Petite pale teen anal and leg lock blowjob my annoying stepbro

Petite pale teen anal and leg lock blowjob my annoying stepbro
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I am living in India where to get a girl for sex is very very hard. So naturally when we grew we all look around the girls close to us. Thought incest sex is a big taboo in India but it prevails, but under the house roof. After all we all are Adam and eve and then afterwards we have relations.

We are four members in my family. Me, my elder sister aged 24, my mom and dad. Both my mom and dad are working. As i grew up to 18 I started masturbating dreaming of girls and at times peeping in my mom and dad's room and getting me blow off.

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My sister and I used to sleep in the same room on a big double bed. One such night when I wake up to have a glass of water I saw my sister sleeping and her night has been raised up above her thighs.

She was looking very sexy and at that night I closely watch her every parts. Her boobs were real very big of 34C.

Her thighs were silky and sexy. I thought of touching her but then fear ran my mind if she gets up and gets angry or tell my mom or dad I will be thrown out of house. I closed the lights and lay myself close to her. I was not getting sleep because of her sexy looks. Gaining courage I placed my leg over her thighs near her pussy to feel her skin.

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My cock was rock hard and need her very much. She kept sleeping so I gained more courage and then slowly placed my hands over her boobs. I was just feeling them and not pressing them so that she does not get wake up. All night it passed like it. I was very much happy that she does not know about my moves and I enjoy touching her.

Then it became a routine everyday I used to push my hands slowly in her nightie and place it over her pussy and feel her boobs. She never reacted to my moves and I thought since she is in sleep she does not knew what I am doing. My parents went out to a wedding of one of our relation for a week and both of us were left at home.

I thought it is a great chance to fuck her as if she will shout my parents will never know it. During the day I kept staring at her boobs and she kept smiling at me. This day I don't miss any chance to brush my hands over her body pretending ignorance. In the evening when she was preparing dinner for both of us, I went to her and stood behind her.

"Sister, will you not teach me cooking food "I told her. " oh, Bahia I can teach you all the things you want" she said. She was wearing a nightie and she has lifted it up to her thighs. I stood behind her and grabbed her from behind placing my face over her shoulder.

My hard cock was pushing her in her ass. I could feel her inside her nightly. Suddenly water falls down from her hand on the floor. "oh, Bahia its dirty let me clean it " she said.


She bent down and started cleaning the floor and I took the opportunity and h grabbed her from the waist. She was swaying her hips and pressing back at me till I was at the wall. I pushed my hard between her ass over her nightly. She got up and smiled at me. She then told me she will have a shower. She went to my mom's bathroom and left the door unbolted.

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Through the slight opening I was viewing her nude body. My cock was rock hard and I masturbated myself looking at her. She came out wearing an old nightly. "Sister, today mom is not there at home, why don't you try her night to see how you look." " Nice thought brother; you want me to look like your mom.

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"She said. She came out wearing mom's light pink night which was very transparent. I could well see that she was not wearing any bra or panty inside. I could see her black pubic hairs shining under the nightie. "Wow sister you look so beautiful in this" i said."You too would like to look like a dad, why don't you wear a lungi like him." she said. (lungi a long piece of cloth, often brightly coloured, traditionally worn like a skirt by men and women in Myanmar and as a loincloth by men in parts of South Asia.) We ate dinner and during which I was constantly staring at her boobs which she was noticing and smiling back.

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"Sister, why don't we try moms and dads bedroom to sleep today" I said. We went to the bed room of our parents and then I close the lights. She was lying in the bed and I went to sleep by her side. Under the cover of darkens as I laid myself by her side I touched her boobs. Her nightie had front opening tied with a string.

My hand was still over her boobs.

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She was awake. "Sister you look very beautiful and sexy in this nightie" I said. "Really " she said. My hands were gently moving over her boobs. I kept my legs over her thighs and move them up and down.

" Sister I want to see your complete beautifulness" I said. " What beauty you want to see my brother" I placed my hand over her pussy and said "this beautiful triangle " You are my brother, you can't do this to me" she said. But she didn't reacted and took pain to remove my hands from her pussy. " sister I have seen your nude thighs when you used to sleep" I said and my hand unstring her nightie and opened it from the front. She was now nude for me and I too removed my lungi I was nude in her bed.

"I want to taste your honey" I said. She was just saying" no, No "and making no effort to remove me and instantly spread her legs apart as I started finger her pussy. " Sister your pussy is more beautiful than that of mom and wet " " hey you naughty have you seen mom's pussy too" " Yes sister I used to watch mom and dad fuck through the window and then when I was getting hard I used to finger your pussy when you used to sleep" " Ohgod I never knew it " "Sister let me see my beautiful sister nude under the lights" I got up and made the lights on.

There on the bed lay my beautiful sexy elder sister nude with her black pussy hairs and her big boobs. She was staring at my hard cock. I bend down and started sucking her pussy. "Ohhhhh, Brother you suck so beautifully I never knew. Why you kept me waiting for months." she said. " ohhhh, you knew I was playing with at nights" I asked her. " yes, brother. How can a girl remain sleeping when someone is fingering her pussy?" As I sucked her pussy she reached her orgasm in my mouth and I had her all juiced licked.

" let me show you my talent now brother" she said She then started sucking my dick taking in deep down her throat.

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She told me that she too had seen mom and dad doing sex and she had learned sucking dick by watching our mom. "Ohhhhh sister I am coming, coming and I jerked all my cream in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

Now i was hard once again and this time i pushed my hard cock in her wet flowing pussy. I jerked her deep and she responded by jumping from below.

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" Oh, brother fill my pussy with your cum and let me feel it how it feel inside my pussy " I fucked her and came five times that night in her.

Now she is married but we still enjoy our sex whenever we get a chance. But nobody knew it except my sister and me.