Three pornstars are on a hunt for some hard stranger cock

Three pornstars are on a hunt for some hard stranger cock
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Fbailey story number 587 Four Minutes In Heaven The three of us were standing in the hallway against one wall as the rest of the students changed classes. Jimmy and I had our backs against the wall and Mary was between us and she was facing us. She was closer to me so no one could see that my hand was up under her miniskirt. Jimmy was blocking the view from the other side so no one could see what I was up to. Mary was standing there with her feet about shoulder width apart. Her panties were in my pocket and my hand was cupping her fury pussy.

This was her punishment. She was to stand there like that with me fingering her pussy until the next class bell rang. It was called "four minutes of heaven" and Mary had lost a bet with her girlfriends. They had picked me to do the honors basically because my sister was the one that she had lost the bet too.

In fact I would get to finger fuck Mary between every class that day for a total of eight times. My sister had told me to take Mary's panties the first time and just cup her pussy to get used to the feel.

The second and third times I was to finger her slit and get used to the feel of her pussy.


The forth and fifth times I was to finger fuck her constantly. Then the last three times that day I was to abuse her clit until she wet herself, not the orgasm kind of wet but the peed your pants kind of wet. Apparently Mary was a squirter. I was only on my forth turn at the moment. On my fifth turn my sister and two of her friends were off to one side watching Mary squirm. She saw them and said that if I did not make her cum that she would let me fuck her.

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I passed a note to my sister through a mutual friend telling her about the offer. I got a note back telling me to give her as many as I could and that I would be amply rewarded. On that sixth turn I had stuck my index finger up her hole to get it wet and then I had it on her swollen clit rubbing the hell out of her.

She cried as I made her cum.


I felt sorry for her but I was looking forward to my reward even more. I managed to give her three orgasms in that four minutes. My hand was wet and Mary rushed into the girl's bathroom afterwards. The seventh time I made her squirt four times. I was getting better at masturbating her and she was getting more sensitive each time too. Then that last time Mary had so many orgasms that I could not count them.

All I knew was that my sister was smiling, Mary's miniskirt was wet in the front, and that there was a small puddle on the floor between Jimmy and I. My reward was not as good as I had anticipated. I felt sure that Mary's offer of sex would get an equal or better offer…but it didn't. What I did get was to see the class slut naked for ten minutes in my sister's bedroom while she stood right there.

Big fucking deal, I would have liked a blowjob at the very least. When I protested my sister told me to go to hell. Bitch! The very next day I apologized to Mary and explained the whole thing to her. She had suspected that something like that had happened and vowed to get even with my sister. Things were not quite right at home after that. My sister kept avoiding me and I kept telling her that I had gotten cheated.

A couple of weeks later Mary approached me and asked me to do her a big favor. She wanted me to have another "four minutes in heaven" but that time with my sister on the receiving end. You bet!

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Then Mary told me that my sister was a screamer when she had an orgasm. She also told me to start out fast and furious on my sister and to give her as many orgasms as I could each time. I was definitely on her side. Then she said that what ever my sister offered me that she would double it. She also said that she would be taking Jimmy's place to hear all of the deals and to watch my sister squirm and scream.

That very first time with my sister I got off to a great start. She stifled one scream, covered her mouth for the second one and damn near bit through her lip on the third one. During second period I got a note from my sister promising me a blowjob if I would back off. That would be two blowjobs from Mary and I felt that I could trust Mary more than my sister. The second turn was cruel in that I managed to give my sister four orgasms and each time squeals of delight escaped her lips and the other girls that passed by us in the hall giggled.

Everyone seemed to know what was happening. The next note was for sex. Things continued at the same pace. The next note was sex of a week, then sex for two weeks, and finally sex for a whole month. I just kept abusing the shit of my sister's raw clit. I had the upper hand and I was getting even for everything that she had ever done to me.

Just before the eighth turn her note promised me sex every night for a year, I showed the notes to Mary. She swallowed hard but said okay. That eighth turn in the hallway caused my sister to scream out loud several times, to howl often, and to cause a great deal of attention to herself and to me.

The hall was jammed with spectators. It was too good to last because during ninth period Mary, my sister, and myself were called into the Principle's office to explain the commotion that we had caused in the hallway.

All she had to hear were the words "four minutes in heaven" and she started laughing. It was certainly nothing new to her. That led Mary to tell her side of the first incident a couple of weeks earlier. My sister then told her story about that incident.

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Then she asked me what I had gotten out of it other than to feel up the two girls. I told her about me having sex every night with Mary for the next two years.


The Principle thought it over and said, "I've got a better idea. You can have sex with both of them during second period right here in my office on school days, from now until the end of school. What do you girls say to that?" Mary was getting her promise cut by two-thirds so she liked it just fine. My sister objected to it because I was her brother.

The principle asked to see my sister's notes. She looked them over and said, "You didn't seem to have a problem letting him fuck you every night for a year, this will be a lot less. Besides he will blow half of his cum in Mary." Well the two girls did finally agreed to the deal and then the Principle told them to get undress and let me start doing my thing.

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The look on my sister's face was priceless. She never believed that our own mother would force her to have sex with me. That's right our mother was the high school Principle. Mom watched the girls get undressed, then she watched me get undressed, and then Mom watched me fuck the two girls. I lost my virginity in Mary and then I took my sister's virginity. Mary was really wet when I entered her pussy.

She was on the couch along the wall. Her legs were spread and her breasts were sticking up nicely. I had taken the time to give Mary a tender kiss and to kiss both of her nipples before kissing her fury pussy before entering it. Mary was easily excited and she squirted twice before I did. She really enjoyed it and asked me to do it again. Mom told her to wait. My sister tried very hard not to enjoy it but I managed to rub my cock up against her very tender clit and caused her to orgasm, to cry out how much she liked my cock in her, and to clamp her hands tightly over her mouth for that final scream as I shot gobs of cum into her pussy.

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Almost immediately my sister started to get dressed but Mom told her that the period was not over yet and that I was still hard. So I finally got my blowjob from my sister. She swallowed my cum too, thanks to Mom forcing her too. Just before the end of that class I fired a few more squirts into Mary and she fired a few at my cock, which ran down my balls and onto the couch.

Every school day that school year we were in the Principle's office for second period having sex. I became excellent in the art of pleasing a woman according to my mother and my sex coach.

Mary was invited to a lot of sleepovers where I would have sex with both girls too.


Mary became my girlfriend and the two girls stopped their rivalry. A few years later after Mary and I had graduated from college we were married.

My sister was Mary's Bride's Maid and Jimmy was my Best Man. A couple of years after that my sister and Jimmy were married. It was a nice sight to watch our wives grow fat from pregnancy the following year…and again two years after that.


The girls never knew it but I had sex with Mom about once a month after that first incident in her office. She had gotten so excited watching me fuck the girls that she would masturbate behind her desk watching us. Then about once a month just before her menstrual period she would let me have unprotected sex with her. She made sure that the girls were both on birth control though. In her case she had a reaction to the pills and just trusted Mother Nature. Fortunately I never impregnated my mother.

The End Four Minutes In Heaven 587