Mom vs son xxx storys

Mom vs son xxx storys
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Paula entered the room wearing a skin tight leather mini dress with a plunging neckline and black spike heels and walked straight to where I was sitting in a leather wing back chair after getting home from work. She kissed me passionately as I required her to do, then handed me my favorite cocktail as she gracefully sank to her knees and wrapped her arms around my legs placing her head on my knees. I gently reach down and run my fingers through her long blonde silky hair then grabbed two handfuls of hair pulling her to my crotch.

She slowly released my belt buckle and reached down and slid my shoes off. She then grabbed the zipper of my pants between her teeth and eased it down.

She feels the insistent pulsing and throbbing of my monster cock through the fabric of my pants. She then reaches inside my silk shorts and grasped my huge cock as she hears my breathing quicken and feels my heart pounding faster as she took the first swipe at the head of my cock with her tongue.

I groaned as she took the entire head of my cock into her mouth and begins sucking. I became more excited and pulling on her hair as I stroked my rock hard cock into her mouth and throat faster and deeper. I then push her away and she turns around on all fours, she knew what is coming next. I grinned as I kneel behind her and she cries out as I buried my face in her pussy…as I begin to lick her dripping wet pussy.

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I lean back on my legs as stroke her pussy hard with my saliva covered cock. Paula feels my cock swelling even larger as I continue rubbing her cunt. She is moaning with desire and I'm moaning with the sensations streaking through my loins and yell " I'm going to mount you.take you and fuck you." I promptly begin to mount her, I lay my weight on her placing my arms on each side of her torso.

She cries out as my huge cock plunged completely to the knot on the first thrust and I begin thrusting into her hard and deep. I'm moaning as my knot slowly works its way into her pussy.

She now feels the tip of my cock piercing her cervix. Paula is trembling and is trying to hold back an orgasm as my knot begins to massage her G spot.

" Oh God.John," she moans. Paula screams as she feels me explode inside of her and she is wracked with a massive orgasm. I watch as my cum starts to drip out of her pussy and dribble down her legs. She murmured words of adoration and love to me, as she shifted my cock to her ass. I grabbed her tightly around the waist and begin fucking her ass hard, I slammed into her and stopped as I exploded filling her ass with my cum.

She milked the last drops of my cum and I pull out of her. Paula laid on the floor on her back, gasping for breath. I returned from the bathroom and immediately mounted her.


she wrapped her legs around me as I begin thrusting my cock in and out. Again Paula cried out as she shook and her pussy is convulsing around my knot as she came again and again. I pull out then get up and leave the room.Paula got up and went to take a shower.

I walked into Paula's bedroom an hour later as she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Paula reached down and feels my cock through my pants as we kiss. She begins to rub it up and down as my hand touched her towel and found her mound inside. Paula knew we were going to have a good fucking time again as I pulled her to me, my cock growing larger as she feels it against her crouch area.

" Let's take these clothes off," I said. " Oh, Yes! I want to feel this big cock in me again," She answered as she begins to unzip my pants. " I need it in me now." Paula is level with my navel.


She sees my full arousal in the outline of my pants. She stared at it dazed for an instant by the sight and the touch of my knee on her own. She then raised her gaze to meet my own. I press my knee between her own, then knelt and parted her legs at the same time.

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I held her there, her knees under my arms, and held her chin in my hand. My gaze is primal lust and determination. " I told you I would return." Panic closed in sharply. Paula decided to make a break for it. In an instant she leaped from the chair and sprang towards the bed.

I caught her just as her knee landed on the edge of the first one. I pressed her face down to the mattress, her feet hanging off the bed. I pressed my own body down on top of hers and pulled her back until she is bent over the edge of the bed.

My hips are pressed to hers and my hairy chest now bare on her back. She fought me. She is horrified that I'm back so soon, she is responding heatedly to me even as her brain is trying to stop me. I held her hands against the bed and kissed her ear. " Paula," I spoke hotly in her ear. My tongue tracing the lobe, flicking slowly at the inner most part. " When are you going to realize," I pressed her hands into the bed with my own.

She feels my arousal pressing hard against her round ass. The feel of my hard hot cock against her made her shamefully wet. She knew full well what I was doing. I took the moment of her change from flight to arousal to reach under our bodies for her breasts.

I cupped each one in a hand, holding them firmly, then thrusting against her ass with my body, " You belong to me." My grip on her chest became harder; I reached for her nipples and pinched them into painful points.

My legs covered her own and held her in place. She is bent to my contour and helpless against the hard cock running back and forth against her ass cheeks. The intensity of the moment made her moan. It is all I needed.

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I took my hands and ripped her towel open in a quick jerk leaving her bare to my touch. She reached to claw at me with her hands but I pressed her back down to the bed with a hand in the small of her back. The other hand moved to pull her towel off. I fingered her pussy then slip two fingers inside against the warm wet mound I'm pressing into the edge of the bed.

The sound I made is possessive and masculine when I discovered she is hot and slick under me. Her mind maybe having second thoughts, but her body knew where she belonged. Spreading her legs apart, I inserted my first two fingers inside of her, while my thumb rubbed the inner most part of her passion.

She had stopped fighting me. She is fighting herself now, trying not to enjoy the feelings I'm giving her again. I took this time to grope her petite body.


My arousal raging, I press it against her ass, as my fingers begin to pick up their pace working purposely inside of her. She found herself pressing against me. My hands are driving her wild. The nervous energy she had built up waiting for me, waiting to fight me has turned into an electrical current of passion. I'm slowly drawing her to the edge of her mind in passion.

" Tell me," I said low somewhere near her ear. She feels my chest hot just inches off her back. My fingers continue their sweet torture on her body. My free hand is stroking the middle of her back. Paula made a sound like a gasp and a groan from the bed. She can only focus on the pleasure that is rippling through her. My hand became more determined working in and out of her, my other hand gripping a hip and pulling her ass off the bed higher against my thick shaft.

" Tell me Paula that you're mine." My thumb is pressing harder in small circles against her throbbing clit. My other hand moved to open her petals wider as my cock slides against the back of her ass. She is close to cumming. I knew this. I felt her tighten on my fingers. I feel the moment her body begins to move with me instead of trying to keep me from being inside.

" Say it," I spoke more forcefully. Paula clutched at the bed spread and tried to focus on saying no. She feels her diamond ring cutting into her hand and remembering it was a gift from me. She opens her mouth to say no, and found herself on the verge of a intense climax instead. At the same moment, I move my hands, placing them on her hips and held her there.

In her aroused state, she let her body speak for her. She spoke the words that would put her out of her sweet misery. " I'm yours." The words are soft and panted, but it is all I needed to hear before I let myself go wild. Quickly I lifted her hips and pushed myself completely inside her wet pussy. When I found myself buried in my new lover to the hilt, she let out a hard, lusty cry. I begin my total possession.

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Slowly and firmly I fucked her again. Pulling out to nearly complete then thrusting hard and grinding inside. I took her hands in mine and held her ringed finger in front of her. " Open your eyes," I said as I picked up the pace. " I want you to look at this ring when I fuck you." My thrusts are harder than before. Her feet bounced off the floor with each thrust. " I want you to feel me like this each time you look at the ring I gave you." The passionate assault continues, building in savage intensity that took them both by surprise.

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I bit at her shoulders, gripping her hands and marked my possession of her with my words at each thrust of our bodies against the bed. The words " you're mine" became a chant of pleasure as I fucked her hard and steady, the only interruption to the chant are Paula's own cries. They are cries of passion and of a deep sense of knowing that my words were right. She is wearing my ring, she now loved me, her body and its passions are claimed solely by me thrusting forcefully inside of her.

As I rode out my way to climax, my hands searched her inner bud again. Pinching it between my fingers, I thrust myself one last time. Hot seed filling her, running down her legs as she found her own release with me inside.

I held her under me as she bucked and rocked in the most intense climax she had ever felt. I held her there long after she had collapsed completely under my thighs. Rolling myself to the side of the bed I stared at her as I caught my breath. She watched me in return; dazed by our second encounter for the moment. My jaw is still twitching. There is still hunger in my eyes. I pulled her completely on top of me. With my hands I press her ass down to cover my slackened penis.

I kiss her hard as I held her there, and then pulled her up by her hair to meet my eyes. They are hot with primal passion and made her melt inside. " Don't ever try to leave me again."