19 Jahre Alt Milchen Cum Auf Schürze

19 Jahre Alt Milchen Cum Auf Schürze
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"Yeah man I owned that game," said Bryan, "Ok well see you on Monday Ant." "See ya," said Anthony. 14 year old Bryan walked upstairs from Anthony's basement to go home. On his way to the front door though he saw laid out on his living room couch Anthony's mom Diana.

"Bye Ms. Dougherty," said Bryan. "Hang on," said Diana walking towards me he perfect boobs bouncing with every step, "Hey can you come over tomorrow to help with some work around here since Anthony and Austen are going to their dad's house this weekend." "Sure," exclaimed Bryan. "Ok so come over around noon," said Diana, "And you can bring a bathing suit cause you can go swimming after the work." As Bryan walked home he thought about the next day and how he would get to look at Diana's perfect body all day and he started to get hard.

'Don't want to blow my load tonight just incase something might happen tomorrow' thought Bryan. *Saturday* Bryan looked over at the clock "11:55" it said so he went to tell his mom he was going over Anthony's.


His mom said ok so he was off to Anthony's. He got to the door and knocked on it and Diana answered. There Bryan saw a 5'4" 125 lbs. 28-year old divorced mom with an angelic face framed by natural blonde hair with brown highlights down to her shoulders. From there he saw her tanned-skin down to her about 34C cup boobs in a very skimpy bikini top going down past her flat stomach to a extremely skimpy bikini bottom thong that just barely hid her pussy, then it went down to her smooth long legs.

"Bryan are you ok?" questioned Diana with a smile on her face. "Yeah I'm good, so what's the job," asked Bryan. Diana took him to the backyard, while Bryan could very clearly see her unhidden ass cheeks bouncing with each step, and said it would be moving some wood to the back porch and to clean out the pool. Bryan very quickly to piles of wood into his arms and carried them to the porch.

After a half hour he was done with the wood and he was sweating. He couldn't wait to get in the pool, but first he had to clean the pool.

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He took off his shirt revealing a nicely toned body and he started cleaning the pool. It wasn't long before he was done and was telling Diana he was. Diana went around and said he was done and could swim.

So Bryan ran and jumped in the pool while Diana went to the hot tub. After about 20 minutes of fun, Diana called over to Bryan. "Hey Bryan can you do one more thing for me?" called to Bryan. "Ok," said Bryan as he ran over to the hot tub. "Well can you give me a massage in here?" questioned Diana.

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"Ok Di…I mean Ms. Dougherty," said Bryan as he entered the hot tub his penis starting to get hard. "It's ok you can call me Diana." "Ok." So Bryan started to massage Diana's shoulders then she told him to go lower and lower until he was right above her ass cheeks.

"It's ok Bryan I need my ass cheeks massaged they are so tense," said Diana. Bryan then started massaging her big ass cheeks and he could here her start to moan. Through her moans she managed to tell Bryan that we should go inside. So they got inside and Bryan could see how hard her nipples were. "So Bryan is that a banana in your pants or are you just glad to see me?" joked Diana. Looking down I saw I had a full-blown hard-on causing a huge tent in my pants.

Then I asked why did we come inside and she led me to her bedroom. She then lay down on the bed and told me to take off my pants.

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I was a little self-conscious, but finally I pulled my bathing suit down revealing my penis. It was 7-inches long and the shaft was white and the head was completely red.

It had a big sack hanging from it with huge balls. The balls were covered in hair and the penis led down to a forest of brown pubs. "Wow Bryan that is bigger than the one that made my 2 kids," exclaimed Diana. She came over and started stroking it, but then he soft little hand stopped and she licked the pre-cum on it.

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She went about 5 feet back and turned around her ass facing me. I then watched as she took off her bikini top then her bottom. Then the time came she turned around and I saw 2 beautiful tanned boobs bouncing around then I looked down to see a little trail of hair leading to 2 perfect little pussy lips. She lay on the bed and said come he big boy and I immediately went over to her. She took my penis and told me to 69 her. I turned around and felt my penis get engulfed for the first time while I looked at the little pussy below and took my first taste of a vagina.

I felt as half my cock got swallowed I stuck my tongue deep into her vagina then traced the lips and repeated this. Then I started to nibble on her clit for a little bit.


Meanwhile she took her tongue and went up and down my shaft then she sucked on my hairy balls. After about 10 minutes I said I was going to cum and she said it right after me. She went all the way down on me and I could feel he nose in my pubs as I opened my mouth wide. I felt a push from my balls and I started cumming and at the same time I felt her body start to shake as she blew an organism into my awaiting mouth.

I shot 8 good gobs of cum down her throat as her cum came gushing into my mouth.

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We lay there recuperating from what just happened the taste of each other in our mouth. Finally Diana spoke, "Bryan that was the most cum I have ever had in my mouth and that was the best organism I ever had." "That was my first of both," said Bryan.

"Really!" said Diana, "So I'm guessing you never fucked anyone…Do you want to now?" "Of course," exclaimed Bryan.

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So there Diana lay her legs spread which was getting Bryan back to being horny also with the help of a little hand action by Diana. Soon his manhood stood nice and proud as he was about to become a man. He slowly let is head enter the vagina then very slowly he pushed in. At first he went very slowly until his pubs were touching her lips.

Then he started to go faster. "Ugh, you dirty boy pound that sucker into me!" yelled Diana. "Yeah you like my big dick filling your tight little pussy don't you?" asked Bryan. He started flying in and out of her pussy and his balls started slapping her ass. All of the musky scent, the huge cock in her vagina and her ass getting hit by his balls caused her to go crazy.

She started shaking violently as an organism erupted from her. Her juices came out covering his cock and balls. Bryan said he was getting close to cumming. "Well then pull out and tit fuck me," said Diana though moans. Bryan pulled out and with the pussy juices were enough lube to allow Bryan's cock to go flying through Diana's pushed together C cups.

All of this was too much for Bryan and he could feel cum going up his penis. He pulled up out of the boobs and stroked fast and after two strokes he erupted. His first 3 globs went flying onto her face, while the last couple of globs dripped onto her twins. They lay there while Diana licked herself clean and sucked the rest of what Bryan had left in his limp dick while Bryan licked all the remaining juices from her pussy.

They got up and went to take a shower with each other. They toyed around for a little then Bryan had to go. "Hope you can do some more work sometime," said Diana as Bryan walked out the door as a man…