Asian girl gives a nice blowjob

Asian girl gives a nice blowjob
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''God I ache.'' she told me as she lifted herself up next to me. We woke a little around ten-thirty and neither one of us wanted to leave the bubble we were in. we had spent the night waking one another up for sex, at one point I just started massaging her vagina with the tip of my cock. I didn't think she was going to wake up at first, but the moment her eyes finally opened she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I popped into her and we were off to the races, so to speak. ''Me too,'' I told her, ''Feels like the life force has been drained right out of me.'' I cradled my empty scrotum as she slowly got to her feet. Her long hair was a matted mess but as she stood next to my bed stretching her naked body in the morning light, my lifeless cock began to stir once again.

''I'm sore but in need of more!'' she exclaimed smiling, ''That's the worst joke I've ever made.'' she added. ''Terrible.'' I confirmed. ''But so true.'' she said with a wink before picking up her phone, ''A text from Jess, she says that she'll be over just after one to pick me up.'' ''Pick you up?

Oh for the bank,'' I remembered Mom's wake up call, ''That with Emma too?'' I asked. ''Probably, I've actually been meaning to tell you about Emma.'' she said. ''What do you mean?'' ''She's been in to you for a couple of years now.'' ''Wait, what?'' I asked surprised, ''Why are you telling me this now?'' ''Well because before now I couldn't stand the thought of you ever getting with a slut like Emma, but now I don't mind because you're mine.'' she told me with a sinister smile.

''I can't believe my sister cock-blocked me.'' I told her. She rolled her eyes and dropped her shoulders, ''Please, the list of girlfriends you've had that I wished I could have blocked you from.'' she replied. ''Oh really? Like who?'' ''Like who?

Like Belinda, Evie, Nicola and of course the worst of the lot of them; Willa.'' she claimed. ''Awh that's not fair, Willa had the biggest boobs I've ever seen!

And Evie was tighter than the eye of a needle. They all had their qualities.'' I told her. ''Yeah, and who was the one that had to listen to you enjoying those qualities?'' she asked.

''You're going to go there? How about that time I caught you sending pictures of your perfect ass to that idiot Ian?

Or when I heard your headboard banging against the wall with Liam?'' She started smiling, ''You were jealous? I didn't send Ian a picture of my ass. I knew you were peaking through the door so I gave you a view!'' she said with a little laughter. ''And the only time my head board was banging against the wall with Liam was when I was pounding myself with a dildo while he was in the bath texting his secret boyfriend Luke.'' I was dumbstruck.

''Seriously?'' I asked as she nodded her head, ''So have you slept with any of your boyfriends?'' ''Just one, Ian tried it a couple of times but I wasn't interested.

I slept with Aiden last year, he took my virginity.'' ''Aiden? The one that Mom said looked like me?'' I asked. ''Yeah, everyone thought he looked like you. Which is why I slept with him.'' she confessed. I couldn't believe it, she had wanted me for maybe longer than I could have ever thought.

I threw the duvet off of me and stretched, she took a good long look at me and then began to climb onto the bed smiling. ''And who was it that took my brothers cherry? What was her name?'' she asked hovering over my crotch. I watched my penis slowly begin to swell right beneath her chin as she glanced down at it smiling. ''Michelle,'' I told her, ''Her name was Michelle.'' She leaned down and planted a kiss right on my hardening helmet before rolling off the bed and grabbing my hockey jersey.

''Awh,'' I spluttered, ''Come on!'' I begged. She smiled as she tossed the hockey jersey back to the floor, ''Time for a shower I think.'' she told me walking out of my room. After a few moments I left the bedroom and crossed the hallway to the bathroom, I couldn't help but smile when I saw that the door was left wide open for me. I stood in the doorway and watched the naked figure behind the screen door move around under the hot spray of water.

I opened the door just as she was rubbing the soapy shower scrub over herself, I came in from behind and took it out of her hand, I began cleansing her shoulders before slipping down her arm. She leaned against me and tipped her head back, resting it against my chest. I kissed her lightly on the head before squeezing out foamy soap over her body. My hands were massaging her skin while my kisses began getting more frequent, eventually I began kissing her neck as my hands found her breasts.

She had reached behind and found my erection, slowly stroking me from tip to base. My hands slipped all over her chest before sliding down her abdomen, a few inches beneath her belly button I applied a little pressure before slipping down to her clitoris. A gasp escaped her throat before she came to the realisation that we were home alone. As my middle finger began exploring her vagina, the moans and groans from her began getting louder, and louder.

Pretty soon I was starting to feel a little glad that the bathroom window was closed. My middle finger was rubbing faster now, it was as though her heightened volume encouraged a harder and faster approach. She had stopped stroking me for a while now, too caught up in her fast approaching orgasm. She lurched forward and pushed her ass against my cock, I dropped down to my knees and buried my face into her ass.

My tongue fired out of my mouth and penetrated her, I continued to rub the tip of her clitoris as my mouth did the rest of the work. ''Oh my god, oh my god,'' she began, ''fucking--hell! Yes!'' she cried, her legs shook for a moment before she steadied herself.

''Oh,'' she huffed, ''that was a little intense.'' she said breathlessly. I didn't give her time to reflect, I got back to my feet and before she could turn around I held her by the hips and pushed myself inside of her. She cried out as I went hard, fast and deep. She slammed her hands against the wall to stop from falling, I was stood right underneath the falling water. My hips and pelvis were a blur, or at least that's my opinion, as I fucked my sister from behind.

She cried out with each penetrating thrust as the water splashed off of her back, her hair was a wet mess that was clung to her face. I wished that I could see her breasts bounce as I slammed into her, that for me was the downside of fucking from behind.

I had been drained from the night before, but I could still feel whatever was left begin to make its way out. I figured that I had shot enough of my seed into her through the night, so I pulled out of her and pulled her back, she turned around just as my transparent fluid shot out of me. It hit her on the chest and then the rest of it landed in her hair. We both kissed under the fall of the water when she stood back up.

It was a moment I'll never forget. ''I'm kicking you out now,'' she finally said, ''I need to shave.'' she told me.

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I smiled and kissed her, before leaning over and kissing each of her nipples goodbye. ''I'll see you soon.'' I told her stepping out of the shower. I was stood in the kitchen drinking coffee when she came down, hair wrapped in a towel and her thick fluffy pink robe on.

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I had already made her a cup and she seemed to of been half expecting it too as she picked it up and took a sip. ''Do you think we're broken?'' she asked suddenly. ''What do you mean, as siblings?'' I asked.

''No, I mean,'' she took another sip of coffee and put the cup down on the side, ''I know I'm only eighteen, but I can't ever see myself feeling the same way for anyone but you.'' I thought about it for a moment, yes I love her, I love her like I've never loved anything else, but would I still be able to be with someone else?

I thought so. ''We're maybe a little bit damaged. I think that in our life we will still have other sexual partners, I mean, how could we not? We can't just get married, people would freak. But as for love? I don't think I'll ever love anyone as much I do you.'' I told her.

She smiled for a moment to herself, ''It's a forbidden love.'' ''Yes, it is.'' I agreed. I slipped my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek, ''I don't know what I'd do if you ever found somebody else.'' I told her.

She placed her hand on mine and leaned back kissing me, ''Ditto.'' We broke apart when we heard the car roll into the driveway, we both recognised the familiar sound of the struggling engine. I glanced up at the clock and saw that it wasn't even twelve yet. ''Jess is early.'' I said. Jess was one of the few friends of my sisters that I liked, I got along well with her and always thought there was a connection.

She was a larger girl, and by larger I mean heavy, but with beautiful features. It seemed that with most of the bigger girls or women there were attractive features. But like they say, if abs on a skinny guy doesn't count, then neither do big breasts on a fat chick. Her sister Emma was almost a mirror opposite. Which was odd considering that they were twins.

Twins who may have been born within the same few minutes, but had no other resembling features. Split them up, and you wouldn't even know they were sisters, let alone twins. Emma was a little shorter and had the smaller frame, though she could probably eat more than me at any given time, she never seemed to gain much weight. Her hair was a lot lighter than Jess', and from what I'd seen Emma had the breasts of a girl who had once been big.

You know how they kind of loose their perk and sag a little? Well that was Emma's chest. I had been somewhat lucky enough to have been on Twitter the exact time one of her ex-boyfriends posted a few pictures from her account. Her browned nipples looked delicious though, I must admit.

And I always wondered if her mother knew about the tattoo she has on her hip, a small Bat-symbol. They had been friends with Angel for years, and that had given them the rite of passage in terms of being able to just walk into our house. As my sister tightened the knot on her robe I re-tied the towel that was around my waist. Jess walked though the lounge and into the kitchen, and it was of course the first thing she noticed, ''Shower together?'' she asked with a smile on her face.

''Sure we did, we do all the time.'' I replied sarcastically. ''Just having a lazy day, you're early.'' Angel stated as Jess dropped her car keys down onto the side. ''Yeah, well Emma went out last night and you know what a lightweight she is. Here she comes now.'' she said. Our attention turned to the lounge in which Emma had walked into, she was wearing a pair of yellow pyjama bottoms and slippers, she still had her dressing gown on and the biggest pair of sunglasses I had ever seen.

She stumbled over to the sofa and fell onto it face first. ''Such a lady.'' Angel said smiling. ''She can stay here, she almost threw her guts up in the car on the way here.'' Jess said as her eyes fell on me, she flashed me a quick smile before dragging her eyes back to Angel.

I suddenly felt the need for a t-shirt. ''Get dressed then.'' Jess ordered, that was the thing about her, wherever she went and whoever it was with she was the leader. She was the boss. It made me feel a little easier about Angel going to London, knowing that Jess wouldn't let anything happen to any of them. She had a good head on her shoulders, despite also liking a drink.

Angel nodded her head in agreement, ''Yeah we won't be long, Emma can crash here. As long as that's all right with you?'' she asked turning to me.

Put on the spot I had no choice but to say yes, Angel then disappeared upstairs as Jess reached into the cupboard and got a glass. She filed it with water and took it to Emma. ''Looking forward to London?'' I asked. Jess smiled and nodded her head as she came back into the kitchen, ''Yeah can't wait.

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The laws there are so much more lenient.'' she said. ''True,'' I replied, ''Weird though. I mean, you can have sex from the age of sixteen but you can't drink or watch porn till you're eighteen.'' She laughed a little, ''Yeah, no wonder they got so many teen Mom's.'' ''Ha, so do we, we even put ours on television!'' I said.

''So do they now.'' We heard a moan coming from the lounge and I looked in, Emma seemed to be reaching for something but I couldn't tell what. ''Take her in a bowl, I've been taking care of her all night and morning!'' Jess barked. As I pulled a large mixing bowl out from underneath the sink I reminded Jess that it was her sister duties, to which she snorted. She pulled a packet of cigarette's out from her pocket and headed towards the back door, I crossed the lounge with the bowl in hand and put it down on the floor below where her head was resting.

She then continued to reach out, ''What're you looking for?'' I asked. Her hand then brushed my leg and found it's way to my crotch, for a second or two she had a firm grip of my manhood.

Almost as if she was checking the size of it. ''Oh, sorry,'' she mumbled dropping her hand. She rolled off of her side and onto her back, she tried to stretch but then changed her mind. ''How are you feeling Emma?'' I asked. ''Fucked.'' she replied bluntly, ''But without actually being fucked.'' I smiled and let out a short laugh, ''I think you're going to fit right in over there.'' I told her. I couldn't see her eyes through the damn glasses she was wearing, but she shifted a little, ''It's hot,'' she complained.

She pulled at the dressing gown and opened it, pyjama bottoms and slippers were all that she wearing, as her breasts were on full display. She then closed the gown and rolled back onto her side, as the sound of my sisters on the stairs was heard.

Angel appeared tat the doorway wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and a vest top underneath a hooded jacket. Her wet hair was tied back in a scruffy bun and there was no make up, she looked perfect. She flashed me a look as if to ask if Emma was okay, I nodded in reply whilst rolling my eyes. Jess then came back into the kitchen and saw Angel in the lounge.

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''Right, lets go then.'' she said. Angel went out to the kitchen and grabbed the envelope of money along with her passport just in case. ''Have fun,'' Angel said as her and Jess left. I glanced down at Emma before returning to the kitchen to finish my coffee. Jess had left her cigarette packet on the kitchen side, and while I would only say I was a social smoker, I decided to steal one.

I wet out by the back door and opened it up, the sun was beating down on to the patio and I noticed that Dad didn't bother putting the barbecue away. I walked over to it and disconnected the gas hose, as I turned around I noticed that Emma had followed me out, she was now barefooted however and standing on the patio. She sat down on the lounger and began fiddling with the knot on her dressing gown. ''Is topless sunbathing good for hangovers?'' I asked. ''It can be,'' she replied, ''If I could get this undone.'' she added as she fiddled with the knot.

''You didn't have much trouble a minute ago,'' I mentioned as I crossed the patio to where she was sitting, I put the cigarette behind my ear and knelt down before taking the knot from her hands.

Within a few seconds it was undone and the gown was wide open. I'm no expert in breast sizes, but she must have had a D. They were a lot flatter than Angels breast though, not as perky.

''Do you have any lotion?'' she asked leaning back. ''Sure, be right back.'' I said getting to my feet and going inside, I opened the cabinet just above the sink and pulled out a bottle.

By the time I got back outside she was completely naked, her gown and bottoms in a small pile on the floor. I walked up to her and extended the bottle to her. I knew what was going to be next, and before she could even utter a word I flipped off the lid and poured some into my hand. A big smile was spread across her face as I reached down and began massaging it into her thigh. I started to think about what it would be like to do this for Angel, rubbing lotion into her skin would be a turn on, especially if Mom and Dad were here, it would be such a tease for her.

I continued to massage the lotion into Emma's skin, making my way passed her knee I decided to get back to my feet and lift her leg in order to do her shin. This gave me the perfect view of her clitoris, and she knew it.

Despite not being able to see her eyes, I could feel them on me. I finished the leg and just as I had laid it down she lifted her other one, not only upwards but outwards. I then went a different way, I raised her leg back up and sat at the bottom of the lounger, in between her legs. Her delightful mound was staring at me from about a foot away, as each of her legs were on each of my thighs.


I filled my hand with lotion and went to work on the other leg, her arms had come up and now were behind her head, I saw a small bead of liquid appear from her vaginal hole. She was loving every second of it.

I inched a little closer, tipping the bottom onto her stomach before spreading it over her abdomen. It didn't take me long before I had cupped her breasts, making sure to spread the lotion over her two fun bags.

She reached down and tugged at the towel around my waist, it came apart with ease and she got a good look at my swollen member. It didn't take a detective to deduce that this had been her plan, feigning the hang over from hell to buy some alone time with me. I would have probably gone up and stayed in my room once the others had gone if it wasn't for Angel telling me that Emma had been into me. She wasted no time with foreplay, her fingers slipped into her vagina and came back out soaked.

She ran a hand over her stomach and then took hold of my cock, massaging it with a palm full of lotion she then directed it toward herself. She sat up and her gaping mouth came towards me, our lips met and without any subtlety her tongue entered my mouth. She pulled herself up and took a seat on my erection. She let out a moan as she sat right down on it, I was balls deep within the blink of an eye. I knew I wasn't entering unconquered land, she had been conquered by an army.

Or at least that's how it seemed at the time. I scooped up one of her breasts and took the nipple in between my teeth, she as doing all the work, grinding down against me, taking from me what she wanted. ''You like that don't you,'' she moaned, ''you like me fucking you.'' she whispered.

I guessed that while Jess was in control of everything else, Emma was every much the one in control of the men she seduced. Me now adding my name to that list.

''I'm guna cum all over your cock,'' she moaned into my ear, I held her firmly by the ass now as she was happy to ride me. I leaned back a little and watched her breasts sway to the rhythm of her pelvic thrusts. I would have cum with her had it not been for the fact I was empty, I don't think she gave a shit.

She went rigid for a few seconds, her head tipped backward and she let out a long sigh of relief. Her nipples had gotten hard with her orgasm, because they didn't get that way when I had bitten one of them.


She flung herself back and I let her collapse onto the lounger, she began to bare her teeth as she reached down and furious began rubbing her clitoris. She was still stuffed with my cock, I watched as she finished herself off to the thunderous eruption of liquid leaking out of her. ''Oh fucking yes,'' she moaned, ''fuck.'' It had been my first time with a fabled 'squirter' and I had kind of wished that it hadn't of been with a throw away fuck.

Emma was fine, but as soon as it was over I felt a slight wave of regret sweep over me. I guess I felt like I had been used by her.

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Which was weird because I had obviously wanted it too, otherwise I'd have been sat on my Xbox waiting for Angel to get home. I pulled out of her and got to my feet, the lounger was glistening as the light bounced off of the fluids that was now all over it. ''Best hangover cure, ever.'' she said smiling up at me.

I returned her smile and pulled the cigarette from my ear, I put it between my lips and lit it. I then picked up my towel and re-wrapped myself. My erection was almost gone now completely. ''It feels like we should have done that years ago.'' she told me. ''I guess we should have.'' I replied, I did my best to hide the sarcasm from my voice.

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I couldn't help but wonder how good it might have been if I had gotten to her years ago, saving her from a life of free fucking any guy who buys her a drink. ''Oh well,'' she said, ''I guess we can be fuck buddies now.'' ''Um, what?

Seriously?'' I asked. ''Yeah, why not? We're both single, unless you wanna get together?'' she asked. I looked down at her naked body and thought about Angel, what it would do to her if she came home and discovered that me and Emma had just fucked right here on Mom's garden lounger.

And how it might hurt her if we got together after the twenty four hours that me and Angel had just gone through. ''No,'' I said, ''Maybe secret fuck buddies might work.'' I told her.

I used my eyes to emphasise the secret part. ''Perfect.'' was her only response. I grabbed the bottle of lotion and put it back in it's place on my way back through the kitchen. I didn't know what was wrong with me, was I really starting sexual relationships with both my sister and her friend? What an idiot, I thought to myself. By the time I had washed myself down and dressed, Emma was dressed and back on the sofa feigning her hangover. Jess rolled into the the driveway and Angel came through the door.

''Got the money!'' she exclaimed, she was so excited. She came out into the kitchen and walked by the back door, she made sure we were out of sight when she pulled me close and kissed me. ''How was Emma?'' she asked quietly. ''Well, you know,'' I began, but I couldn't quite find the right words to use. Angel just pulled me in again and planted me with another kiss before Jess strolled into the lounge and poked Emma.

''Come on then, you need some food. Then we can get ready and go into town to get some new clothes.'' she instructed. Emma slowly began to make a move from the sofa as Jess helped her to her feet.

''Emma,'' Jess said, ''Your slippers are on the wrong feet.'' Emma dropped back down to the sofa and began swapping them over, Angel laughed a little beside me as we watched. Jess then looked over at Angel, ''You coming shopping later?'' she asked. ''I can't, my darling brother is going to teach me some drunken self-defence to combat all the English perverts.'' she said. ''Fuck that,'' Jess replied, ''I'll punch them for you.'' Angel and I both laughed, ''Yeah but this will make Mommy feel a little better,'' she replied.

Jess and Emma were soon gone and I was left in the kitchen alone to reflect, I managed to fire down a sandwich before Angel appeared in the doorway. She had gotten rid of the hooded jacket and it was then that I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were trying to poke their way through the red vest top she was wearing.

''You ready then bro?'' she asked.