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Nude dance and dick show
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Sansa Stark had to try so hard not to cry. The young noble woman had always been used to the life of privilege back in her ancestral home of Winterfell and when she moved to Kings Landing a few months ago with her father and sister Arya she thought her life was set.

Her family's wealth ensured that she was always at the height of fashion and she liked the looks she'd started getting from the boys of the city, everyone from the some of the kingdoms most powerful heirs to the squire boys she saw scurrying around the Red Keep stole a glance whenever the young lady walked by.

Even though she turned a healthy shade of red from all the male attention, she knew that her heart belonged to one boy. Joffrey Baratheon, heir to the throne of Westeros and her future husband. That was then. That was before Sansa's life had been ripped from under her.

Joffrey was king now and after Sansa had begged her betrothed to spare her father, Ned Stark had still been executed, but not before being made to confess to treason against his oldest friend Robert. Arya was missing, probably dead and somewhere far north her brother and mother were fighting an impossible battle against the wealthiest family in the seven kingdoms. But Sansa had problems of her own. Sansa was brought roughly back to earth as the guard behind her pushed her forward roughly.

She was surrounded by the Kings guard and being led through the corridors of the Royal palace as Joffrey walked on ahead of his entourage. Sansa had only known Joffrey as King for a short time but she knew enough to know that spring in his step was a bad sign. As door after giant metal door was swung open for him, the young king smirked to himself. After all the years he had suffered under his father's incompetence and his mother's scheming he finally had the power he deserved and all those who snickered behind his back and looked down on him would now serve his every whim or come face to face with his fearsome enforcer.

Sandor Glegane: The Hound! Suddenly the party stopped and Sansa realised with horror where they were. The Royal chambers! Joffrey turned on his heels and clapped his hands sharply, the guards took this as their cue and all marched swiftly from the room slamming the solid wooden door behind them, leaving the young lady alone with her betrothed.

"Well lady we are" Joffrey started towards Sansa. "What do you wish of me.your grace?" Sansa asked trying her best not to let her fear show through. "What do I wish? I'll tell you dear Sansa. I want you stripped of all your clothes and thrown into the street.

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I want you thrown to the guard to be used as their personal fuck toy until every single man has used your whole body as their personal spunk bucket. Then when every single Gold cloak is spent you'll be tied to the city gates, so if by some miracle you're upstart brother should reach Kings Landing he'll be greeted by the new Sansa Stark." Joffrey was now so close to Sansa his breath stung her skin like a razor as the last of his words slithered out of his mouth.

".A sluttish whore who is fit only for breeding and pleasure!" Sansa would have gasped if all the breath hadn't just gone from her like she'd been kicked in the stomach. She couldn't believe the boy she had once loved was saying such hateful things.

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She loved her family but she had no part in any of the 'treachery' the Starks were accused of, could Joffrey really punish her for something she would never dream of doing? "That's what I want to do. But Mother insists that our marriage go ahead." Sansa swallowed and tried not to let her revulsion show. "So I wanted to show you where you'll be sleeping from now on. Of course we won't be married until you're first blood. As soon as that happens you are going to give me a son." Joffrey smiled wickedly at the girl.

Soon her usefulness would be done.

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After he had his heir he could dispose of the Stark girl in any way he wished. "B-b-but your grace I've.I've never." "Of course you haven't you stupid girl! You'd be no use to me otherwise. Your womb is the only reason you're not dead, like your father, like your sister and soon your brother.

You can all have a nice reunion, all the Starks burning in Hell together!" This was the last straw for Sansa "My father's no traitor and you know it! You just can't accept that you're own father knew you'd be a terrible king!" Sansa was shocked by her outburst.


She waited for Joffrey to scream at her but all the boy did was standing there staring daggers through the girl. "Don't you ever talk to me like that again whore!" He snarled. "Or what? You'll strike me?

Just like your father hit your mother!" Joffrey felt his last inch of restraint snap. The little bitch wasn't ripe enough for him to seed yet, but she would learn her place. "Guards!" as the young king called out the doors burst open as the royal guard stormed into the room and surrounded the suddenly terrified girl. "Let's see if we can't get make you a little more gentle.

On her knees" Two of the guards to Sansa's side pushed the girl to her knees; she began to scramble back to her feet but was stopped as the guards placed their hands on their swords.

"You don't need to be in one piece to give birth Sansa" Joffrey said as he moved towards her undoing his belt. "Be a good girl and nothing gets cut off." "P-p-p-please my lord, I'm sorry I'll be a good wife!" "I know you will.


You can start by opening your mouth like a good little whore." Sansa shivered as Joffrey pulled off his garments and revealed his already stiff prick. A shuffle of metal behind her reminded her of what was at stake as a terrified Sansa slowly opened her mouth. Joffrey didn't waste any time, he grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth onto the tip of his cock.

Joffrey groaned as his tip was enveloped by the hot and wet that was Sansa's mouth. Sansa fought back tears as Joffrey's hands moved to the back of her head and grasped her just above the neck. Suddenly Joffrey thrust himself roughly into her throat, grabbing the base of her skull and eliciting a muffled scream from the girl.

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Sansa struggled desperately for air as her young virgin throat was invaded whilst Joffrey continued to grunt with pleasure. "Yes take it! Take it right down you're whore throat!" Joffrey shouted whilst her mercilessly pounded into the girls, all Sansa could do was frantically try to breath between gagging on the king's fat cock.

As her assailants thrusts became deeper Sansa found her skull being smashed right into his crotch and her struggle for air reached its climax. She panicked as she found herself literally breathless, she fought for any tiny gasp of air that could be had. With one last colossal thrust Joffrey buried the entirety of his manhood in Sansa's damp throat.

She tried pulling back but could only struggle in vain against Joffrey's grip on her head and neck. Her already raw throat began to burn as she was thrown into what seemed to her would be her death throes as she began to feel her life force slipping away, it was here, when Sansa Stark felt the closest she ever had to death that Joffrey reached his climax. The feeling of the young virgin's throat clasping itself around his member was too much for the relatively inexperienced boy and with an animal like howl he shot a torrent of cum down into poor girls mouth.

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Sansa felt the tears she had held back so long as she felt Joffrey's load flood her poor abused throat and gave one last muffled scream before Joffrey ripped his cock from out of her. Sansa spluttered and gasped as the air began flowing into her lungs again and coughed and hacked at the slimy goo that still slided down her gullet.

She fell to the ground and started coughing and hacking out her saliva and spunk slopping down on the hard tiled floor as the young lady struggled desperately to get her breath back. Before she could recover Joffrey scooped down and grabbed Sansa by the neck admiring his handiwork.

Her pretty face was now caked in drool, sweat and the Kings seed. Joffrey smiled as he watched this cocktail of bodily fluids run off her chin and pool on Sansa's chest soaking her dainty summer clothes and pooling around the girls modest chest.

Sansa meanwhile didn't dare drag her eyes away from Joffrey's she just kneeled their panting and shivering in revulsion as the slime from her throat dripped down her young nubile form, panting and white with shock.

Joffrey kneeled so he was level with the drool and spunk covered girl cupping one stick cheek in his small hand. "Now you know Sansa. I won't ever strike you my lady. But I can do so.much.worse if you ever defy me or speak back to me again. Be a good wife to me and you will find me a gentle and caring master." He grabbed her by the throat eliciting a yelp of pain from the beaten down noble woman.

"But forget your place for a second and I will do far worse things to you understand?" Sansa could only nod vigorously and fight back the sobbing as the tears streamed down her face. Content in the knowledge that he had broken her Joffrey released Sansa and quickly redressed and strode powerfully to the where the guards stood by the chamber door. "Have her cleaned and redressed, my mother is never to know of this." With that he turned and left as Sansa was left heaving and sobbing quietly on the chamber floor.

From the chamber door all the kings' men turned and followed their regent back to the throne room.

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Only the Hound stood and watched the broken girl and silently cursed his ruler and master. The scars and burns on the knight's face were a constant reminder of how violent men could be, but the Stark girl was supposed to be Joffrey's betrothed and the girl had loved him.

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But the Hound's conscience was not what he was valued for and with a twinge of regret he turned and followed the boy king out of the room leaving a stunned and broken hearted Sansa crying on the floor. (Any feedback is much appreciated and I plan to continue the series for at least two more stories)