Tranny school admin anal fucks professor

Tranny school admin anal fucks professor
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Girl's Locker Room Part 1 It is the last class of the day and you are tired.

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Being a phys-ed instructor at the local high school is a demanding job and the girls have been giving you a hard time. Spring probably has something to do with the rambunctious nature of your charges but all their energy is wearing you out. Also, just looking at their young limber bodies, just budding into womanhood has you kind of horny. You don't usually think about such things while you're working but seeing those girls today in their tights as they went through their exercises turned you on.

Your pussy has been hot and wet all afternoon and your nipples seem to be in a constant state of erection. The last class that you currently have doing gymnastics are the grade 12s.

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The eighteen and nineteen year-olds are stretching their bodies into a variety of sexual contortions. In one corner, the girls on the mats are doing split after split and looking at those long legs stretched so far apart makes you imagine one of them tied up in that position, totally helpless to prevent the stimulation of her body. On the trampoline, your eye catches sight of one of the bustier girls as her breasts bounce up and down.

Her hard nipples are prominently displayed through the thin fabric of her Danskin and you are embarrassed to catch yourself thinking about what it would be like to suck them.

'This is crazy', you think to yourself, 'These girls are innocent teenagers who don't know anything about sex.' The day will prove you wrong. The bell sounds and the girls quickly tidy up before heading to the locker room. It will be a good 20 minutes before they've showered and changed and you are able to close the place up. You decide to take the opportunity to go to your office and masturbate to release some of this nervous energy.

You enter your office and lock the door behind you. In the bottom drawer of your desk is a large vibrator and an envelope containing a magazine on your favorite fantasy: bondage.

You open the envelope and take out the bondage mag. Flipping through a couple of pages, you stop at a story about teenage girls, being kidnapped by band of dominant women who then train them. The pictures on the page show young girls being restrained in a variety of exposing positions.

Some with their legs held wide apart, others with their hands tied to the ceiling. In some, you see nipple clips pinching their nipples. In others, you see a dildo much like yours pushed into their pussies. One young girl is getting a bare bottomed spanking by her mistress. The pictures turn you on a little more and you push your danskin to the side to allow access to your pussy for your vibrator. The humming sensation is electric and you let out a quiet moan as the tip of the artificial cock touches the hood of your clitoris.

You rub the vibrator up and down the edges of your sensitive pussy lips and let the feelings run through your body. You push just the tip of it into your now soaking pussy and you hold back for a moment before pushing it deeper. You imagine yourself tied to a bed and being totally helpless. Whoever was in control would determine when the dildo would be penetrate you. You would have no say. You hold the vibrator there wanting it deep inside you but imagining that you can't have it.

You don't last very long. Soon the long thick dildo is sliding in and out of your wet slit. On each stroke the vibrator feels like it is filling your body totally. You decide to prolong the sensation until you can get home and really do something about it. You turn the vibrator off but you leave it deep in your pussy. You feel completely filled as you adjust your Danskin and stand up slowly.


You want to come so bad and the anticipation is bittersweet. It has been about 25 minutes since your students finished their class and you go to take a last look in the locker room before closing up. As you enter the locker room, a familiar sound has you stop dead in your tracks.

There is the clear, distinct sound of a girl panting, close to coming in the room. You can also hear the sound of the shower and the girl's voice is coming from there. 'One of the girls must be masturbating in the shower.', you think to yourself. Your pussy automatically tightens around the thick dildo still lodged in there. You move slowly and silently toward the shower area, determined to find out who it is and perhaps take a look at her having an orgasm.

As you turn a corner, the sight is very different from what you expect and the sight has you gasp as your heart starts to race. There are FOUR naked girls in the shower not one.

Three of the girls are holding a fourth captive and are teasing her helpless body.

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One of the girls standing behind her and is holding the helpless girl's hands tightly behind her head to expose her pretty breasts and chest. One of the others is standing in front of her and playing with her very long pink nipples. A third is on her knees at the feet of the restrained teenager and is running a bar of wet soap back and forth through her crack.

The girl who is being held doesn't seem to be struggling as these three girls tantalize her body with their hands and tongues. You see one lick her nipples as the other slides one finger first deep into her pussy and then deep into her obviously lubricated bottom. Your own hand has moved to your pussy almost of its own volition and is now pushing gently at the end of the vibrator sticking out, pushing it deeper into you.

The girl on her knees is now licking the helpless girl whose name is Julie and a moment later, Julie starts to come in long sobbing gasps. The other three girls hold her and caress her until her orgasm has subsided and she is able to stand on her own. Julie looks at them and giggles, "That was the BEST ever!

Who's next?" Suzie says, "Oh, let me." The girls go right into action. This time, the girls is held lying on her back with her legs spread up and wide apart. From your vantage point, you can see that her pussy is completely shaved!

You can see the delicate pussy lips gently being spread open to reveal the hot pink interior and below that her pink, crinkled bottomhole. The girl holding Suzie's wrists starts licking and biting her tiny nipples and the Suzie stars writhing right away.

One of the girls begins playing with Suzie's ass and gently sliding her finger into it while the third starts playing with Suzie's pussy lips with her tongue. It does not take long before Suzie is begging them to let her come. They hold her off time and time again just on the brink of an orgasm.


Finally, one of the girls positions herself so that her legs and Suzie's legs scissor each other and their pussies begin grinding together. Suzie immediately begins coming like a freight train and you join her.

The sight has been too much for you. You reach down and turn on the vibrator and your pussy tightens itself around it as the artificial intruder brings you to yet another orgasm. You pull the vibrator out of your body and turn it off. You have decided it is time for these girls to be found out. The girls have, meanwhile, switched partners again and the next victim, Vivian, is now being held on her hands and knees with her knees held wide apart waiting for her ass and pussy to be violated from behind.

Stepping out from your hiding place, you walk straight up to them. "Well, girls, what is going on here?", you ask in a stern voice. The girls leap to their feet, "Oh, nothing miss. We're sorry. We should be on our way now." "Not so fast.", you say, "Vivian, get back down on your knees." The girls are disbelieving as you have them all watch as you gently position Vivian to best expose her most private area.

You instruct the girls to hold her legs and her wrists tightly so that she cannot escape. Then you pull out your vibrator. You turn it on first and begin running it over her body. First along her arms and legs, then you let it touch the sensitive breasts and nipples hanging down from her body. Vivian's breathing is a little heavier when you finish playing with her tits.

Now you move behind her. Vivian is anxiously awaiting the touch of the vibrator but you maker her wait.

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Finally, you slide the thick vibrator deep into her soaking pussy in one long delicate stroke. Vivian cries out at the exquisite sensation and your own pussy tightens with desire as you remember the feeling from just a few minutes ago. You begin sliding the vibrating cock very slowly in and out of her slit.

Soon she is taking full strokes in and out and begging for more. You lubricate one finger of your other hand in the soaking juices of Vivian's pussy and then you gently slide its full length into her bottom. The moan from her coupled with an additional wriggling of her bottom is enough for you to know that it was the right thing to do.

All of this stimulation will have her come soon so you have one of the girls lie down under Vivian and begin licking and biting her nipples. This final sensation is too much and she begins shaking in an orgasm that has her scream out in pleasure.

A couple of minutes later you are all back in your office talking about what happened. "Are you all submissive?", you ask. The girls nod their heads shyly. Now that the action has stopped, they have reverted to the shy introverted people they make out to be.

"Very well", you say, "I shall not report this on the condition that you all report here once per week for some personal instruction on being totally submissive. The girls look up disbelievingly.


The smiles on their faces tell you that you are in for some interesting times before the term is over. Before the girls leave the office, you have them all get on their knees before you and lick your pussy! The quick lick from the four of them is enough to turn you on all over again but now you decide to take your libido home anxious to tell me all about this latest adventure.