Basor rate husband wife sex story

Basor rate husband wife sex story
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I walked to the bedroom in a haze, my eyes locked on that sweet little fifteen year old ass. My cock was still hard enough to cut diamonds, which surprised me considering the load of cum I just finished shooting down her throat. I knew this was wrong, but I wanted her more than anything. We entered my room and locked the door. I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately, my tongue dancing with hers. We broke out kiss and I looked into her beautiful eyes. "That's not your first time doing that, is it?" She smiled and dropped her head.

"No daddy." "You've been a naughty girl, haven't you sweetie?" She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "Yes daddy. I've been a bad girl." She began to kneel I'm front of me and I stopped her. She looked confused until I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I drank in her body. He still had the baby fat, but carried it well. Her tits stood tall and proud with very little sag. My eyes travelled down her soft belly to her pussy.


She had just a few wisps of pubic hair, showing she was just becoming a woman. I climbed up her body and kissed her again, not like a father, but like a lover. My hard cock pressed against her cunt.

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She reached down and grabbed my cock, trying to slide it inside her. "Sshh, slow down baby. We have all night", I whispered.


Although honestly I wanted to ram it inside her. I kissed down her neck and to her chest, finally taking her nipples into my mouth. As I took sucked them she let out a loud moan. I felt her nails going down my back as I devoured her. Her hips kept rising up, rubbing my cock and driving me absolutely crazy.

I controlled myself and kissed down her belly and over her pussy mound. Her legs opened wider and she groaned as I ignored her pussy and kissed down her inner thighs to her feet. I then changed directions and kissed back up her inner thighs. I reached her pussy and began to kiss around it. "Please daddy", she moaned. "Please what?" I asked, my lips mere centimeters from her cunt. "Please kiss me there." "Where?" "On my pussy daddy." "Whose pussy is it?" I asked, smiling.

"She spread her lips open and smiled, "It's you're pussy daddy.

Lick your pussy." I smiled and inhaled her virgin pussy. I spread her lips wide and exposed her clit. It was tiny, but it was there. My tongue touched it and you could swear she was hit by a bolt of lightning. My tongue began dancing around her pussy and her body stiffened up. Her hands gripped my hair and she let out a primal scream as her first orgasm tore through her body.

Thank god we lived away from other people. Her thighs tightened up around my head and her hands pushed my face tighter against her delicious young cunt. "Oh god daddy! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!!! I'm cumming!!" She screamed as her body convulsed. My tongue worked overtime as I licked her juices up as they flowed out of her cunt.

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Suddenly she went limp. I switched to dad mode and pulled away from her pussy and checked on her. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me. "Oh my god" was all she said before she kissed me. "Mmm daddy, I taste so good." "Yes you do baby. You're delicious." She grabbed my face and kissed me gently. "Please take me daddy.

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I need you inside me." "Are you sure pet?", I asked hoping she was. She gripped my cock gently. "Fuck me daddy." I pressed my dick against her virgin cunt. "It's going to hurt, pet." "It's ok daddy." I kissed her as I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy.

I slowly pushed and felt her warmth envelope me. I felt myself press against her hymen. "Are you ready pet?" Ronnie took a deep breath. "Yes daddy. I'm ready." I wrapped my arms around her and forced my cock inside her. She screamed as I took her virginity and dug her claws into my back. "Stop stop stop!" I stopped and looked into her eyes.

She wiped her tears away kissed me. "Pet, would it be easier if you got on top so you could control it?" I think so daddy. And is that my new name? Pet? I like it." I pulled out of her pussy and laid on my back. Ronnie disappeared into the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth. She gently cleaned the blood off of me and straddled my cock. I reached out for it but she stopped me. "I wanna do this daddy." I smiled as I watched her concentrate on aiming the head of my cock to her pussy.

When she found it she slowly started sliding down my cock. The pace was killing me, but I controlled my urge to start fucking her.


She slowly slid down my shaft until it was all the way inside her. I couldn't believe how tight she was. She slowly ground her pussy into me. My god, it was unlike any other sensation ever. "I'm ready daddy." She laid down On her back and spread her legs open. "Fuck me daddy!" Who was I to say no? I put my cock against her cunt and slammed it in. She screamed as I started fucking her.

I pounded her hard, punishing her pussy with every bit of sexual tension since her mother left us. I pulled out and before she could say anything I flipped her on all fours and slammed back inside her. "Oh god daddy! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl daddy! Fuck her like a whore! I belong to you!" I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as I thrust into her.

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I felt myself starting to cum. "Oh god pet!

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Oh fuck I'm cumming! Where do you want it baby?" "Wherever you want it daddy!" I pulled out and flipped her onto her back and shot my cum all over her body and her face. Her mouth opened as she tried to take as much into her mouth as possible. I fell back and she jumped on top of me, her mouth sucking my dick clean. I had to pull her away I was so sensitive. "I love you daddy." "I love you too pet." I stood up an held my hand out.

"Time for a shower, pet."