Gay nipple biting sex xxx A insatiable instructing day completes with

Gay nipple biting sex xxx A insatiable instructing day completes with
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Small recap: If you stumbled haplessly onto this the fifth chapter of our little story you can read this small synopsis and catch up. Emma Watson a highly decorated midshipman at the Naval Academy is dating a Second Lieutenant Robert Mills and is madly in love. Emma's class on Monday is going to feature Captain Tom Wilkinson as a guest lecturer. He just happens to be Robert's commanding officer. Robert feels he is looking for his new aide. Captain Tom Wilkinson a Naval SEAL and a high ranking official in the ONI just finished up a very hush, hush black-op in Eastern Europe.

He is flying home to the only woman he cares about in his whole life Terri his daughter. Along the way Tom happens to meet two Hungarian stewardesses who end up seducing him in the first-class lounge at the airport in Germany and also in the newly renovated first-class cabin of his Lufthansa flight.

Terri his 14 year old daughter has been staying with her surrogate family the Chalmers for the past ten days. During that time she has been engaged in a lesbian relationship with their 18 year old daughter Carina Chalmers.

Carina is the duplicitous daughter of Commander Mark Chalmers who happens to be Tom Wilkinson best friend since they both were at the Academy together. Terri and Carina have also been scheming to help Terri bed Carina's younger 16 year old brother Cody into having sex. On the very last day she was supposed to be there Terri literally took the plunge by jumping into the Chalmers pool completely naked.

Her plan had worked as twenty minutes later they were having sex.

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Carina went to the movies with her boyfriend Topher leaving the two love birds alone. Mark and Maria Chalmers were at their favorite Thai restaurant while these two were enjoying total bliss. Suddenly everything came crashing down on them as Mark and Maria returned home early as Maria had several drinks at dinner and was drunk. When they came home they noticed a note from their daughter Carina saying they were at the movies.

Maria went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and as she looked out the kitchen sink window she watched as her hunky teenage son was being ridden like a thoroughbred horse by Terri their house guest. She called for her husband and when he entered the room he noticed her panties down around her knees and took the opportunity and began fucking her from behind as he watched his best friends perfect teenage body bouncing up and down on his son.

Maria just stared and lusted after her son's long hard cock. Just as Mark finished inside of Maria's bum hole their daughter Carina walked in on them and as Mark was startled by being caught fucking his wife he spun around and his orgasm that was on the end of his penis flew across the room onto Carina's thigh. Carina ogling her father's penis became turned on by the scene that was taking place in front of her and her father's warm sperm on her leg.

Once Carina found out about Cody and Terri having sex by the pool she became enraged and jealous of her younger apprentice. It came as a shock even to her that she felt this way about her younger brother and their casual incestuous affair. While her mother Maria took Terri to the pharmacy to obtain the morning after pill she seduced her brother Cody to once again lay claim to his penis once and for all.

Introduction: Now that things have calmed down at the Chalmers home and everyone has their clothes back on everyone takes time to reflect on what just took place. Although it didn't take long for things to heat back up.

Enjoy part 5 as there are many more to come, enjoy. Meanwhile back in Maryland As Terri's father Captain Tom Wilkinson was 36,000 feet in the air on his way back to Washington D.C.

he was in the airplane bathroom washing up after having sex with two Hungarian stewardesses. At that very moment Terri his daughter was sitting on Carina's bed as she lay beside her. You could cut the tension between the two teenagers with a knife after what happened today. Earlier in the day things went according to their plan as Terri was finally able to seduce her childhood crush Carina's Brother Cody Chalmers.

Unfortunately as she was in the middle of seducing Cody they were caught in the act of making love out by the pool. Things really became weird when Carina's mother Maria taught her how to douche of all things. It was also embarrassing for Terri to say the least but Maria Chalmers didn't want her son's special seed to impregnate Terri. Then to add insult to injury Maria took her to the pharmacy and got the 'morning after pill' to make sure that there was no way she would get pregnant.

Terri learned that Cody was grounded for their little indiscretion until Terri was to leave the next morning with her father, Captain Tom Wilkinson, who was to come and pick her up. Things are more than likely to get worse as Cody's father Mark informed Terri that he was going to have to tell her father what she and Cody were doing in the backyard. As Carina was reading her book Terri was listening to her I-pod as her feet were bobbing up and down on the bed to the beat of the song.

Carina tried to act normal but deep down inside she was jealous that Terri finally had sex with her brother. Over the last week they both had been plotting and planning all different scenarios to get Terri to seduce Cody but all had failed until earlier this evening.

Carina acted like she was okay with what happened but she now wishes that she never helped Terri. Secretly she wanted her brother all to herself. It was about 10:30 in the evening and when you have a household full of teenagers all in their bedrooms is a rare thing but these three were all grounded for several various reasons. Both girls changed into their night clothes both wore boy-style boxers and tank top with no bras. Carina was curious about Cody and Terri's time together in the backyard earlier in the evening.


She was uncharacteristically jealous of Terri and sharing her brother's cock. That wasn't something that she thought she was ready to do.

Sharing Cody was okay in theory buy after hearing about the two of them actually doing it Carina wanted no part in sharing her special cock. I guess that's why Carina let Cody her brother fuck her about an hour ago when Maria her mother took Terri to the pharmacy.

Carina spread her legs for her brother to make sure that she reclaimed what is rightfully hers. Carina wanted to know if Terri had any other intentions of fucking her brother or was it a one-time thing.

Since Terri wasn't forthcoming with any details she decided to break the silence and asked Terri, "So, tell me Terri did you enjoy fucking my brother's cock this afternoon?" Terri looked over at Carina, "I'm sorry I didn't hear you with my ear buds in, what did you ask me?" Carina repeated her question, "I said, did you enjoy my brother fucking you?" Terri's smile of triumph went ear to ear as she stretched and let a long soulful sigh, "You were right Carina, Cody felt incredible inside of me.

The only regret was that I never brought him to orgasm. He made me cum like three times. His cock is like amazing, thank you so much Carina." Terri moved over wrapped her arms around Carina's neck and pulled her close to her and kissed her full on the lips in appreciation. Carina smiled, "So was he better than the vibrators that you've been getting off with for the past week?" Carina was really hoping that the vibrators were better.

Terri turned to Carina, "You're just horrible Carina. Cody's cock felt like it was much larger and thicker it penetrated me deeper and wider than any of the vibrators ever could. Cody felt all I can say is that it's so much better having a real pulsating cock inside of me than a vibrator. Carina wanted to make sure once and for all that Cody's cock would remain hers and not Terri's then said, "Yeah you're right!

Doesn't Cody's cock make your pussy feel like it's like alive when it's inside of you?" Terri's blissful look was ripped from her face like a needle crossing over a record and just blurted out her question in disbelief, "How would you know?

I thought you were just joking around about exploring your sexuality with Cody!" Carina saw that she had once again had the upper hand on her young apprentice, "Well, you did realize that Cody wasn't a virgin, right? I mean for the last two years okay what I'm about to tell you is the most sacred secret that I have in my whole little world Cody, Cody and I have been secretly have been having an incestuous affair together!!!" Terri's heart went into her throat as her worst fears were just confirmed.

She thought that she was like suspended in some time continuum thing as she heard the words leaving Carina's mouth, "I don't, I just don't " Carina seeing that she had stolen back Terri's fantasy man from her said, "It's okay honey, don't worry about it. What Cody and I do together is just something a brother and sister share together nothing else I swear!!!" Terri was shaking her head in complete disbelief in what she just heard.

Carina must have been making this up just to get a rise out of her, "But, but, but you just spent the last week helping me try and seduce him!!!! I mean you and I have shared intimate sexual relations together for a whole week I, I, I just don't get it why would you want me to fuck your brother when I can finally see it on your face right now that you're in love with your own brother!!!! Ewww Carina I mean if what you say is true then why would you want me to be with him? You're just messing with me right?" Carina smiled as she knew that she was still in complete control of not only Cody but her new toy Terri, "Well you were a virgin and well, I guess I just wanted to help you lose your virginity once and for all!!

I mean I have Topher and Cody's single and all I was kinda hoping that you and Cody would hit off and maybe just maybe become boyfriend and girlfriend and then maybe the three of us you know like have threesomes together!!" Terri quickly thought about what Carina was saying to her. She knew that she had to be lying to her.

She knew that Carina was truly in love with her brother, a special taboo kinda love, and she was pushing her to see how far she could take things and she said, "So what you're trying to say is that you want me to share myself with you and the girl-on-girl action that we've been involved in?

So, Cody would be like with us and he could do both of us at the same time?" Carina jumped in, "Absolutely!!!" Terri thought about it, "I think that would be just a wonderful idea. I just don't want to create a problem between you and Cody. Carina if it's a problem I swear I will back off and leave him completely to you." Terri's zinger went straight to Carina's heart.

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Carina knew now that Terri figured out that she was playing a game with her but she was committed too far now and couldn't turn back she had to save face, "Well, we all don't necessarily need to be together each time just every once in a while to keep things fresh between the three of us.

What do you think?" Terri realized that she now had Carina reeling and said, "Well, you know I'm still kinda new at this having sexual intercourse thing." Terri began playing with Carina's hair and whispering in her ear, "I mean I just lost my virginity and the two of you have been doing it together over the last two years.

Then there's your mom being all grabby and feely in the bathroom this afternoon as she was teaching me to douche!!!" Carina backed off just a little, "Well, don't worry she did the same thing to me the first time she found out that Topher and I had sex the first time. I think she's got a little lesbo in her. I guess that's where I get it from." She began to giggle along with Terri, "I do like spending intimate times with you Terri I love exploring the other side of my sexual prowess but I love the cock so much." Terri's head was spinning with everything that Carina was revealing to her, "Well, if we did this sharing thing how would we work this situation out?

So, it's going to be okay if I have just some alone time with Cody?" Carina said, "Absolutely!! I mean it's only fair I get to do all kinda things with him when mom and dad aren't around." Terri was worried that she was going to lose Cody, "Well, your dad kicked Topher out tonight. He's not allowed back here so I guess you'll be using Cody as your substitute cock, right?" Carina smiled, "Dad kicked Topher out but that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop fucking him!!

All it means is we are going to have to find other places to fuck each other so my daddy doesn't find out." Terri had never disobeyed her father's commands before, she wanted to but being disobedient was a foreign concept for her and never had the guts to do it. Being the daughter of a high ranking officer she was always told that whatever she did reflected back on him. Now, seeing Carina's lack of respect for father was intriguing to her, "But your father said you couldn't be Topher's girlfriend!!" Carina just chuckled at her padawan and said, "You're right I'm not going to be Topher's girlfriend but he's a great lay and I don't intend to lose the best sex of my life just because my father says so.

You know once you become much more comfortable with your sexuality and if Topher and I are still doing it maybe the three of us could have a threesome sometime." Now, Terri is only fourteen and Topher is 22 going on 23 real soon. He's extremely handsome and Terri always thought that Carina was so lucky to be fucking him seeing that she just turned 18 and all and she said, "You would actually like let me you would let me and Topher like really have sex together?

Carina that would be the nicest thing you would ever do for me." The girls continued to plot and scheme together late into the night and finally fell asleep both knowing that they were okay with each other. Carina's jealousy had diminished knowing that Terri was still willing to follow her rules and would listen to her every command. Terri on the other hand was excited that if she played along with Carina's silly demands that she would eventually get to actually have sex with an actual college boy.

For Terri that is like bagging the white whale a boy in college when she is only a freshman in high school. Much, much, later that evening: It was just a little after four in the morning when Terri leaned over to try and find her water bottle on the night stand and noticed that it was empty.

Terri quietly slipped out of Carina's bed and crept down the stairs to the kitchen to retrieve a new water bottle. She instinctively went to the refrigerator and noticed fresh unopened bottles and grabbed one and closed the door behind her.

As she was about to leave the kitchen she was startled by a figure standing in the entranceway to the kitchen. As her eyes adjusted to the light she noticed that it was her new lover Cody. Cody was just wearing his boxers and his hard body glistened in the pale moonlight streaming through the kitchen sink window that Cody's parents used to watch the two lovebirds fuck in the backyard much earlier in the evening.

Cody silently crossed the kitchen floor over to his lover and wrapped his arms around her, "I've missed you terribly. I'm sorry that we got caught earlier, next time I promise we will be able to make each other finish the right way." Terri moved her head back so that she could look into his big brown eyes and said, "Well, I'm not sorry at all.

I'm glad we got caught I wouldn't change anything because I loved being with you Cody. The only thing that I'm sorry for is that I was so selfish. You felt amazing inside of me and well, look I just didn't want it to end.

I wanted you to continue to fuck me long and hard.

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I wanted you to make me orgasm over and over and over again. I'm sorry that I didn't let you finish If you let me the next time I'll make it up to you, I promise." Cody kissed her passionately on the lips and his big hands grabbed and squeezed each of her tiny ass cheeks, "It was worth every minute with you." Then a big broad smile opened across her face and all of her teeth were exposed as her head was shaking from side to side, "Especially getting caught having sex with you." Terri's body began to quiver as Cody's soft caressing touches made her shiver.

As she looked down at the floor, "It wasn't fair I never got you off and I got off like three times it just isn't fair for you. That's all I'm saying." Cody said, "Well if my sister didn't open her big mouth when she did I would have finished inside of you." Terri still was looking down at the floor acting all shy and coy as her big toe moved in small circular motions asked, "So, did you enjoy having sex with me?" Cody smiled and took his finger to her chin and lifted her face so he could look directly into her loving doe like eyes, "Absolutely you were fantastic Terri!!

I imagined my first time being with you completely different. What we did this afternoon was like a thousand times more exciting and thrilling than I could have ever dreamt up in my imagination. Being completely naked outside for anyone to see us and the chance of getting caught made it so intense." Terri laughed, "Yeah but we did get caught!!" Terri pulled her lover closer wrapping her arms around his waist and her hands were squeezing his ass cheeks.

Then she could feel his manhood that was long and hard pressing against her stomach, "The only regret that I have about getting caught was that I wasn't wearing streams of your orgasm all over my face and dripping from my mouth." Cody lifted her head and kissed Terri full on the lips, "How about I send you back to bed with my orgasm dripping from the corners of your mouth?" Terri smiled, "I'd love to go back to bed with your orgasm floating around in my stomach!!

If we are going to do this then you're going to have to be quite Cody if you moan and scream like you were doing before we're going to have the whole neighborhood knocking on the doors to find out what's going on!!!" Cody giggled, "I think that if Terri I want to tell you something that I think you might already know or may be have already guessed about me and Carina I have a confession that you can't tell anyone about I know this is going to sound weird but see Carina and I have been well, we have been like " Terri chimed in, "You two have been having sex together for the past couple of year's right?" Cody's face went red, "That is like so freaky like that was absolutely amazing yeah that's exactly right!!

Boy you pick up on things really fast. So, does that like are you still okay with you and me even though I fuck my sister?" Terri smiled, "It doesn't bother me all that much. I also have a confession See, Carina and I have been really close over the last couple of years. When I say close I mean like really, really close like being naked close a lot and having girl on girl sex I hope that you're okay with your sister and me being like part-time lezbo's." Cody smiled at her, "Well look at you just chuck full of surprises.

Does this mean if you and I are fucking while at the same time I'm fucking Carina that maybe we could all like do it together? Just like one time?" Terri was ecstatic that Cody wasn't upset with her and Carina being lezbo's, "Carina and I talked about that very thing just before we went to sleep and we both agreed to share that wonderful cock of yours." Cody kissed her not wanting to wait anymore, "Well, if Carina and I can have sex just about every other night in this house and our parents don't even know about it.

Then I think you and I can get away with it as long as you're nice and quite too." Terri crossed her hands around her breast and created the cutest little bit of cleavage and then pulled her shirt up and off to reveal her perky 14 year-old-breasts once more. She moved over to Cody and raised up on her tippy toes then kissed him on the lips as her hand was caressing Cody's shaft over his boxer shorts. Spinning in front of her lover Terri reached behind Cody with her hands bringing his hard cock to rest on the upper crack of her ass.

Terri moved her ass in circular motions like they were dancing together. Terri's mind was full of lust for her older lover, all-be-it just a short two years, her younger vagina was crying out for his penis to expand her inner walls and fill every inch of her love shaft once again, "Cody I want to feel you inside of me again." Cody's mind was flushed as all he wanted was to ravish his younger lover. Placing his hands on his boxers he pushed them below his knees and as they swayed together he worked them down to his ankles as his penis was resting on Terri's night pants, "Terri we don't have a lot of time here let me help you." Pushing on her back Terri bent in a ninety degree angle and Cody fell to his knees with one fast swipe of her cotton pants they were down around her ankles and then taking advantage of his position pushed his lips to Terri's pussy lips and kissed her moist pussy, "Your pussy smells like fresh strawberries." A very large smile crossed her face as she helped Cody back to his feet and as they faced each other they began to caress each other's bare asses as they French kissed one another.

Feeling her lover's meat once again resting on her flat stomach Terri raised her knee over Cody's hip and wrapped the back of her leg around his back as they continued to kiss each other as she pulled her tongue from her lover's mouth she said, "The strawberry smell and taste is thanks to your mother douching me earlier.

Please Cody I can't take it anymore I want to feel you inside of me." Cody began fumbling with his penis and when he finally found the hot and wet pussy he placed his head between her legs and then Terri felt the optimum chance to impale herself on him and pushed down on his cock, "Ohh, Terri, you are so incredibly tight you feel fabulous." Cody loved the position they were fucking.

Terri's pussy was so tight he never wanted it to end but for Terri it didn't take long for her leg to cramp up on her. As she allowed Cody to slip out of her she spun around and put her legs together and was stretching out her hamstring as Cody wasn't waiting for her to allow him to penetrate her he took charge and found his target and began pounding her from behind, "Ohh Cody!!!!

Keep fucking my pussy Cody I love that I love the way your fucking me!!!" Cody put his hand over her mouth and with the slightest whisper he said, "Shhhhh, Terri you're going to wake the two people that can destroy our lives you need to be quite." Terri turned and looked back at his chiseled swimmer's chest and hard stomach, "I love the way you're fucking me but baby you keep pounding me like that and I don't know if I can be quite. Let me get on top of you and I can control everything but you have to promise not to finish inside of me you can finish on my face." Cody pulled out and sat on the kitchen floor and rested his back on the refrigerator and Terri moved to him and straddled his penis pushing down on him, "If you want me to cum on your face it would be my pleasure.

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Now kiss me." Terri's movements on her lover were long slow but strong as her ass cheeks came down hard on his pelvic bone just like she did earlier in the evening.

Terri began to moan again and Cody pulled her face to his worried that she was making too much noise. He began kissing her once again to muffle her moaning as Terri worked her tiny ass over Cody's thick penis.

Cody looked in her eyes and continued to whisper, "Come on take my cock deep inside of you I want to be deep, deep inside of you let me feel all of you." Terri was encouraged that her lover liked the way she was making love to him. After all he had been fucking his sister for the past two years and for Terri this was only her second time with Cody.

Terri was encouraged that she was doing something right; maybe Carina was right she thought 'all boys are just sex toys for girls to play with.' Terri felt a few short squirts of her pussy juice go down the shaft of Cody. It wasn't a large orgasm but one all the same and as she came up off of Cody's cock his face was in shock and dismay that Terri was taking away his pleasure and she whispered in his ear, "Relax big boy, I want to taste my pussy juice on your cock." As Terri was on her knees leaning over Cody's waist she grasped his throbbing manhood and she could smell her pussy and she put his head in her mouth and her tongue moved in circular motions over his cock.

Cody's face went from disappointment to bliss, "Terri T,T,Terri you do whatever you want to me!!" She wasn't able to swallow his penis down her esophagus but she did her best as she gagged several times as she jerked the base of Cody's cock in her mouth. She could feel his hands brush through her hair and then he grabbed her hair and pulled it tight, "Damn baby I don't want to finish just yet." Terri came up from his penis, "You said we didn't have a whole lot of time and you've already made me cum again." Cody pleaded with her, "I just want us to fuck just a little more before I finish, please!!!!" Terri opened her hand and with her other hand slapped them together with Cody's cock between them and as his head shot up with pain, "Well, I guess you're not ready to cum just yet.


Here let me kiss it and make your boo-boo feel better." Terri went back to stroking his cock as her ring finger and middle finger traversed down to his asshole. Terri began rimming the outside of his asshole with her fingers as she went back to sucking on him.

Cody's head was spinning and he did want to finish in her mouth but he wanted to remember the feeling of being inside of her. Cody stood up and pulled his lover to her feet. Grasping her around Terri's stomach he picked her up and maneuvered his forearms under her thighs. Holding her like she was a small child with her legs and arms wrapped around his torso, Terri went along with what Cody wanted to do and reached under her ass and filtered his cock inside of her pussy once again.

This time with Cody's cock coated with Terri's pussy juice and her saliva Cody pushed upward while Terri impaled her ass downwards and when her cheeks hit against the base of his cock for first time she felt like a little girls do bouncing up and down on their daddy's knees.

Looking into his eyes she said, "I don't care if you finish inside of me just don't stop fucking me!!! This is the best position we've tried so far!!" Cody was encouraged as his hips thrust upwards hard and quick and Terri was equal to the task as her arms wrapped around Cody's shoulder and her breasts were brushed against his face.

Terri was being pleasured all over her body and the only thing she could think about was how lucky Carina was to fuck her brother just about every day. With Cody's orgasm remaining at the base of his shaft it didn't take much for the feeling to return that he was about to erupt, "Terri you're going to make me cum I want to finish in your mouth and on your face!!!! Terri smiled, "Finally I've worked really hard for this load don't you dare hold back!!!

I want every last drop from your balls Cody!!!" Leaning slightly forward Terri allowed her lover to slip from her vagina as Cody's hand went to his shaft to help with the impending explosion, "Come on Cody give it to me I want it on my face!!!" Cody pulled her hair and Terri opened her mouth and to Cody's surprise he shot more sperm on her face and in her mouth than he did just a few short hours previous with his sister.

Terri's face was white and it began to drip down onto her breasts and stomach. Her blue eyes never left Cody's as he continued to jerk off trying to release ever bit of sperm he had for his younger lover, "Terri you were incredible by far the best lover I've ever had!!!" With her hand pulling her breast up she looked down to see them covered in her lover's sperm. She opened her mouth and wanted every last salty swimmer that Cody had and sucked him until his knees buckled and he dropped down to his knees they were face to face and she said, "I'm glad that we got your load out of you!!

Now, I don't feel so guilty and I can get some sleep. Here help me up so I can clean up before I go back to bed." Cody looked at Terri as he helped her to her feet. Terri looked at him and knowing this would stamp her claim to Cody she said, "You're so bad." Cody slipped his boxers on and smacked Terri on her ass.

"I have a great idea now, that you know about me and Carina don't clean your face or your mouth and when you go back to bed give your lesbian lover a big fat kiss." Terri's smile was like a Picasso painting, "I think she'll be surprised that's for sure." Cody walked Terri to the bottom of the stairs as he held her shirt and her pajama bottoms in his hand, "Ask her if the next time you come over we can have a threesome." He then smacked her bare ass and sent Terri on her way.


Terri still naked standing at the bottom of the step in the dark eerily silent house grabbed her pajama bottoms from her lover, "We thought that this week you could only handle me!!! Carina and I both feel you're still not ready to try two women at the same time!!!" Cody laughed at her, "Okay, rookie, get some sleep." Terri stopped on the third step and turned back as Cody's sperm was dripping down her body, "I think I just decided that I really like you!!!" Then she slowly crept up the staircase naked back to Carina's room and locked the door behind her.

Terri still naked pulled the covers back and Carina became aroused by the movement and as she adjusted her eyes to the dim light in her bedroom she noticed her part-time-lesbian lover was covered from her face now down to her thighs intermittently with sperm, "What in the world happened to you?" Terri fell next to Carina on her back, "I went downstairs to get some water and you know who followed me and we got to finish what we couldn't earlier by the pool.

I was going to clean up but he knows about our little deception that we were trying to run on him; he also knows about our playtime together as well.

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He wouldn't let me clean up he said that you loved the taste of his sperm and that you should help me by using your tongue." Carina smiled, "So you want me to tongue bathe you honey?" Terri smiled as she looked at herself covered in sperm and said, "That would be nice." Carina got naked and then as she was about to start cleaning her lesbian lover clean from her brother's orgasm she laid on top of Terri, "Now that I have his cum on me we can tongue bathe each other!!" Terri and Carina took turns licking, sucking and slurping Cody's orgasm from their bodies and of course this led to them making love to one another.

After half an hour they both passed out from exhaustion and sore jaws. As they lay naked next to one another they both looked like tiny angels, so young and pure pure animalistic lust that is! End part 5 Please don't forget to vote and a comment or two wouldn't hurt whether you enjoyed the story or if you think there should be some improvements. I am open to suggestions to make any story better. Get ready as part 6 will be around real soon.