Hd mom amateur i taught her all she knows

Hd mom amateur i taught her all she knows
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Alice Chapter Three Morning In The Woods The morning sun filtered through the pine trees, and crept along needles, passing over Alice, slowly moving from her toes up over her body. As it caressed her face, her eyes opened. She realized that Felix was no longer behind her, and looked around, not sure what she'd do if he'd abandoned her here.

She heard a rustle off in the trees, and stood. She picked her way past the smouldering embers of the fire and round a couple of trees, and saw him there.


He was squatting on his haunches, legs apart. As he saw her he grinned and turned a little to face her, with his cock exposed. Before she said anything he started to piss, a golden torrent that described a golden arch between his legs, splashing onto the dusty ground.

Alice was enthralled, she'd never seen a man peeing, and although this was a cat man, it was still entrancing, she found herself moving closer. She stepped close enough that her toes were on the edge of the dark, sodden earth, and knelt. "Just marking my territory, babes," he said, nonchalantly, "it's a cat thing…" with that he flexed his hips and lifted the stream so a small splash hit her stockinged knees.

"Sorry about that," he said with a sly wink. Alice looked down, shocked but surprisingly calm, as the white silk absorbed the urine. "I guess that's OK," she murmured. Her eyes came up from her knees, over the puddle of piss to Felix's groin. His cock was growing, with drops of pee still trickling down its flanks.

She glanced up at him, and Felix, still wearing his perpetual smile, raised an eyebrow. Alice felt compelled, and came up on her knees, planting a hand on either side of the soaking patch, and dipped her head.

The cat gasped as her lips wrapped round his shaft, cool in the morning but warming quickly. Alice could taste his powerful scent as she guided him to the back of her mouth. He looked down at her mane of white blonde hair bobbing between his thighs and leant back, his hands on the ground. Alice lifted her head. "Am I doing it OK?" she asked timidly as his dick floated by her pink lips. "That was good, very good, babes, but lemme just try something," he purred as he brought his hands up to cup her head, "Stay still…" He shifted his hips and brought his conical tip to her lips, and slid inside, feeling her tongue immediately rise to press against his taut flesh.

He came down on his knees as he pushed his dick all the way into her. Alice's eyes went wide as he began to hump slowly. Felix's grin twisted into a snarl as he began to get faster, his black cock flesh slick from her saliva as he set into to fucking her face.

Alice breathed through her nose as she felt his bumped head reaching the back of her mouth. She felt nervous, the prick in her mouth threatening to suffocate her as Felix settled into a comfortable rocking motion, driving between her lips forcefully.

Alice had read about this in her stolen dirty magazines, deep throating, face-fucking.

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She'd never thought it sounded pleasant, but there was something pleasing about letting the big cat use her. Her body was giving him so much pleasure, she felt energized.

She didn't know what would happen if he fucked further into her face, she was afraid she'd throw up, but he always stopped short of her gag reflex. His hands gripped her head tightly, fingers intertwining in her hair as he grunted with each stroke.

"Are you OK?" he asked, looking down at her, "Blink if you are…" Alice blinked as she looked up into his cat's eyes. He was starting to breathe like he had the previous evening, just before he'd ejaculated in her pussy. She could feel her spit drooling round him as he shoved into her. What would she do if he came down her throat? Could she swallow with his swollen prick between her lips? Thankfully he withdrew, pulling fully out of her his hands flew from her hair to his dick, holding it just in front of her.

"What should I do now?" she asked, just as he came, his ebony shaft exploding with thick jets of spunk. It splashed into her eyes and hair, and dripped down her lips and chin, hot and sticky. She sat back surprised, and looked at him recovering, her fingertips coming up to her face, feeling the thick strands of semen dribbling down.

"You look beautiful, babes," Felix grinned as he sat back, admiring his abstract creation, "a work of fucking art." Alice sat back on her heels, a smile crept onto her lips. "Thank you, and thank you for this," she grinned, as she started to wipe the cum from her cheeks. "Maybe we ought to head down to the river so we can wash you up…" Felix murmured. Alice nodded as she looked around. "I think I need to, ah, take my morning, um, time?" She whispered, starting to blush.

Felix raised a curious eyebrow. "What do you mean?" "You know," she gestured at the dark patch between his legs, "that sort of thing…" "Oh," he replied, comprehension dawning on his furry face, "it's just we're in the woods, so, normally folks just go." "Just anywhere?" "Well, yes, anywhere, why not? It's good for the trees." Alice nodded, unsure of what she'd do. "But I think you ought to do it right here," Felix grinned, spreading his hands in front of him, "after all, you watched me, it seems only fair…" "I couldn't do that, that's," she struggled for the right word, "impolite!" "Well I don't mind." "I've never done it in front of anyone before!" "I'll bet you've never been fucked in the face before either, but you've done that already." Alice stared at his, open mouthed.

"You'd like it?" "I'm a cat, babes, piss is like a symphony for me, music for the nose!" She found herself lifting onto her feet, and sliding them apart as Felix's eyes roamed down her teenage body, to her blonde crowned center. The cat watched intently and Alice felt herself starting to pee. It was difficult at first, her body didn't want to, but soon there was a stream of golden urine splashing into the dark patch between them.


Felix's tongue emerged as he licked his lips, breathing in the scent. Alice relaxed as she realized the cat wasn't going to try anything too weird, and soon she felt empty, the trickle tapering off. "Marvelous!" Felix crowed. He leaned forwards and ushered the odour into his nose with his hands. "You're quite intoxicating!" "That felt really very naughty!" Alice said as she stood. "Oh, but very liberating," Felix grinned, "I don't mind if you need to drop some scat, too…" Alice looked at him quizzically.

She'd read the word before, but never really understood what it meant. The cat's eyebrows waggled as his grin spread widely, and suddenly she recognized what he was thinking. "No, no no no!" she stammered in shock, "no, never!" "Hey, hey, it's OK, don't have a fit, babes, you go take care of that in private, if you wish!" Alice flashed him a haughty expression as she turned to walk into the trees, which turned to a sly grin as she was looking away.

It took a few minutes to complete her morning chores, and by the time she'd got back to the little camp, Felix had kicked out the fire, and was holding her cape. Alice took it gratefully, and wrapped herself up in it. "The river's down this way," Felix motioned with a hand, "about a half hour away." Alice smiled and reached out her hand for his as they began to walk between the trees. The River It actually took about twenty minutes to reach the river bank.

The waters were much wider here than by the cottage, and the far bank was at least a hundred feet away. As they stood hand in hand, surrounded by bullrushes, Felix took her cape, and folded it over his arm.

"You want to wash?" he asked. Alice nodded, unbuckled her shoes and stepped into the water. It was taking its time to warm up, she noticed, as she stepped carefully through the rushes, and out onto the sandy middle.

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"Didn't you want to take those stockings off, babes?" "There's no need, they'll get just as wet in the river as if I wash them on the banks." "There is that, I suppose." The cat sprang up, and scampered out onto a low hanging branch of a beech, snaking along it out over the water, where he wrapped his sinewy body and watched.

"Oh, of course, cats don't like water." "Cats don't like water? Where did you hear a silly thing like that?" "I thought everyone knew." "Well, I am a cat, and I tell you it is a silly thing to say." "I'm sorry, I meant no offence." Felix shrugged.

"It's also true, which is the sad thing. Just think of all the fish I miss out on for fear of the water." Alice laughed, and dove backwards into the water with a mighty splash. The cat smiled as he watched her lithe body start to swim, the occasional splash of feet breaking the surface as the girl frolicked. She dove down, now out of her depth, and ran her hands down her face, making sure the cold waters washed away Felix's dried cum. Alice spotted a flash of colour and swam down six feet or so.

A single brilliant green fish swam lazily past, followed by several blue ones. They were in a line, nose to tail as they circled a large rock, and then disappeared into the distance.

Felix lifted his chin in one hand.

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She'd been down a little while, he pondered, but not to worry just yet. It was at that point he heard the gentle putt-putt-putt sound from further upstream. He was suddenly worried, there were very few things that putted, and all of them were bad news.

He called for Alice, but there was nothing. Around a bend in the river came a boat. It was sixty feet or thereabouts, black painted steel plates slipping through the waves, with a pair of paddle wheels in rudimentary housings. There was a single gun turret on the front, with a wheel house behind it and it flew a flag from the stern.

The cat inhaled sharply, this was definitely not good, for the flag that was flown was the flag of the King of Clubs, and that meant this was an enemy gunboat in this land of the Queen of Hearts. He yelled again for Alice at the top of his voice, and then suddenly spotted her. Could she even hear him? She wasn't coming in, so, not, he assumed. Alice heard the boat when she came back to the surface, but it was nearly upon her.

She yelped in alarm, though it seemed to be slowing. On the prow of the ship stood a fat man, dressed in what looked like rags, with a huge black hat on his head. His face was framed by swarthy black hair, and his jowls were thick with stubble, days of it by the looks. "What have we here?" he shouted down. Alice treaded water nervously. "Have you capsized?

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Do you require some assistance?" "Yes, sir, I need to go to the city!" Alice called, and started to swim towards the boat, which had come to a stop a few yards away. "The city, eh? Well, it's just your luck, my dear, that's where we are going!" "I wonder, then, if perhaps you would be so god as to give me a ride?" "I should think so, why don't you come aboard?" The fat man waved back at some unseen crewperson, and as he did so a hatch cranked open, forming a platform a foot or so above the water level.

Alice reached it after a few solid strokes. A pair of men had stepped onto the platform, and Alice took them in. They were completely black. Not just dark skinned, but completely black, more so even than Felix. Which reminded her… "I have a cat, he's on the bank, he'll have to come too, I do hope that's acceptable?" The fat man appeared at the hatch. "Of course, we'll go pick him up, then, shall we?" Alice smiled, and looked again at the strange black men.

They seemed more like statues than men, up close. They had no hair, no nipples, no subtleties of skin colour. They each had three raised circles on their chests. The skin itself was more like plastic, it was glossy and tight, but the weirdest thing was their faces. They looked like mannequins, there were recognizable features, but they were smooth, like they were carved.

Alice began to feel a little afraid, up close they looked menacing. "I've just remembered, I have left my cloak on the shore, and I'm afraid it wouldn't be proper to board dressed as I am…" The fat man laughed.


"Oh ho! I see! Well, you needn't worry about the pawns, they're blind, after a fashion anyway. And I shall retire to the bridge until they have found something suitable for you, how would that be?" "I suppose, if they're blind, then it wouldn't matter, would it?" The fat man grinned and ducked back into the boat. Alice looked up at the two black pawns, and mentally shrugged. She grabbed hold of the hatch and pulled herself up, sitting on the edge briefly before standing, suddenly shivering in the cold, as the two pawns guided her inside.

KCS Resolute The hatch started to clank shut even before she had stepped off it, and Alice was almost thrown into the dark interior. Just inside stood the fat man, leering at her, his eyes drinking in her naked body. Her jaw dropped in shock at his rudeness, and her hands flew to her breasts and mound.

"Oh, I don't think so missy," he sneered, "secure her!" The pawns grabbed her arms firmly, and pulled them away from her. "Maybe I ought to introduce myself, ducky," he said as he licked his lips, "my name is Grout. Captain Grout, of the Resolute, which is this ship you're in." "I don't care!

Unhand me, and let me off this rust-bucket at once!" "Well, now, we can't be having little bits of strumpet back-chatting me on my own boat, now can we?" The Captain stepped in closer, his foul breath invading her nostrils as she struggled against the tight grip of the pawns.

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His hand reached down, and forced itself between her thighs. Alice's eyes popped in horror as his thumb pushed up into her pussy. "Especially when," his eyes narrowed as he jerked the thumb further up, "you're not just a strumpet, but a horny little strumpet." He jerked his thumb back out, and ostentatiously sucked it before turning and strutting back up the corridor.

He turned by an open door and paused. "Take her below, warm her up!" he ordered with a smirk. Alice was speechless as the two pawns dragged her the other way down the corridor, then a flight of steep narrow stairs. As they moved back through the boat she saw other pawns, some tending to work of various kinds, some just standing. Each seemed to watch as she was dragged past. They moved into a room with a huge open furnace.

Six pawns were here, chained down, shoveling something into the furnace, but these pawns were a brilliant scarlet in colour. At the back of this room the pawns opened a door and threw Alice through. She landed in the corner, and didn't quite have time to get back to the door before it slammed shut, and she heard the sound of a heavy bar being drawn across it. The sound of the paddle wheels started up again, slowly, but getting faster.

Alice looked round this room, it was, like everything she'd seen so far, bare metal, riveted along every seam. It reeked of rust, piss, decay and rot. In one corner there was a bucket, and that was it. Some light came in through the ceiling, which was a metal grill.

Without anything else obvious to do, Alice investigated the bucket. It sloshed as she picked it up, and in the dim light she saw something inside move. Was this meant to be food? She'd read about bread and water being given to prisoners. She reached in, and realized what the bucket was at the same time she noticed the stink was much stronger with the bucket under her nose. Her fingers broke through something softy and squishing even as she was recoiling, flicking her hand towards one corner of the cell whilst she backed up into the other, and slid down against the cold metal, her eyes welling with tears.