Two Ladyboys One Big Dick Play

Two Ladyboys One Big Dick Play
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english is not my native language, i did not feel like hitting shift at all if you like it -- good for you, if you do not like it -- i do not care all caracters are 18 years or older have a good read --- it was summer and i was laying around the pool in my backyard when my best friend simon called me: "hey buddy you really have to help me out" "hi, i am fine thanks for asking.

how are you?" "come on frank, you've got to help me i am in real trouble" "okay" i sigh "what can i do for you today?" "you have to go over to my girlfriend's house and mow the lawn and you have to do it quickly" "why me and not you?

why not her? or her father?" "you see i promised to do it and i forgot, just like i did the last time she asked me to do it. se would be pissed as hell. and her dad is always going on about how irresponsible i am and all. and right now, i am at work in the coffeeshop and if i leave they're going to fire my ass. you have to help me. no one will be there till one so you got like one and a halve hours to do it so it looks like i kept my fucking promise, you see?

thanks bro, i have to hang up my brake is over, see ya" . so i went over to janes house to mow the lawn. first thing i noticed was that i had no key. simon probably did but i did not. so after making sure no one was around i quickly climbed over the fence. on the other side i landed in grass that was already pretty high. i walled over to the garage and found it unlocked with the lawnmower inside. i poured some gasoline in and started mowing.

i did a decent job although it was far from perfect but i figured out it would be good enough to save simon's neck. it was midday and pretty hot. i took my shirt off in order to not get it soaking wet with sweat. i finished quite early and so i decided to be a good friend and go over it again, especially the parts where i did a very poor job.

maybe it would be good enough to get him some sex. as i was concentrated on my mowing and with the lawnmower roaring i did not hear jane coming home. i did not notice her standing at the veranda staring at me in disbelief and it took her about a minute of shouting to get me to do so.

i turned off the lawnmower and stared back at her. just to have it out of the way: jane looks amazing. she has long brunette curls, a beautiful face, awesome tits, toned legs and an apple bottom to die for. i am not sure how simon managed to get her but i admire and envy him for doing so. and today he showed it all off wearing a white top that showed a breath-taking cleavage and fell down from there and a short flower print skirt, both slightly blowing in the wind together with her long locks.

well, now this beauty stood there on the veranda looking at me angrily. i thought about running away but it was hopeless.


i slowly went up to her and started mumbling something about a bet i had lost about mowing the lawn without getting caught but it was hopeless. i told her everything and tried to present simon as innocent as possible. she was angry as hell and when i had finished she said she needed a drink and went inside. after a minute or so i followed her inside.

she sat on the couch with a glass in one hand, much calmer now. she indicated to me to sit down next to her which i did. she looked at me for a while, then smiled and said: "i am sorry it is not your fault that my boyfriend is such an awful bastard. you were only trying to help him." "well he sounded devastated when he asked me to jump in, he really did not want to fail on you" "shut up, you don't have to defend him, frank.

he does things like that all the time. and afterwards he is soooo sorry and makes promises to make it all up but as soon as he thinks he is out of trouble he does not gives a shit again." she sighed and lay her head on my shoulder, her locks falling over my bare chest. "why can't he be better than that? like you maybe. by the way thank you for doing such a nice job." then her head went up "you know, i should punish him and break up with him" and then she looked me deep in the eyes and in a sexy voice said "and by the way you should get a reward for doing such a nice job." and while saying so her hand touched my bare cest and slowly wandered down passing my stomach and reaching my belt.

i started to protest but she just shushed me and while looking me deeply into the eyes kissed me. my resistance broke within a moment and i leaned in kissing her back.

it was wonderful.

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while her tong entered my mouth a started exploring it her hand undid first my belt then my trousers and went inside of them. a shiver went through my body as her gracious fingers got hold of my dick. she slowly guided it out into the daylight, wrapped her hand around it and slowly started jerking me off. meanwhile my hands started roaming her body.

i began kneading her full tits, rubbing her hard nipples and fumbling her ass while or kissing increased in intensity. finally i broke the kiss and started kissing her neck and from there down to her breasts which i gently pushed out of her bra and top.

she gave a slight moan and pushed a slight kiss on my head.


jane's hand wandered to her back undoing her bra while the other slowly kept jerking my prick. she then stopped for a moment to remove her top and then get rid of her bra.


we re-joined in a kiss, then my head dove deep into her breasts kissing and licking them kneading them with my hands. i took a pause from that and started massaging her already wet vagina. i pushed jane's torso down to the couch with one hand not letting go of her vulva with the other. now laying on the couch she lifted her hip in the air for me to take of her skirt and string.

having taken off all her clothing i took a moment to marvel over her beautiful body. then i lowered my head to her vagina and let my tong dive deep into it.

i felt her body twitch underneath me and heard her breath heavily. as i continued eating her out it increased and she pushed my head onto her with her hands and legs. finally she lifted my head up so i would look her into the eyes an said with a trembling voice "please fuck me now frank. i want to feel you inside of me".

i took off my pants and lowered my hips to hers while i leaned in kissing her. her hand got hold of my penis and guided it into her.

being in the right place i slowly moved my hips forward and dove into her slowly filling every inch of her with my dick. we both paused for a moment starring into each other's eyes.

then jane and i started moving again. me moving in and out of her slowly and her going along with every movement. we fucked slowly feeling and taking in every movement. finally we picked up a little speed and pleasure peaked as we both experienced an unbelievable orgasm her juices pouring out of her and mine shooting into her. i collapsed on top of her our sweaty bodies making a slapping sound as they met.

we hugged an kissed for a while and then just lay there hugging each other and talking. i don't know much about love but this felt like it. at some point we got up, both took a shower and went up to her room. she called simon to break up with him and later when her dad came home she introduced me as her new boyfriend.

-- the next day i went over to simon's house as i had a lot to talk to him about. i went up to his door and gave a buzz. a few seconds passed and then his younger sister olivia opened the door. "hi frank how are you doing" "i'm fine, thanks. olivia listen: is your brother at home?

i really need to talk to him." "he is not right now he just went for a jog but he should be back soon.

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he's not that good a runner anyway. you can come in and wait for him." i thought for a moment, then said "okay i'll do that if that's okay with you." she just smiled and let me in. as i did not know what to do i went into the garden where they have a pool and sat down on a deck chair. i took out my phone and started playing a videogame but i gave it up quickly as the screen was close to a mirror in the bright midday sun.

so i sat there slowly getting bored when olivia came out too. somehow it seems as if all the girls in simons life are stunningly beautiful, even his mother is pretty good looking although i am not into elder women. but obviously the best looking (at least in his family) is his one year younger sister olivia. like simon she has pretty light skin and read hair. she is pretty thin but somehow got a nice little ass and wonderfully shaped tits.

i started starring at her standing there clad only in jeans hot pants and a tight white top under which she was (at least as far as i could tell) not wearing a bra. she bent over and looked into the pool, starring at something. then she turned around and said to me "hey frank there is something in the pool, i'm not sue what it is.

come and have a look." so i lay my phone down on a small table next to me and got up. i went over to her and after a quick look onto her cleavage i started looking into the water, but i could not see anything. i bent over just as she had done a moment ago.

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suddenly i felt a slight push against my butt, lost my balance and fell into the pool. spurting out water i came back to the surface and after a short moment of confusion i saw olivia standing next to the pool where i had been a moment ago laughing like a maniac.

i looked at her for a moment, then without a second thought i jumped out of the water grabbed her arm and pulled her into the pool as well. it clearly took her by surprise and she swallowed a lot of water as she went into the water head first.

then i saw her head pop up out of the water her hair awkwardly sticking to her face.


i grinned at her and said "now we're even." then my sight fell on her top that now was transparent and now i knew for sure that she was not wearing a bra. here eyes followed my gaze then she started grinning as well. "do you enjoy the sight?" i quickly looked away and stumbled something about it being a nice day, but it was too late.

slowly she came closer to me and then stood there right in front of me. she looked me deep into the eyes. i felt quite uncomfortable about it. the next thing i felt was her hand at my dick. my eyes widened as her hand slowly moved along the outline of my already hard dick. "so you do like the sight" she whispered. i could feel her breath on my face. as if in trance i answered "obviously i do." her hand went into my pants as she leaned in and we started kissing.

after a short moment of heaven i broke the kiss. "we should stop. your brother could be home any minute." "no he won't. i lied to you earlier. he has to work today, help out because someone got ill. we won't be disturbed." with that being said she leaned into me again kissing me harder than before.

i relaxed and then lost control. my hands started roaming over her body. i squeezed her tits under the wet top and started to massage them, which made her moan during our kissing. her hand went to my balls and played around with them and then she pulled it out of my pants and back in on the other side to grab my ass.

i did the same thing and pulled her closer to me pressing her crouch onto my hard dick. she immediately started grinding into it heavily. at some point i could not wait any longer and pulled down her pants and then mine. olivia immediately grabbed my dick and guided it into her vagina.

as we were in the pool i did not feel her wetness but therefore i could fell her warmth even more. it got warm all around my dick as i pushed into her.

olivia leaned away from me her hands locked behind my neck and her crouch pushing into me. as she slowly started moving up and down on me synchronized with my heavy trusts i leaned in and started sucking on her nipple. i slowly started walking to the edge of the pool carrying olivia with my dick inside her. when we reached the corner of the pool i pushed her back against it. olivia let go of my neck and held on to the edge with her arms. i took hold of it too and now having a more stable position we started fucking faster and harder.

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like two maniacs we were fucking, moaning, gasping and panting. finally none of us could hold it back any longer and we both came hard and good. after a small pause of us both catching our breath i took olivia into my arms and carried her out of the pool. we took off our wet clothes and lay down on the lawn to dry next to them. we had our dried clothes back on when simon came home.

i quickly told him everything that had happened (except for the stuff olivia and i had done, i thought he probably was not ready for that yet). he took it quite well and told me that he already had a new girlfriend anyway that he had met today at the bar where he works.

we are still close friends although he has an eye on me whenever his girlfriend is around. but that is no problem for me anyway. jane and i are happy and i do not think of leaving her. and when it comes to olivia it was a on time thing except for one time about a year later.

but that is a different story.