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Blonde Girl Gets Nasty Riding Cocks
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When our first daughter, Phillipa, was just two she realised that my husband, John, and I always sleep naked. From that day she refused to wear pyjamas in bed. When Phillipa's baby sister, Mary, came along, she was, of course, wearing a nappy (=US diaper) to bed until she was nearly two, but thereafter we put her to bed naked too.

The girls evening routine was bath, tea, story time, bed. Since they were naked for their bath and for bed they insisted, and we accepted that they remain naked for tea and story time. When Phillipa was five and Mary was three, a single mum, Helen, and her 13-year old daughter, Wendy, moved into the house across the street from us. Wendy was already a well developed beauty, and her mother, Helen, was obviously where Wendy's beauty came from; at 30 Helen was still stunning.

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When we invited Helen and Wendy for dinner that first night it was partly altruistic on our part, but also partly self-interest; it would be great to have a baby sitter living so close to us. When Helen and Wendy arrived, our two girls were, of course running around the house naked.

Neither Helen nor Wendy seemed surprised to see a 3-year old and a 5-year old naked in their own home.

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As the evening progressed we learnt that Helen had gone through a traumatic divorce a few months earlier.

She was reluctant to say too much about it, perhaps because she did not want to turn Wendy against her father. Towards the end of the evening, I raised the possibility of Wendy babysitting for us, and mentioned that we would pay the going rate (about $50 for a Friday night). Helen and Wendy both seemed keen once the offer of money was on the table. Maybe money was a bit tight in their house? I contacted Wendy the next day to ask if she could babysit for us on Friday night. She agreed and turned up at about 6pm on Friday.

I was preparing the girls' meal and asked if she would be willing to bath my daughters. She disappeared into the bathroom with Phillipa and Mary. I heard lots of shouting and laughing and finally 15 minutes later, they all emerged. Phillipa and Mary were very happy, but Wendy was soaking wet. My little monsters had splashed her, mercilessly.

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"Wendy. Why don't you take those wet clothes off and pop them in the clothes drier?" "Oh! I couldn't do that.

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What if Mr Smith saw me?" "Well, first of all, please call my husband John, and me Naomi. Secondly John will certainly look at you naked, every chance that he gets. After all, he is a man and you are very beautiful. However I can promise that apart from smiling whenever he sees you naked he will not say or do anything to embarrass or offend you.

The drier's in there." Wendy disappeared into the laundry and reappeared naked shortly afterwards. She supervised Phillipa and Mary's meal then took them into the living room for story time. When we left Wendy, still naked, was sitting in the living room with our two naked beauties sitting on her lap and playing with her nipples while she read to them from their favourite book of fairy tales. We had told Wendy that we expected to be very late home, and that she was welcome to sleep in our spare bedroom.

When we got home, at about 1am, Phillipa and Mary were asleep in their beds. We looked in the spare bedroom and there was a naked Wendy lying on the bed without any covers over her. It was a hot night after all. Next morning she came into the kitchen where I was preparing breakfast, still naked. She went into the laundry and took her clothes out of the drier. "Why don't you leave them off until you've had breakfast?", I suggested.

"Wouldn't that be naughty?" "Not in my opinion. The girls will be down for breakfast in a minute. They'll be naked and I'm sure that they'll be pleased if you are too." "But what if Mr .

sorry, I mean if John comes in." "He'll be here in a minute too, and he'll be very disappointed if you're dressed." Just then John walked into the kitchen. "Good morning Wendy. Did the girls behave themselves for you? Did you sleep well in our spare room?" "Yes thank you. The girls were very good and went to bed when I told them to. I watched a show on TV and then went to bed early. I slept like a log." Then John went looking for his wallet and came back with $60.

"Here's your money for last night. I've given you a little bit extra because we'd like you to be our regular baby sitter every Friday night and occasionally on other nights. What do you say?" "I'd like that. Mum says that I can use the money to buy my own clothes and anything else that I need." "Great!

You can count on at least $60 per week.

When you turn 14 the rate will go up to $75. Will that be enough to keep you coming back?" "Oh! Yes. Thank you. I really enjoyed last night." That was the first of many times that Wendy baby sat for us.


It became normal for Wendy to strip naked as soon as she arrived, then get the girls into their bath. She seemed comfortable being around us without any clothes.

We continued to see Wendy and her mum socially as well, we enjoyed their company and I think that they enjoyed ours.

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Certainly our two girls were thrilled whenever they were with Wendy, whether she was babysitting or just visiting. Then one Friday Wendy could not babysit because she was away at a school camp. Helen volunteered to take her place.

She even stripped naked before bathing our girls.


And when we left for our evening out the three of them were sitting naked in our living room while Helen read to Phillipa and Mary from their latest story book. Our Friday nights out, which were so important to us were in fact spent with a small group of friends in an orgy of sex. We fucked anyone but our own partners and when the men could not perform any more we would sit around in a group, naked, drinking wine beer or spirits and talking about the sex we had enjoyed or the sex that we would like to experience.

Generally, and this night was no exception, the talk was so raunchy that the men were aroused again and couples or small groups would fuck again while the rest of us watched. On the Friday night when Helen was babysitting, we were ready to leave our friends' place sometime after midnight. I don't know if it was the drink, or the sexual excitement, but John dared me to leave my clothes behind, and walk home naked. It was only a 10-minute walk, it was late at night and there were very few people about.

"I will, but only if you do too." Fortunately John remembered his keys and we were soon letting ourselves into our place naked. To our surprise Helen was still up. She was sitting naked in our living room watching porn on our TV and fingering herself, trying to get herself off. "Hello, Helen. We thought that you would be asleep in bed.


Would you like Naomi or me to eat your cunt and make you cum?", John asked. "Oh dear! How embarrassing! I didn't hear you come in." "Don't be embarrassed, everyone needs sexual relief." "But ." "Let us tell you about our party tonight, then you'll understand why you shouldn't be embarrassed." As we described the orgy that we had just come from she seemed shocked at first then enthralled.

Finally she burst into tears. I rushed to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders and tried to kiss away the tears. "Helen! Don't cry. What's wrong?" "Oh! I would love to go to a party like that. I haven't been with anyone since my ex-husband and I broke up. I'd love to have a powerful orgasm, but I don't know how to find a new partner, and I'm scared of getting hurt again like I was when I threw that bastard out." "Hey! If it's casual sex that you want, I don't know if John could get it up again tonight but he's very good with his tongue.

Come to bed with us now. Your next orgasm is just 10 minutes away. In the morning, if that's what you would like, I'm sure that John would enjoy fucking you.

He's very good." "Would you really do that for me? You would not be jealous?" "How could I be jealous after taking part in the orgy that we have just described?

Besides I might find a way to join in and share the fun with you." John held one hand out to each of us and pulled us both to our feet, then led us both to our bedroom. Once there he pushed Helen to the bed where she ended up lying on the bed with her legs over the side and her feet on the floor. I knelt on the bed beside her and bent forward and started to suck her nearest nipple.

Meanwhile, John had pushed her knees apart and knelt between them. He dived into her cunt and started to lick up and down her slit.

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I couldn't see exactly what he was doing but, as I had predicted, Helen was finding it very arousing and was rapidly approaching a first orgasm. "Oh! Thank you both. I really needed to cum. That was wonderful." I was surprised and Helen delighted that John was now sporting a very erect penis. "Are you going to put that monster in me now?", she asked. "Is it all right if I fill your cunt with my cum?", John responded.

"Oh! Yes please.

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I haven't had cum in me in such a long time." "What if I make you pregnant?" "I don't care. I need to feel it. Please." As soon as he entered her an even bigger orgasm swept through her body. John held his cock deep inside her until she calmed down, then started fucking her with long, deep strokes. Because he had already cum so many times at the party, I wondered if he would be able to cum again. Indeed it took much longer than usual before he held himself deep inside Helen, and I could tell by the expression on his face that he was pumping his seed into her.

A quick look at Helen's face told me that she was enjoying another orgasm as she felt his cum squirting into her. After that we all lay together on our very big bed, and fell asleep. The next thing that I knew was the bed was bouncing up and down because two naked little girls were jumping up and down and calling for us to wake up. I was glad for Helen that John had been able to fuck her last night because this morning was out of the question with Phillipa and Mary awake.

I invited Helen to stay for the weekend and she accepted enthusiastically. No one discussed the matter but we all just stayed naked and it seemed normal. After breakfast Phillipa and Mary splashed around in our pool wearing floaties while the three of us sat in a shady spot by the pool and talked mostly about sex.

Helen said that, before last night, she had never had such a huge cock in her. To her John's cock was huge. I told her that if it was a huge cock that she craved then she should experience Jerry's because it is longer and thicker than John's, and, like John, he really knows how to use it.

"Who's Jerry?", she asked. "The party last night was at Jerry and Sue's place, just down the road.", I answered. "That reminds me, I left my wallet there with our clothes last night. I'll duck down and get them later.", John threw in. "Why don't you take Helen and introduce her.

I'm sure that she would be welcome at future parties. I'll stay home with the girls", I suggested. "How about it Helen?" "I can't very well turn up and say, 'Hello. I've been wanting to meet you since Naomi told me how big your cock is.' Can I?" "Actually, that might be the best thing that you could say.

It will break the ice and make sex the topic of conversation, and that's Jerry and Sue's favourite topic." They dressed minimally Helen wore her short skirt and little top that she had arrived in last night, but left her bra and panties behind, John just pulled on a pair of shorts.

They were both barefoot. When Sue answered the doorbell she had a towel wrapped around her body, which covered her from under her armpits to just below her pussy. "Hello Sue. I'd like you to meet our neighbour, Helen. Naomi told her that Jerry's cock is bigger than mine, and now she's dieing to meet him." "Hello, Helen. I'm pleased to meet you. I hope that you don't mind but Jerry's naked out by the pool." "Of course not. John, Naomi and I have been naked ever since they got home from here last night.

We've spent the morning naked beside their pool too. Besides, it'll give me a glimpse of Jerry's cock." Out by the pool John introduced Helen and Jerry and explained that he hoped that Helen would be invited to future parties. Then Helen and John stripped off as seemed appropriate since Sue and Jerry were naked. Sue organised drinks and they sat and chatted. Helen opened up about her divorce because Wendy wasn't there. It seems that she went to a doctor with what she thought was a gynecological problem only to learn that she had an STI.

She knew that she had not been with another man since before they were engaged, so her husband had been cheating on her. She threw him out, took the course of antibiotics that the doctor prescribed, and three months later she was cured of her STI and of her husband and she was divorced from him. Last night the story that we told her about the party had awakened feelings of lust that she had not felt in months.

The sex with John and me had been wonderful and she now felt ready for more, but she did not want to commit to one man possibly never again. "Well you'll be welcome here every Friday night from 7pm and I can promise you all the sex you can handle. Will you come?", said Naomi. "Oh! Yes please, and thank you." "And since you've expressed interest in my cock, I want to be the first to fuck you this Friday night.

OK?" "Oh! Yes please, and thank you. I can't wait." To be continued in "Our new baby sitter's mum (2)"