Smoking and horny twinks love anal sex after cock wanking

Smoking and horny twinks love anal sex after cock wanking
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one early morning i decided to go out and meet an old freind for breakfast. we had not seen each other for about 2 years and when we came back into contact she insisted that we get a chance to talk. on this particular day, the night before she had called me and asked what was my morning like and the rest came to me meeting her for breakfast. when we came face to face, there was that super smile of hers on her face and i could not get out of my mind that the night before i had promised myself that i was going to be up front and bring it to her attention that i wanted to fuck.

but when that time came all i could do is be a gentlemen and do the small talk thing.

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she fallowed my lead and did the same. we talked just a little on how much fun and drama we had being around our little click at that time. when we got to our present lives we both had little to say about our counter parts, this is where i wanted to see if i could make a move on that pussy hole! after about 2 minutes into that subject, i felt no responce on rather to cut into her or not.

just before i advanced to the next level, an old friend of hers, which was a friend of mine at that time, walked up. she gave a very brief "oh boy it's him type gesture, and when he noticed who she was, he kind of did the same thing. that gave me the impression that they had secrets! this was good in my eyes, because this was one more person on my list that got the pussy, i needed that as leverage, i think. as he went to sit at another booth, our body lanuage both agreed to leave the setting and find some where els to finish the get-to-gether.

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it seemed as if in that one instant she began pooring out about some of her co-workers hating on her swagg. i was thrown totally off guard and almost forgot about wanting to turn this woman around and sticking this 7 1/2 by 3 inch wide dick up that soft hot pussy my home boy got lost in! literally lost his head in that shit so made me want some. but soooo much stuff was going on, which will come up in later epsodes, i could not or would not dare jump in the fiesta.

so i listend and next thing i know she's cutting into me on the sly. i couldn't believe all the time i had waisted being a good little boy and now she's hitting me so hard that my erection is leaking seimen. she's telling me about her fling with my home boy who thought she was breaking up with her boyfriend for him, come to find out she used him as a decoy and ran off with her boyfriend's best friend's brother.

now you figue that out. how many mother fuckers was in that pussy at any givin time? at last we had to break it off and go our separate ways. the one thing that stuck with me the most is when she said that no matter what or how you feel, never turn down your partner when it comes to fucking!

all that talking sent me home to my girl. i want to get me some pussy, lick me some pussy, and just look at my girls pussy. it was like a pep talk from her to go home and put in some hours.

that night i was ready. we had been going through some tuff times and i really did not know if she would even let me do some tapping. sure enough i did the rubbing thing and thought i was letting her know that i was ready for a night to remember. well you guessed it, she said no. i was in a sense of nothingness.


here i was in the mist of gettin a super duper head job and went home to " stop i'm trying to sleep!" don't get me wrong i admit i brought this on myself. my girl was spoiled and could get away with that shit and i woul just roll over and pout. not this night.

i decided to make that phone call. the first attept, i got the voice mail. something said to me, man try it one more time. so i did. she picked up. i hurried up and made my way to the front pourch and check on how she was doing. she replied to me that she had just got out the shower masterbating to the thought of seeing my hard on while we talked after breakfast. that sent me right back to the wanting of this pussy that a few people i knew said she was a shinning star! i did not hesitate and said where are you.

she told me that she was house sitting accross town at her aunts. i din't ask.

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i told her that i was on my way to end the fantacy and make reality. when i got there the front door it was cracked open, i said to myself fuck it go in and run this like a champ.

i had not been there before so i had to be really careful about where i was.

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my real side was calling me a damb fool, but i was to horny for this to be passed up. as i came through some double doors, there was the living room, a big living room, about the size of two double door car garages.

dead center was a fireplace lit on low. man this is beutiful, but there she was accross the way, totlally naked, with her legs wide open rubbing in between her thick ass pussy lips counter clock wise 3 to 4 strokes then reversing the other way real slow like.

so i got to about 6 feet from her and took off all my clothes except my shoes and socks. while sharing the vision of her stroking and the matching expression on her face, i let my little pipe that could stand at a toucherous attention without a single touch from my shaking hands. i wanted to start stroking so bad that it felt good just thinking about it.

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then it got so bad that i began gritting my teeth. at this point i took a step closer. she said no, wait watch this, don't move yet. this kind of sent me down a bit but before the pipe liner went limp, i seen a display of pleasure that i had only seen on xnxx.

thick cum gushing from that fantacy hole i wanted to parashoot into. it was such a slow gush as it gravitated down putting the shine from the fireplace right between her ass cheeks. displaying a true act of when you get here there is nothing like it. i have sucked on pussy where i can tell where the hot spots are and even tased the orgasmic liquid before, but something was telling me that this is the shit adam got in trouble tasting form.

so i went in, she said no stop wait watch this. she asked me to lay down on the hard wood floor and open my mouth. when i did she put her pussy lid right at the edge of my mouth and began to masterbate again.

this time she was more agressive and i could tell that she was really into doing something that has not happend to me before. just as i went to kiss that wide ass split some sweet and sweaty sour cum came down from her wide opening slowly dribling down onto my tougn. she could tell by my movement that i was in the making of swallowing that rare substalance and she said no stop wait let me do something. she turns from being over me to laying over me and begins kissing me retreiving her cum from my mouth.

i was done booking! man can we do that again was all i could think about. she then began sucking on me ever so patiently. she stop and aske how long will it take for me to get it out.

being moncho i replied as long as it takes you to make it happen. trufully, i couldn't count to 30 and i was ready. i don't know how she knew, but she stopped just before it happend and asked me was i ready for that real deal shit?

i kind of felt that that was a trick question,but i said i am that real deal, knowing that i am in round three of being turned out. so she proceeded in sucking and rubbing where i could tolerate a good slob shine and then she stops again and asks am i ready.

i reply weakly with a yes. before i know it she pushes her thoumb up behind my nuts and begins to rub under there like she's fingering a female. next thing i know i'm shooting so much nut she backs off and it hits me on the chin!

oh my gosh, unreal.

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she is in for it now. the battle is on. she turns me over on my hans and knees and says i need to milk you like a cow, your nut sacks got too much going right now. i need you on empty before you glide in this pussy bro! and sure nuff thats what she did. she pulled my dick back between my legs and began sucking me off from behind. once again i blew a gasket.

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then she had me stand up and spread my legs as far as they would go without discomfort. she grabbed some warming gel and began stroking me that felt better than the head job. finally your empty, lets fuck. from all that you would think that i would be warn out. no way, that pussy was so hot and she could flex her inner squeez that it felt that as we went the deeper i went.

then it happend, i was past the second lining gutting out her soul with what i had going. before i knew it i could feel her orgasum coming that set me in motion. sure nuff we were having a climatic discharge together that sent both of us off course of who is the better fuck. moments after coming back to earth she and i both agreed that this will be play again at a later date.


i gatered myself, gave a trumendus hug goodbye and went to a friends house to shower. when i got home a laid on the couch and thouth about how my night went and my girl came out and aplolgized for being nonreceptive. i said no stop it that's ok you were trying to sleep.