Naughty Tranny Domino Presley hot anal while in her heels

Naughty Tranny Domino Presley hot anal while in her heels
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My mom was very young when she had me, only 16 and the 18 year old boy who got her pregnant wanted no part of being a father. I really don't know why, but for some reason all contact between my mother, his family and him ended before I was even born.

My grandparents also disowned my mom for deciding to have a baby on her own so basically our family consisted of the two of us, just mom and me. Even though she had to drop out of school and work low paying jobs my mom always found a way to take good care of me and I cant imagine any other mom and daughter being any closer then we were.

I don't really have many memories prior to starting school, but even on a limited income my mom always found a way to go to parent teacher conferences, school programs and all those things so important to kids. I was healthy and happy and an active kid singing and dancing in school plays for all the holidays and made good grades and even got to try dance and gymnastics.

Somehow mom always found a way to keep me busy and active and in lots of activities. Shortly before my ninth birthday my mother was feeling really awful and was devastated to find out that she had ovarian cancer.

This made things much more difficult and all my activities ended. Instead we spent many hours together at the hospital with her getting one treatment or another. Not only did it affect my fun activities but it also was very expensive and really stressed my mom about money. Also with all the medical treatments it made it harder for her to work full time and that strained things as well.

It was during one of those trips to the hospital when my mother met Steve. Steve was a very handsome doctor in his late thirties. He always seemed a way to make my mom smile and even during her worst times when she was really sick, he visited and spent a lot of time with her and us.

Before we met Steve it had always been just me and mom. I have to admit I felt like I had a hole in my heart for a father and I seemed to like Steve as much as mom did. Within a month of their meeting they began dating and then kissing and more of the grown up stuff. Soon he was spending the night at our apartment. Not only was Steve dating my mom and me, and being there for her personally he also started to help out with money and before long I got to start being a kid again and doing some fun things.

Six months to the day of their first meeting, my mom married Steve and I had a dad.

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Things just kept getting better as Steve owned a house and we moved in with him. I even then had my own room and a back yard. As a doctor he did work quite a few hours but he spent as much time at home with us as possible. I loved our house and felt like the luckiest girl in the world. The only room that was off-limits to me was Steve's office. Some evenings he spent several hours in his office but it was usually only one night a week. Not too long after the wedding ceremony I was elated to find out that Steve wanted to adopt me and we even had a ceremony where we all dressed up for that.

Steve was truly my father. He got involved in some men's club and the night a week in his office seemed to become one night a week away from home. But both me and mom were so happy.

And things seemed to be going really well and we were a happy family. Shortly after I turned ten mom's heath took a turn for the worse. With her first bout with cancer she had one of her ovaries removed. Now the cancer was back and this time it was bad and strong. Within three months of its diagnosis I lost my best friend in the world when my mom died.

I think for the next few months I walked through life like a zombie. I was heartbroken. Steve was there for me and kind and since I was adopted of course I was to stay with him. He cut back his hospital hours and made himself more available to me. And we had a sweet lady down the street who babysat me when he couldn't be home.

He did keep his one evening a week commitment to the men's club but otherwise his life was his work and me. Slowly the years passed until one day I needed some paper for school work and went into Steve's office to get some. As I was getting it off the printer, I bumped the mouse and it woke up the computer.

There on the screen was what I later learned was porn. I stared at the screen my eyes realizing the people on the screen were naked.

There were men and women and some teen girls, just as I was looking at the screen and trying to figure out what I was looking at Steve walked into the room. For the first time since I knew him he yelled at me at the top of his lungs. "What are you doing? Get up to your room," he yelled and followed me up the stairs to my room. Before that day I had never seen Steve really mad and I was stunned as soon as we got to my room, he grabbed my wrists and pulled me over his lap and spanked me very hard several times till I was crying like a baby.

I have to say it definitely made me forget anything I had seen on the computer as I could think of nothing but the pain in my butt. It was odd cause normally anytime I did something wrong he didn't like he would talk to me about it and explain what I had done wrong.

But not this night, after spanking me, he stood me back up and yelled at me, "Get to bed." I did exactly that and honestly we never discussed anything about that night. Things seemed to go back to normal and I was getting excited about the summer and my next birthday. As it got closer to that date, Steve seemed to be on the phone a lot and seemed more quiet then he had ever been.

I tried to ignore it and had been trying hard to do lots of the things mom used to do cleaning house and fixing more meals and stuff.

I was not too bad at fixing food, not anything elaborate but easy meals basic meats and vegetables from a can. Things seemed pretty much back to normal and I forgot about the computer and my spanking. As my birthday was now only a few days away, Steve was acting a little odd and was making lots of comments about how mature I was becoming and how pretty I was, just like my mom.

Soon he told me he had arranged for something very special for my birthday. A day or two before it he took me shopping and bought me a very nice dress. Other than the dresses I had worn to their wedding and my adoption ceremony it was the prettiest dress I ever had.

It actually was the most grown up and it looked like a prom type dress, with bare shoulders and back. It zipped down the back and came all the way down to my feet.

I even got brand new shoes, for the first time high heels. I struggled a bit to walk in them but practiced every day for a little while after buying them.

The day before my birthday he took me to a hair salon and I even got a fancy hairdo. I was so excited I could hardly wait for my surprise. Little did I know how things were going to change. My father woke me up early that morning and told me to take a shower but not to forget to wear a shower cap to protect my hairdo.

He told me to make sure to wash really well. When I got out of the shower he had my dress out and ready along with pretty matching panties, I was surprised about these as they looked like satin and were like womens thong panties. But I put everything on without asking questions. I was even more surprised when after going downstairs he walked me to the door, locked up and there outside waiting was a long black stretch limousine. The driver opened the back door for the two of us and we got into the back seat.

I had a huge smile on my face and was so excited. We rode for quite a while I found myself yawning feeling a bit sleepy, but just before I asked if we were there yet my father said, "We are almost there I need you to put this on." Out of his pocket he pulled a black silk scarf he put it over my eyes and began to tie it in back. "We can't have you spoiling your surprise can we?" he asked to which I answered, "No sir." I was surprised how much longer we rode in the limo with me blindfolded but finally the car came to a stop.

I heard the chauffeur open the door and felt Steve take my hand and help me out of the car. He held my hand and elbow and walked me down a long walk and then up several steps to a door.

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I heard a doorbell ring and then a door open. As we walked in I heard music playing but within seconds it stopped. I have to admit it was hard to walk in the heels blind folded but he held me firmly and I never did anything more then wobble. I then felt us walk into what felt like a large room it felt pretty cold in their and he walked me along the floor. I could tell it was large as when I walked I heard my heels clicking on the floor.

We finally came to a stop and then he said to me, "Hang on." Suddenly I felt him lift me up high and set me almost as high as he could reach. I kept hearing subtle moving sounds like a chair squeaking, or feet sliding but nothing I could really make out.

I felt what seemed like a bright light shining on me and I was a little confused as to what was going on. "Sweety, these two lady friends of mine are going to help you out of that nice dress so it doesn't get dirty, okay?" he asked. I just nodded in reply. I then felt two sets of ladies hands touch my arms gently, then I felt one of the ladies unzip the dress in back, as she got it down, the other lady gently tugged it down in front.

Then the lady in front took hold of my hands as the dress reached my ankles and said, "Lift a foot. . now the other one" And I could feel myself standing in front of them in only the panties. I was more surprised when I felt the lady behind me take hold of the waistband of the panties and tub them down too. She gently lifted one ankle then the other and I was now standing naked except for the high heels.

Each of them then took a hand and elbow and walked me a few steps. Then one of them said to me, "Kneel down honey." I did so and then I felt them both pull my hands forward and I felt my legs press up against a padded piece of furniture. They kept pulling my hands pulling my upper body down, and I felt the narrow piece of furniture under my tummy and lower chest. I thought I heard several feet shuffle and then was stunned as I felt one hand after the other take hold of me.

First my wrists and arms, then my sides and back, and then I felt hands on each lower leg and felt my legs opened up. Just as I started to cry out, I was shocked as I felt two metal prongs grab into my nostrils and felt metal pushed into my mouth. I felt fingers pushed into my mouth pulling my jaw down and heard a clicking as the metal thing forced my mouth to open. I felt hands check the blindfold to make sure it was tight and it indeed was.

"It's okay baby," I heard one of the ladies say and suddenly I felt someone get in behind me. I then heard a deep voice boom over a microphone, "Who gives this virgin to the club." And I heard Steve's voice reply, "I do." The next sound I heard was my own loud groan as I felt something push at my private place. The place my mother had always told me no one should ever touch. The place up front where I went to the bathroom.

The place my mom told me not to play with. I felt a pain there I never knew I'd feel as it felt like a very thick finger push at my tiny opening and to my horror slowly force it to open. I heard myself groan and groan so, so loud as the thing poking me there, slowly forced my body to stretch and forced itself inside me.

I then heard one of the ladies very softly say in my ear, "Accept the cock virgin." And I felt it push deeper and deeper into my body.

I was horrified as I felt the cock push further and further inside my body till I felt a painful stretch inside me. I jerked when I felt the pressure and stretch there and felt him stop pushing for a moment. As he stopped I noticed that with my mouth forced open, my mouth was drooling and I felt my own saliva run down my chin, it felt very embarrassing, but I'm not sure why I noticed it at that moment. I forgot about it within seconds, as suddenly I felt him thrust hard and I felt something inside me tear.

The cock had just popped my virgin cherry. It felt like a knife cutting into me. And it felt like someone pulling a thread through the skin inside for a few moments. I heard a deep grunt and felt the cock push further inside my body. It was only then I thought about the fact that I had no idea who the cock belonged to. The two ladies were still by my head, whispering now and then in my ears, then there were all the hands, lots of hands, holding me all over my body, keeping me still on the piece of furniture.

I did not know what any of them looked like, who they were, how old they were, what race they were, what color their hair was, how old they were, I knew nothing about anyone, especially the cock inside me. All I knew is I felt a cock belonging to someone, touching and pushing into my private place no one was supposed to touch. I felt the cock push and push going deeper into my body. The pain down there was so intense for a while that it took me a while to realize there were hands on my small chest, rubbing and pinching and pulling on my very sensitive nipples.

They had only just started to changed a few weeks before my birthday, becoming tender and puffy and I had been very self conscious of them. Now strangers hands were pulling and pinching and rubbing on them as the cock pushed inside my body.

Finally the pushing stopped followed then by the cock moving out a little then pushing back in and for the first time ever I felt a cock stroke inside my body. There were so many hands on my body I didn't realize the two hands holding my hips belonged to the man whose cock was thrusting in and out of me.

Hands on my shoulders kept my body from moving away from the cock as he pushed in steadying me holding me so it could push in far. I was then surprised when I felt fingers carefully push into my mouth I then felt them carefully click the metal device open more and more, one click at a time. As it strained my jaw, I groaned, not realizing it but helping them determine when to stop.

I then felt the fingers withdraw and then a giant finger, no, a cock push into my mouth. I was horrified and tried to pull my body away from it till I realized I was pushing back against the guy inside me down below. I tasted the cock and then smelled the cock and felt it rub against my tongue. My minds eye was trying to figure out, to guess, to imagine who's cock it might be, but I could not envision what person the cock was attached to.

The cock inside me down below was still hurting but was stroking in and out in a rhythm. All I could focus on now was the cock in my mouth rubbing on my tongue and now pushing too deep making me gag and want to cough. "Open your throat honey," one of the ladies whispered, "let it in." As she said that I felt him push harder, and I gagged, but that didn't stop him or make him pull out, instead he just pushed harder. I felt myself gag hard, and as I did and it didn't push it out, I had the instinct to swallow.

And to my horror I felt the cock push down my throat. I thought I was going to drown, or suffocate. Then I heard, "Breath through your nose." It took a minute before that registered into my brain, but without air for a few moments my mind began to panic and then I tried to take air through my nose and felt my lungs fill. All the while this was going on, the cock in my pussy pushed steadily in and out.

Soon the cock in my mouth started doing the same after getting far into my throat and it hurt my neck a little as they worked the rhythm to the same pattern and pushed in at the same time. It wasn't too many strokes later that I was disgusted with the next thing I felt.

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To my horror I felt deep in my tummy the cock begin to squirt liquid inside me. For about six thrusts, it squirted and squirted fluid inside me. I thought he was peeing inside me. For just a short moment then I had a glimmer of hope as I felt the cock removed from inside between my legs. I let out a gasp of relief.

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But it was short lived when I felt another set of hips touch against the back of my thighs and butt and to my horror felt another cock touch my private place and slowly force inside me again. Who was this, who was attached to this new cock. This one felt a little skinnier but as it worked further inside my body I felt sick when I felt it touch further inside me then the one before did. Soon the two cocks, were working the same rhythm and pushing against me at the same time.

As my mind began to focus on the steady rhythm inside me and the fingers continued to work my tender nipples so puffy and sore I suddenly felt something that made me scream on the cock in my throat. To my horror I felt a needle push into my right nipple. It hurt like nothing I could imagine. It hurt so much I felt a flash of heat go through my body and then cold. I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I felt my muscles give out but did not collapse as all the hands held me.

Then I smelled this horrible scent that snapped my mind back to consciousness as someone passed smelling salts by my nose.

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No sooner than the throbbing in that nipple subsided that I felt another needle push through my other nipple. I again felt my muscles buckle and the heat flash go through me. I even think I felt a little blood drip from them, but cant say for sure. What I did feel next though seemed so mean, but suddenly I felt the thing through my nipples feel heavy.

I had no understanding of the hook placed through each nipple now supporting nipple weights. I just know both nipples pulled down heavy and ached uncomfortably. Within seconds of the steady weight pulling them down, I gagged horribly as the cock in my throat began to squirt liquid there too.

"Swallow," I heard both ladies say to me several times over and over. I even felt one of them stroking my throat as the coached me, "Swallow." The thick liquid made me want to gag, I also felt my throat gurgling some as I tried to focus on breathing thru my nose. To my horror I felt myself try to draw in breath again thru my nose and instead pulled the thick salty smelly liquid up into my nose and sinus.

I felt myself cough, spraying some from my nose then heard the coaching again, "Swallow." This time I tried to do as I was told and flexed my throat, making myself swallow. "Again," the voice said and I obeyed gagging the thick warm goo down my throat.

"Again," the coaching said and I again gagged the thick liquid down as I felt the cock squirt more of its nasty fluid. Then to my relief I felt the cock withdraw from my mouth.

Even with it gone, the scent of the cum was strong in my sinuses. I am not sure I will ever forget that smell. To my relief they let me cough and breath through both my nose and mouth for a few seconds, before to my horror, I felt a new stiff cock push into my mouth, over my tongue and again try to work down my throat.

I felt my eyes pour tears at that point, not only scared now but becoming more aware of the continuing of the situation.

Soon the new cock was working my mouth and throat in rhythm with the one between my legs. Then the second cock to push into my private place inside me between my legs, began to squirt his juices into my body.

Having felt, tasted and smelled the fluid now I had a better understanding of what it was, thrust after thrust the cock squirted inside me so deep. Deeper then the last one. Then I felt him pull out. I'm not sure why I did but I started counting quietly to myself, 1, 2, 3, 4. .

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counting the seconds, waiting for another cock to push inside me. My internal counting did not go unanswered as I felt warmth again against my hips and thighs. But suddenly I felt something different, I felt hands pulling on my butt cheeks, then felt the hole I go poop through touched.

I felt myself squeeze instinctively when I felt something touch there. But it didn't change anything. In fact the thing touching me there pressed harder, and harder.

"Squeeze hard, don't let it in," I heard the ladies voice coach and did as I was told and squeezed and squeezed. But the pressure continued the pushing continued it kept pushing against me there. "Push and squeeze," the voice said, "push hard." So I did as I was told and pushed.

What I didn't know and understand but they did, is that you can only push and squeeze so long until your body gets exhausted. Once you do, and it truly doesn't take long, your body naturally lets go and opens. And that's exactly what happened. I couldn't push any longer and let go and to my horror with that the cock pushed into my tight little hole. I thought I was going to be sick and throw up as the cock pushed deeper and deeper into my butt.

It hurt so, so much and felt so dirty. My mind was spinning, two separate cocks have been in my mouth rubbing over my tongue and down my throat and two separate cocks have pushed into my girl private part and squirted their liquid inside me but now to make it worse another cock was pushing into my butt. I sobbed desperately.

What had Steve gotten me into. No matter how much I didn't want it to, the cock probed deeper into my butt, touching me where I never new I could even feel. It sickened me as I then felt the two cocks find a rhythm again pushing in each opening at the same time.

I think anyone in my place even a grown up would have to out of self defense try not to think too much and that's what I started to do. I felt myself kneeling there, held by so many hands, the two cocks thrusting in and out in rhythm.

But I tried just to let go, to relax to take my mind somewhere else. Just after I began to leave the present in my mind, I felt the most intense pain in one place I ever have. On a few occasions in the bath or under my covers when I touched where my mother had discouraged me from touching down there, there is a little place that is extremely sensitive. I later learned that place is called a clit.

I felt like a sword had just been trusted between my legs and all the way up into my tummy when in reality what had happened is that another hook was being pushed through my clit.

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It hurt like nothing I've ever felt leaving my whole body trembling, and I almost didn't realize it that it hurt so much that I lost my bladder and let my pee flow right there on the stage, under the spotlight.

I had no concept how many eyes were watching me pee. And as soon as the flow stopped I then felt a pull on my clit as weight had been dangled from the hook through my clit.

Worse the rhythm of the thrusting of the two cocks made the weights all sway back and forth like a pendulum. I then felt two other pin pricks as a hook was placed through each of my outer vagina lips and weight was hung from each one. It felt really weird to have the steady pull on my private place while the cocks pushed in and out. No sooner then I had gained some composure the cock in my mouth started to squirt.

"Swallow," the ladies coached over and over as one of them again rubbed my throat. This time not wanting to inhale the fluid into my sinus or lungs, I did as I was told quickly gagging the fluids down my throat.

I did so, so well, I actually felt the fluid ooze down my throat, it felt sickening. "Good girl!" I was encouraged, "That's a good cum slut." I am ashamed at the next thought and feeling I had but I had not eaten since last nights dinner and my tummy must have been pretty empty cause the fluid seeming to go down into the sensation of an empty tummy.

"Don't waste a drop of that good cum. Drink it all down," the voices coached me, "Good girl." I felt anything but like a good girl. At that moment I felt fingers touching the hooks in my nipples, clit and lips and felt them all feel heavier suddenly as they added more weight to each of the hooks. I was sure it was heavier as the sway from the thrusts seemed to decrease but the pull was harder then ever.

After finishing squirting down my throat the cock pulled out of my mouth. I again was allowed to cough and breath for a few seconds before the third cock to penetrate my mouth was pushed in. It wasn't too much longer before the cock in my tiny butt hole squirted deep inside me there, it made me really feeling like I had to poop. It thrusted 4 times squirting fluids with each thrust then pulled out. Just as my body had the reflex need to push, I felt something else push up against the open hole.

I felt the hands on my shoulders brace me hard and then felt a very hard push as a very firm hard rubber thing was pushed against the opening to my bottom. The pressure and stretch was incredible and painful, but it pushed and pushed and pushed seeming to stretch more and wider. Suddenly to my minor relief the pressure let go some and I felt the object plunge inside me there.

As the horrible stretch released I felt my instinct kick in and I clenched as hard as I could.

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"That's it squeeze it in, draw it in," the ladies soft whispers coached me again. I then realized why they said what they did, as I realized the object did not pop out of my bottom hole, but instead the huge object pulled inside me.

My own bodies instinct was my own worst enemy as the instinct to clench, caused me to draw the object in further and deeper. The odd device's width grew much smaller like a neck under a head, but it continued to be smaller so when I clenched I actually pushed the large part deeper into my hole. My butt felt like I had a giant piece of poop inside it that I could not push out.

It made me feel so grossly full. After the thinning part again was a large area that stayed outside my butt. I then felt something metal probing at the private place between my legs. It felt small and thin and I felt it push inside my lips and moved around inside the flesh. The next feeling I felt was almost as horrible as the feelings of the hooks going into my clit.

The small metal device was pushed into the tiny hole inside my opening where the pee comes out of. As it was pushed at the tiny hole I felt myself lose a few more drops of pee. I jerked to move more then I had up to that point but I felt dozens of hands tighten on my body. To my horror the metal object (known as a sound) was pushed into my pee hole (known medically as a urethra.) Then I felt that one withdraw and another slightly larger take its place. I groaned and grunted on the cock in my mouth and throat as the metal sound was forcibly inserted painfully into my pee hole.

The first one was used to measure and this one was intended to stretch the tiny place there. Again I felt tears run down my cheeks as it hurt so much. I cold not believe the onslaught of torture. Within seconds of the objects being inserted inside me I felt another person's warmth at my hips and thighs and again I felt another cock push at my private place. This cock felt much larger then any of the others.

It stretched my opening more then even the first one had done. It took it multiple pushes to stretch my lips enough to penetrate them. All while causing the heavy weights to sway and tug on my tender sensitive places. I think I must have lost consciousness again cause next thing I know I smelled that awful smell. Every thrust of this cock hurt as slowly it worked deeper into my body. The huge object in my butt filling me there making my flesh pull so tight by itself. Now the huge cock was stretching my special opening while the metal sound caused steady pain in my pee hole.

For just a moment, I wanted to cry out for my father, my step father, Steve, until I realized he caused all of this, then I wanted to cry out for my mom, but she was a place she could not rescue me from. I felt devastated and wanted it all to end, but it only just continued as I felt the huge cock work further and further inside my body.

All as so many hands held my body, two ladies, whispered to me and stroked my hair. "That's a good girl, you're an object for cock, a vessel for cum. You live to please and entertain others. Don't fight it, just accept what they do, accept who you are, accept your place in life.

You belong to the club now. You will do as the members want, living to only please them. It is your place in the world. Feel them inside you, using you, be glad and proud they want to use you. As long as they use you, you are special, important, of value.

Only if you're left alone, are you then worthless and nothing." I was stunned at the size of the cock inside me, huge, fat painful, it took him quite a while to work fully inside me, the object in my butt hole making me feel so full.

The steady movement of the weights pulling on such sensitive place. Almost too soon after the cock got fully inside me down below the one in my mouth again fed me its juices. The voices in my ears whispering, "Swallow your nourishment, the liquid you need and desire. Thank you for feeding her your nourishment, the cum she lives to have inside her," the voice whispers in my ear as I swallow the juice so I don't inhale it.

I swallow all his loads of cum and feel them ooze down my throat. This time the moment the cock pulls from my mouth, another pushes in its place not allowing me to cough, or take deep breaths. Adding to my frustration, adding to the brain washing they were doing to me. I don't even consider the possibility of it stopping. And again finding myself just letting go, accepting what's happening to me.

But their never ending desire for torment continues and I feel something moving at each breast as I feel metal worked on the opposite side of the nipples then the hook going through them and feel the new object tighten, and squeeze and then hang from each nipple. (Something I will later learn is a clamp.) Each nipple is affixed with one and I feel fingers move on the object making the teeth on them dig into my nipple more as they tighten and secure each one. Just as I think there's nothing else that can be done, I feel movement on the object in my bottom.

I feel fingers work under the base of the object outside my butt and the hand then pushes the object inside more, then pulls. I'm aggravated when I feel the push, until I feel the pull. As the hand pulls on the object I feel lots of tiny pokes seem to dig into my flesh. The object has multiple barbs each catching and digging into flesh only when the object is pulled or attempted to be pushed out of my butt. Again the hand pushes working the object a bit deeper, then again painfully it pulls, and my toes curl as I feel the barbs did into my flesh.

Then as the cocks continue to piston in and out of my mouth and pussy, I feel something hit one breast, then the other. Suddenly over and over there is a sting as something seems to swat each breast. I had no idea of what it was but they were using a crop to spank my tiny flat chest. Stinging the flesh round and round the undeveloped boob. Then I feel the same on my lower back at the top of my butt.


The hits joining the rhythm of the thrusts of the cock, striking on the end of the out stroke. Then two additional crops join in now one striking each breast and one each for each butt cheek.

Another hand then lifts the weight dangling on the clit, and then lets it fall with the same rhythm. Lifting and dropping the clit weight over and over tugging on the clit over and over. This continues until for the first time the two cocks inside me manage to explode at the same time.


"Swallow the cum you need honey. Feed from the cock you desire," the voice whispers, "Feel them feed your body its nourishment, accept their generous offer of their cum inside you." The spanks finally stop as the cocks with draw and I get my hopes up for a moment only to be disappointed by another cock entering my mouth and pussy.

My pussy and throat were both raw at that point and the penetrations were both very painful but I could do noting but accept them, and I think I quit any little bit of fight I had left inside me at that point.

Three more cocks used each hole before it finally seemed to come to an end. Then to my relief the clamps were released, the weights were removed and then the hooks. The hooks however were replaced by body jewelry intended to keep the holes that were made. I finally felt almost all the hands release me and honestly they didn't need any as I was too exhausted to fight back at all. I was carried down a hall into another room I know by the sounds. Then I felt myself laid on a tiny thin mattress on the floor and felt the room go dark.

The hands let go of me and I heard footsteps leave the room and a door close. I laid still for a few minutes before realizing I could remove the blindfold. I did so finding the room I was in completely dark.

I felt around and found myself in a small metal cage. Caged like something less then a person. I cried myself to sleep and dreamt of my mom. Not sure if this nightmare would ever end. I did not realize till long after this was over that Steve, my adoptive father had given me to this club. "The club" was an organization of very wealthy men. They were for all intents and purposes a BDSM club.

I had no idea that the price of membership for my step father was me. Unbelievably the other members of the club were far more wealthy then he was as a doctor. He stumbled across one of the members online and over time learned of their existence. The club was wanting the taboo nature of having their first teen slave.

He had no idea how he could manage to father a daughter with some woman and have to wait years for her to be old enough for his entry. Then he met my mother. The first day he came in her room, I was there for a visit. And the fact that she had cancer led him to believe it might be possible. I will never know if in anyway he helped her reach her passing. But I do believe he married her simply to adopt me.

I will never know who were the cocks that penetrated me, or even just the first. I will never know if he put his cock inside me. He was now a full member of the club with unfettered access to any of the slaves.

I didn't find out till later that the two whispering ladies are slaves just as I would become. They were only doing what they were told, and not doing so would require them to be punished. They live in a cage in this same room just as I do. My life changed that day I had no idea I would never attend school again, or play with dolls or play with another kid.

I was now a cum slave of the club, meant to service cock. Meant to pleasure others.