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I woke up to her rubbing my stomach and below my belly button. I opened my eyes and she was smiling beautifully. "Good morning!" she said, blue eyes beaming. She was already in a new bra and underwear, and she appeared to have washed up from the night before which was weird because I didn't hear her get up this morning.

"My turn!" she said playfully, excited to get started on her day of payback. We agreed that Saturday I would be in control, and Sunday she would take over. She wasn't wasting any time. She tied my wrists tightly to the head of the bed and tied my ankles similarly to how I tied hers the night before. She left my boxers on though, much to my displeasure.

She stood above me in her gorgeous new thong and a really sexy strapless bra. I loved when she stood above me, I usually get to feel her strong sexy legs (years of horseback riding will yield some great results) but I was not awarded that luxury this morning. She squatted above my head, her petite body over me, flexing her leg muscles and putting her pussy closer to my face. I started to bring my head up to taste her thong but she pushed my head down before I got even close.

"Not a chance," she said smiling. "You have to earn it." She got off the bed and found her vibrator. She got back on and kneeled down above my face. With her underwear still on, she started to massage her pussy over her thong with the vibrator. She turned it on to the first speed and rubbed it up and down, moaning and enjoying my whining facial expression.

Last night I had her however I wanted, and now I could only watch her thong begin to get wet as she rubbed her vibrator up and down her pussy. She leaned back and brought her hand behind her back on my chest, putting all her weight there so she could lean back directly over my nose and mouth and continue massaging herself.

She had this mischievous grin on her face, and my boxers were strangling my rock solid dick. I watched as her thong got wetter and wetter and her moans got louder and louder.

I tried a few times to get a taste of her sweet pussy but she quickly turned her body and pushed my head down with her knee. I was getting desperate, she didn't even have her underwear off yet. She was close enough so I could see her wet thong, but not quite close enough to smell. When I went to taste her pussy a few times I got close enough to smell it, and all it did was make my dick throb harder.

"Can I please taste your pussy?" "Nope," she said, getting off me and standing up. "I might let you smell my thong though." At least we were getting somewhere. "But you have to beg me for it," she said. If I had to beg to smell her thong, I couldn't imagine what I would have to be doing later.

"Can I please smell your thong? Just for a second?" I begged. She slowly ran her hands around the waist of her thong, as if considering my request.

Then she slowly pulled her thong down, revealing a soaking wet and swollen pussy and a beautiful mound of dark pubic hair. Contrasted against her pale skin, this drove me crazy. She lowered her thong down to her knees and then stepped out of them.

She knelt down over my chest. I watched in anticipation for that wet pussy to hit my chest, but she noticed what I wanted and kept her hips up. She smiled at my whining face. "What is it that you want again?" holding the wet thong in her hands. "Can I please smell your thong?" I begged, just hoping to smell that gorgeous pussy.

She held it in front of my face for a second, holding it by the waist so the entire thong was displayed. She took the part that was wet from her pussy and holding my head down with one hand put the thong to my nose.

It smelled amazing. I took it for granted the previous night. I was allowed to do whatever I wanted with her pussy, let alone smell it, and now this small thing was driving me crazy. She pulled it away far before I would have liked. "Can I please taste your pussy now?" I hoped. "Nope." "Please?

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I'll give you amazing head and fuck your pussy with my tongue." "I can get that whenever I want." "Please? I'll do anything -" at that moment, smiling at my begging, she took her underwear and shoved it in my mouth, clearly done listening to my impatient requests. It tasted and smelled amazing. She got up and grabbed her vibrator again, ready to pleasure herself right in front of my face for me to watch.

She started slowly and deliberately. But soon she was on the highest speed, moaning loudly and grabbing a fistful of my hair. I could feel the pre cum coming down my dick, still strangled in my boxers on the other side of the bed. When she was done teasing me with her gorgeous pussy, she untied me and moved me towards the edge of the bed. My head was at the very edge of the bed, the top of my head slightly off the bed so it was tiled upward.

She tied my hands behind my back and my legs wide to other things in the room so that I couldn't squirm too much.

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Her deliberate tying of my legs so they were wide and tightly stretched out gave me cause to think she was going to be doing some of her own genital abusing this morning. When she was done, she stood behind me so I was looking up at her backwards.

She slowly climbed over me, making sure to keep her distance to I couldn't get a lick of her still wet pussy, and was on all fours over me, giving me a perfect view of her pussy and ass.

I was really turned on by her ass and asshole, and she was certainly exploiting that by giving me a full wide view.

She pulled down my boxers a little, enough so my dick could finally breathe. She was careful not to touch it though.

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She grabbed some lube she had placed on the bed and opened it. She slowly dripped lube onto my throbbing cock, taking a good minute to go drip by drip - letting it slide all the way down my dick to the base. When she was done with the lube, she shut it and dropped it next to her. I got excited as she was finally going to touch my cock and rub in the lube. But she didn't.


She left the drips of lube there and climbed back off of me. She stood behind me again so I was looking up at her backwards. Her dark hair hung above me, both sides creating a line to her beautiful blue eyes and cute nose. She was smirking. "Do you want to lick my pussy?" she asked, getting closer to my head and taking her thong out of my mouth.

I realized why she had put me in the position she did. All she had to do was step forward and lean into the bed, and my mouth was positioned perfectly for her pleasure. "Yes, please let me lick your pussy." I begged opening my mouth. "Maybe in a second." She said, making me wait even longer. "You have to promise me something though. You have to promise me you're not going to come this morning.

And you have to tell me if you're getting close." Although a bit concerned about all the lube she dripped over my cock, it was only fair after making her wait so long last night. "Okay," I said tentatively.

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"If you come this morning I'll make you wish you hadn't." She said as a final warning, smiling mischievously. She started fingering herself right over my face, spreading her lips wide. She took two of her fingers and shoved them in my mouth, letting me finally taste the wetness and strong smell of her pussy. Finally, she stepped towards my head, opening up her legs so that my head and face was wedged between her two thighs. She spread them even more and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, letting out a loud moan as my open and inviting mouth met her wet and swollen vulva.

After waiting a better part of an hour she finally let me pleasure her. My mouth was positioned perfectly on her pussy and my face was right in her ass.

She reached around her back and pulled my head up closer to her mouth and ass, pressing my mouth and open mouth and face against it all and moaning loudly as I licked her clit and fucked her pussy with my tongue.

With her other hand, she pulled my jaw down. "Keep your head still and your mouth open. Stick out your tongue." I obeyed.

Holding my head close and my mouth open, she grinded her pussy up and down my mouth and face, moaning loudly. She quickened her pace, enjoying the pleasure and power of fucking my mouth. At this point, I was dripping with precum. So when she started to lean forward and reach for my cock, I had to remember my promise.

She started at the base, very lightly pulling up some of the lube that had dripped down my dick. She continued lightly playing with my cock, which was torture after how rock solid I had been all morning. Unexpectedly, she grabbed and squeezed my balls, causing me to moan loudly the vibrations of my voice clearly to her pleasure.

She continued roughly playing with my balls, enjoying the feeling that the noises of pleasure/pain my mouth were making on her pussy and ass. She started massaging my dick a lot harder and rougher. As if she was trying to squeeze my come out of it. It felt so good, I licked harder and faster. She quickened her pace too, and it was not long before I was close to coming. With a mouth full of her pussy, I tried to tell I was going to come.

She got the message, and let go entirely. She waited a second, and then she slapped my balls hard. I let out a moan, it hurt enough to force me not to come but it felt amazing to be in her full control.

She let go of my dick for a while, standing back up straight. She pulled my head up closer to her pussy and opened my mouth with her other hand. She fucked my mouth again, this time gyrating harder and longer. Starting at her pubic hair above her pussy and going all the way to her ass. She let go of my head and leaned across my body again, roughly grabbing my dick and pumping it hard. This time, she cupped my balls gently and increased her squeeze until I was ready to burst.

Again, I tried to tell her I was about to come, and she got the message, letting go completely of my cock and balls, only to come back a few seconds later and pump the sensitive tip of my cock roughly, causing me to again moan in mixed pain and pleasures.

I could feel the cum in my dick, ready to explode, and I didn't know how much longer I could take any more of this. She leaned back again, this time for longer. She held my head still and fucked my mouth yet again. Starting with my mouth in her pubic air, and ending on her ass.

She took her time, moaning loudly after each stroke. Finally, she came forward again and grabbed my cock. She started pumping it harder and quicker than before, cupping my balls tightly. It took me under 10 seconds before I couldn't take it anymore, I tried to tell her I was coming again but she just clenched her thighs and didn't let me speak. As I moaned into her pussy and tried to breathe and she continued pumping until I finally exploded, shooting up in the air. She quickly let go of my cock and squeezed my balls tightly, causing me to moan in the most pleasurable and painful orgasm I've ever had.

My dick was left pulsating itself while she watched squeezing my balls. She opened her legs to look at me, finally letting me breathe. "You promised me you wouldn't!" She said, playfully annoyed. "You made me!" I said, "and you wouldn't let me tell you I was close." She stepped closer again, clearly not interested in my explanation.

"That's fine," she said, "You can come all you want. I'll just get it all out of you now so it's not a problem the rest of the day." I knew where this was going, it always seems fun before you come but once it starts happening the sensation is too much. She started pumping my cum covered cock yet again, causing me to exhale quickly and moan in pain.


She grabbed my sensitive balls and played with them roughly. She was right, I was beginning to regret coming, not that she hadn't planned for this all along. She continued pumping my sensitive cock and I groaned. As I moaned and tried to tell her to stop she lowered her pussy, enjoying the vibrations from my loud noises. "Do you want me to stop?" she asked quietly. "Yes!" I said muffled by her pussy. "I'll stop after you make me come," she said. I worked ferociously at her pussy, licking her clit as quickly and strongly as I could.

As I worked harder and harder, I noticed she was being gentler and gentler with my cock. I paused to swallow, and she looked down to see what was wrong. After realizing I was just taking a break, she lowered her pussy again. She squeezed hard at the base of my half-hard dick and slowly pulled her way to the top, pulling at the sensitive tip, causing me to moan louder than ever, pulling at the restraints that kept me from putting my legs together.

After feeling like I was sufficiently punished for coming without her consent, she used both hands to pull my head and open mouth close to her pussy and ass, making it easier for me to lick faster and deeper.

She started moaning loudly, and I could tell her arms were getting weak from the lack of pressure pulling me to her pussy.

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"I'm gonna come!" She yelled, echoing through the empty house. I lapped at her clit and used all the energy I had left to finish her the best I could. She shook and writhed, falling forward onto me as I continued to give her the longest orgasm I could. Her wetness filled my face. I could feel her legs close in on my head and the muscles in her thighs spasming like crazy.

This went on for a full 20 seconds before she fell forward weakly onto my stomach, moving her pussy out of reach of my mouth.

I lay there for a few minutes, her pussy and ass inches from my face, as I watched her pussy contract. She got off and untied me, letting me sit up. "That was awesome." I said, looking down at my tired and agitated dick. "We're just getting started." She said smiling and giving me a hug. "Want to make me breakfast?" she asked, putting on some underwear and a shirt. "You don't need any clothes." She said, pushing my hand away as I reached for my boxers.

To be continued?