Fette geile weiber ficken

Fette geile weiber ficken
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The story so far: Phil has fallen out of love with his girlfriend, Sadie, and instead is besotted with her teenage daughter called Kiara. So far he has raped her once, and forced her to suck his cock on another occasion. This chapter involves Kiara's own boyfriend: Jake.

It'd been a week since Sadie had returned home. A week since Phil had crept into her daughter's room to rape her mouth. Since then, fortunately for Kiara, she hadn't been left at home alone with him at all. For her, every day that passed where he didn't get to touch her was a good day. The trauma still haunted her though and she was living in constant fear that he might get another chance.

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Especially with the Easter holidays coming up where she would be at home much more. There was one glimmer on the horizon for her though.

In the second week of the school break it would be her and Jakes' 6 month anniversary, and they'd already planned to do something very special together.

As yet though they hadn't quite decided what it was going to be. Today was Monday, and the first day of the holidays. Despite having no school, Kiara had woken up early.

Jake was coming over at lunchtime to see her and she wanted plenty of time alone to get ready for him. They were going to talk about how they could celebrate next week properly.

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After pulling herself out of bed, she showered and spent great care making herself look beautiful for him. She put on a bright low-cut top and nicely casual jeans before touching up on her make-up. Her soft blonde hair she tied in a braid over her shoulder and then checked her reflection.

When everything was looking perfect, she made her way downstairs to wait on the couch for his arrival. Even with the events of last week still hanging over her like a faint black cloud, she still felt butterflies taking flight in her stomach when she thought of Jake.

Though he didn't even know it, he was quickly becoming a stark ray of glistening light, shining through the horrid dankness of Phil and his abuse. Soon enough the boy was knocking on the front door and she jumped up, going over and busying herself with welcoming him in. She was already gushing as he stepped inside and she took in his handsome appearance.

His autumnal greeny-brown eyes, framed by short brown hair, turned up at the front today, just the way she liked it. He shut the door behind him and hugged her instantly, pressing his toned body against her. She leaned up slightly and they shared a tender kiss, his creamy ivory skin offset by her darker tan.

The silver ear-ring on his right side glistened as she looked at him properly, feeling so much safer now he was there. "You're looking great today," she purred as he stroked a hand down over her back.

She stepped back and grabbed his hand eagerly, heading with him into the kitchen to make some lunch for them both. She knew they would only have a few hours before her mum arrived home from work. As for Phil, she was never sure when he would put in an appearance. With his unpredictable hours at the site and sporadic pub visits afterwards, it was anybody's guess when he'd return.

It was also a lottery as to whether he'd be sober or drunk. Whichever way, she still had reason to fear him. The pair made themselves comfortable on the sofa, and ate their toasted sandwiches. They chatted happily, occasionally giggling and sharing deep kisses.

The topic eventually turned to their anniversary and what they wanted to do. After some very sincere and heartfelt talking, they came to the decision that it was finally time to take their relationship to the next level. Jake lived very near to a campsite.

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He suggested they both get permission from their parents, and go to stay there overnight. They could build a tent, make love as the sun went down, then spend the whole night in each other's arms, and see in their six month anniversary in true style. She threw a party in her head at the idea. Not only would she be able to sleep with Jake for the first time, but once she got her mum's approval, Phil could do nothing to stop it. The idea would drive him utterly crazy.

It would also loosen Phil's power over her as she and Jake fell deeper and deeper in love. Phil himself had been mostly having a bad week. He'd very quickly wormed his way back into Sadie's good books since her return and things on that front were gradually getting back to normal. The rest of the time though he couldn't stop thinking of putting his cock inside her little girl again and he was hoping the school holidays would be the ideal opportunity to do so every afternoon.

To his annoyance, this last week he'd been kept late every night at work as they were on a very urgent building job. The silver lining to that however was that her mum was also asleep by the time he arrived home and he hadn't yet been forced to fake any excitement over her naked body. He'd been jerking off furiously as and when he could, but merely imagining fucking Kiara was just not satisfying enough.

He was therefore elated when, at lunchtime on Monday, the foreman came out and told them all they were free for the rest of the day. Everyone gratefully downed tools and just so as not to arouse suspicion, he went for a swift pint with the rest of them. Once he left the pub, he walked home through the fresh springtime. His pace was spritely and excited, knowing he'd have plenty of time to get Kiara out of her panties, way before her mum even showed up.

With the faint aroma of beer still on his breath, he came in, still dressed in his grubby overalls and shirt, his sleeves rolled up past his elbows. "Kiara! I'm home!" he called out and shut the door, pulling his boots off and coming into the lounge.

His expression immediately changed when he saw that she had company, the two of them cosied up on the couch, their hands interlinked. She looked up, slightly panicky at the sound of his voice and Jake looked a little curiously at her.

She tried to force a smile but she just couldn't relax as he studied them, obviously agitated. She never did actually tell Jake about the incidents last week, worried that he might consider her dirty or promiscuous. What if he didn't believe her and thought she was just making excuses for having slept with another boy? She'd resolved to keep it inside and just put the whole sorry affair behind her now.

As her hand became moist and she clamped it tighter around Jake's, she heard the boy start to chirp up brightly. "Hi Phil, me and Kiara were just talking about our anniversary night next week.

We're going camping together." He mentioned the plans quite innocently, not realising it would cause any problems. He pulled her close, but she felt tense and uncomfortable. All she could see from the corner of her eye was Phil's dark disapproving gaze levelled straight at her like she were committing some unspeakable crime.

Any excitement Phil had felt about this afternoon had totally dissolved and it had already morphed into bitter irritation. Despite the warm day, the hairs stood up on the back of his neck. Last week he'd privately been hoping that the raping would've spelt an end to this relationship. Instead of that however, things now seemed to be rosier than ever as the well-kept lad laid his arm around her.

Phil totally ignored Jake's friendly greeting and stepped forward. "Hey, what's all this then?" Shock was registered all over his face as he spoke. "Does your mum know he's in here?" he asked, pointing dismissively at Jake with his thumb. His voice was stern, deliberately making the lad feel supremely awkward. "W-Well. I did ask if he could come over and she said any time. I mean. he's always been allowed before." she trailed off and swallowed hard, trying to clear her throat as her mouth went dry.

Her voice suddenly sounded weak and shaky. She was lost for words, filled with that familiar terror at his presence. As usual, Phil was ruining everything for her and her joyous sunny afternoon was rapidly clouding over. Jake didn't notice how badly she was reacting but decided to defend himself anyway. He sat up straight in his seat. "Yeah, I mean, Phil.It's okay isn't it mate?" He asked in his smooth voice, still not totally broken yet.

Phil glared down at him. "Don't mate me son. I think you'd better go." Jake blinked up at him incredulously and shifted in his seat, as if he were debating whether to leave or not. He opened his mouth to argue further, but elected instead to keep the peace, in fear of it endangering their trip next week.

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He stood up, embarrassed, and pulled her up as well to accompany him to the door. "I'll talk to you tomorrow baby," he whispered to her before kissing her lips and giving her a small, tight hug. She was starting to panic as Jake was forced to leave. AS he embraced her one last time, she tried to cling on to him tightly, not wanting to let go. She felt scared and the idea of being left alone here with Phil was making her panic.

Before she could suggest anything though, Jake had pulled away and was out the door, waving at her. A molten ball of jealousy and rage began to form inside Phil as he watched the two of them saying their farewells. "Yeh bye son!" he said, standing in the lounge doorway and shooing him out. "Come on, hurry along now!" She regretfully watched him wander down the path and shut the door, suddenly feeling more fearful than ever. They were finally on their own again and she knew only too well what he was capable of.

Her breathing sped up as she turned towards the stairs, wanting to get away before he had any ideas.

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But even before the door had crashed shut, he was coming up behind her. He tugged on her ponytail to stop her.

"Hey. not so fast." he jerked her head back a little as he stood perfectly behind her, a sheen of sweat forming over his back under his shirt.

"Maybe you'd like to tell me what the hell he was doing here? And what the hell was all that about camping?" She gulped and held still. She resolved to just answer his questions calmly, hoping he would then let her go. "W-We were talking about next Thursday, me and him are. are g-going camping together for the night, it's for our 6 month anniversary." His grip tightened and he pulled harder as he heard her explain the plans.

"Hey! That hurts!" she whined as he yanked her braid lower and she was forced to look up at his leering face. Her eyes widened, realising that telling him the truth had only angered him, and now he might exact some sort of bitter retribution about the trip. She turned her eyes imploringly to the glass front door, hoping against hope she would see the form of her mother coming up the path.

But there was nothing, and no one there. Soon she couldn't see the door at all anymore. He clenched his teeth and instantly started walking, twisting her away from the stairs and pushing her forward into the kitchen. He frogmarched her forward and around to their small cosy dining room at the back of the house.

"You're doing what!" he roared, clenching and unclenching his other fist, snorting air through his nostrils and trying to keep himself calm. "Well you're not going. Simple as that. You are not spending the night with that disgusting boy.

I've told you before, he's only after one thing." his voice was softer now, even though he knew time was running out if he wanted to do anything to her. She didn't respond. By now she was trembling and she was hoping against hope he would give her a lecture and then just leave her be.

Even as she looked up at him though she was cursing her own mindless optimism. He kicked out behind him, sending the door slamming shut, sealing them both inside the room.


Her face was becoming a little red from her hair being pulled and he saw his words were having some sort of effect. He loosened his grip slightly as his voice softened. His tender approach should have eased her, but in fact, it made her panic even more. He was looming over her and the softness in his voice only sounded more sinister. She gave a slow weak nod of her head in agreement, to pacify him a little if nothing else. He released her and stepped closer, noticing her silent capitulation. She paced backwards, her eyes flitting quickly about for somewhere to escape.

He advanced on her until her lower back bumped against the edge of the circular dinner table. "You'll have to cancel it," he said quietly. "You know by now Kiara, you only have sex with one person. And that's, me." The anger in his veins was quickly being replaced by excitement at feeling so close to her again. Anticipation hung electric in the air. If only he could now move quickly enough, he'd soon be sliding deep inside her pussy.

"I've missed you." He made the words sound heartfelt, yet he was already gripping her wrist and trying to force her hand down his work trousers, almost as if to prove the point. She shook her head frantically as he attempted to rub her hand over his cock. She wrenched it back in disgust and looked at him, feeling physically sick. Why was this man saying he'd missed her?

Surely he should be saying that kind of thing to her mother instead. He seemed dangerous and yet he was being strangely gentle at the same time and it scared her. "P-Please.please Phil, I won't go.I'll cancel it I swear just please. please don't do anything to me here." Her voice wavered uncontrollably as she begged him, real tears in her eyes even though she tried to stand her ground and hold them back.

He completely ignored her pleas and took her hand again, this time snapping open his button, and holding her palm in place over his uncovered swelling cock. "I said. I missed you.

One whole week and I've had nothing from you." She whimpered as she felt the raging erection and laid the back of her hand flat against his underwear, avoiding too much contact with it. She hated his cock almost more than she hated him. She hated the damage it had already done to her and the pain and anguish it could cause her body when it was stiff and throbbing like it was right now.

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As he watched her eyes, a clear picture flashed up in his mind. He saw her in a tent, naked with her legs splayed open wide, Jake's lips on hers as he moved inside her, making love to her under the stars, his hands all over her body, soft moans escaping her lips from his gentle caresses and the firm slow strokes of his hard cock.

Then a different picture altogether. This time one of himself, on exactly the same night, wrapped up under the covers back at home, the podgy figure of her mum curled up next to him, snoring away. He banished the offending images from his mind and snapped himself sharply back to reality. He pushed his body firmly against Kiara's, inadvertently mashing her hand against his naked groin. "Only my cock belongs inside you.

No one else's," he assured her. He then let out a moan, his lips almost close enough to kiss hers. She shook with fear and tried to say something but no words would come. A small, fearful whimpering sound was all she could muster as she tried to push him off of her. She looked on helplessly as he delicately lifted her T-shirt up and exposed her lacy lilac bra.

"You're not supposed to miss me," she protested. "You're supposed to love my mum and do all these things to her. She'll do them willingly, not me!" She whined as he pushed harder into her hand, dragging his length across her fingers.

He looked down at her, a warm smile on his lips that seemed caring and almost loving. She blinked hard, convincing herself the warmth in his eyes was just in her imagination. His cock flexed at the sight of her full cleavage, and her top was soon being pulled over her head and off.

"P-Please Phil," she attempted again, not even too sure her body could take another assault like the first. "Not me, I don't want to. P-Please don't do that again to me." Her voice was weak and tears slowly started to roll down her cheeks. As soon as they appeared from her eyes, they reminded him of how she'd looked last week as he ripped her virginity apart. He ground hard against her hand, hypnotised and turned on more by the memories.

He fumbled to undo her bra, pulling between the cups to lift it up, sliding it along her arms and over her hands. He moaned out with pleasure as her ample breasts fell free, instantly cupping one and rubbing at the cherry nipple poking out. It felt like such a gift to be calmly stripping the young girl naked.


He kissed her lips deeply, feeling her tears trickling down onto his own cheeks as he did so. She shook her head, trying to shake his lips from hers, but he was far too firm. He was already pushing her backwards, causing her to tip back onto the table and the kiss was broken anyway. He grasped her wrist and tugged her hand from his overalls, then flung it down.

She gasped, trying to scramble away as he started pulling at her ankles so her ass was perched on the edge of the table. She looked up at him, her tears still trickling over her face as he pushed at his pants to properly free his large erection. She looked away as it sprang out and slapped against her calf. Her stomach turned a somersault at the thought of having to feel the older man's grubby cock near her intimate parts again.

"It's not fair.I don't want you," She whined bitterly. She started crying harder as she pleaded. How could this man, who'd seemed so nice over these last few years, now not only be cheating on his partner, but forcing her to do the same to Jake. He was totally deaf to any of her pleading and just carried straight on. "Sshh. quiet now. nice and quiet." he said gently to her.

He opened her jeans and slipped them along her legs and off. They dropped to the floor with her panties into a heap and he stood, one hand on her ankle, the other one blatantly wanking his cock, savouring the sight of her soft naked body before him. His eyes drifted down, taking in every inch before moving back up again, his cock practically bursting at the sight. Her ponytail was draped on the wooden tabletop behind her head and he realised that she looked even hotter with her hair up.

Her tears were starting to glisten in shallow puddles on the table either side of her head. Her weeping seemed to get even stronger as he lined himself up at her hole. He pulled the foreskin back and wacked the swollen purple head at her moist lips.

He could already feel the heat emanating from her soft folds as he lined himself up and her pussy parted to grip onto his tip. He bore down on her as he started to ease forward, this time sober enough to enjoy the feeling of her pussy spreading wide, betraying her and letting him glide smoothly inside her body.

He saw her trying to look away and pulled her chin so she was looking straight at him. He wanted to study her beautiful eyes as he penetrated her for the second time. She yelped out in pain. It'd been a week since this had last happened and not only was her pussy still sore from that encounter, but it had tightened up again slightly, making it even more painful.

She screamed each time he pushed himself back into her all the way. Still forced to look up straight into his stony eyes and gleeful smile as he did so. She couldn't believe this was happening to her again.

His lips parted a little as her snug pussy walls clenched around him, trying to push him out. "Stop it. Please! Get off me!" As his body pinned her down, she lurched out with her feet to try and kick him away. She managed to jab him harshly in the sides, and he growled at her resistance.

He laid himself fully on top of her to impede her movement and plunged into her harder. He stretched out behind her with one hand to hold onto the edge of the large table, giving him better leverage to ram deeper.

"Shut up. You want my cock. You want my cock inside you. That's it. Take it." he hissed the words down to her, trying to convince himself he was speaking the truth. She shook her head vigorously in denial of his words. He simply grinned and looked straight into her watery eyes and mashed his lips against hers, still feeling her choking with tears.

She tried to refuse the kiss, and held her tongue to the back of her mouth, not wanting to touch his. He mauled her developing tits with his coarse hand, dried cement still coating the nails. There was nothing but pure hatred in her eyes as he used her tight hole for his pleasure. No affection from her whatsoever, even as their bodies were locked in such intimacy.

Her body felt limp and by now she could only summon enough strength to weep. She wanted Jake. She wanted her mum.

But both of them, together with anyone else offering salvation suddenly seemed thousands of miles away. She felt deserted, totally left to the mercy of this evil rapist as his cock continued to probe inside her intimate hole. She laid there, her legs forced open, her entire body exposed to him.

His cock felt huge as it invaded her inexperienced pussy, her breasts jolting with each impact. Once his lips left hers she brought a hand to her face and cried loudly into it.

He was looking at her again, slowing his pace a little to be more gentle, enjoying the feel of her labia massaging his whole length. She pulled her hands away from her face, looking up at him, watching his calm but lustful expression.

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"Phil. Please. You love my mum, please stop." He brought his face inches from hers, keeping up his slow deliberate movement, pushing inside her all the way. He shook his head resolutely. "No I don't. I want you!" To fully emphasise the last word he slammed inside her as he said it, starting up a breakneck speed again that made the table rock violently under the two of them. AS she squealed out, the tip of his cock tingled and he knew soon enough he'd be at the point of no return.

Ideally he wanted to pull out and come around to spray it all over her lovely face and tits, but her snug pussy felt too incredible to leave alone. He squeezed her nipple between finger and thumb, and stuffed her pussy full, just as his cum began to blast out.

He spilled the contents of his balls deep inside her, giving him even more of a powerful orgasm than he'd had inside her mouth last time. After a whole week of having only pictures of her in his head, his cock was easily ready to spew globs of thick cum into her depths. Only after the waves of pleasure started to die down did he begin to slow his thrusts again.

He felt a wash of emotion flow through him and he cupped her cheek, kissing her once more; tenderly this time. "You're amazing," he countered as she hopelessly sniffled against her tears. For a few minutes she was too shocked to move or say anything.

She was not on any type of birth control and he had just spilled his sperm inside her. Just as he pulled away from kissing her she quickly panicked at the realisation of what had just happened, what he had done and how much trouble could be caused. She took one look at him and had to look away the second she did. He reluctantly lifted himself off of her, standing up straight and giving a satisfied sigh.

He stepped back as she scrambled frantically to get her clothes. Despite the relief that it was all over, she felt resentment and bitterness fill every fibre of her being. She pulled on her bra and T-shirt, trying to hide her body from him as quickly as possible. She slung her jeans and panties over her shoulder, wanting to get any trace of him from her pussy before she put them on. "I fucking hate you!" she screamed and ran out the room. She headed immediately into the downstairs toilet out the back behind the kitchen, his copious seed already dribbling down her legs as she went.

She slammed the door behind her, the broken lock clanking as she did so. She sat on the toilet, grabbing handfuls of toilet roll and desperately wiping up the cum from her, biting her lip from the pain. She doused some in warm water and held it inside herself to soak up anything from there.

Once she believed she'd got all the cum out of her she looked down into the toilet bowl and almost threw up at the sight. A thick puddle of white swam around on the surface, blocking the clear water from view. She flushed the chain hurriedly, then pulled up her panties and jeans, wiping her eyes as best she could. She looked into the mirror, feeling devastated at just having been used again like a piece of meat.

Her eyes were red and swollen and a dull ache was beginning at the back of her head. Her abuser meanwhile was sitting back on a dining room chair, getting his breath back. He slowly got to his feet and made to follow her, but then a noise took his attention away and made him flinch. A key was turning in the front door lock, and as complete panic spread through him, he just had time to stuff his cock back down the front of his overalls before Sadie stepped in, sighing loudly and wiping her shoes on the mat.

He took two deep breaths and strolled innocently out to greet her. "Hey beautiful. Have a good day?" She beamed as she saw he was home early and collapsed into his arms. "Oh baby I have such a headache." they shared a tender hug and he patted her hair. He leaned down and whispered conspiratorially in her ear. "Kiara's a bit upset. I think her and Jake have had a bit of a row. I've been trying to comfort her but. it seems pretty bad." Kiara had just about composed herself when she heard her mum's entrance.

She flung the door back open and darted purposefully back through the house, straight into her mum's arms, hot tears already streaming out again. She tried to choke out the words between her gasps for breath. "Mum. Mum h-he. please. he hurt me!" she wailed. She sniffed and choked uncontrollably, causing her words to be disjointed and muffled against her mum's shoulder. Sadie squeezed her tightly and let her weep against her. "Aww my baby.

It's ok. It's ok. Come on." Her voice was soft as she walked her daughter through to the lounge. Kiara tried to form more words, but her voice gave out completely. She gratefully let herself be sat down on the soft couch, exhausted and drained. Her body felt like it was about to totally give out and she shut her eyes, still only just about awake, crying softly. As she rested her head back, her mother sat down beside her and stroked her arm. Phil lurked in the doorway, watching things develop.

He saw Sadie sigh and get back up quietly as Kiara finally gave into her exhaustion. She came around to Phil in the hallway and pulled the door to slightly.

She whispered hurriedly to him, frowning. "What has that awful boy done to her? I knew I never should've encouraged It." he wrapped his strong arms around her, overjoyed at the miscommunication.

He kissed her forehead. "I never liked the look of him.

We should put a stop to it really if he's always upsetting her," he suggested. She nodded eagerly, still looking stern. "I think you're right. Let's get her up to bed first though. The poor thing is totally done in." They both came back into the room and Sadie came down slowly to sit beside her daughter again.

She kissed her lightly on the forehead and stroked her head before moving out the way and gesturing for Phil to come over. He lifted the young girl up in his arms as if she were a baby.

"Get some rest sweetie okay? It'll be sorted out soon," Sadie whispered as he carried her sleeping body out of the lounge and up the stairs into her room. As he lay her carefully down onto her bed, she lazily opened one eye and spied him. Horror immediately enveloped her and she began to scramble away, shaking with new fear. He watched her calmly and shut her bedroom door, coming to sit on the edge of her bed.

He smiled and grabbed her wrist, softly pulling her onto his lap, stroking his hands up and down her arms. Her breathing was jumpy as she forced herself to try and relax though it really wasn't easy. The ordeal from earlier still wracked her body and it looked almost as if she didn't even know where she was.

Terror seemed to strike her every time she caught sight of him, but he was rocking her softly on his lap, easing her like an infant, and his palms still glided along her arms, his strong fingers massaging gently at her shoulders, offering her kind warmth.

"Sshhh. quiet now. Sshh it's ok. Everything's ok now." He could hear her mum in the kitchen underneath them turning the radio on. Finally Kiara's sniffling seemed to be calming a little. "Are you ok? I really don't like it when I see you cry Kiara." One arm dropped to around her waist, cradling her lightly as the other supported her shoulders, still rocking her gently to and fro. His face was very close to hers and he spoke soft soothing words.

"Nice and calm.

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That's it. You're safe now. You're safe here with me." her breathing slowed and she managed to wipe away her tears with cold shaky fingers. Though she was still nervous, something about his tender warmth soothed her.

She leaned her head on his arm, still desperately tired. "Please don't ever do that again. I don't like it. Please, it hurts so much." her voice was barely a whisper. As she begged, she was limp and longed to drift off into sleep and forget everything. She could hardly move and her muscles ached terribly. Her mind was a massive blur and she couldn't really think straight, only now able to see and hear, she leaned and relaxed into his arms but her lips couldn't curve into a smile. Instead they parted slightly, sucking in air and breathing it out again.

Her nose was still blocked shut from her endless weeping. They sat in silence for a while and his fingers worked rhythmically through her hair, stroking from root to tip, then starting over again. "I'll look after you. You're my special one now." he kissed softly at the top of her head, and briefly it was more parental than sexual. "Come here, you really do need to rest now." She nodded slightly, her body definitely ready for full shut down mode.

He hitched his arm under her knees and raised her up, placing her softly down on her sheets. He rearranged the pillow a bit beneath her head, making sure she was comfortable. He covered her over with the blanket, tucking it under her chin then moving over to close the curtains. As he turned around he caught a fleeting glimpse of her turquoise eyes, now looking clearer. He wandered over and laid himself quietly beside her, squeezing her to him once more and whispering gently.

"We'll be happy you and Me." Even as he spoke though, she had drifted off into a half peaceful, half nightmare-filled sleep. Once he realised she was breathing a little more deeply, he got up and padded silently to the door. He slowly and silently made his way down the stairs, sighing with relief. He breezily entered the kitchen where Sadie was already preparing dinner. "She's asleep up there now," he reported, looking concerned.

"The poor thing. She's really been through it today. But I think she'll be all right." She stood up from the oven and came over, resting her head on his shoulder and smiling gratefully up at him. "Thank god you're here Phil. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you, you know that?" he smiled back and nodded, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her sweetly on the lips.

"I know that baby. I know."