Stunning eurobabes pierced pussy fucked deep

Stunning eurobabes pierced pussy fucked deep
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MISTRESS J It was nice to be out. No kids or cooking for the night. Just hubby and her together for some well deserved play time. Things had been a little stale of late, not enough time or energy to keep things fresh and vibrant. Lately her "vibrant" came in the form of a vibrator or her own skilled fingers! For some time the heat had been turned down on the sex life.

If not for masturbating to her fantasies and surfing the web she couldn't quell her desires. She was exceptional in her cunt massaging technique, able to manipulate her often moist quim to several clitoral orgasms before sliding smooth, long fingers into her soaking wet gash.

The g-spot was the target and she never missed. She would shutter to an explosive release, dreaming of cock…many cocks! She was a sexy young "MILF" whose desires couldn't be fulfilled by a distracted and somewhat guarded husband. When they had sex, foreplay had lessened and getting off and being done seemed the priority. Not that he had really ever explored her body for all it's hidden pleasure spots. She gave hints or made suggestions as to what might get her hot, he either was unwilling or unable to fully cut loose and learn to try new, tabooish sex play.

She never wished to be considered a whore in her public life, but in the bedroom it was a different story. There were many differing scenarios to her fantasies, but ultimately they all led to loads of warm jism covering her hot, sexy body. She'd be glowing in spent ecstasy by fantasy end with her status as cum receptacle slut firmly secured!

Time spent online revealed many people with the same desire to explore and fulfill their fantasies. Her latest hint to hubby had been to leave a web page up while she went to take a shower. She knew his curiosity would get the better of him and he would peruse what she'd been viewing.

The series of pics and vids posted were not of a conservative variety. They were decadent titles all, topics listed like "anal oral", "forced sex", "milf gang bang", "bukake party", "circle jerk", "women who love cum", and many others were smack in the his face as he discovered his wife's truly kinky flare. Groups of men covering hot sluts with loads of cum…men licking and sticking the forbidden hole of a tasty little whore…women being restrained, gagged and spreadtaking it however their master chose to defile…women taking a line of hard, horny cocks in their over-stretched pussies…and many other pics graced the screen!

Wow. He knew his wife chatted it up online, hell sometimes she allowed him to look over her shoulder as her chat buddy described how'd she be fucked. It could be very in depth and erotic, or short and crude, whichever it was always clear what kind of sex toy these guys would make of his lady. Her desires might be deeper than he'd ever thought and the somewhat absentee lover sprang into action. It was time for some gas on the fire.

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Time to get things hot and his little slut satisfied! Two rules; she couldn't ask what he'd planned, and she controlled everything that might ultimately happen. He was just the choreographer of the sexual awakening and adventure she was to experience. His plan was set and in action. Dinner done and several drinks later they entered the gentleman's club beside their hotel. Sexual electricity was in the air and the drinks already consumed had her in a frisky mood.

Her panties were moist with anticipation as to what lie ahead. Once seated at a table close to stage she checked out the surroundings.

Two totally nude girls were working the dancer friendly stage. It was long and narrow and of a perfectly planned height. The carpenter who built it was a frequent patron and that might have played into the planning.

All men are horndogs and it influences their decisions at all times. When the dancer went down on all fours her breast would grace one guy while her ass graced the guy opposite stage. Men could lean in for the occasional brush on the face by a nice tit or a smell of the dancers uncovered essence from behind.

Both would gladly dump dollars on stage at the same time, ie dancer friendly stage. At the bar was a dancer in wait, silky boy shorts adorned her sweet ass but glorious breast shown uncovered.

Female, hotter than the dancers, but with more clothes on was the bartender. Other than that there was a couple of guys playing pool and one playing video poker at the bar. There were a dozen guys surrounding the stage. Ten of them were dressed the same. Athletic shorts and matching jerseys.

One more and they could field a football team. A dirty thought passed her mind while looking at the raucous bunch of athletes.

She wished she were on stage giving those hard cock boys a show! With his wife intent on the stage show he placed a hand on her exposed thigh. Sitting, her short denim skirt barely covered her cunt and that was the target as his hand caressed her on the way up to sweetness.

Her skimpy panties were surprisingly wet when he touched the delicate fabric. Concentration on the dancers momentarily broke she looked him in the eye and smiled a delicious smile. He had removed his hand from her cunt long enough to blow her mind when he licked her juices off his fingertips and retuned the delicious smile.

He had never done such a blatant exhibition in the bedroom, so to do it in the club was arousing for her to watch. "You're being a bad boy" she said. "You want to be a dirty girl?" he asked. She reached over and squeezed his semi-erect manhood and felt it stiffen further.

"I am a dirty little girl." She smiled seductively. The song ended and the guys at stage erupted into cheers and loudly clapped their hands. Some rose, exposing packages that athletic shorts were not meant to hide.

She shuddered inside with desire for those cocks exposed. Wetter she became and stopped her husband from going any further with his under-table play. If not she was going to cum right then and there.


Visualizing exposed hard cocks, naked dancers, and pussy massage combined with alcohol had her ready for some fucking! To the room she was ready to go. Rising up weak-kneed and a bit tipsy she took her man's hand in hers. Before exiting she noticed the tall, dark and handsome stud at stage(he was by far the best looking of the bunch, the one she had already envisioned naked and standing over her with massive hard cock in hand). He looked her dead in the eyes and licked his lips.

Lighting was sufficient for the aware to notice the outline of his cock hanging down his inner thigh. It wasn't hard and looked to be exceptional already. Her heart fluttered with lust as she turned to leave. She would fantasize about the big dick stud as her husband pounded her pussy for all it was worth. That was her plan anyway.

Little did she know that hubby had other plans…hotter plans. He opened the door to their suite and let her pass through, making sure he gave her ass a slap on the way by. She entered the plush room and saw hubby had already been there, or had at least made arrangements for someone to enhance the surroundings. Music from a boom box that wasn't hotel issued filled the room, a bottle of champagne on ice, rose petals spread on silk sheets, again not hotel issue, and a tray with cheese, summer sausage, and crackers.

She looked at him with a smile, "I see someone has done some planning." He said nothing, she had seen nothing yet.

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She checked the bathroom and was surprised it contained a nice Jacuzzi as well as a shower. Tiled floors and fancy fixtures, it was an exceptional room. Stepping back in the room she spied hubby as he popped open the champagne.

He poured two glasses and gave a toast. "To fantasies fulfilled", again the devilish grin. She sipped, said nothing, unsure of the next move. A knock at the door startled her slightly, when he opened the door the real surprise came! In filed ten men wearing smiles and athletic shorts. Her heart fluttered for the second time that evening.

Her mind raced, anticipating what her man had in mind. "Honey, meet the guys, or I should say the "Predators". They are my flag football brothers. Heard there was a dancer up here wanting to put on a private show".


Her face and pussy flushed with heat at the same time. Moisture rose on brow and quim! Fantasy on! She gathered herself quickly and took control. Mistress J was ready to play! She instructed hubby to sit and stay until his services were requested. Not to speak, only watch. Told the line of studs to spread out and enjoy, but no one was to touch the bed unless invited. She was the coach now and her team would run the plays that she called.

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Music playing she started the show. Denim skirt hit the floor as she reached the bed. Some viewed string up ass, some viewed barely covered cunt. Smooth gyration of her hips as straps came off shoulders and her top slid down.

She worked it over her curvaceous bottom end and the blouse joined the skirt on the floor. She was now standing, moving with the music, naked but for wet panties. Shirts were removed at her request, shorts remained on. Panties off and moving amongst her new admirers, she really turned up the heat. Her panties were being sniffed and passed around and she noticed several cocks stiffening and several more straining to get out.

Ones that were lagging behind, quickly caught up when she'd press her ass against them She allowed them to touch her breast with hand or mouth, but not her pussy, she was the only one to touch that. Touch it she did, clit to slit and in for some honey. She held wet fingers up for the lucky few to lick and taste.

All cocks were erect and she demanded their release. Out sprang ten hard cocks of varying length and girth. Some curved up, some down, some straight as an arrow, all delectable to her eyes. She was now on the bed with fingers manipulating pussy and a breast pulled up so she could lick her own nipple.

Guys were now stroking, precum glistening on bulbous heads. Balls pulled up tight and building for release. Hubby was no exception as he remained in the corner. He held a hard cock in his hand also, mesmerized by his dirty girl and all the cocks standing in appreciation. She bucked with clitoral orgasm, soaking pussy glazed the crack of her ass as it flowed down the cheeks.

Exclamations of…"Look at that wet pussy"…"Damn what a sweet ass"…"Suck that tit babe, lick it"…"Hot ass dancer she is"…"better show than next door" Fingers in wet pussy, out to her mouth. Moans and groans of delight filled the room, hers and theirs. Hubby was hard as he'd ever been watching his wife be the fantasy slut center stage. She motioned the guys to surround her.

She needed a closer look at all the meat displayed in her honor and at her grace. She wanted to touch and pull on some of the finer ones. Tall, dark and handsome for sure. What had shown as an exceptional cock in the club, now being freed and hard was a fucking monster.

Had to be ten plus inches and fat as a coke bottle it seemed. She couldn't take her eyes off the fine specimen and it's owner was quick to accommodate her. He moved beside her on the bed, by her face. Others followed suit and surrounded the dirty girl on the bed. The bed was being tested by the load of naked bodies, springs groaned in unison with the slut and her cocksmiths.

Fuck it! Rule infraction or not hubby moved in for a better view at the foot of the bed. She looked at him with lustful eyes and then returned to the task at hand The delectable task. She put a hand around the monster cock and pulled it in. It was so damn big her fingers couldn't completely wrap around it.

It was hot and pulsated when she pulled it. She reached without looking and pulled a cock to the other side of her face. More groans and moans in the room.

Everyone hot with need for release, dicks glistening and wanting to pop, pussy saturated like the sheets below it.

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She wanted to put her mouth on the monster, would hubby approve? "AAAAHHHHH"! Touchdown, a hot load of jism splashed across her belly and tits. The guy was average length, but must have had a healthy prostate and balls. Ejaculate pumped cum like a fountain, a cock fountain. Position surrendered by the first to pop was quickly captured by another. Beautiful cock it was she thought, as the guy looked down upon her from his position between her spread thighs.

Monster touched her face and a precum web was formed when it moved away.

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She wiped at it, looked hubby in the eyes and licked the monster's spit off her hand. Hubby smiled broadly and she wondered if she dare…to do what she really wanted. Monster was within an inch of her lips, her eyes asked the question and hubby nodded.

She took the massive piece of meat and wrapped her waiting lips around it. She thought her jaw might unhinge, never having spread so wide.

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The cock would make a horse envious, and if not for having a nose she would suffocate on the flesh plug that filled her mouth. Precum drained into her mouth, needed lubricant for the monster's fit. She gagged a little as another exclamation sounded, "Oh Fuck, here I go"! Another hot load, tits fully glazed and drippin. "AAAHHHHH"! Another load, pearl necklace and more for the tits. Hubby was amazed how fucking hot it was to see his wife being used as a cum mat.

The monster was now to her throat and she still had hand wrapped around it. She stroked it while inhaling and sucking. She felt the intruder stiffen more and without warning a hot wad of semen shot into her throat.

Monster was backing out and she kept pulling it, draining it. The dick slid out her mouth with a load overflow behind it. Cum ran down her chin and sides of her face. Monster still hanging long plopped across her face when she released it.

Opposite side dick exploded all over her face and neck. Monster and his buddy rubbed their loads further around her face as she buried fingers into her cunt. She was hot and wet and wanted hubby to drill her quim till it hurt. The guy positioned between her thighs rubbed the head of his cock against her clit while she continued to finger herself.

She grabbed the intruding cock before it tried to slide in her pussy. That was a prize only hubby would get. The intruder didn't mind so much as she jerked him to completion, warm cum oozing on her hand, arm and drippin on her quim. She was suffering sensory overload, the smell and sounds of sexual excitement filled the room.

She was covered in cum and had tasted the monster as her hubby watched in lust and amazement. Guys blew loads freely on her body and she was now the dirty slut cum receptacle of her dreams!

It was time to reward her man and to get her nut, that deep, intense orgasm created by a hard fucking cock! She got up doggie style and asked him to take her from behind. She didn't ask twice. Still tight, but severely wet, her cunt easily allowed the cock to enter. She wanted to be the slut, he'd treat her like one. Another unfinished dick she held in each hand, pulling on them, licking the precum off one as it formed the perfect droplet at the cock tip.

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Hubby pulled her shoulders up and back and continued to fuck her as they were upright on their knees. Mr. precum droplet maker shot a cup full of cum all over her chest. It contained more ejaculate than cum, thin liquid ran down across her belly and pelvic finding channels in her curves to continue the descent.

Replacement player for the spent one, another long fucking cock. Not as thick as the monster, but just as long. It had the perfectly shaped head and she wanted her lips on it. The other hand's cock erupted all over her face and she pointed it away, cum spewing like a geyser.

She released it and moved in on perfect-headed cock. The tip was made for lips, formed the perfect circle when inserted. His precum was sweet on her tongue, and she wondered if his actual cum could be so sweet.

Didn't wonder for long, he came so hard and fast it shot into her throat before she could stop him, not that she wanted to. No need to spit, swallowed all of it she did. She dropped her face to the mattress and buns up kneeling allowed her husband to pound the shit out of her pussy. Long, hard strokes of his swollen cock set her off into a screaming orgasm.

She bucked and shuddered, climaxing like never before. Hubby pushed her off his cock and rolled her over. He nodded at "perfect precum droplet" and "perfect headed long cock" and each guy took Mistress J by a wrist.

Two others that'd already popped once took her by the ankles and the four men spread her like an X. Hubby stood over her, straddling her cum encrusted torso stroking his long cock.

His swollen member cried for release. He dropped to his knees, still straddling, balls resting on her cum splattered tits, cock aimed at her face. Eruption with an amplified exclamation as two more popped simultaneously. Hubby felt some splash hit his ass and back on the way to the sluts belly and cunt. Another cup of cum on the dirty girl! He rubbed the swollen head of his cock across her lips and squeezed a shot of precum for her palate. She gobbled it up, being the little slut she was, and let out a long "MMMMMMmmmmmm""!

She was alive with shear fucking ecstasy and begged for his cock again. "I need it in my pussy… please…more…dirty girl needs some hard cock".

She looked desperate with lust, to freaked up to have it end. Again hubby with a devilish smile. Changed position, hubby straddling face, balls on forehead, view of the sluts cum stained body. She begged for the dick and hubby laughed. You've had mine, figured I'd let you try another. She felt something press between her pussy lips, rub up and down.


Back up and rub the sweet swollen clit. She couldn't tilt her head forward, encumbered by ball sack and hard cock in her face.

Cock head traveled back down and parted the lips at the sweet spot. Giant head popped in tight, wet pussy. "No! Not him! It can't fit!" Hubby allowed her to view her wet suspicion, yes it was the monster! Oh so tight, but in it went. Slow and deliberate at first, but once all in, most anyway, it was on. The guys had released her limbs and formed a loose circle around the little slut's show. Hubby backed off, still in position where she could see his cock above her face, yet she could still observe the monster down below.

All cocks were up and ready again, everyone captivated by the giant rod being jammed in the swollen pussy. She moaned and grunted like a wild beast being fucked in the jungle, made sounds her hubby had never heard from the slut.

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She bucked and spasmed on the monster, riding for all she was worth! Guys moved in stroking cocks, moans to the mix, and ready to pop again. Hubby wankingballs ready to explode, cock head pointed for delivery to target. Too much sensation, too much cock, too much cum, too much fantasy fulfilled, she came a river. Monster pulled out and pussy juice squirted like never before.

Pop…pop…pop…cum flew all over, covering the slut for a second time. Hubby blew a load for the ages, cum shot the length of her upper body, tits to quim, some even landing on the monster laying on her belly outside her cave.

She was spent, any more cum or cock would kill her…until next time anyway!