Guy gets gets a rub down in reality college gangbang

Guy gets gets a rub down in reality college gangbang
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Please provide feedback if you're enjoying these stories. I'll post more if people are interested. -- Part 7 Luckily for us, our kids are good about getting up on the weekends and getting their own breakfast and then playing quietly if we decide to sleep in.

Unluckily, however, they were home all day the following day so whatever thoughts I might have had about Judy lounging around the house in a cum covered shirt went right out the window. But, just as well because my dick was getting kind of sore anyway. A couple of nights later when I was better rested and once again ready to fuck anything in sight, I tried to get some action from Judy after the kids went to bed. As usual, she was 'too tired' to fool around.

We both like basketball and she put on an NBA game. Every time they showed the home team's cheerleaders, I got an instant hard on. After about the third time, I jokingly said to Judy "I want one of those cheerleaders for Christmas!" She just laughed it off, but then when they showed them going into their halftime routine, I grabbed the remote and paused the TV when they were on a closeup of one of the hottest ones.

"See! I told you they all wear nylons. What's the use of wearing short shorts if they're going to hide everything under nylons!?" Judy took a good look and slightly blushed. I could also see that her nipples were getting hard. I hit play on the remote and then paused it again to catch a super leggy blond bending over from behind.

Judy was also watching, so I left it on pause and walked over to the arm chair where she was sitting. I reached down and massaged her tit but she tried to push my hand away. I said "just keep looking at those legs and imagine the pussy behind those shorts" as I unzipped my shorts and unsprung my cock. She looked over at me and then back to the TV and was staring at the blond.

As I started to stroke my cock, she started to rub her pussy through her shorts. I started pumping a little faster and then she unzipped her shorts to get better access to her pussy. I reached down and grabbed her tits some more and this time she didn't push my hand away because she was intently staring at the blond captured on TV lewdly bending over.

Between the image on TV and the image of my wife's hand working her pussy, my head swiveled back and forth like I was at a tennis match. After about 5 or so minutes, I was getting close to cumming and I started to gently touch Judy's face with my hand.

Right before I was about to unload, I stuck my dick right into her mouth. She must have been expecting this because the turned to me and started sucking really hard and even massaged my balls a bit. But, even though she was sucking the cum out of my dick really well, her eyes were still looking over at the still image on the TV. When I was done cumming, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and resumed fingering her own pussy faster than ever.

A short minute later, she stiffened and let out a sharp moan as she climaxed. Afterward, she casually got up and went to the bathroom and by the time she got back, I had resumed the game and halftime was just ending. She said, "Did I miss any of the game?" and then sat back down in her armchair. Part 8 A few days later, I was working at my home office when Judy came back from a luncheon with her friends.

She was wearing a creme colored skirt and an almost sheer blouse of the same color, and both of them showed off her tanned and tone body quite well.

I gave her a little hug and could smell alcohol on her breath. No big deal as she sometimes has a glass of wine or two when lunching with her friends.

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As I hugged her, her body felt really really good. I looked at my watch and confirmed that we still had about 20 minutes before the kids got home from school. As Judy went into bedroom to change, I followed her in and we both ended up in the bathroom together. I said "you really look hot in that outfit." She smiled appreciatively and said "thanks! It's one of my favorites as well. Thanks for noticing." Encouraged by her friendly demeanor, I said "Can you leave it on a little while longer - I want to fuck you in that outfit." She thought for a moment and I could see she was trying to come up with an excuse.

She looked at the clock and said, we don't have time before the kids get home." Taking that to mean it wasn't a no, I said "I'll be quick." I knew her pussy would be dry as a bone, so I opened the drawer where she kept her KY Jelly and took it out.

I turned her around to face the vanity and pulled up that creme colored skirt and then pulled her panties down to her knees. She almost lost her balance as I was rushing through this, but I steadied her and then with a giant gob of KY on my finger, I slid it inside of her pussy.


She grunted a little bit, but just kind of waited for me to stick in my dick. I got behind her and slid right in and start to fuck her. I was super horny fucking her like this in the bathroom and as I picked up speed I could see her face in the mirror to the side.

She didn't look like she was having a bad time, but was basically just waiting for me to finish. I started fucking her even faster and then she kind of jokingly started humming in rhythm to my cock sliding in and out. I said, "you think this is funny?" and she just smiled and chuckled. I was in a hurry so I tried to fuck her really hard so I could cum before the kids came home and we would have to stop.

The harder I fucked her, the more Judy was kind of giggling with an "ahhh, ahhh, ahhh" in rhythm to my thrusts. The KY was still on the counter, so I grabbed the tube and put some more on my finger and pulled my dick out of her pussy and spread it around the tip.

I'm not even sure she noticed that I had pulled out as she was still humming in her laughing kind of way.


I whispered in her ear with a little bit of a laugh of my own "Let's see if you think this is funny" as I stuck my cock in her ass all the way to my shaft.

She stopped laughing and gasped for air. I waited for a moment and I started hammering away on her ass. When I looked into the mirror again, she had her eyes tightly shut and was biting her lip a little bit. But, she was also pushing back with her ass to meet each of my thrusts as she held onto the vanity's counter. Her breathing started to get faster and faster and she reached down to finger her clit. Realizing that she was enjoying this, I started fucking her even harder and faster and that put her over the edge, which then triggered the tipping point for me too.

Right as she began to stiffen up, I was about to cum but she pushed me back because of the intensity of her orgasm. As she did that, I started to cum in her ass but then popped out as my cock started spewing cum on her ass and part of her skirt.

As I was enjoying the last few moments of my orgasm, I could hear the front door fly open while the doorbell rang at the same time. The kids were running through the house and I heard Judy's friend saying "Judy?

Are you there? I picked up the kids early for you like you asked." Judy looked at me with an "Oh Shit" expression and quickly pulled down her skirt and straightened her blouse. She hadn't had time to wipe off the cum from her ass and I could see the wet stains showing through her skirt as she hurried off to meet her friend.

I strolled out of the bedroom a minute later and found Judy talking with her friend. Judy turned to me and said with only a minor hint of nervousness, "Tom, this is Lola.

Her son goes to school with our son and she picked up the kids today." Keeping my best straight face, I said "Pleased to meet you" Then, right during our greetings one of the kids came running up to Judy who instinctively turned to greet our youngest son.

As he said "Hi Mommy," she bent over to hug him and I noticed Lola's gaze fall upon the wet cum stains on Judy's skirt. Luckily, I looked away from Lola right before she looked up at me.

The kids then turned their attention to me and I started to herd them off toward the back door. I could still hear Lola and Judy chatting, but Lola's voice now had a distinct nervousness to it. Then, I heard Lola say, "why don't you show me that guest bedroom you were thinking of remodeling. I think I might have some ideas." Judy was a little confused, but said "we're not ready to do that room until the fall, but we can go take a look." As they walked toward the hall, I walked towards the stairs and started to go up as if returning to my office.

When I heard the bedroom door shut, I snuck back down the stairs, took off my shoes ,and quietly crept down the hall but the door was closed. Luckily, the kids were all now outside playing so the house was quiet. Unfortunately, I could hardly hear anything from behind the closed guest room door. Then, I remembered that the other bedroom shared a bathroom with the guest room, so I cut through it and snuck into the bathroom. Because of the way the bathroom door was situated, I couldn't see them directly, but I could look through the crack by the hinges and saw them standing by the bed.

I could also hear much better. Judy was saying "Lola, what are you doing?" Lola responded, "I noticed some stains on your skirt and though you might want to know." Judy quickly looked down and didn't see anything, but Lola motioned with a head gesture that they were behind her.

Judy looked behind her and then pulled a hand to her mouth while blushing. Lola muffled a slight giggle that broke the tension and Judy giggled as well. Lola said, "who was it? Max again?" Judy said "I don't think it was from Max.

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I saw him this morning, but I took off my skirt. Tom wanted to fuck when I got home and we had a quickie just before you arrived. This cum is wet, so it must be his." "Max!?" I said silently to myself. "She fucked Max again? She must have taken it to heart when I said she could fuck anyone she wanted." I was glad she was becoming more sexually active, but this whole idea of her slutting around with other guys really came out of the blue.

As I was thinking about all of this, I heard Lola say "That's pretty good Judy - getting laid twice in the same day. I hope your'e not sore." Judy kind of chuckled and said "My pussy was a little sore from Max but that went away by lunchtime. Then, when Tom wanted to fuck, he mostly did it in my ass." "Your ass?" said Lola?

"I've never tried that. My husband Ralph - you met him the other night - LOL - he has never wanted my ass. In fact, as you saw, he has a hard enough time fucking my pussy without blowing his load so quickly." Judy said, "well, I kind of like that in a guy - a guy who gets in and out quickly." "Really?" said Lola.

"Is Tom like that? Does he alway cum real fast?" "Usually, but I think it's because we don't fuck very often and he's just happy to get it.

Sometimes, though, he takes forever. I always wondered if it was because he just jerked off or something." Lola said with more than a hint of annoyance in her voice "well, you should fuck my Ralph because he always cums super fast.

Even if we do it two or three times a night, it's always a quick one." Judy said "You want me to fuck Ralph? Really?

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I never thought of him that way, but he did look like he had a decent cock." "And, no soreness" Lola laughed. "Just don't ask him to fuck you in the ass." she laughed again. Finally, Judy said "I should go check on the kids" and Lola said, "I should be getting home.

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Is there a bathroom in here so I can freshen up?" As Judy pointed Lola to the bathroom where I was hiding, she walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to check on the kids. I just about jumped out of my skin trying to get out of the bathroom before Lola walked in, but I made it out just in time.

I heard Lola getting cleaned up and then suddenly had a brazen idea. Since the door from the other bedroom was still open, I backtracked out of the bedroom and then re-entered it while clearing my throat. I walked up to bathroom again where Lola was and she poked her head out saying "Hi Tom, it's just me in here. I'm about to head out. I said, "Oh, I'm glad I found you. I have something for you." She just looked at me a little bit confused.

I pulled her into the bedroom and shut the hall door and then walked back over to the bed next to where she was standing. She said "What do you have?" I said, "you need to close your eyes" With her eyes shut, I quickly dropped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was already raging. I said "surprise" and she gasped and said "Tom! I just met you! What are you doing?!" I said rather casually as I started stroking by dick "I bet for certain your pussy is soaking wet right now, isn't it." She blushed beet red and instinctively touched herself while responding "Why would you think that?" I said, "You just seem like the type that likes some cock, not to mention the occasional pussy.

Have you ever eaten pussy, Lola?" I just smiled and kept stroking my cock and walked up to her. I gently patted the top of her head and she dropped to her knees and started sucking on my dick. She sucked hungrily for about a minute and then looked up and asked "Where is Judy? We might get caught." I stuck my dick back in her mouth and said "I don't think that will be a problem." I then stood her up and helped her out of her skirt and panties and took off her blouse and bra.

Like Judy (and all the rest of the women she ran with), her body was trim, tan, and fit. Lola's tits weren't as big as Judy's but they had a nice shape and rock hard nipples. I leaned Lola back and started in right away on her pussy with my tongue. I sucked up her juices and spent some time appeasing her clit.

She was moaning about how good it felt and I remembered her complaining about how bad her husband was at eating pussy. I'm probably only average at it, so he must really be bad.

Quite a shame, really, because she had a nice taste. As I continued to lick her, I also darted down once in awhile and licked her ass. Each time I did that, she let out a stifled "Oh!" I then got on top of Lola in the missionary position and started fucking her. She immediately started bucking and going crazy and wasn't holding back. Since I had cum not too long ago, it was easy to get into a nice pace and after about 7 or 8 minutes, she already seemed somewhat spent.

She kind of moaned to herself "I'm just not used to going so long." Well, to tell you the truth, I thought to myself, I'm not used to it either. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to make this last and enjoy it. After a few more minutes, I flipped her over and started giving it to her doggie style. She seemed a little more invigorated and started to cum again.

Just then, the door opened and Judy walked in on us. Lola looked over at her with the expression of a deer caught in the headlights, but I just kept fucking her. Judy turned around and made sure the bedroom door was locked, and then went into the bathroom and locked the door from the other bedroom. She then came back into where Lola and I were fucking and said "Don't you know the kids are all over at our house!" I said, "I thought they were all outside." Judy said, "They are, but that could change at any moment.

You know how kids are." With this talk going on, I could feel Lola start to relax as she realized Judy wasn't pissed. Judy looked down at my cock sliding in and out of Lola and said, "I'll be right back." Being preoccupied with fucking Lola, I didn't give her words much thought until she returned a minute later and once again locked the door.

We were still in the doggie position and Judy walked over and opened the tube of KY Jelly she had brought from our room. She smeared it on Lola's asshole and then slowly stuck a finger inside her.

Lola moaned a little bit and then Judy pulled out her finger, got some more lube on her fingers and then stuck two fingers in Lola's ass. Lola moaned even louder. Judy then reached down and pulled my dick out of Lola's pussy when I was on a back stroke. She positioned it in front of Lola's asshole and then quickly shoved me in the back so that it went in all at once.

Lola cried out "whoa!" but then started bucking her hips back to mine with increasing speed. Judy got onto the bed next to Lola and asked her "how do you like getting fucked in the ass by my husband? Are you still glad he can last longer than yours?" Lola just shook her head in pleasure. Judy said "Yeah, it looks like you really like being ass fucked.

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You also like to eat pussy, don't you?" Lola didn't respond, so Judy grabbed her face and said "Don't you?" and then pulled off her skirt. "I bet when you saw these cum stains, you got wet and wanted to lick them off of me. I bet you wanted to see if I had any cum in my pussy so you could eat it out of me." Lola just kept fucking me and Judy then found the cum stains on her skirt and shoved them in Lola's face. "Here you go!

Lick them off for me." She pushed the stains right up into Lola's face and nose, but there was't really much Lola could do because they were soaked into the fabric. Then, Judy got in front of Lola's head with her pussy and ground her face into it, saying "See if you can find any cum in there.

Stick your tongue in real deep." Lola started to really lick Judy and I was finally starting to feel like I might be able to come again. I kept fucking Lola's ass for what must have been about 15 minutes.

She had climaxed really hard when I first popped her ass, and ever since then she had kind of ridden some peaks of pleasure but seemed to be getting a little tired. Judy, however, didn't seem to be tired at all and was just laying back with her hands resting on Lola's head while her pussy was being eaten. She said to Lola, "you're getting really good at this. I know you want to taste some cum, so stick your tongue in my ass. You might find some." Surprisingly, Lola didn't even hesitate and just shoved her head even lower to get at Judy's asshole.

Judy now started to really start moaning and now was rubbing her fingers in and out of her pussy while Lola licked her ass. I finally exploded inside of Lola's ass and just as I was pulling out, Judy finally went rigid and pushed Lola's face away.

We all caught our breaths for a few moments, and then Judy hopped off the bed saying "The kids! I really need to get their dinner ready." She rushed out of the room after putting her skirt back on.

Lola was moving a little slower and was kind of woozy after having her ass mauled for the better part of 20 minutes. She wiped off her face with her panties and stuffed them in her purse, and then pulled up her skirt, still a little disoriented.


I picked up her bra and blouse from the floor and joked "I don't want you to fall over picking them up." She put them on hurriedly, tucked in her blouse and then popped in front of the mirror to make her hair look respectable. I let her lean on me while she slipped on her pumps and we walked together to the door.

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As I was letting her out, her kids ran out to their car and Judy came rushing over and gave her a hug. They did the usual "OK - good to see you. Let's get together soon" routine, and then I gave Lola a brief hug of my own.

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She turned and walked out the door and right before it closed completely, Judy opened it back up and stepped over to Lola who had stopped to see what she wanted. She reached down and found a glob of cum sliding down her leg and with one finger wiped it onto the tip. She stuck the fingertip into Lola's mouth and wiped in onto her tongue.

"Didn't want you to make a mess in the car" Judy said in a friendly way. "Oh, and look, Lola, you have a stain on your skirt." Lola gave a half smile and walked away while Judy looked on proudly.