Creampie given to Jane by Creampei

Creampie given to Jane by Creampei
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Forever Love Part Two When she pulled him into the bedroom after he got home from work and told him about the suspected pregnancy, he really didn't know what to say. Neither of them were expecting anything like this to happen this soon. She was happy about it, but unsure of how it would affect both of their lives, since neither of them were really ready to deal with a pregnancy, and neither were in a position to be able to marry or even get into a serious, committed relationship.

They hadn't known each other more than a couple of weeks. He wanted to wait until she saw her regular doctor to confirm it before making any definitive plans regarding an unborn child. She knew he was planning to go out of town the next day, so her intent was to get up immediately the next morning and take another home test.

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Then, depending on the results, they could sit down with the test in front of them and decide what to do next and how to proceed if she did wind up pregnant. His plans were changed, and he had to leave that night, which completely threw her world out of order. She felt as though she had been abandoned to deal with the shock of a pregnancy on her own, and was hurt and angry that he left her to deal with it on her own. She spent the time that he was gone doing some serious thinking and trying to decide what the best option would be.

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She knew she had the option of moving out and going to live with a friend in another state. She knew all she would have to do was make a phone call, and a good friend of hers would come and help her move immediately, and allow her to go stay at his home until after the baby was born, and he would help her 'disappear' so that her partner wouldn't know where she was, and wouldn't know about the baby.

She was torn because her sense of right and wrong told her not to disappear, but her heart told her to go that route so that he wasn't pressured or obligated into anything, and so he wouldn't feel like he was pushed into a decision that he would end up resenting her for later. When he returned home, she informed him that she had taken another home test which came up positive, and had also gone to the hospital and had a test done there, which also came up positive.

They argued, and she told him that she felt it would be best if she moved out, so that he wasn't stressing or feeling pressured with a pregnancy he wasn't ready for. A few hours later, they started to discuss it again, and started to work things out. He told her that he did love her, and he did want her and the baby to continue living there, and he wanted her to stay with him. Deep in her heart, she knew that she was headed for heartbreak, because he wasn't ready for the stress and responsibilities of a pregnancy.

But because she loved him, she was unable to get up the courage and move away. No matter how angry she got, she was never able to deny him when the time came for them to go to bed at night. She couldn't say no to him sexually, nor could she deny him the right to wrap her in his embrace when it was time to go to sleep. The pattern of his arms around her and her head on his chest, listening to the steady beating of his heart, and feeling the safety and security of his embrace had already been established, and she wasn't strong enough to walk away from that.

It wasn't just the fact that he made her feel like no other man ever had. There was something more about him.


Perhaps it was his military background, and his classic good looks. Perhaps it was the person she knew he really was deep down. She didn't know. She just knew that she had fallen in love with him, and it was a love that wouldn't change, no matter how things ended up between them.

She knew that the unborn child would either have his classic good looks, or end up looking almost exactly like her, since she had a son from a previous marriage who looked exactly like she did, as well as his uncle and his grandfather. Her partner's children from a previous marriage looked exactly like him, so she could easily picture the looks of this unborn child. They got along extremely well sexually and in every other aspect of life. He fit inside her so well that he claimed she was so tight he actually had to stretch her with a dildo first or she would clamp down and push him out of her pussy.


When he managed to get into her cervix and womb, it drove her wild, causing her to orgasm non-stop from the moment he touched her until the moment he emptied his balls into her womb. She figured that since she was already pregnant, there was no reason to deny him sexually.

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The next two weeks were a bit strained between them, both of them unsure of how to react with each other, knowing they had to deal with a pregnancy that was unplanned, and knowing that even though they shared a bed every night, they really didn't know much about each other yet. About two weeks later, she started going through mild cramps that continued to get worse throughout the night.

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After he had fallen asleep, she extricated herself from his embrace, and went into the local hospital, where she was told she had miscarried. The doctors really weren't sure why or what caused her to miscarry. She went back home and cried herself to sleep. When he awoke the next morning, he knew something was wrong, and guessed immediately what had happened. They talked about it briefly, and discussed giving it some time, and then trying again.

Even though the miscarriage devastated her, she still could not stay away from him or deny him anything. Was it his looks? Was it his personality? She didn't really know exactly WHAT or WHY, but she knew she had fallen in love with him and would do just about anything to keep him. She surprised herself with the lengths she was willing to go to in order to keep him happy.

They talked about fantasies, wants and desires, and he told her that one of his biggest fantasies was to watch her with another man.

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He would often joke and say he was going to bring some of the guys from his military unit and watch her fuck them. She would respond and say that it was fine, but they would not be able to orgasm inside her, as he was the only one she wanted impregnating her. He asked her about some of her fantasies, and for the longest time, she was unable to give him an answer. After a lot of thinking, she finally realized what her biggest fantasies regarding him would be. She wanted to be able to fuck him anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone, simply because she loved knowing he wanted to show her off.

She also often fantasized about going out to a club or a bar in a tight outfit that came to about mid-thigh with a zippered bodice that barely covered her 54FFF natural chest, and knowing that he had her wear a bullet vibrator against her clit, and nothing else.

And he would have the remote in his hand or in his pocket, and he would be able to turn it on anytime he felt like it, just to watch her fight to keep from orgasming in front of complete strangers. She loved the idea of him taking complete control, since she would completely melt if she would be in the bedroom putting his clothes away and he would come in and toss her on the bed and pin her underneath him and fuck her until she couldn't think straight, or he would order her to wear a short robe with nothing else under it and sit on the couch, exposing her pussy to him while he was working on something on his laptop or watching tv.

She loved the way he dominated her without being overbearing or abusive. He had complete control over her, and they both knew it. She had also already learned that the minute they went to bed, her head belonged on his stomach, with her mouth wrapped around his huge cock, and her small hand gently massaging his balls.

If she didn't immediately assume the position, she would find her hair wrapped around his fist and her head pushed to the position he wanted her in. He was the only man who could make her orgasm just by looking at her or touching her neck, or stroking her face.

She was constantly wet just thinking about him, and even if she knew that they were not going to get sexual, she was still dripping wet wanting him. Was it the fact that he was about 6' tall, and well-built, and physically strong enough to have his way with her at anytime?

Was it his short cropped blonde hair? Was it his gorgeous eyes? Again, she had no idea. She just knew that he was the only man who could get her to react that way, and she found herself often wishing she weren't so shy so that she could tell him to take her outside on their private property and fuck her while they were standing outside, or bend her over the hood of the car, or whatever. She was literally ready, willing, and able to fuck him anytime he wanted, even if she wasn't feeling well.

She put his wants and needs ahead of her own, even to the point of making sure he ate meals at night, and she went without just so that there was always enough for him. She knew there was obvious chemistry between them, since even though he was still interested in fucking other women, she was the one he couldn't keep his hands off of, and she was the one he could fuck for hours and be hard as steel again a short time later.

She was the one who shared his bed every night, she was the one he fucked more times than they could count on the weekends when they weren't busy doing something with the kids, or visiting with his family, or doing activities he enjoyed.

She just loved being near him, no matter what they were doing, and she loved making sure she was available to him sexually 24/7/365. She also made it clear to him that she could be sound asleep and not feeling well, and if he wanted sex, all he had to do was wake her up, and she would be ready, willing, and able, even if she wasn't feeling well.

His needs came first, ALWAYS. Sorry this isn't all that graphic or detailed. It is a true story, however, and the next segment will come when the next chapter of my life occurs. Next time I will try to be more detailed, more sexual, and more descriptive. I wrote this just to remind people that true love DOES exist, and it really can happen when you aren't looking for it and when you least expect it.

I wanted people to remember that not all relationships are just about sex and not all of them end in heartbreak. It took me 22 years to find the man I want to be with the rest of my life, and, providing fate is kind---he and I will be together for eternity, and have several blonde-haired, blue eyed children that will be as gorgeous as he is.