby April was right about you, you definitely know what you're doing." She pulled my head off of her nipples and she moved her mouth down to mine.

Kissing each other the foreplay began slow and sensual. I pushed my tongue between her lips and a small wisp of her breath pushed out from her mouth as the arousal from her breasts and pussy continued to turn her on and made me crave to have her pussy now more than ever. "Apparently you are all grown up look at these nice tits, they feel and seem all grown up to me.

I got to have your pussy now my cock is aching for your pussy baby." Monica stood up and twirled around as her skirt flew up in the air showing me her ass.

"So this is what you want aye? Look at how wet you made my cunt." Pulling her skirt down from her hips exposing her panties she smacked her hard ass and then bent forward revealing to me the outline of her wet pussy. Her stained panties accentuating her camel toe; her tiny little slit was saturated right down the middle.

Her finger made its way to the side of her panties and bared her pussy to me.

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Her pussy lips were wet and her asshole was spreading open ever so slightly for me. "Oh how I want to feel you inside of me I want that nice thick cock. Please don't disappoint me, my pussy it's right here and I want your cock inside of it." Monica's fingers slowly slipped into her dripping pussy.

"You want to put your cock right here? It's nice and slick for you're cock to slide in nice and smooth baby." I stood up as well and the need to release my cock from its confinement it became too unbearable for me. "Wow, Dan I was right that cock is nice and thick (biting her lip and staring at my cock her mouth opened a little) you're cock is beautiful my dad is not circumcised but your cock well, it's beautiful come on Dan I want your cock." I stood there stroking my cock watching her finger her pink slit, as we caught each other's eyes we began to smile then giggled at each other and Monica said, "I'm going to let you bust open my fuck holes with that thick hard, dick of yours come on and get you some." Looking into her eyes I finally got to realize the dirty little whore that was about to burst out of her shell, she was a real vixen.

I said, "You're going to have to get my rod nice and wet if I'm going to be able to slip my cock in those tiny holes of yours." With my cock at Monica's eye level she dropped down to her hands and knees she crawled over to my cock like a cat.

Monica opened her mouth and let about half of my cock slide into her mouth. "Good job your mouth is so warm and wet I see why your daddy let's you do this to him.

Your mouth feels wonderful Monica don't stop sucking me." Wanting to see her suck my cock my hands pulled her silky hair away from her face and I had a great view of my cock sliding inside of her mouth. "Monica you look so beautiful with my cock stretching out the side of your mouth. Here give me your hand and caress the head of my cock as it stretches the side of your mouth rub the head baby, yeah baby that feels so fucking good it feels awesome I never knew you were so damn eager to please like this." I slid my hands to the back of her head and began to thrust very slowly and deliberately trying to get my cock down her throat.

Her moist mouth was soaking my cock with her spit and my cock finally penetrated her throat and she began to thrust her head down deeper and deeper on my cock taking in every last bit as her lips kissed the base of my cock.

After a couple of seconds there came choking sounds and coughing. There was apparently too much saliva in her mouth and as my cock slid out from her mouth she spit on the floor. She moved her hand to my cock and began stroking it nice and softly as it was drenched now, she looked up at me coughing, "Dan your cock your cock fills up every inch of my mouth I love sucking your cock baby." Not wanting to give up she again took my cock back into her mouth breathing very heavily through her nose and coughing on the head of my cock as it once again hit the precipice of her throat.

I grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back so I could watch my cock fuck her mouth with nothing in the way to block my view. I told her to open her mouth wider and I began fucking her mouth as I pulled down on her chin gaping her mouth so my cock would slide down her throat once again. As my cock pumped and slid inside of her mouth her spit began to drool out the sides of her mouth, down her chin and then all over her tits, then sliding down her flat belly meeting up at the top of her clit then finally dripping onto the floor.

How fucking hot is that. She was choking on my rod and yet my cock never slid out of her warm inviting mouth. She was taking this pleasuring thing very seriously. She looked up at me with her doe like eyes as my hips thrust forward and backwards pushing my cock from her lips to the deep recesses of her very tight throat. Her throat was making these awful gagging sounds as my cock worked its way inside of her mouth.

I said, "Keep you mouth open nice and wide that's it take my cock bitch." She was very obedient as my cock was sticking out of my pants. She said, "Come on let's get these off baby your zipper is cutting open my lip." She reached up and undid my belt then my pants button and my pants fell to the floor. Then with one deft swift move she bit the elastic band around my underwear and with her teeth pulled them down to my ankles. When her head popped back up I began slapping her face and mouth with my cock.

"That's it bitch bow down and give praise to the all mighty cock you are now my cock whore aren't you you MY dirty little cock sucking whore aren't you?" "Yeah I like it call me your whore and I'll bow down and worship your beautiful cock and do what it tells me to do." She reached up and wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and guided the head back inside of her mouth and jerked my cock in circular motions inside her warm and appealing mouth again.

After a couple of minutes more of her pleasuring my cock and nearly ready to cum I wanted to wait before blasting a load on her face. So pulling my cock out of her mouth I reached down to her bra like top and pulling her upwards Monica's arms came up and her top slipped right off of her. Her tits bounced from side to side and I smiled, as my eyes couldn't come off of them. "See here are my all grown up tits see how wound up you got me?

My nipples are so fucking hard and sensitive." Monica fingers played with her nipples keeping them hard and erect. Then she began playing with her nipples as I was slapping my cock up against the side of her face.

Not wanting to be outdone there came a gulp and my cock was back down her sopping wet throat once again. As my cock slid out once again, after she got done gagging on me she said, "It's not fair I want you to munch on me too." I pulled her up onto her feet. She hugged me tight and whispered in my ear "I want you to tongue fuck my cunt hole and my asshole baby." My hands slid down to her ass as my tongue entered her mouth again.

Kissing her very slowly and sensually and moved my hands down to her pussy and my hand moved her panties to one side. My finger caressed the outside of her pussy lips and then and I don't know how she did it but my finger seemed to have gotten sucked inside of her. Standing there fingering her she finally looked at me.

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"I really want your tongue inside of me I can't take it anymore EAT MY FUCKING CUNT." Lifting her up in the air I spun her upside down so her pussy was in my face and her head dangled in front of my penis. With my arms wrapped around her waist holding her very still I was savoring her pussy juices that made my cock so hard that I could probably cut glass with it.

"The aroma of your cunt juices is making me hungry baby I need to taste your spunk." My tongue no longer hesitated as it split her outer pussy lips and then the tip of my tongue entered her small slit. Monica's mouth once again wrapped itself around the shaft of my cock. "I can't stop sucking your nice thick piece of man meat Danny." I held her there for a couple of minutes as we ate each other. I didn't want to stop as my face was covered in her pussy juices.

After another couple of minutes, she said, "Baby, you got to put me down all the blood is rushing to my head making me dizzy put me down baby." "Don't tell me what to do you bad girl you're my cock sucking whore I don't take orders from you I'm in charge here." I bent her over my knee and with an open hand started spanking her ass with as much gusto as I could muster. Her ass cheeks were bright red after a minute and with an angry face she turned and looked back at me "I didn't do anything wrong why am I a bad girl?" "Because I didn't tell you that you were allowed to stop sucking my cock.

Now, take this you dirty little whore." Pulling her panties straight up as she was bent over my knee I was giving her an atomic wedgey with my left and with my right hand I spread her pussy open and leaned down and spit on her pussy lips. Then without any warning jammed two fingers deep inside her fuck hole. Her fuck hole was absolutely soaking wet with my fingers inside of her. Monica screamed as my fingers went deep inside of her all the way to the knuckles. I let her panties go and slapped her ass again as hard as I could while adding another finger pushing inside of her.

"Come you bad girl take three fingers up your fucking cunt hole?" "Wow, stretch my pussy walls baby push those fingers deeper come on go faster." I pushed faster and faster inside of her cunt. "That's it Danny now go deeper and push harder get them deeper yeah, ooh that feels so damn good deeper baby come faster and deeper make me cum on your fingers Danny." Then trying another finger inside her pussy my fingers stretched the walls of her pussy open as far as they could go.

I continued to spank her now gleaming pink ass harder and harder. "Yes, baby smack me baby ooh Danny yes, yes honey I've been really bad and need to be punished stick a finger up my asshole and teach me how really bad girls get punished I really am a bad girl come on baby let me be you're dirty little whore yeah that's it Danny do it do it nice and hard push your fingers deeper, come on deeper." I obeyed her wishes and with my left hand pushed my thumb up very gingerly inside her asshole.

Damn, it was awesome being able to feel my fingers through the small membrane that separated her pussy and asshole. I couldn't take it anymore looking down at her tight ass with my fingers working inside of her I needed to get my cock inside of her.

I pushed her down on the chair and she spun around so she was now facing me. I dropped down to my knees and like she did I bit the top of her panties and slid them off with my teeth. "My cock needs your pussy so bad Let's see how well your daddy taught you how to fuck." When I came back up with her spunky smelling panties in my mouth Monica smiled at me and said, "My legs are spread for you and my pussy is dripping with cum it's time for you to give me your thick, long hard cock." My cock was ready to get to work.

Monica moved her hands between her legs and smiled at me. "This has been my daddy's pussy for so many years, it's going to be strange to have a bigger and thicker cock sliding inside it's walls my pussy can't wait to feel a real circumcised cock with it's head always exposed to the sensitivities of the walls of my pussy." Monica spread her pussy lips for me exposing the authenticity of her small little hole.

However, it was no longer nice and pink but nice and red from the stretching so wide because of my four fingers. The anticipation of my cock sliding inside had become to great that my balls were no longer hanging low but were very tight near my rod filling up with hot sperm for my little vixen.

With my hand wrapped around my shaft I moved the head of my cock between her pussy lips and began moving it up and down, left and right, also in circular motions collecting all of her warm cum over the head of my cock. "Ooh Monica I can understand why your father has kept you all to himself all of these years. If my cock feels this good with just the head inside I can't wait to feel how good your tight little pussy is when I am deep inside of you." Then with one strong push my cock went balls deep.

As my cock was pumping her cunt her hips responded by moving up and down as my cock was slamming her nice and hard. My eyes rolled into the back of my head "Ooh baby I'm going to have to make this pussy mine now that your father has vacated its premises." Breathing hard as I pounded her slit Monica wrapped her hands around my neck and moved up and kissed me.

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"I love your cock inside my tight hole. Your cock looks so great sliding inside of me." My hands leaving her hips now found their way to her perky breasts. Caressing her breasts the palms of my hands moved gently over her sensitive nipples bringing them back to being hard and erect once again.

"I love your soft touch on me Danny, your girlfriend Faith was right you are a most attentive lover especially for a dirty little whore like me." Monica moaned uncontrollably and her body writhed underneath of me teasing my cock inside of her pussy. Monica once again gained control of her writhing and looked up at me and said, "Play with my clit as your cock strokes my pussy walls baby." Licking my fingers I realized that this was definitely going to be a fun evening and my fingers slithered over the hood of her clit smoothly like silk and Monica's responses to my touch became more and more intense the gentler I played with her clit.

"My God Danny you're going to make me cum with that huge cock inside of me play with me play with me and make me cum on your beautiful cock." After a short time her clit became nice and hard and popped out of the hood. This was making me really fucking hot as more and more blood pumped into the shaft of my cock creating a steel smooth piston sliding up and down it's chamber. When my cock reached the depths of her pussy that had never been reached before the moans and guttural groans Monica was making made me want to try to get my cock as deep inside of her as I could.

I knew that I would most likely only have one chance to fuck her so I better do the best I could to make a lasting memory of fucking her little twat. Monica looked up at me "Baby my back is killing me on this chair laying like this, take me doggy style please, fuck me from behind." I reluctantly started pulling out of Monica's pussy. It was hard to leave her warm, wet inviting love tunnel but knowing that my cock would once again know the joy of her pussy I pulled out.

When my head finally slipped past her thin lips her pussy juice that was clinging to the head of my cock created a long strings that continued to connect my cock and her pussy.

Not letting her quite rise from the chair I grabbed my cock and smeared her fuck juices all over her lips trying to clean off as much of her spunk on her face as I could.

"Here I'll take care of it (She sat up with two hands caressing my rod and it slipped into her mouth and then out again) It turns me on to see your cock glisten in the light like that and the familiar aroma of my sweet strawberry pussy all over you beautiful cock damn Faith and April are so fucking lucky no wonder April doesn't mind sharing you with Faith I mean if you were to fuck me like this all the time I wouldn't share you with anyone no matter how close they were to me." She released my cock licked her lips that still had her cum on them and turned around so I could take her from behind.

"The site of your tight and dripping wet cunt oh my God I need you so badly you must have made your father a very happy man for so many years he's a fucking idiot to give up a pussy like this." "You have no idea how happy he made me the way he would take me at any time that he desired and the way he took my sister as well my father is a very caring man who deeply loves me and my sister but that part of my life is over and now you are the beginning of my new future." She carefully positioned herself on the chair with her knees on the cushion and her head buried in the corner of the chair and she arched her back anticipating me penetrating her.

I spit on her pussy lips again and she reached between her legs and gently and it seemed very lovingly wrapped her fingers around my shaft and guided me inside of her. She smiled at me, and anticipitated my cock as I slowly pushed myself balls deep inside of her. Once again my cock enjoyed the feeling her warm, wet love tunnel that seemed to suck my cock deeper and deeper inside of her.

My balls swung up and reached her hard clit and she moaned more and more as my cock went deeper inside of her and my balls slapped against her swollen clit. Not wanting to miss anything Monica turned to watch my cock make her pussy come alive once again with my hot rod penetrating her to the depths that I had reached not more than a few minutes before.

Wanting her pussy I grabbed my little sluts hips and pulled her back to me as I thrusted forward inside her. The impact of her ass against my stomach made a slapping sound very loud and hard but pushed my cock to the deepest parts of her womanhood. The harder I pushed the more and more damage I did to her tight fuck hole as my thrusts came faster and faster, the violent impacts began to hurt my hips as well.

My cock was slamming her ass as there were small ripples going up her ass cheeks and then making their way back. I noticed that as my cock would almost slide out, her pussy juice was increasingly flowing out of her pussy.

"Come on Danny make me cum again all over your cock ooh yeah, ooh yeah your fucking cock is so deep inside of me baby yes, yes fuck my cunt oh God damn I never knew what it was like to really get fucked so deep inside of me Don't you dare stop fucking me yes, yes ooh fucking yes keep it in deep and let me grind my ass over your cock." Monica used her hand to play with her clit bringing her to orgasm. Not wanting to miss out on the taste of her salty cum I pulled out completely and dropped to my knees and starting at each one of her knees lapped up her cum that was traveling down from her love canal down to her knees.

My tongue traveled from her knee to her inner thigh bringing on more and more convulsions from her fuck hole keeping her cum it seemed like flowing continuously.

By the time I got from her inner thigh to her pussy I had a nice mouthful of her cum. Not wanting to leave a mess I moved over to her other leg and proceeded to do the same. As I was ready to swallow more of her cum I decided to spread her ass cheeks and deposit her cum all over her tiny little balloon knot. Pushing my ring finger and pinky into her pussy my forefinger made circular motions around asshole. As my finger went around the outside of her asshole the cum that I just spit on her balloon knot disappeared down her tiny hole.

"Toss my salad baby put your tongue inside me and taste my ass. Yeah tongue fuck my shit hole, fucking eat it." With the palm of my hand I gathered up as much of her cum that was left over from between her ass cheeks and covered my cock once again with her cum. Looking down at the mess I had made between her asshole all the way down to her clit I felt that I now had a good chance of maybe being able to fuck her in the asshole.

It looked very small and very tight like she doesn't take it in the asshole all that much but I am a fucking anal junky when it comes to fucking women.

It's almost a must with me I need to feel my cock go up a dirty shit hole to get me off. "Toss your salad? There is a much better way to play with your shit hole baby let's see how much of a dirty whore you really are?" I didn't ask for permission I just put my cock over top the small expanse of an opening and began to slowly push. Monica's hands went immediately to my thighs trying to push me away from her taboo hole but there was no stopping. Now, that I was at the precipice of what I consider, 'the fun hole', of a slutty woman.

I gently pushed the tip of my head between her asshole cavity. She began to not exactly scream but in a load voice "Please be gentle my daddy and me only started doing anal about a couple of months ago and it still hurts me every time he fucks me there. Take it if you want it just go slow and gentle." I wanted her ass and if the price to pay was to go soft and gentle then soft and gentle it's going to be. "Bust my asshole open teach me how to take a big cock baby stretch my asshole nice and wide I want to feel your balls against my ass honey, I want to feel all of you inside of me." It took a couple of minutes of stroking my cock with small thrusts but I finally went balls deep inside of her.

"Baby I knew your hole was going to be tight but I'm going to have to teach you how to take a big thick cock up the ass." Once my cock was completely inside of her I didn't move but reached around to her breasts and gave a nice hard squeeze to each and pulled her up to me.

She turned her head looking at me and a smile came "I love the smell of my pussy on your lips. I want to taste my cum stick your your tongue that smells like my pussy juice inside my mouth and let me taste it damn baby don't make me beg for it." I pulled her head closer to me and with her mouth wide open my tongue went around both of her lips and then into her mouth.

The French kissing got me nice and hot once again and I began to slowly thrust to the great depths inside of her asshole. I couldn't hear what she was trying to say to me with my tongue still inside her mouth but my strokes became longer and harder with each thrust. Climbing up on the cushion keeping my cock firmly inside of her asshole I began to drive my cock inside of her like a jackhammer.

It was too late for her now as I was treating her asshole like an amusement park ride. The faster and harder I hit her asshole the more exciting it became for the both of us. My cum was bubbling up inside my nut sack and at the base I could feel that I was ready to dump a load inside her shit hole in about thirty seconds when there came a noise from the front door.


"I can't stand that jealous cock sucker when he gets this way who the fuck does he think he is I can't believe he did that to me hope you have fun asss hooole, motherfucker, small dick can't get me off anymore dick weed." Hearing the barrage of insults I quickly pulled out of Monica and began to scan around the room for my clothes when Monica sat down on the chair.

I was actually having a panic attack like I was a 17 year old, which just got caught fucking his girlfriend and her mom just walked through the front door. "Son of a BITCH I can never get laid in this house without one of my parents either in the house already or them coming back sooner than their supposed to." I was in a complete panic at this point and started scrummaging for my clothes when Monica grabbed my hand and said, "Relax we are so busted that no matter what you do now they both know that we were just fucking sit down and relax they'll both be here any second." The words weren't out of her mouth as Cindy came around the corner with this angry contorted face still talking to herself under her breath only expecting to see her step-daughter-Monica in the room.

That all changed as the great white whale she had been trying to fuck for the last several years was now sitting on the couch with a hard rock cock and her stepdaughters cum glistening in the light.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Fucking the bosses daughter aye?" "Look Cindy I can explain the whole " Holding up one hand to quiet me she said, "No need to explain anything you're fucking lucky that I came home by myself and John is still at the party.

Now, what am I going to do with the two of you?" "Okay Cindy look what do you want I'll do anything just don't tell John." I was up moving around the room now looking for my clothes and finally found my underwear and slipped one leg through. "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, I don't think so buddy I've waited to taste your cum for years now and now that I have you here not drunk or drugged out and in a compromising position you're going to do whatever the hell I tell you to do tonight and if you do my promise to you is that John will never find out." "Wait a minute mom he's mine I was fuc " " I know fucking him first but that has changed little girl it's over I told your dad that he had to stop fucking you or I would leave him and " " So you are the reason why that happened?

Damn it Cindy he was fucking me longer than the two of you had been together. I was his outlet for years and then you come along and then you make him fuck all of his friends and turn him and his business partners into SEXUAL FREAKS FUCKING EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME." "Be that as it may young lady I never forced your father to do nothing he didn't want to already do.

If you must know your daddy fucked your best friend Janeane and Jay his partner caught him in the act. Now, instead of your dumb fuck father going to jail Jay his best friend of thirty years demanded equal punishment for your father; Jay wanted to hurt him just as much as he hurt him.

Jay demanded that your father let him fuck me then and only then he wouldn't press any charges and your father wouldn't be allowed to fuck Janeane ever again or be alone with her ever again. Once this happened the blackmail got worse and worse as Jay kept demanding to fuck me over and over.

Eventually Jay made me fuck Bill and if you must know that is how the whole swinger thing got started. Once all the wives found out they wanted equal justice as well and we haven't stopped fucking each other since then." Now, Ahab (Cindy) had finally got her first spear in the back of her great white whale (me) and was reeling it in closer and closer to her bed to fuck me.

There was nothing I could say or do as I stood there holding all of my clothes in a ball covering up my now very limp dick. "Listen I don't care if you fuck him but I get to finish with him first and that's that you can have him some other time come on let's go up to my room and let's finish " "I don't think so if you want to finish with him tonight you two can take a shower together but I am fucking him tonight and that's final or I'll tell your father and then you will never see him again oh by they way, now that I have your ass in a sling as well, no more blackmailing your father GOT IT BITCH!!!!?" With her head slumped forward like a defeated little girl Monica said, "Yeah I got it, come on Dan let's take a shower." "I'll meet you in your room Monica and if you want we can fuck him together." Monica and I slowly made our way up the stairs like to young kids that were just scolded by their mommy for doing something wrong.

Even though my heart was now in my throat knowing that I was probably going to be blackmailed for the rest of my life my eyes didn't move off of Monica's ass as she climbed the stairs above me. We got into the shower and lathered each other up an shampooed each others hair and Monica said, "I let you fuck me in the ass and only one other guy that got to do that was my dad I deserve your cum before my mom I literally worked my ass off for it and I deserve it." Falling down on her knees Monica opened her mouth and began sucking me with a vigor that she hadn't shown before now.

My cock never left her mouth as it felt so damn good inside her warm mouth. As I looked down at this young hot cunt sucking my cock in the shower it turned me on. I grabbed the shaft of my cock and jerked off while the head of my cock bounced around inside her mouth like a pinball. After about a minute or so I looked down at her, "Stick your tongue out and let me jerk it off all over you, you cum sucking whore take it in the mouth." Then I dumped my load in her mouth.

"Now, dry off and get out of here and do what you have to do." "Aren't you coming with me? I really don't want to be left alone with her please come with me I want to fuck your pussy some more and after tonight your father will find out that I fucked you because your mom is a huge gossip I'll be banned from seeing you and your house forever after tonight.

Please come with me don't you want me to fuck you some more?" "Yes I do. I don't want my step-mom to have all the fun. You know if you fuck me then that means the less you will get to fuck her yeah go ahead of me and I'll come in a little later on." As I stepped out of the shower she smacked my ass and shut the door behind me. "If you never want to fuck her again do a horrible job with her and fuck my brains out.

No matter what she says if you want to fuck me we have to be careful but I promise you can fuck me anytime you want even after I'm married especially after I'm married my future husband is no where near your level of fucking." With that I stepped out of the bathroom and made my fateful walk towards Monica's bedroom.

I felt like I was on death row making my way to have a lethal injection, I was a dead man walking. I knocked on the door and Cindy told me to come in.

I walked in and she was wearing a nice teddy that pushed her breasts up making them look very appetizing and thong that made her ass look like a twenty-year-old. I had to admit for a woman who was several years older than me she looked damn good. Cindy was wearing boots that had a nice stiletto heel and laced up her knee She was the first woman I would fuck that was older than me since I was about19 and was taken advantage of by my manager at work.

I walked over to the bed and I actually was getting excited looking at her body and for an older woman she was in really good shape. "Hey stud I noticed you like to spank my daughter why don't you get your belt over there on the chair and bring it with you." I wrapped the belt around my hand and Cindy got to all fours and I figured if I'm going to have to fuck her I might as well get all my frustrations out right now.

With all my might I swung down on her ass and there came a sharp crisp slapping sound on her ass cheek. "Come on baby don't neglect the other side baby beat my ass." My hand was moving from side to side spanking her ass with the belt and making her ass cheeks shine with pinkish glow.

Looking down between her ass cheeks you could see that she had a very well used pussy and asshole. I decided to see how well used her asshole was.

I spit on her ass while I was still spanking her then with my other hand I pushed my thumb inside of her asshole. I guess it came to no surprise that it slipped in and there was no shouts of pain.

"Okay sex slave, I want you to eat my ass!" Cindy grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart for me. I moved my tongue down between her ass cheeks and the tip of my tongue slipped in her asshole. "Stick that tongue inside my fucking asshole." As she was on all four knees she looked back at me and reached her hand behind my head and pulled my face between her two cheeks.

"That's it baby tongue fuck my asshole baby." Her ass was moving up and down as my tongue was thrusting inside of her. When she let go of my head I lifted up and spanked her ass cheeks again with the belt. "Come on you fucking whore spread your pink cheeks apart so I can bury my tongue deep inside of you." "That's right now put your tongue back inside of my asshole I want you to taste my ass juices baby" Before I put my tongue back inside I spit all over her asshole and decided that I was going to try to take control and forced two fingers into her asshole and then once again tried to get that pink glow again on her ass cheeks to burn nice and bright.

"That's it put those fingers inside my ass yeah baby put those fingers in my dirty little ass baby that's it baby that's so fucking nasty put them all the way in.

I spit on her asshole again making it as smooth as I could. Then I was able to penetrate her asshole with three fingers, it was unbelievable three fingers inside her asshole.

"You are a nasty fucking slut aren't you? You think I can get four fingers inside are you a four finger whore?" "Yeah baby I can be your four finger whore come on you can get it in there." I tried and I tried but I couldn't get my fourth finger inside of her asshole. Cindy pulled my fingers out and said, "Here let me show you how." I began spanking her again with the belt as she was able to slip all four of her fingers into her asshole with little effort on her part.

"Let me show you how to stretch my asshole oh yeah spank my ass baby as I stretch my asshole open for you look how it's stretching open." Cindy's hand was moving very fast inside of her asshole, it was awesome watching her finger herself as I smacked her ass with the belt. "Come on baby take them out and suck your ass juice off of your fingers." All four fingers left her asshole and went directly into her mouth and then she licked each and everyone like they were small cocks that just came out of her asshole.

Now it was my turn. I pushed all four fingers inside of her asshole and Cindy moaned with excitement. I figured since her ass was facing me I might as well go for the gusto and with my other hand got another three fingers inside of her pussy that was drenched with her juices from me spanking her dirty whore ass.

"Oh fucking yes that's so fucking good fuck both my holes, yes, yes, ooh yes don't stop let me taste those fingers." "You want to taste them okay stay right there don't move." As hard as I could I pushed my hands and fingers as deeps as I could inside of both of her holes. Then I pulled out of them and pushed all my fingers together and she spun around and opened her mouth. "Open up wide bitch." Then I pushed all seven fingers into her mouth the best I could.

She sucked on them nice and long tasting both her asshole and her pussy at the same time. When she pushed my fingers out of her mouth she said, "Now, give me that fucking dick I want that fucking dick let me suck that fucking young dick baby I've waited so long to taste you." Standing at the end of the bed she crawled on all fours down to the end of the bed and with no hands opened her mouth and she took my cock inside of her mouth.

"Come on open it up yeah just like that." I pushed my dick right down her throat as if there was no problem. I fucked her mouth pushing my cock again down her throat and out again. She kept her mouth open as I fucked her mouth. "Can you take it all the way down?" Cindy lay down on her belly and took my cock in her one hand and stroked it.

It was sopping wet with her spit. "Come here and let me get it down my throat." She opened her mouth and I thrust my cock deep inside of her again and her lips finally kissed the base of my cock. "That's so fucking good that's it whore go all the way down baby now lick my balls with your tongue as my cock is buried in your tight throat.

There you go baby just like that." Her head popped off of my cock and she was breathing heavy but I didn't want her to stop she was giving me great head so I grabbed her hair and forced her mouth down on my cock again. My cock was stretching the side of her mouth and she took her hand and was rubbing the head of my cock. "Come one I want you to gargle on my cock." I pushed her head down again.

"Come I can't hear it I want to hear you gargle on my cock bitch you wanted my cock then take it down your fucking throat and gargle on it bitch." She was doing exactly what I was telling her to do as I fucked her mouth repeatedly. I pulled out and she spun over onto her back and her head was hanging off the side of the bed and I couldn't pass up this opportunity as I pushed my cock back into her throat and fucked it one more time.

It was like she couldn't suck my cock enough. She was gagging on my cock and gargling it perfect because as my cock would come out of her throat and mouth her spit covered her face. "You're a good dirty little slut." She pushed my ass up and off of her face "Come here" She spit all over my asshole to my surprise then the tip of her tongue began to toss my salad. "You have a nice asshole I want to be your asshole eating bitch." She slapped my ass and I lowered my shit hole over her mouth and her tongue worked it's magic around and inside my asshole it felt too fucking good, I didn't want her to stop eating my asshole.

"Now give me that fucking dick again." As her head hung over the side of the bed my cock once again was forced down her throat over and over.

I pulled out of her mouth I wanted to get some pussy but before I could she grabbed my cock as I straddled her face and she stroked my hot steel rod and with little effort my balls slipped into her mouth. "Come on baby let me take my time with you I want to suck your balls." As she sucked on my balls with my free hand I got two fingers back inside her cunt making it nice and wet so when I got inside of her it would be nice and slick for my hard cock. Cindy pushed my cock out of her mouth.

"Now I'm ready for your cock inside my pussy." She got up and lay on her back, now instead of her head hanging off the bottom of the bed, now it was her ass hanging off the side of the bed.

I began by just pushing the head of my cock in between her pink pussy lips. I teased her horribly as I refused to penetrate her just the head of my cock. "Come on put it in my pussy." I have to admit I couldn't take it anymore either. I pushed her legs apart and slowly buried my cock inside of her. She had great pussy control, as my cock would slide inside of her she would relax her pussy allowing me to penetrate her and as I began to pull out she would squeeze the walls of her pussy around the shaft of my cock.

She truly had great pussy control and made me want to fuck her all the more. I couldn't help myself anymore and began to pound her pussy. "Oh yeah fuck me fuck my pussy you like the way my pussy sucks your dick?

Yeah, does it feel good? I want to taste my nasty cunt juice." She slid off the bottom of the bed and onto her knees and had a little trouble getting my cock in her mouth as it was bouncing up and down but once she did it was uncanny how it just slid down her mouth and her throat.

I pushed her head down on my cock and she looked up at me like there was no problem. "Oh yeah baby you look so beautiful on your knees with my cock in your mouth." After a minute or so I wanted to get back inside her cunt. "Come on get back up on the bed." "Yeah let's take this off." Together we worked really hard and fast to get the teddy she was wearing off of her. "Yeah you like those titties? Can't take your eyes off of them can you? Come on get your head down there." Cindy grabbed the back of my head and I began to suck on her tits and having a little bit of fun doing the motorboat on them.

"Yeah baby your face feels so fucking good on my tits baby." Cindy slid down again and as I tried to keep her from falling my cock slid between her breasts. Cindy pushed her tits around the shaft of my cock and my natural instincts took over as I began to pump her tits. "Come on Cindy stick your tongue out." My cock was popping in and out of her mouth.

"You like that baby? You like being force fed cock in your whore mouth?" "Yeah baby treat me like a whore that's it baby fuck my tits" Just like her pussy a couple minutes ago I began to pump my cock nice and hard between her tits and the head of my cock was making it inside of her mouth.

No wonder all of my business partners like to fuck her, she was the perfect fuck toy you could do anything you wanted to her and she not only rolled with it but she was enthusiastically encouraging you not to stop. Not able to take it anymore I grabbed her under her arms and picked her up and threw her back on the bed spreading her legs. I needed to get back inside of her cunt. I didn't care anymore thrusting my cock nice and hard again between her pussy lips she let me pound her cunt nice and hard.

"C'mon Dan choke me get me off baby I want you to feel my pussy explode all over you keep pounding me that's it squeeze my throat harder." After grabbing her throat and squeezing hard but not too I hard it didn't take as much time as I thought it would. Her pussy collapsed around the shaft of my cock making it feel like she was a teenager again. "Yeah, this is what I wanted from you all these years I knew you could fuck good fuck my cunt baby I want to cum yes, yes, yeah baby take it." She let go of my arm and hand that was wrapped around her neck.

She collapsed like she was shot and she came so hard that her pussy juice pushed right past my cock that filled her pussy and her cum shot out all over her thighs and dripped down to her asshole. As we lay their both breathing heavy and me close to cumming she couldn't move and the cum that was starting to bubble up subsided back down my shaft.

I lay there on top her sweaty body for a couple of minutes as we both recouped our strengths and I looked down at her. "Cindy can I fuck your ass? I did get four fingers inside can I get me cock inside?" She pushed me off of her and spread her legs reached down for my rod and guided my cock to her other hole looked up at me. "Now push it inside of me." It wasn't the tightest ass but to my surprise it wasn't as huge as I thought it was going to be.

I got the head in and then with each thrust I was finally able to go deep inside of her. Looking down at her she gave me this look of pleasure and just like her pussy she had the same unbelievable control and I began to pound her like it was her pussy that I had just got done pounding. I pushed her legs back which made her asshole that much more tighter. "Come on bitch grab your ankles and hold it come on pull them back." Her asshole got so fucking tight it was like she was a virgin.

She looked up at me. "Yeah fucker you're making me so fucking horny fuck me fuck my hole baby. My cock began to hammer her shit hole again fast and hard. "Cindy spread your ass get your hands on your ass and spread it, make it nice and tight I want to watch my cock slide to your inner recesses your asshole." Throwing my leg up on the bed I was able to get deeper and deeper inside her shit hole and was pounding her like a jackhammer on a sidewalk. I wanted break her apart it felt so damn good inside her naughty dirty hole.

"Oooh baby it feels so damn good inside my ass but you're making it so fucking sore. I want to taste my ass juice." I slid out from her ass and she slid off the bed one more time down to her knees and with no hesitation she tasted her ass smelling cock, it went right into her mouth and went all the way down on my shaft.

When her mouth took every last inch of my cock I began fucking her throat and Cindy got her tongue out of her mouth and was licking my balls as I continued to pound her throat. She was a real fuck toy that you could do anything you wanted to. My cock slid out of her mouth and she jerked me off as her mouth went down to my balls and she sucked them. Cindy really new how to take care of a man.

I looked down at her and said, "Come on I want you to fuck me." I fell on the bed exhausted from fucking her. "I don't care which hole you use babe just fuck me." The door pushed open and standing there in the hallway was Monica.

Naked and a finger playing with her clit she said, "I can't take it anymore I need somebody to take care of me." Monica made her way over to the bed. "Come here I'll eat your cunt as you mom fucks my cock. How hot is it to fuck a mom and a daughter together even though it was her step-mom it was still hot all the same. Cindy could have picked any hole but I guess she liked it in her ass as she straddled my cock and let my cock slide inside of her.

"Wow mom isn't his cock great? So much bigger and harder than daddies." Then it was like I wasn't even in the room but I became the fuck toy as Monica straddled my mouth with her pussy and I could smell her spunk inside of her cunt as she lowered her fuck hole over my lips. After a few minutes of mom and daughter grinding on my cock and face Monica said, "I want to taste your ass on his cock mom but I want to cum on his face first and you can lick my cum off of his lips, sound good?" "Yeah honey good idea." Monica began grinding harder and harder on my face and you could hear the two of them kissing each other as they both were grinding on top of me.

Without any warning sounds or Monica saying something to me, her pussy juice began to flow from her lips down onto my lips. "Okay mommy he made me cum I want to taste your asshole I mean it tastes good on your tongue but I want it fresh off of his cock mommy." "I know honey and I want to taste your pussy juice too." Both women got off of me. Monica went down on my cock and Cindy came over to my face and said, "See stud you could have had both of us for years separate or together like this I can smell my step-daughters pussy all over your mouth, come on and give it to me." Cindy an I began kissing and she licked all her daughters cum off of my lips and face and we both looked down at my cock and watched Monica deep throat my shit smelling cock down her throat." Cindy looked over at me "One day if she keeps this up she's going to be just like me a good used piece of fuck meat and this piece of meat wants it back in my ass." Cindy pulled Monica's head off of my cock and layed down on the bed and spread her ass cheeks exposing her asshole to me and said, "Fuck my ass." I climbed over top of her and looked down at her asshole that Cindy was spreading for me and buried my cock inside her asshole once again.

I straddled her ass and reached back and grabbed her ankles for some support and began pounding her asshole. "Yes, oh my fucking God fuck my asshole I love getting it in my ass." "You fucking love my cock inside your ass?" "Oh yes right up my asshole fucking stud come on and get you some can you feel me opening up my asshole wider for you? Take me deeper you dirty mother fucker." Pounding her ass was hot and Monica came over and with the smell of her mom's asshole on her lips and she kissed me.

She wanted to stick her tongue in my mouth but I didn't want to taste ass but she forced her tongue inside of me. Monica said, "Dan I want you to fuck me and cum on my face. Come on Dan it's your turn to fuck me." Monica pushed me with all of her might then my cock slid out of Cindy's asshole. Monica pulled me over to the chair in the corner of the room and pushed me down into the seat. "Watch me fuck him mommy. I'm going to be just like you I'm going to fuck his cock and put it up my asshole just like you mommy watch me, watch me mommy." Facing away from me Monica straddled my cock and she spit on her fingers and she wiped it all over her asshole and reached down and grabbed the shaft of my cock and pushed down to get the head of my cock to slide into her asshole.

"Oh shit that hurts so fucking much but if my mom can take your cock like this so can I." She pushed down on me and after several minutes of short thrusts her asshole finally went balls deep. Monica was riding me deep and slow. "Yes, baby you've got such a tight asshole, it feels so fucking good inside of you." "Hey baby I want you to do that choking thing with me." I reached up and grabbed her throat and Monica's thrusts started to become more deliberate and faster on my cock.

I moved one hand around and began playing with her clit as I choked her throat and again without warning she shot a huge warm rush of her cum down the shaft of my cock, as there was nothing inside her pussy to stop her flow of love juice.

Just like her mom she collapsed on top of me breathing heavy. I looked up into her eyes and Monica said, "I want more." Monica now facing me straddled my cock again and we made out as she slowly rode my cock. Now as good as Cindy was fucking wise; Monica who didn't fuck nearly as good as her mom felt like a thousand times better with her virtually unused asshole sliding up and down on the shaft of my rod.

It was so fucking tight and you could feel her trying to open up her asshole but she couldn't as my cock filled every inch of her asshole with my man meat. I wanted to fuck her asshole and pound this little bitch's asshole like Cindy.

I wrapped my arms around her and moved to the edge of the chair and in one motion stood up. This threw Monica a loop as she wrapped her legs around me really tight and screamed. "Holy fucking shit it is so fucking deep inside my asshole mommy oh my fucking god you've got the greatest cock ever I want to fuck you forever." Grabbing her ass and spreading her cheeks her asshole actually even got tighter as she bounced up and down on my cock.

After another minute or so Monica looked down at me and she was crying. I didn't know if it was crying because I was stretching her asshole apart or if she was going to cum again. "Are you alright baby?" "I want to please you Danny but your hurting me so fucking much." So I sat back down on the seat and she climbed off of me. "Sorry mommy I couldn't do it as well as you can." Monica stood up and tried to walk over to the bed but her asshole was so sore she was walking with a limp. "Hey wait a minute I want to shoot my load inside your tight young pussy Monica" I grabbed her arm and threw her up against the wall.

Grabbing her one leg I pushed it up over my shoulder and I leaned down and slid my cock back into her pussy. "Ooh yeah Dan you've got a great cock fuck my tight young cunt." My thrusts became deliberately slow and hard as her cunt was so fucking tight this way. Fucking her standing up stretched her pussy so tight it was like the young girl that I fucked down in Mexico a short while ago.

"You fuck me so damn good nobody has ever made me as sore as you with that great cock that you have. Ooh yeah fuck me Mommy come over here and eat his asshole. That made me so hot to watch you spread his ass cheeks and bury your tongue inside of his ass, come on mom help me get him off." Cindy crawled over to me as I kept fucking her daughter.

She spread my ass and her hot tongue began fucking my asshole as I fucked her daughter's tight pussy. After a couple of minutes of us fucking like this it became way too much for all of us. Cindy was playing with her pussy and I was fucking Monica's tight pussy as she made out with me. Her tongue in my mouth muffled her moans and the more Cindy ate my asshole the more cum was bubbling up and ready to shoot down the shaft of my cock.

The first one to pop was Cindy. Her tongue came out from the crack of my ass with "I can't believe how hot it is watching my baby step-daughter get pummeled up against the wall with that world class cock. Ooh yeah fuck my little girl get you some man fuck her brains out." "Yes, yes, yes, Danny fuck me, fuck me, fuck me make me cum all over your cock I want to shoot my cum down your cock honey fuck me harder, harder don't stop I'm almost there honey fuck my cunt baby." Then she shot her load all over my cock.

Monica pushed me away from her and dropped to her knees kissed her step-mom and said, "Help me get him off let's share his cum together mommy." Each one of them got their lips on the side of my cock and I pushed back and for as they sucked my cock.

The both began taking turns sucking me and eating my asshole but it didn't take all that much time maybe a minute or two when I pushed their heads together and shot load after load on each one of their faces.

After I got done shooting the last bit of my cum Monica went to my cock and looked up at me. "Is there anything left?" She put my cock back in her mouth one last time and sucked every last of my sperm from my shaft.

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Cindy moved over to her daughter and opened her mouth and said, "Give it to me I want all of it." Monica spit my cum into her mother's mouth then licked the rest of Cindy's face and then spit that cum into her mouth. "Now, it's my turn mommy spit it into my mouth." It looked like a baby chick taking food from its mommy bird as my sperm slid from Cindy's tongue into her daughter's mouth.

Cindy licked the rest of my cum from her breast and face and spit that into her daughters mouth. I said, "Okay you two I want to see the two of you kiss each other and play with my cum in your mouth and swallow it." Both of them began to make out with each other and Cindy pulled away opened her mouth and then gulped my cum down her throat.

"I can do that too mommy watch." Then Monica showed me my cum and then gulped it down just like Cindy. "No fucking way what the fuck is this?" Then I heard shhhhwwwfffp I went totally black it was the last thing I heard.

When I woke up I was in the hospital and sitting there holding my hand was Faith on one side and April on the other. I was really groggy and I couldn't place where I was. April shot up and ran out of the room asking for a doctor. "Faith, Faith what happened? Where am I?" "Monica's boyfriend hit you with a bat in the back of the head. He actually like cracked the back of your head and Monica and Cindy brought you here to the hospital." Faith was crying as she leaned in and kissed me.

"I thought I lost you honey." "How long was I out?" "You have been slipping in and out of a coma for about three weeks but you have never regained the consciousness that you have right now. Once we get you out of here we are going to have to talk about you and me but right now I'm here for you and I want you to know that I will always love you." April came back into the room.

"Oh my God honey I missed you so much I thought you were going to be a fucking vegetable for the rest of your life. They had no idea if you were ever going to come out of this. Don't ever scare me like this ever again do you hear me. You are too important in my life to lose you. Faith never left she stayed by your side and I only left to bring fresh clothes. We both love you." April and Faith started crying again sitting on opposite sides of the bed hugging me. The words weren't out of her mouth when the doctor came into the room.

I won't bore you with everything that happened but he examined me and after a day or two he released me from the hospital. Pretty fucking hairy right. The only thing I can leave you with is be careful that you lock all the doors when you are fucking because you have no idea what is going to happened. They boyfriend got three years for assault and did 18 months and then was released.

He has since met with me and we both apologized and forgave each other for what we did to each other and went our separate ways. Here ends part 8[/b]