Boy and girl porn sex fairy tales

Boy and girl porn sex fairy tales
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I'll take it from the beginning. I'm Alycia and when this began, I was 18 years old and a high school senior in the last semester of the school year when this started. I'm about 5' 4" tall and 110 pounds, fit with a nice rounded shape, or so I've been told - straight light brown hair that comes down to the middle of my shoulder blades, C cup breasts and a cute face. I live at home with my parents, a father who was an ex-marine with a tough demeanor, a no nonsense approach to life, and a strong sense of right and wrong or so it seemed.

He is in his 40s, as is my mother, and Dad still has a crew cut, no facial hair, and a frown that could curdle milk. My Mom is sweet and loving, but always defers to Dad. I have an older brother, Alex, who is finishing his senior year of college at a school about 150 miles away. He is an engineering major and is talking about getting his masters degree starting next year. Alex is about 6' tall, 170 pounds, and athletic.

He runs track and cross country, and got a scholarship for that to his college. I have been looking forward to going to a different college next year, majoring in chemistry. I know, lots of women seem to be discouraged from entering science related fields, but I am good at chemistry and really enjoy it. I managed to get an academic scholarship to the college I wanted, which is one of the best public universities for chemistry.

Life was good, or so it seemed, at least until about a month before senior prom. I never dated much in high school, since most of the guys seemed so shallow and immature.

They had no interest in me as a person, they just wanted to make out and screw. Lots of girls seemed satisfied with that, but I wasn't. Many of the guys seemed to think I was stuck up since I was not eager to spread my legs for them. Near the end of the school day, one girl who I knew somewhat, asked if I could help her with a chemistry problem. I agreed, and we sat down with several other girls around. I set my backpack on the floor nearby as we went over the chem problem together. It was a tough one, but as I said, I'm very good at chemistry and we really got into it, and I guess I got distracted by it all.

As we were finishing, another girl, Sherri, who has always been jealous of me, comes into the room with the assistant principal and two teachers. She points to me, and says, "That's her.

She's the one who stole my tablet. I saw her put it in her backpack." I was shocked. I hadn't stolen anything from anyone, and I certainly hadn't stolen her tablet. They came over to me, and the girls who had been going over the chemistry problem with me, just sort of melted away. "We need to check your backpack. Open it up please." I started to protest that I'd done nothing but they had no right to search my stuff.

"You can either let us search it, or we'll hold you and call the police and let them handle it." I quickly decided to let them search it, since I knew I'd done nothing wrong, and didn't want to drag this out.

I handed them my backpack. "Fine. Search it if you want." The assistant principal opened the backpack, looked in it and pulled out a tablet that I'd never seen before.

I was shocked and speechless. He turned with the tablet to Sherri. "That's it. That's mine. My parents have the receipt at home if you need to see it." The assistant principal turned to me.

"Where did you get this?" "I've never seem that before." "So you admit it isn't yours?" "I have no idea where it came from or how it got there." "She stole it.

I saw her and so did two of my friends, but she got away before we could stop her so we came to you to handle it." "How do you explain this being in your backpack?" "I have no idea. Someone must have put it there when I wasn't looking." "Someone put it there all right she put it there." "We're going to the office.

You'll come with us. You can either cooperate, or we'll have you arrested." The two teachers each grabbed one of my arms and lifted me to my feet. The assistant principal carried my backpack, while the two teachers held my arms tightly. Sherri followed, muttering about how I should be suspended and locked up in jail. We went to the principal's office, where the two teachers sat me down and stood over me. The vice principal explained what happened as he saw it, and the principal scowled at me.

"I always thought you were a good kid. I guess you fooled me pretty good." He talked to Sherri and said he'd try to resolve it without involving the police.

He told me I'd do one month of in school suspension, and that I had to do community service work at the school. He also called my father and told him what happened or what he thought happened anyhow. My father came in the principal's office and his face was almost purple from anger. He looked at me and was almost incoherent from the anger. I tried to say that I hadn't done it, but my father gestured for me to shut up.

He turned to the principal. "She is grounded for the rest of the school year. I can't believe my own daughter would do something like this, but by God, I'll see that she never does it again." He drove me home and didn't want to hear anything from me. I had gotten my backpack with books back, and scurried to my room to study and do home work.

I didn't think he'd hit me, but I knew if I argued with him, he'd lose his temper and might hit me. I decided to do my punishment, even though I'd done nothing wrong, and try to keep my nose clean for the remaining two months of school.

He seemed to stay mad at me, and at school, people snickered and pointed and made nasty comments as I walked down the halls. My in school community service meant that during what would have been study hall, instead I spent time cleaning bathrooms and locker rooms.

Some of the kids seemed to deliberately make messes before I cleaned, and Sherri seemed to be the ringleader of that group. Senior prom was coming up, which was a big deal at our school, even though as I said, I didn't really date much. My father came to me and asked if I wanted to go to senior prom, if he allowed it. I told him I guessed so. He said he wanted a firm yes or no, so I said yes.

He told me that it would be his conditions, all the way. I was shocked that he would even allow me to go to prom after grounding me for the rest of the school year. He told me I would be going to the prom with James, the son of one of his old marine buddies. I was hesitant, since James had a reputation for using and dumping girls.

Dad told me I'd said yes, and that I was going and it would be with James. I didn't think I liked it, but decided to make the best of it. My mother helped me select a pretty dress and some nice shoes. On prom night, James showed up to pick me up. James is my age, about 6' 1" and 175 pounds, fit and muscular, but with a sneer and a swagger.

James was very polite to my father, and seemed to behave gentlemanly toward me. He walked me to the car, and opened the door for me. He seemed to be considerate of me at the prom, and I wondered if maybe his reputation, like mine, was undeserved. We danced several dances, and he got me a drink. After a little bit, I began to feel woozy, and said I needed to go to the ladies room.

James had someone escort me, who I half realized, was Sherri. Sherri took me to a small unisex bathroom, we both went in, and she locked the door. Sherri said she'd help me, pulled down my panties, pulled up my dress, and sat me down on the toilet. I sat there, in a daze, as Sherri unzipped my dress and pulled it off me, over my head.

She pulled my panties all the way off, and unhooked and removed my bra. I sat on the toilet, in nothing but my shoes, when Sherri bent down and removed those as well. Sherri had a large bag and crammed my dress, shoes, bra and panties in the bag.

I was leaning back against the wall behind the toilet as she finished, and though most of it all. She unlocked the door and James and one of his buddies came in.

"I'm keeping the dress and shoes. It's my payment for doing this, apart from the pleasure from seeing her humiliated and used." "Take it. She won't need it. Not for what we're going to do. Do you want to watch?" "Don't need to.

Just tell me later." James and his buddy, Mike, picked me up off the toilet, and placed me across the sick, with my naked ass pointing out, and my boobs hanging in the sink. I could sort of tell what was happening, but could not do anything about it. I must have been drugged, and it must have been the last drink that James brought me. My weight was mostly across the sink as they spread my legs, and James spoke. "Now the fun begins." Mike began playing with my boobs, pulling, pinching and tweaking them.

I could feel the nipples get harder as he played. I hated it, but couldn't do anything. Meanwhile James went behind me and stuck his finger in my pussy. "She's a virgin. How did this bitch make it this far in school and stay a virgin?" "Bitch wouldn't put out for anybody." "Tonight this bitch will put out for anyone we want her to starting with us.

I'll get her started by taking her cherry." He kept fingering my pussy, as Mike kept playing with my boobs. After a bit, James spoke. "I guess she's wet enough. I've been looking forward to this." I heard him unzip his pants, then felt him move close to my ass. I could feel his hard prick against my ass and my crotch. He spread my legs a bit more then I felt him put the head of his prick in my pussy.

"Here goes, bitch." I felt a stab of pain as he broke my hymen and plunged deep into me. "This bitch is tight. I'm really gonna enjoy this." I could feel him move back and forth, pulling his prick almost all the way out, then plunging it deeply back in again. I could feel his prick spread my pussy lips as he continued to fuck me.

All of a sudden he groaned, and then pushed in as deep as he could and came inside me. He just stood there, with his prick throbbing as he came. He sighed and chuckled, as he eased his softening dick back out of me. "Damn, she's tight. Won't be near so tight by the time tonight's over though. You ready then? You want seconds on her twat, or do you want to be the first to take her ass?" "I can't ever get my girl to let me fuck her ass, I'll take that." James came around, pulling his pants back up as Mike went behind me.

James started playing with my tits, pinching them hard hard enough for me to find bruises the next day. Mike unzipped his pants, and I felt his dick pressing against my ass. He spread my ass cheeks and stuck his finger in my asshole. "Bet her ass is even tighter than her cunt." "Her cunt was plenty tight enough for me." Mike pulled his finger out and I felt the head of his prick against my asshole. He started to ease in, which hurt, since that was so tight and there was no lubrication.

"Just fuck her go for it. She ain't gonna enjoy it anyhow." Mike shoved his dick all the way in my ass, which hurt like hell, but I couldn't do more than whimper. "Poor baby. You might as well get used to it, you'll get a lot more before the night is over." Mike kept pumping away on my ass, which hurt like hell.

It felt like it was going to tear my ass wide open. He grunted as he pumped away before pulling my ass tight and shoving his dick in balls deep and coming in me. "Damn, I wish I could fuck her ass like this all the time." "I'll take her cunt again, then you can have her ass again before we let other guys have a shot." Mike pulled out and came around as James walked back behind me.

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"I can see your cum dripping out of her ass. At least she'll be lubed up for her next ass fucking." James unzipped again, positioned himself and stuck his dick back in my pussy.


I hated them both, but still couldn't do a damned thing and wasn't sure what different it would make. "I wonder if we can get this bitch knocked up tonight. That would be delicious, wouldn't it?" "I'm just fucking her ass the bastard would be yours, not mine." "There will be more. Don't worry." James kept fucking my twat, hard and deep, before coming in me again.

James pulled out pulled up his pants, zipped and buckled and let Mike come back behind me again. Mike plunged his stiff dick in my ass again. It didn't hurt as much as the first time had, but still didn't feel very good. Mike fucked my ass until he came again.

"Are you sure we need to share this bitch? I'm kind of enjoying this." "It isn't just about us having fun. It's about having her humiliated in front of the whole senior class." Mike zipped up and buckled up, as James walked over to the door and unlocked it. He let another guy in, then closed and locked the door. "Like I told you, you can fuck her cunt or ass your choice forty dollars." "I've been waiting.

Here you go." He handed over some money. I couldn't tell how much. Then moved behind me and unzipped his pants. "I've got her warmed up, dude. Enjoy the ride." I could feel the head of his dick at my pussy as it slipped in. He stuck it deep felt deeper even than James, and just pumped away at me. "Bitch is still tight. This is good shit." "If you want shit, go for her ass.

That's even tighter." "This is fine. I've been craving this cunt for a long time." He kept fucking me until he came with a loud groan. "So was it worth it?" "You bet, and it's cheaper than taking her on a date. Besides I didn't have to worry about seducing her or doing foreplay just straight fucking." He pulled out, and zipped back up.

James opened the door and the guy left and another guy came in. He asked if he could fuck my mouth, but James told him that he couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't bite. The guy decided to fuck my ass instead. Several more guys followed. I don't even know how many, I was too far gone to even try to keep track. As James let one guy out, Sherri stuck her head in and told him that some of the teachers were getting suspicious.

James took off his tux coat and he and Mike put it on me. I couldn't tell what it covered, but couldn't do much anyhow. James gave Sherri and Mike each some of the money he'd collected. Then James and Mike each took an arm and took me out of the bathroom. As they came out, the assistant principal came up and asked what was going on. "My date said she wasn't feeling well and disappeared. When I finally tracked her down, she was in the bathroom, naked and taking on all comers.

I have no idea what happened to her clothes, so I covered her with my jacket." "Get her out of here now!" James and Mike took me out of the place and put me in James's car, where I mercifully passed out.

I sort of came to, but still out of it, as James and Mike took me to my house. My father opened the door. "What in the hell is going on?" James repeated the story that he'd told the assistant principal. "Follow me." James and Mike carried me to my bedroom and dumped me on my bed. "Take your jacket. Don't worry, I'll pay to clean or replace it. I never knew my daughter was that kind of slut." James and Mike pulled the jacket off me, leaving me sprawled naked on my bed.

"To be fair, sir, it's possible someone drugged her. She seemed pretty out of it when we found her." "Don't try to excuse her behavior. She is responsible for what happened period." My mother walked into the room, and looked absolutely stunned.

My father turned to her. "Cover her up. I can't stand to look at that whore or the consequences of what she did." Mother covered my naked body with a blanket, and everyone left. I passed out again, and didn't wake until the next morning.

…………&hellip. I woke up the next morning, still covered up on the bed. My pussy and ass both hurt like hell and there was cum crusted around both. There was a bathroom attached to my bedroom and I limped into it, sore as hell.

I stumbled into the shower, leaning against the shower walls as much as I could, just to keep from falling to the floor. I scrubbed every inch of my body, even tried squirting water up into my pussy and ass. Then I scrubbed again, and again. I pissed right in the shower, which would normally disgust me, but it seemed a lot less disgusting that what had happened last night. When I couldn't stand to scrub any more, I toweled off, then limped into my bedroom and put on panties, bra (though as I said my boobs were bruised), sweat pants, and sweat shirt.

I slipped on whatever shoes I could without bending over to tie or fasten. I was afraid as I left my room, but saw my father nowhere.

I went in the kitchen and my mother was there. She frowned and shook her head. "Your father isn't here. He gave me my instructions. I have some Plan B. Take it now. The only thing that would make things worse now is if you get pregnant." She handed me a pill and some water.

I took the pill, and was glad to have it. "Mother. About last night…" "Don't. There is nothing you can say to make it better. I've made an appointment for you with the gynecologist. He will check you out and is going to put in an IUD.

Your father doesn't trust you at all, but wants to make sure you don't get pregnant." She gave me some breakfast as we sat in silence.

I found out I was grounded at least through the end of the summer break. After that, we would see. I had a scholarship to pay my tuition, but still needed to pay room and board at college. Whether my father would agree to pay that depended on how the summer went.

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The gynecologist examined me and told my mother and I that I'd had quite a working over, but that there was no permanent damage. I just took ibuprofen for the soreness and walked gingerly for a few days after. School was no fun at all. Word was all over the school that I'd fucked a bunch of guys in the bathroom at senior prom. No one wanted anything to do with me, and at that point, I wanted nothing to do with them.

As I walked down the halls, I heard people mutter, 'tramp', 'whore', or 'slut'. A few guys snidely asked me if I'd go fuck them in the bathroom. I stayed away from all the other students as much as I possibly could, and went straight home as soon as classes were over. I didn't even watch TV. I just stayed in my room doing homework and reading.

I got some anonymous e-mails and texts with photos of me naked and being fucked by guys, whose faces were never shown. People even posted them to my social media pages. I deleted all of them, and blocked everyone from posting stuff to my pages.

I even shut down most of the accounts. After a little while I found I did have a few friends, though most of those didn't want to associate with me in public. That was fine. I wanted to stay out of sight as much as possible the last few weeks of school and all summer.

I'd try to read and stay away from everyone until I could go away to college. A couple of my classmates were also going there, so I might not completely escape what happened, but could start mostly fresh.

The rest of the school year was pretty uneventful, apart from the muttered comments, sneers, and snickers from other students.

I was beginning to hope that I might have put it all behind me. My brother came home from college, and seemed to look at me with disdain and pity. Shortly into the summer, my father called the four of us together. "Your mother and I have had a cruise planned for some time. I've already paid for it and don't want to disappoint her by not going. But given what has happened over the last few months, I'm almost afraid to go." I looked at my father and he glared at me.

"I talked to Alex, and came up with a solution. He will be responsible while we are gone. Alycia, that means he is in charge. You will do what he says whatever he says and when he says, while we are away.

Do you understand?" "Yes, but…" "No buts. Whatever he says, when he says, no excuses, no exceptions. If he tells me otherwise when we return, you are out on your own. You're no longer my daughter, and I won't support you in any way.

Understand?" "I… I understand." "And do you accept those conditions?" "Yes, sir." "We leave in two days. The two of you will drive us to the airport. It's a long cruise, so we won't be back for a month. And Alycia, I expect you to do exactly what your brother says.

Alex, I expect you to keep a very close eye on your sister." "No sweat, dude." My father glared at Alex. "I mean Dad." My father talked further about his vacation plans. My mother was generally happy and told me that everything would be fine as long as I behaved. Come the day when my parents were to leave, before I got dressed, my brother suggested that I wear a skirt and top.

It didn't really matter to me, so I figured I would, just to try to get things started on a good foot. Alex drove, with my father in the front seat and my mother and I in the back. They had to fly to the port they were going to sail from, so it would all start with the flight.

My parents checked in, then Alex and I walked with them to the security check in, and we would not be allowed to go any further. They went through security, then gave us one last wave before they went to the airside.

"Well, they are gone, so now I am in charge. And you need to do what I say and when I say." "Okay." "Hand me your purse." I handed him my purse, though I was puzzled at why he asked. "Now go in the women's bathroom. Take off your panties and bra. Then bring them back to me." "What?" "You heard me. Remember, whatever and whenever, unless you're ready to fend for yourself on the streets. Now do it." I stood shocked for a few seconds, then Alex waved me towards the bathroom.

"Don't try to fool me, because I'll check, and if you haven't done what I say, I'll really humiliate you. Now go." I turned and walked to the restroom.

I found an empty stall, went in and latched it. I pulled off my top, unsnapped my bra and took it off. I put my top back on. I pulled my skirt up then pulled my panties down and off. I sat on the toilet, wanting to cry. I thought I might have a good, quiet summer, but it looked like Alex was going to make it hell.

I peed and wiped, then picked my panties up off the floor, and wadded them together with my bra. I washed my hands and walked reluctantly from the bathroom. Alex was waiting right outside, so I handed the bra and panties to him.

Alex backed me up to the wall, then slipped his hand under my top and up to mu left boob. He played with the nipple while looking me in the eyes and smiling.


After playing with my boobs a bit, he pulled his hand back out of my top. He got close to me, so no one else could really see, lifted my skirt and stuck a finger in my pussy. I stood there stunned as he finger fucked me right there in the airport terminal.

After a minute, he pulled his finger back out of me and let my skirt drop. Alex reached into his pocket and pulled out a dog collar and fastened it around my neck. "That means you're my bitch for the next month. Do you understand?" I was shocked and unable to move or speak.

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"I asked if you understand." "Uh… yuh… yes." "That's 'yes, master' for you." "Yes, master." He crammed my bra and panties in my purse, which he held on to. He stepped away from me and turned.

"Then follow me, bitch." He walked rapidly through the airport terminal, and I scrambled to try to keep up with him. We walked to the car, which he unlocked and we both got in. "Do exactly as I say, with no argument, and it will go much easier for you. The more trouble you give me, the worse you'll find it." "Okay." Alex glared at me. "I mean, yes, master." "That's better." Alex backed the car out of the space after we had buckled our seatbelts.

"Pull up your skirt, so I can look at your pussy." "You mean…" I hesitated. "Yes, muh. master." I pulled up my skirt until my pussy was exposed. "That's a good girl. You're starting to learn. Just keep doing what you're told." "Yes, master." Alex pulled out onto the highway and began driving toward home, though he seemed to be taking his time and not taking the shortest way.

We stopped at a light and a car pulled up next to us. It was two guys from my school. They saw me, rolled down their window and started yelling. "Hey, Alycia. Who you been fucking in the bathroom lately?" Alex heard them and looked at me. "Are they friends of yours?' "Not friends, just guys I went to school with." "You should be nicer to them." "Why?" "You just questioned me, on something simple.

I warned you. Pull up your top and flash your tits to them." "You mean…? In public…?" "Do it. Now!" "Yes, master." I turned and pulled my top up over my boobs, then quickly pulled it back down. The two guys let out a whoop when I did. "That wasn't long enough. Pull it up and hold it until I tell you to pull it down." I turned back to the two guys and pulled my top back up and held it there.

The guys went absolutely crazy, whooping and rocking their car. The light changed, and Alex pulled forward. "Okay, you can pull it back down." I pulled my top back down and slumped in my seat.

In all the commotion my skirt had slipped to cover my pussy back up. "Sit up straight, and pull you skirt up so your pussy shows. And keep your legs spread wide." I did as he said, and as we rode along a truck passed us. The driver must have looked down into our car and seen my pussy. He gave a couple toots on his horn and waved as he passed. I was humiliated, but was afraid my humiliation was only getting started.

About a mile down the road, the car with the two guys from earlier caught up with us again. They began yelling for me to flash them again.

"Give them another show." I turned and quickly flashed my tits again. "Haven't you learned, you flash them until I tell you to stop. Now you will be punished for not paying attention. Get up on your knees on the seat, pull up your skirt, and flash them your pussy, and stay there until I tell you otherwise." I unbuckled my seat belt, got on my knees on the seat, with my ass in the window and pulled my skirt up until my pussy was visible. The two guys went so crazy, they ran off the road and almost had an accident.

We left them far behind and Alex told me I could sit back down. I sat down and buckled my seat belt, and didn't even notice my skirt had slipped to cover my pussy again. "I told you to keep your pussy uncovered." "I… I'm sorry, master." "Take your skirt off." "Wha… what?

"I said take it off. You can't keep it where I've told you, so take it off." "I promise, I'll keep it pulled up." "You had your chance and you blew it. Take it off or I'll pull off the road and take it off you myself." I unzipped my skirt on the side and pulled it off.

"Hand it to me." I gave Alex my skirt and he stuffed it under his seat. "How long do I stay this way?" "Since you questioned me again, you'll stay this way, all the way home. If you don't like that, I'll let you out of the car now without your skirt." "Please don't." "Then don't give me a hard time." I sat there as Alex drove.

He looked over at me again. "You're slumped down in your seat. I told you to sit up straight." "I'm sorry." "When you don't behave you will be punished. Take off your top." "I'll be completely naked." "Take it off." I pulled my top off and handed it to Alex. He stuffed it under the seat and kept driving. A few more trucks passed us and honked as they did. We were getting closer to home when Alex decided I was slumping in my seat again.

He rolled down the car windows and set the child lockout so I had no way to roll mine back up. That gave passers an even better look at me in my nakedness. As we got closer to home, Alex decided I was slumping in my seat again, so he put the convertible top down. Now it seemed like everyone, trucks, SUVs, vans, all had a look at me.

I felt like this was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me, but I felt sure Alex would find a way to make it worse. "If I see you slumped down again. I will stop the car and you'll walk the rest of the way home naked." I sat as straight as I possibly could every muscle rigid for the rest of the drive. I thought maybe Alex would pull into the garage, but instead he stopped outside. "Wait for me at the front door." "Like this?" "Like that.

Now!" I got out of the car and walked quickly to the front door. I stood there, trying to hide myself, shield myself as best I could. Alex took his time, putting the convertible top up, then rolling up the windows.

Finally, he opened the garage and pulled into it. The garage door closed and I knew Alex had gone into the house through the door from the garage, leaving me standing naked by the front door. I was afraid if I rang the doorbell or knocked, that he would leave me out there longer, and later he told me that's exactly what he would have done.

After what seemed like an eternity, he came and opened the front door and let me in. I started walking toward my room. "No one told you that you could leave." "May I please go to my room, master?" "No.

You stay right here. It's time you learned how a good bitch should behave. On your hands and knees. I'm going to start to get some of my payment for having to ride herd on you for a month." I got down on my hands and knees, fearful of what he would do next.

Alex pulled off his shirt, threw it to one side, then unzipped and dropped his pants. He kicked off his pants and his shoes, then pulled off his socks and dropped his briefs. He stood there for a few seconds, with his dick standing at attention. He smiled and sat down in front of me. "Okay, bitch. Suck it." I'd never had a dick in my mouth before. Even in the bathroom rape, they just fucked my pussy and my ass and left my mouth alone.

I moved forward on all fours until his dick was right by my mouth. He had spread his legs wide a shoved his hips forward so I could easily get at it. I wasn't sure what to do, but closed my lips over the head of his dick, making sure my teeth were out of the way. I let the dick slip out of my lips, then took the head in again. "More. Further. Faster." I took more and more of his dick in my mouth, treating it like some kind of lollypop. I gradually took it farther and farther until it began to gag me.

I fucked his dick with my mouth, as best I could, until he pulled my head tight, with his dick so far back I almost choked, and he came in the back of my throat. As he finished coming, he released my head and a pulled his dick back out.

"Swallow it." I swallowed it, and sat back, when I realized that I had to pee again. It had been a long trip from the airport and everything that happened was stressful and made my whole system run faster than normal. "May I go pee, please?" "You may." I started to get up.

"But you are my bitch, and you're going to piss like a bitch." I stopped, stunned, as he pulled on his pants then reached into a pocket and pulled out a leash. He fastened it to the dog collar that I was wearing.

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"As long as you are a good bitch, I'll let you piss in your back yard, where fewer people can see you." He started walking toward the back door, holding the leash, with me following behind. He got to the back door, opened it, and I stopped. "You can either piss in the back yard, or else in the front yard, or maybe I'll walk you down the block to piss." He started out the back door and I followed him.

Our back yard is large and has a fence all around and bushes also around much of it. He walked me half way across the back yard, and stopped. "You can piss here." "I… I don't know if I can." "We'll just stay here until you do." I squatted down, spread my legs, and tried to relax enough to pee.

After a minute, it worked, and I was able to pee. "I… I have to poop too." "Jeez. Come on." He jerked the leash to get me to my feet, then walked me over to one of the bushes at the side of the yard. "Take your shit here." I squatted down again, and after a few seconds I pooped right into the bush. He jerked the leash to get me back to my feet, then walked me back to the house. He made me wait at the door until he went in first, then he let me come in. "Just so you know, you may not be wearing any clothes for the next month.

I'm going to lock your room. You'll be sleeping in my bed, or where I say, so I can use you when and how I want.

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Now get back down on your hands and knees." Alex jerked the leash for me to drop and I got on my hands and knees. He took his pants back off, got behind me, and made me spread my legs further.

His dick was hard again and he spread my pussy lips stuck his dick in and began to fuck me doggy style.


He pushed down on my head, to give him a little better access to fuck me that way and pounded my pussy mercilessly. After several minutes of pounding, he came in me. "This is going to be a great summer at least for me." A great summer for him was going to mean the summer from hell for me. After he rested a bit, he told me to suck his dick some more. It was still pretty soft, but as I sucked, it got bigger and harder. Once it was good and hard, and before he came, he decided to fuck me in the ass.

That's about all he hadn't done. His dick was still wet from my saliva, and it slid in my ass much easier than that first time with Mike.

Alex put it in balls deep and stroked it back and forth in my ass. It was still uncomfortable in my ass, but at least it wasn't quite as bad. Later on, he took me out back to pee again, but it was dark by then which was not so bad. He fucked me several more times that night, even waking me up to fuck, a couple of times. He hooked the leash to the head of the bed. He told me that would suffice, as long as I was good, otherwise he'd lock me to the bed. By morning I knew I would be naked, peeing outside and fucking Alex every which way for the next month.

He had indeed locked my bedroom door, and I couldn't get in to get clothes. I thought about it. I wasn't sure where I could go or what I'd do, or how I'd pay for college, but without clothes, I wasn't going anywhere. After a couple of days, he told me I could pee and poop out back by myself. I just had to wait naked by the back door until he decided to let me back in, which was usually when he wanted to fuck again.

I was almost getting used to it. I still hated it, but it was the standard misery. A few days later I was sitting at his feet in the front room, on his leash when there was a knock at the door. I wanted to leave, but he had a tight hold on the leash.

"We're answering the door together you and me. Come on." I tried to hide behind Alex, but he would have none of it. He made me stand by his side as he opened the door. To my shock, it was James, Mike, and Sherri standing there. Alex waved them in as I stood there. "You all know my bitch, Alycia." "Do we ever." James as always was in the lead of that group, and he leered at me as he passed. Mike tweaked my nipple as he went by. By then, Alex had shaved my bush, and as Sherri went by, she stuck her finger in my twat.

"Well you said we could get a little further payment for settling the bitch up for you. Not that fucking her and getting other guys to pay us for the privilege was all that bad." "It doesn't help you to know, but these three have been helping me from the start. Sherri set you up on the theft, which got you grounded. She paid another girl to ask you a chem question and another one to slip the tablet in your bag." "Why would you even do that?" "You've just been such a snotty bitch, that I had to get even.

By the time it was done, you were humiliated a lot more than I ever was." "I knew James's dad was our father's friend, so I talked to James and he was quite willing to go along for a chance to fuck you a few times. I suggested to dad that he let you go to prom, but only with James. Dad bought it and James spiked your drink and had his fun, and Mike got some for helping." "All the rest of you have gotten to fuck her, but I haven't gotten anything." "You want her to eat you out?" "You bet." Sherri pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and spread her legs.

She slid forward on the sofa so I had easy access to her pussy. Then Alex gestured for me to go to her. I wasn't quite sure what to do. I'd never licked a girl's pussy before, and never had mine licked either.

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Her bush was trimmed very short, with just a small patch over her pussy. I licked up her slit and she squirmed a bit and wrapped her legs around my neck.

As I licked, her clit peeked out and I licked, nibbled, and sucked on that. She seemed to really get off on that and was even trying to fuck my tongue as I licked. It took a while but she had a huge orgasm and clutched my head so close with her legs that she almost suffocated me.

Sherri was almost off the sofa by the time she let me go, and had soaked my face with her juices. "Shit. If you assholes get tired of her, I'll take her. That was better than any of you have ever given me." "James, I guess you get the next shot, since you helped put this whole thing together. What do you want to start with? No hurry, she'll be here all night." "She's got one tight cunt or did until you started working her over." "Still pretty tight." "Only got her from behind before.

I want her to look me in the face as I fuck her." "On your back and spread your legs, bitch. And keep your eye open as he fucks you." I lay down on my back and spread my legs as James stripped. He lay down on me and stuck his dick in me right away.

I wasn't really very wet yet, and it hurt a bit, but not as much as the first time he screwed me. He got deep in me and began fucking me hard as he played with my boobs. "This time, bitch, you're fully conscious and completely aware of what I'm doing.


It was just so great, fucking you a few times, then getting all those guys to pay me for the chance to fuck you. Then the pictures.

How did you like those?" "You?" "Who else had the chance to take pix of all those guys fucking you? Did it bring back memories?" James kept pumping his dick in and out of my pussyuntil, with a grunt, he pushed deep into me and came.

He kept playing with my boobs and pinching them even after he came. "Kiss me, bitch. Kiss me and tell me you love me." "What?" "You heard him. Now do it." I lifted my head up and kissed him. "Fuck. You can do better than that, bitch." I gave James a long kiss, as passionate as I could. He broke the kiss and pulled away.

"I love you, James." I used as much sincerity as I could. I guess it worked. He laughed, pulled his dick out of me and got up. "Well, this pass, Sherri's gotten her mouth and James had her cunt. You want her ass, Mike? "On your knees, slut. Beg me to fuck your ass." I rolled over on my knees as Mike took his clothes off. "Please fuck my ass." He got behind me and put his prick right at my asshole, then pushed into me as hard and fast as he could.

I cried out and gasped, then dropped my head to the floor as he brutally took my ass. I wondered if my ass was bleeding by the time he shot his load deep into my bowels.

"How much do you want for this slut?" "She's not for sale. I'm enjoying fucking her too much to give her up. Besides, you'd just wreck her ass, then give her back. I use all three holes. I don't want her one third ruined." It wasn't that I thought Alex and what he was doing was all that great, but I really didn't want him to turn me over to Mike. I realized that I needed to pee and told Alex. "Guys, you've got to see this." Alex got up and attached the leash to mu collar and led me to the back door.

The other three quickly put on clothes and followed. He took me to the middle of the yard to do it. "She's my bitch, so she pisses outside, like a bitch should." "You've got to be kidding." "No fucking way." "Show them, bitch." I bit my lip, squatted down and spread my legs. It took a minute, but I peed in the yard, as Alex has been making me do. I realized as I did that Sherri was videoing the whole thing. If the pix of the guys fucking me in the bathroom had gotten around, I could be sure this would too.

"She even takes a shit outside. You need to shit, bitch?" "I… don't know." But the fact was, I did know, and I did need to take a dump. Alex pulled up on the leash and led me over to the bushes. I squatted down again, and I could see Sherri shooting the whole thing as I pooped under the bush in the yard. "That is great fucking footage." "Send me a copy, just like you sent me copies of the bathroom fuck pix." All I could do was look down as Alex led me back into the house.

We went back into the living room. "James, you've fucked her pussy a few times. You want her to give you suck you off?" "You bet." Alex and James stripped again, as I got on my hands and knees at Alex's direction.

James stuck his dick in my mouth, as Alex began to fuck me doggie style. Pretty quickly, James was fucking my mouth as Alex fucked my pussy. Alex came first, and got up as James was coming along. I was afraid Mike would brutalize my asshole again, but Alex told him that was enough on the ass for one night. Mike got down and began to fuck my pussy, as James shot his load down my throat.

Mike came in my pussy right after. "Pussy isn't bad either just not as much fun as fucking that ass." Sherri had been shooting the double penetrations, but as they finished, she was wearing a big strap-on. "Turn over and spread, bitch." I rolled onto my back and spread my legs as Sherri crawled on top of me and stuck that strap-on into my pussy.

She smiled as she pumped it deeply into my already over-used pussy, while she squeezed my boobs. To my surprise, between the strap-on and what she was doing to my boobs, I came.

As it began to fade, Sherri lay down full on me, getting her face close to mine. "Since I made you come, when none of them did, I want you to kiss me like you mean it, and tell me you love me." I could hear Mike laugh and begin to speak as I began to kiss Sherri.

"As long as I can fuck her, I don't care if she kisses me or says she loves me." After a very long kiss, during which Sherri played with my boobs some more, Sherri broke the kiss. "I love you, Sherri." Even though she was in the middle of all the shit that had happened to me, just for an instance, I almost did love her.

Sherri laughed and got up, pulling the strap-on out of me. "Did you get all that on video?" "Yeah, but we'll have to edit out Mike running his mouth during it." The three of them stayed for a few hours more, tag team fucking me. The only good part was that Alex made them use lube when they fucked me in the ass. I don't know how many loads of cum were shot in me while they were there, but I was almost as sore as after the bathroom thing.

Finally they left, and Alex let me shower off all the sweat and cum. That was nice, because when Alex was mad at me, he just hose me off outside, like I was a dog. I couldn't even begin to guess how many times that month I got fucked. Some days it was just Alex, some days James, Mike, and Sherri joined in, and some days, some of Alex's other friends came over and fucked me.

I got penetrated by more dicks and dildos than I care to think about. The month drew towards a close and I began to think I might soon be free from Alex and everything he was putting me through.

I don't think I had one stitch of clothes on for the entire month, just as Alex said. On the day that my parents were scheduled to get back into town, Alex unlocked my bedroom. He told me to get cleaned up and put on some decent clothes. After spending a month naked and being fucked a bunch of times every day, it felt weird to put clothes on again.

Somehow during the month, the real Alycia checked out and I had just been a living, breathing sex doll. Now I began to feel like myself again. Alex behaved like a regular brother towards his sister, as we drove to the airport. Mom hugged me and told me how glad she was to see me. Dad asked Alex if I'd behaved, and Alex nodded, but had a strange smile. Mom and I sat in the back seat and she talked non-stop about everything they did and saw during their trip.

About halfway home, Dad turned to Mom. "Didn't you say you wanted to talk with your friend Sylvia? Why don't we drop you off at Sylvia's house, then we'll unload everything and pick you up when you call." "Alycia dear, do you want to go with me to Sylvia's?" "We need her to help unload and I want to talk with her about college plans." We dropped Mom off at Sylvia's and went home.

When we got home, my father, Alex, and me stood in the living room. "So, son. The truth. How was she?" "Well Dad, you and I both know she's a slut. I figured rather than chance having her run off to fuck strange guys, I'd make sure to take care of that. I've been fucking her every day." "For real?" "This is the first day she's worn any clothes since you left." "He has fucked you every day?" I nodded.

It was true, and I could only hope the truth would set me free. Fat chance though. "You ought to have a shot at her too, Dad. Mom won't be home for a while anyhow. Okay, bitch, take off your clothes." After a month of doing everything Alex said, I began to strip almost against my will.

I took off my top and my skirt, and as I let my bra drop to the floor. I stopped and looked at my father. "Bitch, take off the panties. Lie down and spread." I pulled my panties off, lay down on the floor and spread my legs. My father had already dropped his pants and was pulling off his shirt and briefs.

He lay down on me and stuck his dick in my pussy. He began fucking me. "Well, I guess if I'm going to have a slut for a daughter, I might as well get mine too." He came inside me and just smiled a really nasty smile.

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I knew that not only was I not free from Alex, but now I'd be fucking my father as well. He got up and started to put on his clothes. "By the way, Dad, she's a pretty decent cock sucker too, and has a tight little ass if you're into that kind of thing." "At my age, a couple times a day is all I can manage." "Don't waste this, use it, even if you have to take some pills to do it.

And you know, I've been thinking. I was accepted for a masters program at the college Alycia's going to. Instead of paying for a dorm, where you never know what she'll do or who she'll fuck, rent a flat for the two of us. I'll keep her on a leash, and you can come up on weekends and fuck her too." I lay there horrified. Not only was I going to be my brother's sex doll for the summer, but now my father's too, and it would even continue in college. I was really fucked literally and figuratively.

"Pick up your clothes, girl. Let's go to your room. I want to see how good you can suck cock. We'll even let your brother take a few turns."