Riesige Brüste Brünette fickt in Taxi

Riesige Brüste Brünette fickt in Taxi
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I finish putting our bags into the care and then go around to the other side to give our son a kiss goodbye. After that I practically have to wrestle my wife away from him and I open the door to the car for her. She gets in and I shut the door behind her before walking around to the driver's seat. I get to the door and open it up, I climb inside and start the car up and drive away.


It's a cool day out but it feels rather comfortable in the car. I can see that my wife is a little upset at leaving our son for a little over a week but that she is looking forward to the time to relax as well. I start to talk to her and get her to laugh a little as we get out of town.

I have her laughing quite a bit and I reach over to put my hand on her thigh. It feels perfect there, the warmth of her body radiating against my hand. I give her thigh a little squeeze and start to rub it a little.

I can't help but notice the higher up I am on her thigh the warmer it is. The thought of this starts to turn me on and I know it won't be long before I try something. I keep rubbing her thighs and making her laugh slowly turning the conversation to a more sexual nature. I asked her "what do you want to do when we get to Vermont,"? She smiled and gave me her innocent response "go hiking and just relax," she answered with a little smile.

I couldn't help but tease her as the warmth in-between her legs was driving me insane. "Is that it," I probed further.

My wife started to get the drift of where this was going and she gave me a more sexual answer, "well no of course we have to have some play time too". She reached over and rubbed my dick a little for emphasis. That was all I could take I took my hand off her thigh and started to mess with her button to her jeans. She gave me a little smile as I struggled to get her button undone with just the one hand.

"And what do you think you're doing," she teased me. "Trying to get your button undone," I teased back by giving her such a vague answer. "Well why would you want to do that," my wife answered with a wicked grin. "Undo it and I'll show you," I reply with an equally playful smile. "Okay than," she laughs at me and undoes her button for me. I instantly reach my hand underneath her jeans and under her panties and I start to rub her clit.

"Do you like that," I asked her playfully. "Mhmmmm hmmm," she moaned back at me. I tried to slide my fingers a little farther down but whenever I tried her jeans would stop me from going further.

This left me to play with her clit for a little while and she started to moan a little louder.


I kept rubbing it for about five minutes before trying to get a finger into her pussy again. As I reached down I rubbed against her pussy as much as I could.

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Still I couldn't get it at the angle I needed and was stuck rubbing just around the hole. I rubbed around it a little bit savoring the feeling of it and the suction that it created trying to suck my finger in when it covered it.

Eventually my wife cut me a break and started to tease me a little more. "Would you like to go in there," she teased me. "Ummmm yes," I answered pretending to be impatient. "Well than go ahead," she teased with a smile. She knew I couldn't get it and was just trying to mess with me a little more. "I can't baby, your pants are in the way," I answered her mocking frustration. "Oh well than let me help you with that," she said in her seductive tone and sat up on the seat a little so she could pull her pants down a little.

She pulled them down to where her knees started and I pulled against her panties a little to get a finger into position. I slid the first finger in eagerly and started to wiggle it around her pussy.

She moaned her delight back at me and I pulled my finger out slowly. As soon as it got out I lined up two fingers and slid them both inside her, stretching her pussy ever so slightly. When they were inside her I pulled them out slowly and pushed them back in. I kept the pace slower and fucked her with my fingers a little. After about five minutes of this she reached over and undid the button of my jeans. Unlike my wife who likes to feign incompliance to tease me I didn't pull that as I was too scared that she wouldn't follow through if I stopped her even just once teasingly.

She unbuttoned my pants and undid my zipper. I lifted my ass off the seat a little to let her know that if she wanted to pull my dick out, she would have to pull my jeans down a little for it to be comfortable. She understood the message and pulled them down ever so slightly. I brought my ass back to the seat and went back to fucking her pussy gently with my two fingers. She grabbed a hold of my cock and pulled it out of my pants.

The boner sprung free and up as soon as it cleared. She started to pump it slowly matching the rhythm that I was using to fuck her pussy. I could hear her moans getting louder and louder and it was driving me crazy.

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Eventually I shoved my fingers all the way inside her and started wiggling them around. I used my palm to rub up against her clit and she loved it, moaning louder than before. After about ten minutes of this she reached down and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. I moaned my displeasure at this as she continued to rub my dick. She undid her seatbelt next and let go of my dick. Next she got on all fours on the seat and the console.


I knew what was going to happen next and my heart started to race. She leaned down and pressed her lips up against my cock. It was becoming increasingly harder to focus on the road but I didn't dare say anything fearing that she would stop. She opened her mouth and placed my cock inside it and started to suck away. Her ass was thrown up in the air towards the window and it was a hot as hell sight.

I had my beautiful wife sucking my dick as I drove the car and she seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit. I reached around as she sucked me and I could barely reach her pussy from behind. This didn't stop me from finding a way to get my finger lined up with her and sliding it into her pussy. I wiggled it around as she sucked my dick and I moaned in pleasure.

As my orgasm got closer I couldn't help but pull my finger out of her pussy and focus solely on driving and what I was feeling.

I let her know as my orgasm got closer and she started sucking it faster in response. I felt the cum building up in my dick and I let her know that I was about to explode.

She moved her head towards the top of my dick and started using her tongue around me head to continue stimulating me. I took this as an OK to cum and when I got right on the edge I let her know that I was gonna cum right then. She didn't move her head away as the first wave of cum started to shoot out of my mouth. Then came the second third and fourth waves. Holy shit this was a big orgasm. I knew it was bigger than my wife was expecting when she more or less told me I could cum in her mouth.

Still she didn't move and I reached around and grabbed her ass. Yes I loved grabbing it but I gave it a little squeeze to let her know that I was appreciative of what she was doing for me. Finally I stopped cumming and she lifted her mouth up off of my dick. She had cup sitting in the console and lifted it up and spit my cum out into it. I was a little disappointed that she didn't swallow it but when I saw how much came out of her mouth I was impressed that she even managed to catch it all.

It filled the bottom of the cup up and then some. She climbed back into her seat and I reached over and reached under her panties and started to rub her clit again. This seemed to surprise her so I decided to explain myself. "We're not done till you cum to baby," I said with a grin. "Well I'm not complaining," she answered and spread her legs a little for me. I slid three fingers inside her pussy and started to wiggle them wildly.

Her moans started off soft and slowly built themselves up. Within five minutes of me wiggling my fingers around inside her she was thrusting her hips up out of her seat. "God yes," she screamed at me. My fingers were starting to hurt a little but I didn't dare stop with her this close to cumming.

Instead I redoubled my efforts wiggling my fingers as fast as they would go.

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I fingered this would be a win-win if it worked. It would feel amazing for her and my fingers could get a break sooner. I wasn't wrong. Soon she was screaming at the top of her lungs and I could feel her pussy contracting and expanding with her orgasm against my fingers.

When the orgasm subsided I slid my fingers out and gave her a smile. "Now we can be done baby," I cooed at her. She leaned back into her seat in response and stared off into the abyss still coming down from her orgasm. We continued to drive for a couple of hours before pulling over for breakfast.

We got our food and ate it before walking back out to the car. I asked her if she didn't mind driving and she reluctantly agreed. She got in the driver's seat and I got in on the other side. I reached over and put my hand on her thigh again before she started to pull out of the parking lot. At this point the sun was up but we were in the middle of nowhere with only an hour left to get to our destination.

I started to rub her thigh with my hands again. Instead of leading the way with sexual banter I started to rub higher and higher on her jeans to let her know my intentions. I started to rub against her pussy area on her jeans a little and she moaned her delight.

I knew I was in at this point so I decided to unbutton her jeans once again. I didn't need to say anything at this point as the looks of anticipation and excitement that we were sharing were clearly enough.

Once they were unbuttoned I unzipped them too. She lifted her ass up off the seat in anticipation and I didn't miss the opportunity. I pulled down her jeans and panties to her knees than down a little further.

She looked hot as hell driving the car with practically no pants on. I reached over and started fingering her pussy once again. She spread her legs a little letting me inside easily and I slid another finger in.

I reached over with my other hand and started to rub her clit with it. She moaned loudly in pleasure clearly enjoying what was happening. I did this for about ten minutes and her moans were getting quite loud. I slowly pulled my fingers out and I could tell that she was disappointed. I leaned my head over towards her crotch working my body into a position that it would fit. I got my face to the top of her mound and licked my lips in excitement.

No my body wasn't in the most comfortable position, but with it being light outside now I didn't want it to be obvious as to what was going on inside the car. I gave the top of her mound a kiss. She keeps her pussy well-trimmed with short hair along the top. I felt her pubic hair against my lips I let out a little shiver of delight. Next I kissed her clit before starting to suck on it. I got the top of her lips into my mouth along with her clit and I felt the car swerve a little as she moaned.

"Watch it baby," I said raising my head up a little as I teased her. "I am baby," she replied and used one of her hands to push my head back towards her crotch. I picked up where I left off sucking her pussy's lips into my mouth. I nibble ever so slightly and I could her moans getting louder. She spread her thighs as far as they could go without moving her foot off the pedal.

It was a pretty decent amount but still wasn't enough to get my entire face into her pussy. This meant that I could only focus on her clit. I knew my wife wouldn't complain, she loved it when paid a lot of attention to her super sensitive clit.

I licked it and sucked it for quite some time reveling in her moans. I stayed down there for about a half hour just sucking on the lips to her pussy, nibbling and licking. My wife came at least twice before she told me that we were pulling into the place. I worked my out from her pussy and leaned over to pull her pants and panties back up.

Not long after that we parked and went in to check in. We checked in smoothly and got our room keys. I could tell that my wife was excited as she kept reaching over to rub the outside of my jeans to stimulate my boner underneath. We walked over to our room and she kept grabbing my ass and rubbing my pants to stimulate me. I responded by smacking her ass a couple of times and reaching over to fondle her breasts a little.

We got to the room and we quickly went inside. It was a smaller room but had a hot tub in it and a little welcome basket with wine as well.

As I looked around the room I found the bed and started to kiss my wife. I pushed her towards the bed as we made out and started to take her sweatshirt and tank-top off. Her bra was next and by the time we reached the bed she was wearing nothing but her jeans and shoes. I pushed her onto the bed and bent over to take off her shoes and socks.

Next I worked my way up a little further towards her jeans. I unbuttoned them and unzipped them and started to take them off.

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There's something sexy about a women slipping out of a pair of tight jeans. The way that they mold to her body and fold over as they slide off revealing a sexy pair of panties is sexy as all hell. I reached up next and pulled her panties down and off.

I was still fully dressed as she laid on the bed naked in front of me. I reached over and flipped her aggressively on her hands and knees. I reached up and pushed her face a little farther into the bed causing her ass to come up a little higher.

I pulled off my pants and boxers before climbing onto the bed behind her. I stayed on my knees and I lined my cock up with her pussy. I grabbed a hold of her hips and started to fuck her hard. I could hear my balls and thighs slamming into her ass over her screams of pleasure.

I grabbed a hold of her hips and started throwing her ass into me as I fucked her. I let go momentarily at times to smack her ass loudly. Eventually I let go of her hips entirely and gave her ass cheek one more loud smack before scratching her back viciously. She screamed her delight and started to cum on my dick. Feeling her pussy cumming on my dick was more than I could take.

I unloaded my cum inside her pussy slamming my cock into her ass one more time before holding it there. I waited until both of orgasms had subsided before slowly pulling my cock out of her pussy, savoring the way it tried to hang on to it and keep it inside. We went and showered together quickly before getting ready to go for a hike.

It was cooler outside so we went and put our jeans back on and she went with a black panties, a black bra and a t-shirt that had a slightly lower neckline than normal but nothing to crazy. We went out and found a trail and started walking down it. We started talking and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked as we walked along. Her dark brown hair was flowing down well past her shoulders and her body was to die for.

Full of curves in all the right places and just so tempting to play with. I managed to restrain myself and we kept walking down the path. The whole time I was holding her hand and she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. After walking for about two miles we saw a lake and decided to wander off the path a little and go there. It was a beautiful scene with a crystal clear lake with mountains on both sides. We walked down to the water and sat down on the edge of it and talked for a little while.

We must have talked for at least an hour before she stood up and quickly took her shirt off. I was so shocked that I didn't even know what to say. Next she pulled down her jeans and walked towards the water in nothing but her panties and bra.

She stopped right as she got to the water and turned around and asked me if I was going to join her before walking right in. I stripped down to my boxers nervously before running after her into the water.

I caught her in the water and tackled her before giving her some kisses. The water was cold but not freezing. Just warm enough if you stayed active you wouldn't realize how cold it really was.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me for a little bit before we started to wrestle some more. It was fun throwing her around in the water as she tried to fight me back.

She could hold her own a little bit but I was clearly stronger. She was just strong enough to make it fun to wrestle with her but be able to stay in control throughout. We wrestled for about ten minutes before we walked over the shore and collapsed tiredly on the edge of the water. She was laying down on top of me and after about a minute of recovery she started to kiss my neck.

I laid there enjoying it and wrapped my arms around her body. She kept kissing me and worked her way down towards my chest with her lips. After kissing my chest for a little bit she reached down and pulled my cock through the slit in my boxers.

She reached down and took her panties off. They slid into the lake and started to drift away but neither of us cared. She went back to kissing my lips and the two of us seemed locked in a timeless moment. Yes we were out at a public lake in the woods, but the seclusion of the place created by the mountains and trees left us feeling like we were in world of our own. I kept kissing her as her pussy lined itself up with my cock.

It slid in easily and I continued to make out with my wife as she fucked me slowly. I matched her pace with my hips and I kept my arms wrapped around her body holding her against me as we slowly made love. I don't know how long we stayed like that if it was hours or minutes. It felt like an eternity and it was one of those moments that you never wanted to end.

We never stopped kissing and my arms never left her body. We didn't pick up the pace to fuck at any point but instead made love the entire time. It was a slow passionate pace and filled with more love and admiration than lust. We were truly trapped in our own world right then.

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After doing this for what seemed like an eternity I felt my orgasm building. I didn't fight it instead keeping the same pace until I came inside her. To my surprise she was cumming as well and when my penis got too soft to keep making love she pulled it out and laid down sideways on me with her head resting on my chest.

We stayed there for an hour or more just savoring the moment. We didn't move a muscle instead just savored in the atmosphere and in each other's presence. Eventually we left and we would come back to the lake everyday while we stayed there without fail and repeat a very similar experience. We never saw another person there and it became our little spot in the woods that belonged just to us.

It felt that way at least. That was the one spot in the world that was all ours and it was absolutely perfect. Please rate and comment! The dirtier the better ;)