Sexy blonde Kara rides her bestfriend stepdads bigcock

Sexy blonde Kara rides her bestfriend stepdads bigcock
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I woke up slowly, to a delicious feeling of warmth on my crotch, and I realized that someone had their hand in the throw blanket I was using, groping me. I didn't move, pretending to still be asleep, enjoying the way the hand was feeling me up. I had a morning woody already, and as I continued to do nothing, they moved to the waistband of my boxers, slipping inside to touch my naked weiner.

It felt even better with nothing between the hand and my skin, and I couldn't help but wiggle a little as the hand petted me.

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I definitely liked being petted, and I spread my legs a little to give the hand better access. I felt something touch my lips, and I opened my eyes to see my friend Josh's older brother, Matt, kissing me. At fifteen, he was two years older than me or Josh. He smiled as my eyes opened, his hand wrapped around my hard penis and my shorts around my thighs. "Chris. Good morning, sleepyhead.

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Follow me." He gave me a wicked grin and pulled my boxers all the way off, leaving me naked except for the blanket. It was cold, and I was on the couch in Josh and Matt's house.


I'd spent the night playing video games and stayed up late, but I was wide awake now. It was early, cold and silent, and I wrapped the blanket around myself as I followed Matt back to his room. "Matt, give me back my underwear," I whined. It wasn't fair of him to rile me up like that and then make me run naked through his house.

"Come and get it, doofus." He led me to his room and tossed it in. "Nuh uh." My voice was still sleepy. I went over to his bed and lay down, wrapping myself in my blanket. "I'm going back to sleep." "Hey, you can't sleep in my bed, doofus." I closed my eyes and lay on his pillow.

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"Don't care." He climbed onto the bed on top of me, a warm and comfortable weight over me. "You can't sleep in my bed unless you're my bitch, doofus," he threatened, feeling my butt up through the blanket.


It felt pretty good. "Don't care," I said, feigning disinterest. The reality was, I wanted him to keep feeling me up like that. I was horny. He pinned my shoulders to the bed and kissed me again, more soundly this time.

"Fine, you asked for it doofus, now you're my bitch." He kissed OK, but I didn't care for the idea of kissing a guy so much, so I rolled over onto my face, hoping he'd play with my butt some more instead. I pulled the short throw blanket over my head, bringing the other end up past my knees. "Am not." My weiner was pressing uncomfortably against the bed, so I arched my butt into the air. "Are so." He reached into the blanket again and grabbed my dick, jacking me off a little.

With his other hand he rubbed my butt crack, finding my hole and playing with it.

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I pushed into his hand. "Am not." His hand left my butt for a minute, though he kept jacking me off. I didn't care what he said, if he kept petting me like this I was going to cream all over his bed pretty soon.

He replaced his hand with something warm, firm and wet, and rubbed it up and down my butt crack. I looked back at him, trying to see what it was. "Are so.bitch." With a shock I realized it was his dick, just as he pushed it into me. He had a perfect view of my face as it entered me, scrunched up in shock. It didn't hurt, exactly, but it felt like the biggest poop I'd ever laid.

I tried to get up, but he put his hand and weight on my shoulders as he slid into me, pulling me close to him by his hand on my dick. My butthole pulsed and spasmed, and I wiggled, trying to get free or at least find a more comfortable position.


I grunted as he went in, I had been going to say something but I forgot. The way he was jacking me off slowed down, and he pulled out off me, making a gross noise as his dick came out.

It felt just like letting go of a huge poop while jacking off, and I blushed.

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It felt really gross and kind of good at the same time. Then he went back in, and started moving it back and forth inside me. My insides went really hot as he humped me, and my penis tingled, and with another shock I realized I was going to cum with him holding my shoulders down and riding my butt.

"I'm." I started, but too late, as my dick twitched and I soaked his hand in my juice. "Ugh," I finished.

My whole body went tense as I came, and I felt him push himself deep into my butthole, enjoying the sensation.

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Then I went limp. I didn't want to move. My butthole just kind of relaxed and let him do whatever he wanted with it, and I realized I kind of enjoyed it, just lying here. "Good boy.bitch." He wiped my cum on his sheets and petted my buttcheek. "I'm not," I muttered, but it didn't have any force. He was warm, and I was comfortable, and I really didn't mind him sexing my butt after the way he'd jacked me off.

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I turned my head into the mattress and arched my back as his tempo increased. I heard little grunting noises every time he went in, and realized it was me.

He was doing it harder, too, and I could feel him almost come out, and then go all the way in until his pelvis hit my butt. I squirmed a little, trying to find the best way to take him, and I felt him push all the way into me and stay there, then start shooting his load into me as I squirmed.

It seemed to take a really long time, and his load felt kind of warm and nice inside me. His dick started softening inside me almost immediately, and he went sort of limp on top of me. "Damn Chris, you're one hot bitch," he murmured in my ear. I was blushing. "Thanks, Matt." What else could I say?

I heard something over by the door, and there was Josh in a shirt and boxers, one hand on the bulge in his boxers and the other on his phone with the camera aimed at us. I didn't know how long he'd been there, but when he saw me looking at him he grinned and vanished before Matt saw him.

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