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Britney amber heiße flexible Positionen Training Sex
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It was wrong, she knew it was even while she planned it. Married for over seven years Ritty had never been completely satisfied. It didn't help that Jake stayed out of town most of those years. His job made him travel constantly, leaving her home all alone night after night, week after week.

She thought back to when she had started her new job. When she became good friends with her boss it helped take her mind off the long nights by herself. What had started out as two lonely friends hanging out had escalated into something she never would have imagined. It was all innocent at first. They would cook dinner together, watch movies, go shopping, do everything together. Do all those things that best friends do. Till the night they both got drunk at a party and one thing lead to another.

They woke the next morning in each others arms. Ritty shivered at the memory of their hot passionate sex they made again that morning.

From then on they didn't deny themselves the pleasure of one another's bodies. Only feed it like oxygen to flame. It had been different at work, she couldn't deny that. There had been more tension at first worrying about the coworkers catching on. No one did and before long they had become a perfect team.

They breezed through projects, gained new clients and under it all their passion and secret blazed. She lived in fear that any day would be their last. Just one time of Jake coming home or a coworker finding out and it would all end. She had decided a long time ago to ride it out and see what happened.

Live for today and worry about tomorrow when it got there. Ritty had been cleaning all day, prepping the house and herself for their evening together. Jake had called earlier in the day to check in. He was still several hundred miles away and not due home for another week. She could tell he missed her when they chatted.

He never wanted to end the conversation, clinging to her till she had to lie to get off the phone. She knew he loved her as much as she loved him. She had never doubted his love, but that didn't change the fact he was never home. She wasn't sure if she regretted what she was doing. She had found out more about herself in the last few months then she ever would have imagined.

It had opened her up in so many ways. She felt loved, adored, even needed now. To have someone in your arms to hold at night, whisper in their ear, kiss along their neck till they shivered in ecstasy. She missed that with him, needed it. She had found it again. Even though it was forbidden and would inevitably be short lived she would savor it for all it was worth for as long as she could. A pair of headlights flashed through the living room window.

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Shadows danced along the walls under the bright lights. It surprised Ritty how much she still reacted when that car showed up. Heart thudding and breathless with excitement she almost ran to the door and opened it. She watched as her boss came walking up to the door. Taking the bouquet of flowers she leaned forward and kissed deeply, passionately. It was past ten and her neighborhood went to bed when the sun went down. Knees weak and lightheaded from the embrace she looked up. "I'm glad you made it Lacey.

How did things go with the ex today?" They made their way into the living room where Lacey plopped down on the couch, sighing she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Ritty continued on into the kitchen and grabbed a vase for the flowers. Placing it on the table she returned to the living room and sat down beside Lacey.

She knew she had to be exhausted but she never saw it on her, just sensed it. Taking a deep breath she started her rambling. " I don't understand it. What part of I don't want to be with you can be so confusing.

I have told him time and again I don't want his lies or his excuses or his dangerous life anymore. Yeah I knew what I was getting into when we decided to go steady but when me and my family started getting threats then I'm out.

I don't need that bullshit falling down on us. If he wants to risk his life for his fucking titty bar then so be it. I'm not. He can shove that bar and all his gangsta friends up his royal american ass." "Whoa whoa wait a minute." Ritty broke in." What is going on? Who is threatening you?

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Antonio runs a and I quote titty bar?" She was confused. Lacey had never told her this much before. Lacey bit her lip, unsure if she had revealed to much maybe. Whatever was bothering her she hoped it wouldn't follow her. " When me and Antonio got together I found out he owned Richard's Treasures. Have you heard of it?

Its on the other side of town." She waited while Ritty thought about it and nodded her recognition. " Well not long after we got together I found out some other good jollies. His partner had become associated with some rather nasty people. He had borrowed thousands of dollars to pay off his gambling debt and used the club as leverage.

Antonio knew of it and was helping him straighten it all out. Until his idiot partner went and shot one of their men. Any hope of saving the club or the owed money went out the window and his partner killed himself.

They came after us. They almost killed me twice. We left for two years. The boss was eventually killed and we returned. He got the club back and I got my business back but by then the damage was done. I live in fear every day that it will start up again. I left him six months ago, right after we returned.

Around the same time me and you meet. I don't want that life anymore. I don't want him. The bastard just wont give up." She sat back on the couch exasperated by the whole tale. Ritty sat opened mouth on the couch, shocked beyond belief. All this time who would have know that Lacey had been mixed up in shit that deep.

"That's some heavy shit. I always sensed something mysterious about you. But never that!!" As scary as it all sounded Ritty couldn't help thinking it was hot. All that adrenaline and danger mixed together like an intoxicating drink. No wonder Lacey had balls of steel when it came to the competition, to people. She knew how to twist the dagger to get exactly what she wanted out of the helpless victims. She had seen her at their conferences, she was ruthless.

" I only hope its done and over with. I don't need anymore drama in my life right now." She reached over and grazed her fingers along Ritty's collar bone. Ritty shivered at the feather light touch. Picking Laceys hand up she traced her tongue along her slender fingers, nipping at the manicured tips. Lacey leaned forward on the couch and grabbed a fist full of her hair. Roughly she pulled her in for a kiss. More demanding then the one outside.

Their tongues danced, jewelry clicking against each other in their fight for supremacy.

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Releasing Rittys hair Lacey slid her hand between them cupping Rittys tender breast. Massaging it till the hard nipple strained through the thin cotton of her T-shirt.

Moving her mouth down she took in between her teeth and nibbled. Ritty moaned as she licked till the wetness of the material hid no detail. Ritty fisted Laceys hair. Lacey only continued teasing and sucking her nipples. Reaching to take her shirt off Ritty stopped her. "Lets go to the bedroom. I have a surprise for you." Lacey looked a little frustrated but stood up and held out her hand for Ritty. She knew the house as well as Ritty and lead her down the hallway to the closed bedroom door.

She stood aside and let Ritty open it. Ritty had worked for at least an hour in here getting it ready. Rose petals coated the room, soft music echoed and a stick of vanilla incense still burned on the mantle of the lit fireplace.

The warm light flickered and flowed around the small space. "Its beautiful, I cant believe you did all this for me." Lacey's smile, the desire in her eyes was all the encouragement she needed.

Ritty pushed her onto the velvetted bed, falling on top of her. They laughed as they embraced and started kissing. As they kissed Lacey undressed Ritty. The shirt landed inches from the fire place, shorts the end of the bed and the underwear she didn't know or care. She did the same with Lacey. Scattering her clothes throughout the room heedless where they landed. Naked and kissing they let their hands roam free.

They knew what turned each other on.

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Lacey ran her nails down Ritty's body. Shivers shook her while she bit and licked Lacey's neck and shoulders. They teased and tortured each other. Leaving the heaven of her lovers mouth Ritty kissed her way down her creamy skin. She teased her Laceys nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she continued her slow path south. Lacey moaned and arched her body. Pressing her body so she could feel more, opening herself for Ritty. Ritty would not be rushed. She slowly and steadily kissed and licked till she was inches from the junction at her thighs.

All around it she touched, she breathed hot air over it, gently kissed around it. Feather light touches that had Lacey moaning and fisting Ritty's hair. She tried to pull her closer but Ritty only held back more. Opening her legs wide Ritty traced her tongue up and down the crease, her tongue barely touching the smooth lips.

Licking below it she teased her perineum, licking then blowing it with her cool breath. Lacey was trembling, moaning and thrashing her head. Juices were starting to trickle out of her wet pussy, Ritty wouldn't allow that sweet nectar to go to waste.

She ran her tongue up the tight passage. Lightly at first. That only lasted a couple seconds. Ritty wanted more. Lacey cried out as she felt Rittys tongue. "Oh yes…more please I want more" Warm and rough, probing and demanding more.

Ritty held nothing back. She licked she sucked she gently nibbled on every inch of Laceys exposed pussy. Lacey cried and thrashed and held on to the sheets and Rittys hair for all she was worth. The room spun, colors scattered behind her closed eyes. She was losing all control as she let the sensations wash over her.

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Laceys cries only added to Rittys passion. She knew she was getting Lacey close. Her sweet juice flowed constantly covering her mouth, her nose. She had to gasp for breath to keep from drowning in her lovers pool. "I don't think your wet enough. We need to fix that" Bringing two fingers up to Laceys mouth she let her lick them, suck them till they were wet and slick with her saliva.

Lacey leaned up on her elbows and watched her as Ritty slowly slid them in. Lacey opened her mouth to let out a throaty cry when she felt them inside her tight channel. Lacey tried to keep her eyes open but as Ritty slid her fingers in and out she could only close them and let her head fall back. As Ritty increased the tempo Lacey bucked and moved in rhythm.

She fucked her for what seemed like forever. Speeding up then slowing down till she was almost not moving. Lacey moaned and cried. Begging and pleading for more. Sliding a third finger in she curved them slightly to the ceiling and hit the spot. Lacey's arms went out from under her and she let the orgasm take control. Ritty didn't stop. She fucked her harder. "Cum for me baby, fill my mouth with your sweet cum." She leaned down and licked her clit as her cum sprayed her face.

"Ohh.fuck yeah baby, don't stop, don't ever stop." She had Ritty's hair balled so tight in her fist that she almost cried out in pain. She just bit her lip and continued her tongue lashing and finger fucking. Exhausted Lacey fell limp, panting and sweating on the bed. Trembling she massaged Ritty's head where she knew she probably got more than a little rough with her.

Ritty lay between her legs still slowly moving her fingers in and out. Enjoying the way Laceys pussy clamped around her fingers when she came. When she wiggled her fingers a certain way she would make Lacey jump and cry. She gave her a couple minutes of a reprieve before she increased the tempo.

"Not again, I don't think I…ohh god" Ritty wouldn't let her finish. She had already started again. She decided this time she wanted to spend more time teasing her clit. It didn't get enough attention the first time. While her right hand fucked her pussy her left hand pinched and played with her swollen clit. She held the tiny bud between her fingers and licked it.

Slow circles while flicking her tongue at the same time. It was hard to keep a good hold of it while Lacey bucked and thrashed on the bed but she did it.

It didn't take nearly as long this time as it did the first and Lacey was screaming and cumming again. She opened her mouth wide and drank as Lacey filled her with her sweet essence. Lacey closed her eyes and let the ecstasy wash over her.

Ritty had never made her cum so hard before. It was overwhelming to say the least. Before she could recover again Ritty reached in the top drawer of her night stand and grabbed Waldo. Her and Lacey used him quite often in their nights of passion. All eight inches of his fake fleshy shaft. Lacey was drenched in her cum so he slid in effortlessly. Ritty fucked her hard, shifting her angles with him. This way and that, twisting and turning. Furiously she fucked her till she was rocked over and over by orgasms.

She turned the vibe on full blast and aimed it right for the g-spot. Lacey literally lifted her ass off the bed as she came, squirting all over the bed and Ritty's open mouth. Lacey's hands cramped from the effort of holding them so tight. Her legs shook, her pussy and clit throbbed.

She lay there gasping for precious air. It was Ritty's turn.


Lacey sat up, grabbed Ritty by the shoulders and shoved her down on the bed. She spent the next forty five minutes licking, nibbling and teasing Ritty. She took her time savoring her body. Ritty came several times before she decided to let her fuck her with her favorite toy Titan. A bit larger then Waldo with ribbing circling the body. As much as Ritty liked it Lacey couldn't handle the thickness of it. They lay in bed panting, sweaty from there love making. They dosed for a little bit.

She couldn't tell how long. Minutes maybe an hour or so. The fire place had died out long ago allowing the once warm room to get chilled. It didn't take long for them to start shivering.

Lacey sat up and grabbed her shirt. It had landed on the floor beside the bed so she didn't have to reach far. Sighing she looked over at Ritty still laying on the bed. "I'm going to have to leave early tonight. I have a meeting early tomorrow morning with our new clients. Come in your regular time. Ill fill you in when you get there. I had a wonderful evening. Thank you for everything." She leaned down and kissed Ritty on the forehead. She knew if she kissed her on the mouth she would want more.

She was well beyond exhausted and still had a long drive to get home. Ritty smiled, still savoring the aftershocks of cumming she just purred. "Yes it was a wonderful night. I needed that, needed you. I wish our nights never had to end." She giggled as she stretched along the bed, loosening her tight muscles. Lacey giggled with her.

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She smacked her on her ass as she grabbed her clothes and got dressed. Ritty threw on her silk robe and walked with her to the door. The night was definitely cooler. Dew had settled on the ground and coated most of the plants and windows. For it to be in the middle of summer they still had really cool nights, tonight being one of them. Despite the thin robe she had to rub her arms to try and keep warm. Stepping out onto the porch she felt something weird under her feet. It was dry and smooth, it crinkled, not like it should have been.

The foot mat was rough and scratchy and should have been damp like everything else. She stepped back and looked down. It was a tan envelope with well worn edges. Her and Lacey looked confused but Ritty leaned down and picked it up. Stepping in the house for light she opened it up. Ritty and Lacey's screams echoed, the folder fell to the floor as the photos scatter along the kitchen floor.


Its them. Snap shots of them at their most intimate moments. One from last week, a month ago, tonight. Glancing at each photo she remembered each and every touch, caress, kiss the photo had captured. Who would do this? Why? She looked at Lacey. They both shared the same expression. Fear. Pure stark fear. They both jump and scream as the phone rings. With trembling hands Ritty picks up the receiver and answers.

"Hello" she knew her voice quivered but she tried to sound calm. "Mrs. Michaels how are you?" A warm male voice filled the line.

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She recognized it but didn't place it right away. "I'm fine, may I ask who is calling? Its late and it's a bad time to talk right now." She breathed in deep trying to calming her racing heart. Stranger or not she didn't want to be questioned on her mood. "You don't recognize my voice? What a shame. I visit so often I would of thought us to be good friends by now." As she listened she caught the hint of his accent. It was her neighbor. "Monty! Oh I'm so sorry. It's been a crazy night is all.

Like I said you caught me at a bad time. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything. What do you need hun?" He had a way for calling at unusual times for something unusual. "I think you know what I want Ritty! Or at least I know what you want!" Her heart raced. Him. Was he the one that sent the photos? She looked down. They were all shot outside, or maybe. Her bedroom window was in all of them. She ran to her room and stopped at the door. Starring through the gape in her curtains she saw him watching her from his room.

A tripod silhouetted in the darkness. A flash blinded her for a second. But not before she saw the look of satisfaction on his face. "What do you want? Do you honestly think you can scare me with a few photos? Its not like you can do anything now you sent them all to me." She tried to look calm since he was watching her every move. Lacey heard and picked up the other receiver.

She was in another room but still covered the mouth piece. He laughed, a cold menacing laugh she had never heard from him before. "Do you honestly think I would be dumb enough to send you all the photos I have? I have all those plus a whole folder full of negatives. Those were my best shots. I thought you and Lacey would like to have a few for your own collection. Hell I even framed some and put them up in my living room. You two make a sensational appearance.

So when is the hubby due home. Id like to invite yall over for a cook out or something. I'm sure he would love to see my new living room d?r." She was furious now. Who was he to threaten her like this. "Don't you dare. Listen here you sorry son of a …" He cut her off.

"Now now now, no need for such talk like that from such a lady as yourself. You think I enjoy doing this." He pauses and acts like he is thinking about it.

He starts laughing. " Yeah I do actually. You know, I don't think you would be dumb enough to doubt me. You can keep your dull lifeless marriage and your little girlfriend to if you do as you are told. Lacey can keep her boring job and not have to worry about the consequences of seeing one of her employees. Yeah that's right Lacey I know your listening. I can hear your breathing on the line. I must admit though you do seem a bit calmer then Ritty.

She decided to break her silence. "Fuck you, you creep. You don't have shit on either of us. You would be the laughing stock of the whole town. Besides those photos are not very clear. There is no proof that those two women are even us.

Nice try jack ass but go find a couple other girls to harass." She stepped beside Ritty in the bedroom window so he could see her. She was afraid but she would never let him see. The satisfying grin left his face. He was loosing his patience. They watched as he walked across the room. He turned on his TV and inserted a dvd. There on his wide screen they watched in shock.

He had filmed everything they had did tonight. What was worse he zoomed in on Ritty's new tattoo. Her husband had already seen it when he came home last week. He would recognize it. It had his damn name on it. He angled up and zoomed in on Lacey's face. To the earrings that Jake had helped her pick out to give her boss as a Christmas present.

The sorry son of a bitch even settled the camera on the picture of her and Jakes wedding photo on her beside table. He let it play clearly enjoying it.

He even reached down and started rubbing his growing erection through his pants. "Stop, stop. We will do it. Whatever you want we will do it." She screamed it through the receiver like she was in the room with him. He didn't even jump just turned around and walked back to the window.

Still rubbing his cock through his pants he grinned. "I thought you would see it my way."