Me gano detras de la mujer para sacarme el pene

Me gano detras de la mujer para sacarme el pene
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Skipper Licked Me, Daddy I pulled my F250 into the driveway, bounced up to the garage and slammed on the brakes. I threw open my door, then stopped, trying to calm my temper and organize my thoughts. Murder was illegal in Washington. "Slow down, don't go in there mad," I muttered to myself. I hated getting calls on my cell phone when I'm in the woods, trying to put down an acre of timber before the owners get mad and parcel it off to somebody else.

It really pisses me off when somebody cuts into my business like that. Especially when it's Mrs. Jefferson, and especially when she's telling me that a little geeky bastard named Phillip Marston, has been over here humping my daughter's leg again. I told the little bastard not to come around when I'm gone. I thought I'd made it clear to him.

Apparently not. I told him what a chainsaw can do to a 15-year-old shithead. Apparently he didn't listen to that either. What's next, showing him? Maybe I was leaning on the wrong shithead. He wouldn't be over here unless Jill had encouraged him. I stood with my back against my truck and looked around while thinking furiously.

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It was actually a very beautiful day. The afternoon sunlight lit the pines around me like an old photograph. A blackbird made its tinkling music from a tree overhead. A slight breeze moved the very tops of the trees, making them whisper in excitement.

Somebody had a barbecue grill going somewhere and somebody else had recently mowed their lawn. The air was full of wonderful aromas. A dog barked down the street. It wasn't mine. Despite Skipper's upbeat name, he would bite before he barked. He could be a mean little son of a bitch. Where was that little fur ball?

He should have come out to meet me. I took off my gloves and slammed them down into the bed of my truck. I bent down and dusted off my jeans, then shook sawdust out of my cuffs. Out of the corner of my eye I peeked at Mrs. Jefferson's house. The old bat was peeking through her curtains. What, she didn't think I could see her in broad daylight? I stood, put my finger to my nose and blew. I couldn't hear her scream of disgust, but she disappeared instantly. With a slight smile I headed into the house, feeling a little better.

It was hard, raising a daughter alone. To all the diehards out there I will tell you, get your wife insured. You are not greedy, you are not morbid, and you are not ready to raise a family alone, believe me.

You'll find yourself in a hole you can't dig yourself out of. That's why I spent most of my time away. I was good at what I did, but I was doing far too much of it. It left my daughter alone most of the time. I loved the sneaky little bitch, but she's too much like me. She will fuck anything that walks and put a notch on her bedpost when she's done.

But you've got to love your kids, no matter how they turn out. I could have done worse. "Jill!" I yelled as I entered the front door. The TV was on. There was a smell of popcorn in the air and some other foul odor.

I followed the stink into the kitchen. The coffee pot had boiled down to a thick tar. What used to be coffee that morning, was rank as hell now. I flipped off the switch and ran water into the pot. "Jill?" I called before washing my face and arms in the sink. She must be out. There was no answer. Good, I was alone. I could take a nap before we argued about who was going to make dinner.

Time for a shower. I needed to get the smell of gasoline and pine sawdust off my body. I left my mud-covered boots at the front door and plodded up the stairs. Suddenly my ears perked up. "Uh, uh, ah, uh." My bathroom usually didn't make those noises. I had a feeling I would need that chainsaw real soon. It was time to cut down a Phillip. I tested the door and my eyes widened in surprise when I found it unlocked. They weren't expecting me? I turned the knob and threw it open. I had found my daughter and my dog.

My daughter was sitting on the toilet with her legs wide open, and my dog was between them licking the hell out of her. You wouldn't believe the look of horror which crossed her face. "Skipper licked me, daddy," she said meekly. I thought it was a bit of an understatement.

"Yes, I can see that," I said in a calm voice. But my eyes were taking it all in. Skipper never missed a lick, and my daughter was too terrified to stop him. She just sat holding her bare knees while Skipper went to town in that sweet, young pussy. When had she grown pubic hair? Probably about the same time she grew tits, which was four years ago?

I realized two things immediately. My daughter was all grown up, and Skipper needed a bath. He loved rolling in the dirt out back. "Give Skipper a bath when you're done," I said as I calmly closed the door. I went to my bedroom and fell on the bed. Well, what a turn of events. I had a feeling that I had just reached a turning point in my life, but I was too stunned to figure out why. I would later. Then I discovered another thing.

My cock was as hard as a rock. It was so hard it hurt and the hormones were really churning in my loins. So what now, jack off? Rape Mrs. Jefferson? Cruise Mercer street looking for a whore? "I'm sorry, daddy," Jill said as she entered the room.

I nodded, looking at her in her blue flowered dress, now wet from Skipper's bath. "You put Skipper out back?" "Yes daddy." God how she'd grown. She looked so much like her mother, it almost hurt. She looked at my dirty clothes, then her eyes widened as she saw my crotch. It had been almost half an hour and I was still throbbing. She turned half away with a smile.

"What's so damn funny?" I pretended to be mad. "This situation is so ridiculous, I don't even know what to say," she giggled. "You didn't take it like I thought you would." "The Indians used dogs to cure all sorts of infections. They swore that a dog's saliva could cure almost everything," I said significantly. "Like what?" "Like venereal disease, yeast infections, gunshot wounds. . " I let my words trail off.


"We are part Indian, you know?" I finished lamely. "You have any of those?" "No daddy," she smiled. Her eyes were still on my crotch. God how I wanted to touch her. As if reading my thoughts, she moved uncomfortably on the bed beside me and her skirt slid up. For the first time in my life I noticed how fucking incredible her legs were.

Long, slender, perfectly formed and tanned. I've seen her in a bathing suit, in a bra and panties, and naked and drunk once. But I never made the connection between my daughter, and a woman. Now I was. I was making all sorts of connections.

My daughter was a woman. She was an incredibly sexy woman. I could still remember her slender legs, open pussy, and that little tuft of brown pubic hair. How I envied Skipper. "What are you thinking, daddy?" she asked in her best little girl voice.

"I'm thinking you are all grown up," I sighed. "I'm thinking that I'm glad the little Phillip punk isn't here, so I don't have to kill him," I paused, licking my lips, "and I'm wishing I could trade places with Skipper right now." The addition of the last part surprised even me. Had I actually said that? "Really?" she gave me a slight smile, looking at my crotch again. She wet those incredible lips and I almost died. Do women know how incredibly sexy their lips are?

Of course they do. That's why they spend millions of dollars each year to make them sexy. "You have no idea how much," I said quietly. "I've got to take a shower. You'd better get out unless you want to see an old man naked," I fell into my old speech habits as I unbuttoned my shirt.

"I'll make coffee," she said, leaping from the bed and skipping out of the room. I had to admit, I was disappointed. I half expected.

. Maybe it was for the best. After all, who really fucked their own daughter? Hillbillies? People on the Jerry Springer show? Hell, I actually had an incestuous sticker on my truck. I bought it at a truck stop to piss off Mrs. Jefferson. It really does piss her off. She hides her eyes when she walks by. It was meant as a joke. I washed brutally under the shower. I almost resorted to masturbating, but I had not done that since I was 15.

I wasn't restarting now. I might go out later, have a few beers and pick up some bimbo. Anything with a pussy would work. Age and race were inconsequential.

My daughter had a pussy. I still had a picture of it burned into my mind. Sweet, delicate, starkly white, and perfect. As I washed my armpits, I realized I was driving myself crazy. I was also rubbing so hard it was taking the skin off. I turned the shower to cold, shouted and gasped, then stood with my hands against the wall while the cold water brutalized my body. She was my daughter. She was not a piece of available pussy.

She was my fucking daughter! Half me, half Lisa, she was. . "Daddy?" "What?" I screamed, turning off the shower. "I brought you coffee." A slender hand appeared by the shower curtain holding a cup of coffee. What the fuck? "Yeah, thanks honey. Just set it on the sink," I said, wiping the water out of my eyes.

"Ok." The door closed and I jerked back the curtain. There she was, sitting on the toilet. Her slender legs were neatly crossed. They looked adorable in black shoes and white socks. She still wore the blue flowered dress with a large white collar. Her breasts looked incredibly perky in it. She was so tiny. Damn those were sweet legs. She smiled and turned, picking up the coffee. I took it breathlessly and took a sip. I moaned when I felt her hands on my cock. This wasn't right. God would strike us down at any moment.

Lightning would burn down the house. Mrs. Jefferson would know exactly what was going. . oh fuck. My daughter was sucking my cock. Did a mouth normally feel that hot?

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When had I crossed the line? Why was she crossing it? "Oh fuck," I gasped. I tried to put the coffee on the back of the toilet, without spilling it on my daughter's back. Her lips made a wet sucking sound. I could feel the vibrations clear down to the roots of my cock. Jill smiled up at me with my cock in her mouth.

I had paid for that cherry red lipstick. It looked good around my cock. Very good. I couldn't love her any more than I did at that very moment. It was physically impossible. "Let's go into the bedroom," I gasped. Her lips made a wet sucking sound when she pulled her mouth off my cock. I groaned and nearly fell. She jumped up and sprinted out of the bathroom. I followed on shaky legs. She began unbuttoning her dress as she ran. I hurried to catch the first view of her breasts with my new eyes.

She turned and dropped her dress as she walked backwards. My god, she was beautiful. I hadn't seen a body like that since high school. Everything about her was beautiful, from her face, to her neck, chest, and torso. She was absolutely perfect.

Why hadn't I noticed that before? No wonder the little geeks took a chance on getting killed. No wonder my threats didn't stop them. Nothing would. "You have the most beautiful ass I have ever seen," I voiced my thoughts. "Thanks, daddy," she smiled. She fell to the bed and bounced twice as she watched me approach. She kicked off each shoe with a thump. "Did you know I fantasize about you while I masturbate?" she asked coyly.

"No, I didn't know that," I was genuinely surprised. "Phillip was wrong," she looked at my cock as I sat beside her on the bed. "About what?" "He said just because a guy is big, doesn't mean his cock is big too.

He's wrong. Your cock is very big." "Not really," I smiled. "It's just bigger than Phillip's." "You want to touch me daddy?" "Oh hell yes," I gasped. "Go ahead. I'm not a virgin," she said condescendingly. "Don't tell me that," I groaned. We were sitting on the edge of the bed, side by side like strangers. I looked down at her magnificent breasts. They were perfect bowl-shaped breast with tiny nipples. With a moan, I reached out and pushed her gently down on the bed.

Her shoulders were so soft. I kissed her left breast.

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It was the closest to me. God how soft the skin felt. It was like kissing butter. How wonderful her skin smelled. There was a little groove at the base of her neck. I kissed that soundly, flicking my tongue across the soft skin as I did. I moved over to the side of her neck. I turned her head and kissed the side of her neck soundly. Her breath caught. I put my tongue into her ear, then caressed the outside of it before working my way behind and down to her jaw.

She was shaking now. Her breath came in fluttering hisses. I lifted my mouth from her ear and she turned, looking at me. Before I could decide whether to kiss my daughter on the lips, she pulled my head forward and kissed me urgently.

We were breathing harshly through our noses. She had her eyes closed. Mine were open. I didn't want to miss a thing. Our tongues fenced playfully. There was a horrible fire filling my body. By the way she moved, it was filling her's too. I started shaking and my eyes flew open at a distant memory. An Army memory. One night me and the boys went down to Juarez for drinking and whoring.

I ended up with cute little Mexican girl wearing a horrible blonde wig. I remembered thinking that wig felt like straw. She drove me so fucking crazy that night that I was shaking and screaming like a school girl.

I never knew how she did it. Now, for the second time in my life, I was getting so excited that it was happening again. With my own daughter. "I need to taste you," I whispered around her lips. She released my head and I crawled up in the middle of the bed.

She slid back until she sat facing me. I looked down at her perfect pussy in awe. I had never seen anything so flawless in my entire life. Some pussies were ugly, some looked deformed, and some I wouldn't touch with my chain saw. But some, like Jill's were crafted just perfectly.

She had gently rounded pussy lips in the form of a mound, with just a touch of pink skin showing between them and a little tab of skin which marked the location of her clit. That was convenient. I parted her creamy smooth thighs and slid between them with a shuddering sigh. Jill looked down at me brightly, as I inspected her womanhood. I kissed my way up 4 inches of the softest skin I had ever felt, on each inner thigh.

She shuddered, but didn't make a sound. I liked the way she watched my every move. Then I realized that she was memorizing the moment like I had been. Did she really find me so attractive or was it the illicit aspect which fascinated us both? "You are so beautiful, sweetheart," I whispered. "Thanks, daddy." I sniffed her aromatic box, inhaling deeply. I shuddered uncontrollably. I found myself trying to fuck the bed.

That wouldn't do at all. There was only one thing I wanted to fuck. No more stalling. I opened my mouth and sealed it over her pussy.

It was all I had hoped it would be. The flavor and aroma were heavenly. Her response was noisy and explosive. She thrashed on the bed like she was being tortured. I began lapping in her pussy like Skipper. She responded immediately by throwing her legs wide and screaming.

Moments later she closed her little legs around my head. I had the softest pair of ear muffs on earth. My mouth immediately filled with juices. It was sweet nectar from my daughter's loins, and I treasured every little morsel. Her wild thrashing was juicing up my face. My five o'clock shadow must have been rubbing her raw, but she didn't seem to mind. God she was beautiful. "Lick me, daddy," she howled. The words stunned me for a moment. I had almost forgotten who I was eating. Relying on an old trick I had learned on her mother, I took the calloused thumb on my right hand and positioned it near the crack of her ass.

I rocked my hand forward and inserted my thumb into her luscious pussy. She stiffened. Her eyes widened and her breath caught in surprise. There were more than 21 different ways to eat a pussy. I was teaching her one of them. "Oh fuck," she gasped. "Hey, watch your mouth." "Daddy," she said condescendingly. "Ok. Just this once." I returned to my feast. I had never felt so excited in my life.

How much stress could a heart take and still survive? I was close to that point. "Oh daddy, I've dreamed of this for so long," Jill whispered. Something about the way she said daddy made it the sexiest word on earth.

I didn't have to move my thumb. Like her mother, she was fucking herself on it. I concentrated on my tongue. I knew women liked a man to move around, touch everything. I kept this in mind with my daughter.

I wanted it to be the most memorable time of her life. I licked the swollen lips on the left side of her pussy, then the little v at the top, and back down to the right side. Lisa had taught me more about eating pussy than any other woman in my life. I knew when and where to stimulate. I knew how hard, and how much. What I didn't know was how long it had been since somebody else had stimulated that pussy before me. Apparently it had been some time, because she was acting like she was heading for an orgasm, and I wasn't ready to allow that yet.

"Roll over," I said, taking my thumb out of her pussy. "What?" she was incredulous. "Trust me, baby. Roll over on your stomach." She kinked her leg, touching her face with her knee, and rolled over. I didn't even have to move. Hell, if I could do that I'd suck my own dick.

Suddenly I was faced with the most perfect ass in the world. She spread her legs and looked back at me over her shoulder.

I think she was afraid I would ass-fuck her. I wouldn't.

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She was too young for that. I took a moment to take in her beauty, from her short blonde hair to her slender figure, and her white socks. She was the perfect picture of a schoolgirl about to do her homework.

I eased forward and kissed the right cheek of her ass. It was nethery soft. I kissed it gently, first in one place, then another. I knew better than to use my tongue, she was very ticklish. The thought suddenly struck me that I had diapered this ass since the day it was born. What the fuck was I doing? "Do the other one, daddy." Ok.

There was my answer. I was doing any damn thing she wanted me to do. It was time for a good reaming. I parted those perfect ass cheeks and licked through them. The musty taste was no surprise, I was an ass man. She squealed in delight. She suddenly pressed her face into the blankets and clutched them in her fists.

I licked quickly and quietly. At times I stopped and tried to burrow my way inside. But it required a stiffer tongue than mine. I mashed her ass cheeks in my hands. She whimpered into the blankets. I looked at that perfect figure and ran my hands over her back and ribs. My tongue flashed in her sweet anus. She was very animated. Like me, she liked a good reaming.

I couldn't wait to see how she handled a real fuck. "Let me roll over, daddy," she begged in that voice. I didn't have the heart to say no. I pulled back and she rolled over quickly.

She watched me with a coy smile. I smiled back and fell forward between her legs. Her pussy was very swollen and very juicy. I sucked the whole thing into my mouth and flickered my tongue inside her sweet womanhood. She arched and squealed, twisting herself on the bed like a pretzel. I followed her bouncing pussy and sucked the clit into my lips. I held it there while my tongue twisted and bent the little bud.

She was really screaming now. My god, she was like her mother even in that. I pulled off briefly and gave her pussy a loving kiss, then plunged back inside and tortured her pee hole for a moment, before working my way up to her clit. She was thrashing and screaming now.

She was ready. I sucked her clit into my lips and nursed on it. She stiffened, her eyes grew big and she screamed. She battered my face by closing and opening her legs, while her pussy convulsed.

I trust my tongue up inside her and let her fuck herself on it, while her pussy spasmed around my tongue. I tasted a difference in her pussy and knew she had peed a little. That wasn't unusual. It added character to her flavor. All too soon she settled down and I knew it was over. Too bad, I had been enjoying myself. With a suddenness that startled me, she sat up on the bed and pushed me back with her slender hands.

As I fell on the bed, she fell on top of me. Leaning over me from the left side, she took my throbbing cock into her perfect lips and began bobbing on it. I hissed and fell back to the bed. I wanted to watch, but the thrills were so damn intense that I utterly wilted on the bed. Her hand curled around my balls. I stiffened, but she knew better than to squeeze them. She simply cupped them in her hand and warmed them.

"Oh yes, baby," I moaned. I watched the top of her head bobbing and looked down to see that sweet face concentrating on my cock. She was working hard to bring me to a quick orgasm. I needed it before I could fuck her. Otherwise, she would be disappointed. The muscles in my cock began clenching. I tried to tighten them to hold off the orgasm just a little longer.

It was no use. The mere sight of that perfect face bobbing on my cock was too much for me. "I'm cumming," I warned her. I had to warn her, I didn't know if she wanted to drink my cum or not. My greatest wishes were fulfilled when she ignored me and continued bobbing on my throbbing member. I clenched my ass muscles in a desperate attempt to hold off my orgasm, but with the suddenness of lightning, my balls exploded.

I squealed like a girl when my cock began pumping thick cum into those perfect lips. She swallowed convulsively for a moment, then easily kept up with the spurts of cum.

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Her hand flashed, stroking the base of my cock as her lips sucked the head. I had not had sex in quite some time, so there was plenty of cum and it was very sweet. She enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed hers. With a satisfied smile she sucked the head clean, smacked her lips and fell back to lay beside me.

My balls began burning. It had been a very long time since I'd had sex. "I made my daddy cum," she laughed. "I take it back. Stop talking like that," I said uncomfortably. "Daddy," she said with a giggle. "I mean it. It makes me feel bad." "Ok," she nodded. "I want to make love to you, but it will take a while to get really horny again." "Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked, looking at my cock and licking her lips. "No, just let me rest.

Come to think of it, there is one thing." "What?" she was mystified. "Get Skipper back in here." "Oh, yeah," she jumped to her feet and ran for the door. "Put some clothes on that naked ass before you go downstairs. Mrs.

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Jefferson can see our back door. That's how she knows when Phillip comes and goes." "The old bitch," Jill growled as she dressed. Skipper appeared before Jill returned. He still smelled like wet dog when he leaped on the bed. His nose immediately went to my cock. He licked timidly for a moment, but my cock was too sensitive to put up with that nonsense. "She was out there," Jill said breathlessly. "I hate her." She pulled her dress over her head and jumped on the bed.

Skipper knew exactly what to do. He forced his nose between her legs and began lapping before she was settled. She hissed and thrust her legs open with her knees bent. He took a step forward and began licking heartily. Damn that dog liked the taste of pussy. His strong tongue was parting her starkly white pussy lips. His tongue made a wet, lapping sound which I would always associate with Jill's pussy.

Up through the entire length of her pussy, his tongue pressed so hard it pushed her mound out of shape. "Oh fuck," Jill screamed. "Oh, oh, uh, uh, uh," she moaned, rolling her head from side to side. "How is it?" I asked. "It's good, but his tongue is so rough. It hurts and it feels good too." I laid with my face on her abdomen so I could watch closely. I leaned down and kissed her leg as I watched. This was turning out to be a wonderful day.

Skipper was really enjoying himself. I had heard that only a female dog likes to lick pussy. They were wrong, Skipper liked it too.

Maybe he had been trained by a former owner. He continued licking the outer lips for a while, then he pushed his nose up inside Jill and licked her from the inside. She giggled at first, lifting her ass to adjust her angle on the bed. In seconds her eyes widened as he pushed even more nose up inside her. "He's licking me clear up here," she pointed at her abdomen. "Oh hell, he's big," she gasped, falling back on the bed and thrusting her crotch forward to meet his nose.

I could see his mouth and throat moving. He pulled out occasionally to pant, then dove back inside. He was licking her with lightning flashes of his tongue.

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I didn't know how long Skipper's tongue was, but according to Jill it was incredibly long. I was hard now, hard and throbbing. But how could I deprive Skipper after using him like this? I suddenly realized we could both do Jill at the same time. "Roll over," I pushed her away from me. "On your side," I whispered in a shaky voice.

She hurried to comply, opening her legs so Skipper would not be interrupted. Skipper liked the new angle. Before I slid up behind Jill, Skipper cleaned her ass of the juices which had dripped down into her crack. My cock pushed him aside.

I briefly considered doing Jill in the ass, but decided she was too young for ass fucking with a cock like mine. Let Phillip get in there first. I touched the buttery soft lips of her pussy and almost came instantly. What a wonderful fucking feeling. Buttery soft and hot as hell. Jill would be a very good fuck. I started going slow, but Jill was tired of waiting. I held still while she scooted backwards and impaled herself.

My body fit neatly behind hers. It was one area where a smaller body fit better. Skipper, of course, was still going at it. With my cock inside her vagina, he was restricted to her clit.

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I could tell by Jill's reaction that she was being brutalized by that tongue. Jill kept her legs open, but rested her upper leg on top of mine. I began pumping away in her pussy slowly so I wouldn't hurt her. She wanted it rough. She began slapping her ass back against my thighs. I held still as she fucked herself on my cock. She was so tight and so damned hot. I have never felt a fuck like this in my life. Jill was really enjoying herself.

She had one hand back on my hip. She watched Skipper and me as she fucked herself brutally by rocking against me. I was more interested in what Skipper was doing. I would never grow tired of seeing his tongue flashing through her pussy. His tongue came into contact with my cock occasionally. It felt wonderful. Now I wanted to see him fuck her. But me first. "Oh yes, daddy," Jill hissed. "Oh yes," she said again, dropping her head to the bed.

I reached around her and captured one perfect breast. I mashed it out of shape, then tweaked the nipple with my calloused fingers. It was too much for Jill. She started cumming. With a scream she pelted my hips with her shapely ass. The wet sound of flesh against flesh was loud, echoing around the room. Her pussy aroma was filling the air. It was wonderful. Skipper backed out as Jill became more violent.

He licked his lips and whined, while Jill screwed up her face and panted, slapping her ass violently against me. For a brief moment she was no longer beautiful. For one short moment she looked horrible. But who was I to complain? "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she said in a decreasing voice. I watched her stop and droop to the bed. But I didn't stop. I pumped my cock slowly in and out of that hot chamber, allowing her to recover from her sensitivity while I continued my fuck.

She pushed Skipper away while her clit continued throbbing. He was too powerful for her right now. She needed to calm down.


The heat and moisture were excruciating as I slowly slid all the way inside my daughter, then pulled slowly back out. The pleasure was making my hair stand on end. For the first time in my life I wanted somebody to suck on my nipples and lick my ass. For a moment it looked like she had forgotten I was inside her, but she quickly remembered.

Suddenly she perked up and began pushing back against me. I picked up my tempo until the slap, slap, slap of skin against skin rang in the bedroom once more. Skipper whined and she opened her legs for him. His shinny black face darted forward between her legs.

Jill laid her upper leg back and across mine. I leaned down and kissed her shoulder. She turned somehow and sought out my mouth. It hampered my movements somewhat, but that kiss was absolutely delicious. Some people say that maturity is better than youth. Horse fucking shit. Youth looks good, tastes good, and smells even better.

I felt the first burning in my loins. Could I bring her off again before I came? No, but Skipper could. I intensified my attack on her defenseless ass.

She grunted and moaned as my fleshy pole pumped up inside her, touching her cervix. Even after so much fucking, she was still skin tight around my cock. My god, she was a good fuck. Slap, slap, slap. "Oh yes, daddy." Slap, slap, slap. "That feels so good, daddy.

I think I'm going to cum again." Slap, slap, slap. I suddenly froze and grunted. I whined slightly then pumped into my daughter's pussy slowly as my cock unloaded it's thick hot sperm into her inviting mound. Her ass was so hot and so fucking beautiful. She rocked back against me and ground her ass against my cock.

I knew she was close. I quickly pulled out of her pussy and crawled around so I could watch. I helped her get into position and called Skipper. Skipper quickly hopped up onto her back and began trusting with his pointed cock against her ass.

It took three tries to find her pussy. Jill gasped and stiffened. With the speed of a jackhammer, Skipper began pummeling her sweet pussy with his pointed prick.

He moved so quickly that I had to admire him. If I could do that I'd have all the girls I wanted. "Uh, uh, ah, ah, ah," Jill grunted. Once again her face was screwed up in passion. I brushed the hair out of her face and watched it as our talented dog fucked her brains out. There was no doubt that she was enjoying herself now.

"I'm cumming, daddy," she whispered. I kissed her sweaty face and rested my face against the side of her head. I grabbed one breast and fondled it. It was so damn sexy, seeing those breasts swaying in time with Skipper's thrusts. "Oh, oh nooo," Jill grunted. I moved down to her ass and watched Skipper pound the hell out of it. How could you tell when a dog was cumming? I didn't know. I seldom watched them. "Oh daddy," Jill squealed. "Oh daddy, oh daddy," she said in a louder, desperate voice.

She screamed long and loud. She cried softly as Skipper continued fucking her. It was nearly a minute before Skipper stopped and shuddered behind her. He whined as his own cock pumped sperm into that delicious pussy.

He humped over and over as his sperm shot into her womanhood. It was getting crowded in there. He pulled his knot out of her pussy and fell on all fours behind her. He licked her ass and pussy clean, then lay on the bed to lick himself. Jill curled up in a ball on the bed. As I lay tightly pressed against my daughter's back, things started coming back to me. Now was the bad part. Now was the reckoning.

I kissed the back of Jill's neck and she snuggled back against my lips. She turned and kissed me soundly, before licking her lips and ruffling Skipper's hair. "God that was fun," she said in a contented voice. "It could be for you. For me the guilt will start." "Why?" she laughed. "I'm the one who seduced you," she kissed me again. "That's not how the law looks at it," I said sadly. "The law can't see in here," she said, hopping up on the bed. "I need a shower and a douche. Who's making supper?" she asked as she ran down the hallway.

"You are," I shouted, continuing an old rivalry. "Ok, but do me one favor," she called from the open door. "Sure," I said in surprise. She seldom gave in so easily. "Go downstairs and scrape off that bumper sticker, it embarrassed the hell out of me when you drop me off at school." I laughed and shook my head.

I guess that was fair. There were times when it embarrassed me too. I wiped my cock on my shorts and threw them into the hamper. I pulled on my pants and shirt, then grabbed a new cup of coffee and a knife. Mrs. Jefferson was watching out her window when I plodded outside in my bare feet.

I put the coffee on the bumper and took out the knife. With a final look, I began scraping off my sticker. "Prevent inbreeding. Have your kids spayed or neutered."